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ryan_j_naughton on June 19, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite

I'd guess that the drop-off also had something to do with the end of the school year.

I should inform my son and his friends. They're still going nuts over shiny ball-bearings. A friend's younger brother wanted only fidget spinners fir his birthday. When shopping for a gift, my son wanted him to buy the most gorgeous fidget spinner ever. When I said it was too expensive, he offered to add some of his own money.

As we have seen many of these intractable fads come and go (Heely's is a good parallel, something like Beany Babies might be a bigger stretch) I can't help but think that these products are not worth pursuing for monetary gain unless you were already in from the ground floor. Otherwise there is too much risk to assume.

Someone made a lot of money

Ugh. God. Those videos are fucking unbearable. YouTube seems to attract the worst careerists I've ever seen.

I used to think YouTube comments were bad, but now I think career YouTubers are worse.

What is the issue though? If the videos are unbearable, how does that affect you? I think they are as well, however during this whole craze I've probably seen a cumulative 30 seconds of 'figet spinning' video, because I simply don't click them or close the tab should it come up.

ok, so your comment made me actually examine two of those videos. Now I wouldn't watch them for entertainment but the fact that this kind of "genre" exists is just totally hilarious.

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