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https://github.com/ozoneplatform/owf-framework looks very interesting - NSA wrote their own BI tool?

With the selling point being that it tracks you less than other tools. In fact, avoiding tracking seems to be a prevalent line on those projects...

Yes, it's understandable, but still ironic.

OWF came up in a meeting recently -- may not be as awesome as NSA wants you to believe.

The Ozone Widget Framework is a mess, albeit a mess that's usable once you learn its quirks. The idea is basically web components, portlets, etc. rehashed with some shared service capabilities added in. Something I find interesting and rarely see mentioned: OWF was built from Apache Shindig, an Open Social spec implementation Google donated to Apache. For more information on OWF, see (PDF) http://www.dataintelligencellc.com/uploads//DI-OWF-Capabilit...

Yeah OWF is kind of OK, we tried to use it but the docs aren't straightforward.

Can you share any other info?

The Ozone Widget Framework is horrible, you have to build your application sets to function standalone as well as in a modular compatibility with other widgets. Things break frequently and for the longest time Silverlight was a requirement too (well after it was canceled). It was absolutely horrible when I used it.

reddit have a comment thread about this.

Once comment described it as a "shit show".

Apparently its terrible and they tried to get the company to rebuild it and they made it the same.

Another comment comment on how "buggy" it was.

Or that the only dev that willing to work with it are contractors that want money.

> Or that the only dev that willing to work with it are contractors that want money.

Greedy b*stards! </sarcasm>

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