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I see the PR department is getting smarter...

NSA has an offense side and a defense side, and they're not that tightly coordinated.

They also have several offense sides, none of which are tightly coordinated. :)

At least they merged / are merging IAD and SID, less confusion more chaos! https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/natio...

Federal government is required to open source at least 20 percent of its code now:


There are pretty big national security exemptions which the NSA could use without any question: https://sourcecode.cio.gov/Exceptions/

That makes this effort even more commendable.

The cynic in me wonders which 20% we'll get. The repo linked here is pretty impressive, so I may have to eat crow. I would have expected to get every html template and vba macro ever written, instead of the value add stuff.

My thoughts exactly. That 20% will probably provide you with a map of Russia while you're‚Äč flying over the Swiss Alps. Some things are better not learned (or known) at all than learned (or known) the wrong way.

Wow, that's great. The US being a first mover in OSS again, a pity that Germany doesn't have this.

That was exactly my thought as well.

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