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Ask HN: What is a simple tool for asking for emails from users
5 points by doshh 218 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments
I just launched a very small public tool and I wanted to ask users if they want updates on future projects. What sort of tool could I use to achieve this?

I am aware of tools such as mailchimp but are there any very simple ones? (free of course)

I use Sendy, it costs a license fee (one-off) and then AWS fees which amount to a few dollars a month for my 5k sub list.

Of course it means you need to setup Sendy. I was going to setup as Sendy as a Service business, but most of the money would be paying license costs for software I could easily build with enough time, so I canned the idea and focussed on other projects.

That's my favorite: https://www.getrevue.co/pricing

It's simplistic and doesn't have all the features that MailChimp offers, but it is way more intuitiv and cheaper once your audience scales.

TinyLetter from mailchimp is free for up to 5000 subscribers, and very simple. http://tinyletter.com/site/about/

You could https://getsimpleform.com/ which gives you an endpoint which will store the form submissions and send you a notification whenever someone submits. Full Disclaimer: I built it.

cool ill check it out

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