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I so badly want to do this. I did pretty well in my undergrad math degree, making it through some grad level classes in logic and topology. Then I got a job in business.

Fast forward 15 years and I've forgotten so much that I look at old notebooks and can't understand a fucking thing I wrote back then.

It depresses me to no end.

And I kind of despair that with the obligations I'm locked into right now, it will be nearly impossible to dedicate the time I would need to relearn it all.

Suggestion: Just try to sock away 1 hour a week. Select a topic that you remember being good at. Then just pick one chapter from one of the free books listed, and have at it.

The mind map in your head will start reconnecting fairly quickly I imagine.

I personally find the sheer quantity and range of these free pdfs daunting, so as a renegade physics graduate I'm focusing on Hammack's The Book of Proof this summer. As you did Maths at University, you might not need elementary stuff like that having already learned the strategies for abstract proof.

Thanks, good idea. One hour per week seems do-able and if it's review of things that I had a solid grasp of earlier, hopefully they come back quickly.

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