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[dupe] European Parliament Recommends End-To-End Encryption for All Communications (tomshardware.com)
34 points by doener 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

Good to see there's at least 1 government in the world that does what is best for the needs and privacy of the many.

Europe truly is the home of the free.

I would be curious to see what effects such a bill would have on other countries' approaches to surveillance and privacy. Taking the UK's push for all forms of communication to be backdoored - would this result in all communication to the EU being blocked? Or would perhaps all communications be encrypted only within the EU?

There should be no communications that the government can't read. Said the PM.

So, the EU gets extra security while the UK can get hacked by literally anyone unless they Great Firewall the whole island. Which should be easy to achieve.

I wish them good luck, it would be interesting to see their plan in action. I'd have to move elsewhere, but that's no big deal compared to this awesome free entertainment.

Good one;

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