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Searx – a privacy-respecting, hackable metasearch engine (searx.me)
70 points by Sami_Lehtinen 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments

dear god I used files and typed 'mpg' AND WTF??? got top three pageranks of Lolita Rape, Gang Rape and Dog Fuckers - is this why they need to respect privacy??? Abort! Abort! ...okay 15 minutes later edit: for checking the preferences - I disabled Bing engine and something a less OMFGWTF came up.

I'm using the trouvons.org instance and it's working really well, especially enabling reddit search so you can get very random but interresting answers about the subject. I just miss the !g shortcut of ddg so I can always fallback to google.

!g still works in ddg though.

I used this as my primary search engine for a little over 6 months, eventually I switched off because of a bug. I would make a search and it would return no results, then I would re-run the search and it would work. Other than that, I had no major complaints about it.

I've encountered the same bug which eventually led me to also abandon the platform.

Especially when results only consisted of bing or yahoo results on the first try.

I'm not quite sure if this has been fixed by now.

There is a global timeout. If for some reason, all engines doesn't response before the global timeout, there is no result.

Usually it's work on the second try because the HTTPS connection are already established (which may be not the case on the first try).

One idea to avoid the annoying refresh : if there is no result before the global timeout, searx could wait longer.

Appreciate you raising the issue! I will be sure to follow it.

Also, maybe calling it a bug was a little unfair; if it is a timeout, it seems to be working as expected. We'll see. Either way, I really liked it while I was using it, hopefully it gets resolved! Good work SearX contributors! :)

What sort of advanced search capabilities/tips and tricks do you have?

See also: http://yacy.net, free distributed search engine.

I'm missing the shopping tab

Not sure why, but the comment linking to the source code is dead [0].

The source code of the project is available here:


[0] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14579854

Sometimes legitimate accounts trip a spam filter and get shadow banned, if you go directly to the comment's page (click the time link) there's a `vouch` link you can click to vouch for that person and restore their account.

The source code of the project is available here: https://github.com/asciimoo/searx

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