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The scorpion express (practicaltypography.com)
6 points by Tomte on June 18, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

Can someone explain the seemingly unrelated, strange title ("The scorpion express")? Clickbait or a reference I don't get?

The website / book is a really good resource about typography, something worth supporting IMO.

Edit: The site apparently redirects traffic from hacker news to a call for donations. Not cool, especially since people think the posted and upvoted article is this one, and not the intended one.

Mods, @dang, can we maybe replace the link with one through an anonymous redirector? Or add "(copy/paste link!)" to the title? Or just let people flag it...

Strange, it didn't do that for me. Maybe because I had visited it earlier, before I clicked on the HN link again?

The 'web' link successfully finds it, btw.

When you first click the link above, you'll be redirected to a different link about how to pay for a book (/graylist.html). You should copy/paste the link to avoid the referral redirect, and you'll get to the intended story (or come back here and click it a second time), which is not at all about paying for a book.

Seriously? That is underhanded. I would understand an interstitial (even if they are annoying), but this is really misleading. Looks like the poster wanted to post the call for donations.

I think hacker news should have a blacklist, where for certain sites they use an anonymizing redirector, and/or a warning (JWZ's infamous redirection comes to mind).

That would be a nice feature for HN. I'm willing to indulge Butterick's idiosyncrasy (well, in the sense that I'm fine with the copy-paste rigmarole... I haven't actually purchased any of his books yet) because it's a creative genuine effort to do something besides obnoxious ad networks.

I don't understand the reluctance to ask people to pay for something of value.

This honor system stuff won't work.

If you want to sell your book, sell it. If it's worth the price, people will buy it.

I just paid $25 for a book sight unseen, based only on reviews. I do that often.

In my experience: You basically get instant and sustained traffic and figure that some fraction of people who visit will pay. The problem is you don't know what that fraction is, and so you end up guessing based on variables like the type of community.

Author promises to update TFA for 20 years, but apparently things have changed since September 2016. The "different levels of competence" comment links to a decidedly emerald caniuse page [0].

[0] http://caniuse.com/#search=font-feature

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