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I make about $600/mo pretty consistently with a typing game (http://zty.pe) - about 200k visits/mo.

I once managed another project that had about 14m visits/mo and made a meager $3000. Bad target demographic.

Wow, http://zty.pe is really fun!

Oh yes! :-) First try: 1866, wave 15, 96% accuracy, 244 streak.

Should have a donate button on the page (because uBlock..). Edit: Or: Register to track progress over time with a login, for a low fixed(?) fee.

That was awesome! I only got 1180 / 95.5% but I am lying on my back and have an injured hand. :-)

3100 score, wave 21, fun game!

I don't get it how do you guys get to million of visitors? actually - if you just tell me how to get to hundreds of unique returning visitors??!?!

Build a community site and wait for 9 years. I'm not joking. The first 6 years saw maybe 2k visits/mo.

What's the community site?

You don't even know what site he's talking about.

You should thank Jerry from Barnecules Nerdgasm channel on YouTube. He used too play it often, That's where I saw it from ...He started playing it from the old version which is where I heard about it too. I Take two hours off every Sunday to play it and get my typing skills up.

I was wondering how you monetized it, until I realized my ad blocker was probably blocking everything...

Yeah, same here, sorry.

I used to be very anti-ad blockers. But ads seem so much more annoying these days, can't really live without one anymore :(

Yep, and it's so easy to whitelist a site like this (at least with ublock origin)

I don't know if you were looking for feedback about the game, but the ease of losing progress quickly made me stop playing; because I was more likely to stop playing right after losing, you might want to make it take a longer time to advance levels, or to add multiple lives so that you don't lose all your progress suddenly.

But I don't know how that would affect my likeliness to see the ad. To improve that, maybe add more natural pause points to the game, so people can have more chances to click?

Losing quickly provides natural pause points to the game ;)

Dude this game is fantastic. Especially how the individual letters split off. Great job!

zty.pe is really fun - played it for an hour when it came up in another hacker news post.

How did the costs of running the 14m vists/mo compare to http://zty.pe? Different times, and probably different kind of site, but did the experience change the types of applications you tried to build?

I'm hosting ztype on the same server as all my other personal sites (http://phoboslab.org, http://impactjs.com and a few more) and pay 50€/mo for everything.

The project with the 14m visits/mo generated 700tb of traffic and required half a dozen servers. Cost was around $2000/mo with traffic being the most expensive part. (I complained about traffic costs with cloud hosters a while back: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=11301085)

I think I might used this to practice touch typing. It looks addicting :)

I tried to bookmark it by hitting command-D (in Safari on a Mac), but since you capture all keystrokes, I couldn't bookmark it. Perhaps you'd see a bump in your numbers if you allowed command-D through?

I don't seem to get this?

Windows, Chrome, bookmarking seems to work fine?

Fun game! Just played a round - the ship that shoots a bunch of single letters is a cool mechanic. Can I see how I stack up against other users?

Pretty cool game curious if you do anything with it, like do you somehow use the client's resources or what? Is it just to waste time? Though I could see if it's a "trying to improve typing speed" as it has to be typed in order

When sharing the link on facebook, there is no useful preview, mostly just a white block.

I tried it and quit after a minute of play. I suggest making the levels a little bit longer to unlock a greater sense of accomplishment. Just curious, why the phone-type aspect for a typing game? Fantastic graphics.

Wow, finding (http://zty.pe) was serendipitous. Please don't include that world in the early levels, I'm not a good typist.

Has this been updated recently? I remember an older version (that I actually enjoy more with the difficulty selection!). Is that still hosted anywhere?

I used to play this game years ago (2010 or 2011). Glad to see that it's still there.

A shame it crashes on both Chrome and Safari (iOS 10.3.2, iPhone 5)

Great, I used the android App version of this. This is awesome.

I dont see any ads in there?

P.S: This game is seriously fun!

Awesome games, you create great atmosphere

What tech stack is the site by built with?

just bookmarked zty.pe it was great.

Very relaxing Game! Great!

this is a cool game.

Thought it was cool too, and I don't play that many games.

Addictive game

Great game!!

great game!

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