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As a freelancer, how many projects do you take on at once?
8 points by joshpitzalis 160 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

My approach at the moment is to work on two projects at once. I try and spend about 4 hours on one project and then 2 hours on the other. Then I alternate each day. This doesn't always work so some weeks I'll just dedicate entire days to one project and then other days to the other. It's a pretty good approach because it means I always have paid work. As soon as one project is finished I spend that time looking for new work. I usually find my next project before the second one ends so there is always overlap. The downside is that I prefer to focus on one thing and dig into it. I can't really do that with my approach. If I did then there would be gaps where I am looking for work between projects. The other downside is that I don't work as fast as other people. I always quote longer deadlines because I know I have to account for working on both projects. I'm interested to know how other people handle their workflow. I'd love a better approach. How many projects do you take on at once and how do you handle your workflow?

I try to have at least 2 at any time.

The upper limit depends on several factors such as deadlines, the communication skills of everybody involved and the ability to work on projects remotely.

When you find yourself juggling projects and not being able to communicate with each customer on a weekly basis at least you probably have taken on too many projects.

The last couple of years I've been doing 2-3 long term projects at once. I try to work project on one project at a time for a few days or week. The sort of problems I work on sometimes don't have obvious answers so thinking about one project exclusively means that sometimes I wake up with the answer.

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