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Show HN: CryptoPanic – News aggregator focused on cryptocurrencies (cryptopanic.com)
11 points by darklow 178 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

This incredibly useful. However i'm just a little skeptical about the impact on price and whether it can successfully push either negative or positive signals.

Great Job overall. I already posted the link in a few crypto telegram channels

Yes, I agree, the impact by single news post to price is close to zero. However each news post gives positive or negative signal to whole blockchain industry or particular coin. So maybe I should rename it to just Positive / Negative signal. Instead of mentioning word "Price". What do you think? Maybe better suggestions? Thanks a lot for spreading the word!

Yeah, i think renaming it to Positive/Negative Signal should reduce some pressure. For you to optimally determine how the news really impacts on the price, you'd have to monitor several channels/chatgroups/reddit forums and feeds of several cryptogroups to see whether they are affected. Too much work, and i doubt even machine learning will be helpful in this scenario. Your current approach is fine. Keep up!!

Hi, I’m a developer of CryptoPanic. It was getting more complicated for me to keep track of many reasons and indicators why prices are skyrocketing or falling, so as a developer I decided to solve my pain by creating an aggregator of all the news and letting users vote on wether the particular news are giving positive or negative signals. Many more features are on their way, but as “they” say - skip perfection and launch early :) Hope you find it useful too. Feedback and ideas would be much appreciated. Thank you.

How do you determine impact on price?

These are user votes, to be honest, they're currently 95% mine :) since I just launched the project. But the goal of course is to raise an audience enough, so the votes are at least 10+/- instead of just a few per post.

Very neat UI. How you calculate the "impact on price" is still not clear to me.

I wanted to build something like this, will keep coming back to check on updates.

Edit: just read your response on the other question. Do you imagine this process of figuring out the impact on price to be semi-manual or calculated in some way rather than being subjected to public opinion?

I thought of that - calculate impact on price automatically, but then dropped the idea. I am not saying it is impossible, but there are just too many options. I think it is similar to trading bots - I have tried using bots for trading and there are so many times I wish bot sold or bought at particular point knowing what I know, etc. Another problem is multiple currencies, for example - when so many are predicting BTC/ETH flip. Some news may be positive for one currency and be negative for another. Which is why I decided that user votes should be best source once audience is big enough.

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