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Show HN: A curated compendium of free PC games, updated daily (neogratis.com)
50 points by stvmln_ 179 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

Nice work!

I'd get rid of the "generic" screenshots on the home page and replace it with the latest games like on the archive page and links to the most common categories.

Personally I'd like to see "best of week/month/year/all-time" and tags instead of categories (so I can find co-op + platformer)

Best of month/year might be even etter for the start page so new visitors see the good stuff (and maybe one game they already know is good, but not only games everyone knows already, so here you have to pick thte time range wisely or mix it manually)

Oh and embed some youtube video containing gameplay. Doesn't have to be a good one, just so you can quickly judge how the game feels.

Great idea! Suggestion: Maybe feature today's game on the front page?

I remember playing the Spaceplan demo a couple years ago, really fun little game!

One of my favorite browser games from several years back is Skrillex Quest:


So... that was a weird way to spend 30 minutes

Links to reviews of the games. This might be a lot harder as they would probably be in print.

Also, please put the number of games in each category. Or if there are new games in the category this week or since your last visit?

As it is early days for the site, possibly do tags instead of categories and make sure the search handles it correctly.

Would be nice to be able to filter by platforms available.

Suggest a game form?

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