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I learned long ago to never do family tech support over the phone. Use screensharing -- TeamViewer FTW. Even the most non-technical person can open up a teamviewer session and you can take it from there.

Despite my parents asking me what kind of computer they should get, and me telling them they should get a Mac, they keep getting Windows machines. They don't call me for tech support that often (they're pretty clever folk), but usually when they do I'm out hiking or at the mall or something, so I offer a few suggestions, then honestly say 'Well I dunno, I don't use Windows so I've never encountered that.'

The only real problems they've called with recently though are 'suddenly I can't get on the internet' problems, which is usually solved by saying "look in the Add/Remove Programs control panel for anything that says 'Norton' or 'Symantec', then uninstall it and reboot"

TL;DR: After a few weeks/months/years of Mac use, you can disclaim all knowledge of Windows to family members. Symantec sucks.

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