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Show HN: Learn Chinese words from movie clips (pingtype.github.io)
16 points by peterburkimsher 179 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

Very cool. I am currently learning Chinese and have found it hard to find movie/tv shows that include the pinyin subtitles. This is so much better with the color coding, formatting and dual translations. Thanks for putting in all the work and sharing.

Thank you for the encouragement! Where are you studying? Are you learning traditional or simplified? Is there anything else I can add to my code to help you?

Well, even though I have no clue about Chinese, this seems like an impressive amount of work. How long did it take for you to build the whole thing?

Are you interested in other languages? Maybe I can put another dictionary in, and make a version to help you learn something else.

The keyboard came first; that took about a month, last December. January: I made an AppleScript to split the characters and add colours for the tones, from the Unihan character dictionary. February: word splitting. March: porting to Javascript. April: adding Taiwanese, simplified characters, bopomofo, etc. May: movie subtitles.

Future: restaurant menus, teaching English from Chinese, song lyrics, other languages.

Some of the translation is not 100% correct but not bad! It does look like it took a lot of work, you got my full respect for that

The translations are from Google Translate, but edited by hand. If there's an error, please tell me and I'll fix it! There's also a dictionary editor built in; click the Edit button and see the popup. You can upload your changes to the server, too.

The volume on most of the clips is way too low. Please make the clips louder. Otherwise, amazing job. :)

I fixed the volume now, and uploaded combined clips for each level to YouTube.


Thank you for the suggestion! I'll have to edit the original movie for that, then re-clip, re-join, and re-concat the headings, but I can do it.

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