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Show HN: Acquiredby – Definitive list of tech acquisitions (acquiredby.co)
21 points by naeemnur 180 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

I am not a native speaker, but "definitive" means, I belive, "complete", "one that is such, that you do not need others"?

If so, it covers a tiny percentage of the acquisitions (I can think of several European acquisitions which are not listed, and thus is ont from my tech industry)

If the list remains fresh, this is a useful tool.

Came to say the same thing. It looks promising, but I think it's missing quite a few pieces - e.g. I looked at Google acquisitions and there should be way more companies listed.

I've added the most notable acquisitions for now, will add the rest for each company

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