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Didn't his mom notice that the cursor moved the opposite direction? That's the first thing my mom would've said: "This mouse is broken".

No she didn't unfortunately. Mind you the mouse is an abstraction, which means it can be interpreted in many ways. Inverted mouse used to be natural in fps games and still is in flight simulators.

A touch screen on the other hand that don't register where you click but just randomly chose coordinates now that would be noticed.

One of my aunts got my grandmother a computer 10 years ago or so. She had actually operated old IBM machines for accounting back many moons ago, but hadn't used a computer otherwise.

When I went to her house I got on her computer and said, "where's the mouse?" She didn't know what I was talking about, of course. She sewed a lot, so when I discovered that she thought it was some kind of foot pedal, I guess that makes sense.

These things are always illuminating. "Scroll up" gets a confused expression. She initially just tried moving the mouse. Click the scrollbar. What's that? How do you click? The button on the mouse? Which one? Do I click and release or hold the click? etc...

It's amazing how many minor details we can't help but take for granted.

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