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Seva Coffee (YC) – building the future of coffee – is hiring Head of Sales
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Coffee experts are calling it the 'holy grail' of coffee. A new type of machine that starts with raw green coffee beans and roasts, grinds, and brews every cup personalized to you in a moment. No waste, no cleanup, a natural fiber compostable capsule, and it fits on your kitchen countertop. It does far more - changing the entire supply chain of coffee, benefiting farmers and consumers, and making coffee with the nuance and sophistication of wine. Check our website and video at: www.sevacoffee.com

Looking for a Head of Sales with at least 10 years experience in consumer electronics sales; experience in launching new products or companies; experience in closing strategic relationship deals; experience in both online and offline sales; experience building and leading sales organizations.

If this speaks to you, reach out to deepak at sevacoffee.com with your resume and more.

A recent blog post: https://medium.com/@SevaCoffee/the-quest-for-the-ultimate-cup-of-coffee-part-ii-44ef9f1e203a

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