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If I were building this service, I'd do what several people in this thread have told you to do, and what I've already told you to do on Twitter: I'd ask for permission and only record an article after that permission is received.

As I just said to you on Twitter (https://twitter.com/garybernhardt/status/874884772174196737), this is blatant and willful copyright infringement. Maybe the owners of the other works that you're currently infringing on don't care. But if you continue to do this, you will eventually encounter someone who does care. And if it goes on for a while, and then they notice, and then they sue you for lost revenue (which you will probably settle extremely unfavorably because the infringement is so blatant) then it will be neither enjoyable nor profitable for you. The American legal system doesn't care whether "no harm [was] intended" if you are depriving people of the use of their copyrighted works.

Pull all infringing works from the site temporarily (which means every recording). Email the authors of the infringed works, asking them for permission. Never post another recording without permission. Maybe it will be an awesome service.

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