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Seems like everyone here, even me, has had this idea -- but to my knowledge you are the only one to do it, so props for that!

The person doing the reading has kind of a funny way of reading it no? Bit of an accent, odd emphasis, lack of emotion, robotic style.

My opinion is that I won't use it with this narrator, but with a better, more practiced english orator I would.

This is some actionable feedback, @dharness! Thank you. That's one of the challenges of executing this — is finding good voices that a lot of people love listening to. We are working on this! :)

Btw, try listning to this voice on 1.2, 1.5, 2x speed. That's how i typically listen to my podcasts. Sounds perfect to me.

Also, what do you think about our female voice? https://readbyhumans.com/convert-case-studies-into-podcasts There is a demo there. Would you prefer that voice, over our male voice?

I suspect many of us who had this idea figured it would be copyright infringement, and solving that issue, especially in a morally non-ambiguous way would be difficult. At least that was it for me.

Likewise. I've thought about doing this for years, especially since there are so many great works that are rarely read. Now I'm afraid that it'll be haunted by the specter of the time when someone did it and infringed my commercial work and I yelled at them for it.

Oh this would be an amazing feature. The ability fine tune the human reader. Saying something like, I prefer female voices but instead I'd like someone with a different tone.

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