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Thanks, nstart! Well, just validating an idea, and trying to find a niche with ton of demand.

I did try out to sell this as a service to publications a few weeks back, but it seemed like a sales cycle would be way too long and that was not exactly solving my own problem, so I was not as motivated to continues talking to publications. Maybe I'll get back to that later.

I talked to 3 lawyers so far. There are ways to making it work. One way it to set up revenue share with all parties, which is ton of effort, ofc. Another one it to sell the service as a personal narration service, and not as a audio content itself. It seems to be a thin line, and I'm still diving into the details of that. One way or another there seems to be a way to make everyone happy and avoid legal issues. In my opinion, it's mainly a matter of demand. If the demand is high enough for such service, and opportunity is big, then it'll justify efforts, no matter how hard, to make this work.

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