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Thanks, Andrey! We've narrated a few top articles from last week:

- Options vs. cash. By Dan Luu link — [1][2]

- College ROI. By Erik Rood link - [3][4]

- Network protocols. For programmers who know at least one programming language. by Gary Bernhardt - [5][6]

And the original Bitcoin whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto. https://readbyhumans.com/doc/bitcoin-a-peer-to-peer-electron...

[1] https://danluu.com/startup-options/

[2] https://readbyhumans.com/doc/options-vs-cash-40ncs6z7q

[3] http://erikrood.com/Posts/college_roi_.html

[4] https://readbyhumans.com/doc/college-roi-9jyu8a764

[5] https://www.destroyallsoftware.com/compendium/network-protoc...

[6] https://readbyhumans.com/doc/network-protocols-for-programme...

I posted a copyrighted work on Destroy All Software, which offers paid subscriptions to that same work. You found a link designed to be shared as a sample and decided to copy my commercial work in full, on your website, behind your own login wall. You didn't ask first, or even tell me that you'd done it.

Links to that work convert into paying customers, which is how I buy food and pay my mortgage. You're not only infringing on my copyrighted work, but also depriving my small business of revenue. Remove the infringing copy of my work from your site immediately.

Hi, Gary. Content removed, as requested. Appreciate your patience!

Please understand me. No harm intended.

I just launched this to test an idea. And a lot of people seem to have a similar demand for this type of narration service. I'm not exactly sure how to make this happen, but i'm just testing an idea.

If you were building a service that solved this problem (way too much written content, not time to read, so let's listen instead) — how would you go about it?

If I were building this service, I'd do what several people in this thread have told you to do, and what I've already told you to do on Twitter: I'd ask for permission and only record an article after that permission is received.

As I just said to you on Twitter (https://twitter.com/garybernhardt/status/874884772174196737), this is blatant and willful copyright infringement. Maybe the owners of the other works that you're currently infringing on don't care. But if you continue to do this, you will eventually encounter someone who does care. And if it goes on for a while, and then they notice, and then they sue you for lost revenue (which you will probably settle extremely unfavorably because the infringement is so blatant) then it will be neither enjoyable nor profitable for you. The American legal system doesn't care whether "no harm [was] intended" if you are depriving people of the use of their copyrighted works.

Pull all infringing works from the site temporarily (which means every recording). Email the authors of the infringed works, asking them for permission. Never post another recording without permission. Maybe it will be an awesome service.

Oh nice! Thanks for sharing! Especially for Bitcoin article!

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