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Benchling (YC S12) is hiring engineers to build a platform for biotech research
10 months ago | hide
Benchling builds software that powers life science research. Our customers include academia (MIT, Harvard, Stanford, UCSF, Berkeley, etc), biotech (startups to IPO), and large pharma - each improvement we make to our platform directly accelerates progress on cutting-edge CRISPR research, cancer therapeutics, synthetic biologics, and more.

We're looking for engineers who love building things and care about the impact on the future of research and, by extension, society. We've built: an IDE for DNA, a version of Google Docs for biology, and an API platform to power research automation. You'll build the next arc of our platform, as we expand into broader workflows, new science, and new ways of connecting machines and scientists with the Benchling platform.

To apply, email hn-jobs@benchling.com with the title "HN App: [Your Name]". Please include 1) your resume and 2) a short description of an achievement you're most proud of.

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