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How does Designer compare to Illustrator feature wise, and as far a usability? We already have Illustrator. Is it worth adding Designer?

I use the two side by side. At times I've found Designer's SVG support actually worked better than Illustrator. Illustrator is definitely faster but there are quite a number of useful pixel/recolouring features in Designer. Generally though the maturity and advanced features (mesh, isolate edit, Pathfinder!) eclipse what Designer brings to the table.

I was a long time Fireworks holdout, and Designer is maybe the closest in feel compared to Sketch or Illustrator (and they're copying each other better now).

All said, the bang for buck is great though, and UI is way easier than Inkscape I gotta say ;)

Just another data point: to me Affinity Designer actually seems to render much faster than Adobe Illustrator (on a 2015 Macbook Pro with Intel integrated graphics chipset).

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