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There is the fact it is proprietary, and the fact its got most of the other eggs, but most importantly in my book is the fact it has an incredibly unstable and racist culture.

There was a recent discussion about ElectronConf (organised by GitHub) that highlights this [1].

[1] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14480868

> it has an incredibly unstable and racist culture

It doesn't have a culture so this is really inflammatory, and unnecessarily so. Or were you referring to GitHub the organization and not the set of people that use it?

Not the OP but I presume GitHub-the-company was meant since it is them who are behind ElectronConf, not their customers.

They are also somewhat infamous for having hired one self-proclaimed "notorious SJW" who previously harassed a GitHub user for his contribution to some unrelated Twitter flamewar and later went on to work at GitHub on "community management and anti-harassment tools". Go figure.

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