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Code hosting services are never forever. Sourceforge aged and fell from grace. Google Code shut down. Github's time will pass as well.

Sourceforge fell from grace due to ads. Google Code just went the way of many of Google's side projects. (Also, I don't recall it being that heavily used. Just my memory?)

I'll confess that I feel that github will eventually wane. But, I can't say why I think that right off. When they run out of money? Start failing at the hosting portion of what they do in favor of other things?

> Sourceforge fell from grace due to ads.

Not just ads. Bundling malware into installers of popular projects.

They make crazy amount of money from paid accounts and hosted option. They won't run out anytime soon.

Google Code was the best when you wanted public Subversion with issues and wiki. IMO it was a thing that started dragging on Source Forge who then flailed. Once git started it's uptick GitHub became the leader. Classic S-Corp of adoption of new-shiny.

Book: Innovators Dilemma

Maybe. But that was a common thing to say about search engines before the mid to late 00s, about Facebook related to social networks just a few years ago..and to this day, and about messaging perhaps to this day as well while that has pretty much stabilized too.

I'm not saying I'd bet money on Github being a front runner in say 5 years, but it isn't that unlikely for them to still be the site in 5 or 10 years.

i think github will have learnt from sourceforge's mistakes though.

While that's better than not learning from the mistakes of the past, how can you possibly believe that there are no new mistakes to be made, or opportunities to miss out on.

GitHub's major selling point is mindshare/popularity, and git by default makes moving to another git hosting service relatively trivial. Yes, there are issues to transfer, but it's nowhere near as difficult as in the days of SVN, where you'd need to have shell access to dump the repo, or hope it was a modern enough svn version to support remote dumps (and that they didn't time out).

So will Gitlab.

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