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This site was mostly created as a joke after I watched a couple of @aspyker's great presentations about Titus and realized that we have a huge amount of exciting work to do to get our own container platform on AWS to the same level.

Netflix should do what makes sense for them. I understand that doing a good job of releasing a very complex piece of software as open source is hard and takes a lot of effort.

Could be a more useful site if it had been on a domain like http://www.isitopensourceyet.org/netflix/titus or similar. (note domain does not exists. At the time of writing...)

I'll happily create a redirect once you build that for us. :)

I'm curious, why are you rolling your own?

Not rolling our own exactly: running on ECS now and busy evaluating Kubernetes. These are still quite blunt instruments though.

At some point, as a company grows, it's not just about running some containers. You want batch jobs, complex placement constraints, scheduled tasks, etc., etc.

If you haven't watched through https://youtu.be/4OLlKGT7aVQ, I can recommend it. aspyker does a great job of enumerating many of their complex use-cases.

The Titus team at Netflix is building this on top of EC2/Mesos and ECS.

The rest of us still need to do a bit of work to find/adapt/build our own.

> The rest of us still need to do a bit of work to find/adapt/build our own.

I usually recommend people just take an existing PaaS and run with it. I'm wildly biased in this regard because I work on one as my day job.

Also because rolling your own is hard. Really really hard. We have literally hundreds of engineers in dozens of teams, and that doesn't count the engineers our partners have assigned. We've been cranking for years. It's just a lot of hard engineering for stuff you don't see until it arrives, and arrives unpleasantly.

Kubernetes makes it a lot easier, especially if you need lots of flexibility, but it still leaves you to assemble a lot of parts and management is left very much as an exercise for the reader.

If you build on Kubernetes, may I recommend Kubo[0] to manage it? We built it with Google, but because it's based on BOSH you can deploy to AWS, GCP, Azure, OpenStack, vSphere and even bare metal with RackHD. BOSH by itself is a massive force multiplier for operations.

[0] https://github.com/pivotal-cf-experimental/kubo-deployment

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