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Novim-mode: Use Vim like a 'conventional' editor (github.com)
4 points by tombh 252 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

From the README:

Some, indeed many, may say this is counter-productive or even sacrilegious. But Vim is a lot more than just a keybinding paradigm; firstly it has one of the richest plugin ecosystems of any editor, but also it is a --if not the most-- ubiquitous text editor that's been battle tested for over 25 years. There are more reasons to use it than merely its famous shortcut vocabulary.

This plugin is an attempt to expose everything else about Vim without the overhead of cultivating Normal Mode fluency. This is not a rebellion, it is merely a manifestation of the distinction between Vim the editor and Vim the keybinding paradigm. Please do not dismiss Normal Mode just because this plugin exists, give vimtutor a try, modal editing is popular for a reason.

Vim itself already has support for something similar in its optional mswin.vim config file. However it still assumes the necessity of Normal Mode and such heritage as SHIFT+INSERT-style combinations. This plugin however, attempts to avoid Normal Mode unless absolutely necessary, say for interacting with the NERDTree buffer, wherein Insert Mode has no purpose.

The name novim-mode is a nod to the prevalence of 'vim-mode' plugins and extensions available in environments outside the editor, such as web browsers. In the same way that the love of Vim has led to efforts to export it elsewhere, 'novim-mode' is the love of 'conventional' editing imported into Vim.

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