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My father used to say; first sign of madness was talking to yourself, second sign of madness was replying to your conversation and the third sign....hairy palms.

I talk to myself all the time, it's about more structuring my thoughts. I also swear to myself all the time. Self swearing is quite frequent.

If you still read this three days later and care for some unsolicited (but friendly) advice, regarding the swearing part: Consider being nicer to yourself. I remember this one time myself, suddenly taking a second look at what my inner voice just said (repeating it), and I was shocked, I would never even dream of talking to another person with those nasty, hurtful words. I remembered a reddit comment I read once: "I learned to tell that voice to f_ck right off" (bonus: you still get to swear ;) ).

I heard this, then I heard an updated version:

A sign of mental illness is when you talk to yourself, but think the person answering you (in your head) is someone else.

Yeah, I don't get it. I heard about "talking to yourself" being a sign of crazy all the time when I was a kid. I was actually terrified to realize how much internal monologue I'm doing in my head; I did initially thought there's something wrong with me.

Now I don't care. Self-talk (today mostly done through typing stuff into a text editor) helps me focus.

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