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If Pinterest ads don't show ROI why is their revenue growing? People say the adboard is full of diet, teeth whitening, fidget spinners, these campaigns are all about a ROI or otherwise they wouldn't exist.

So yeah, a ton of fear mongering on here. I'm long on Pinterest.

Email spam also has ROI, for products even less serious than the worst you find on Pintrest. It only takes a very few to make it worthwhile. But the users that don't buy might be more inclined to leave the platform if ads are too invasive and low quality.

That is an entirely different argument and one easily refuted by the fact that Facebook has thrived even when the base of their ad revenues is built on scammy ad campaigns.

On the other hand, people "need" to be on Facebook, and have needed to since before some of the worst of the ads.

But their non scammy ads return positive ROI, which brings advertisers back.

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