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So, they have a problem paying $15/hour while claiming to pay better than average and talking about how harmful this was to live-in caregivers. I am reminded of the recent story on HN about a family that had a slave.


These guys are too busy trying to figure out how to get rich to take care of their grandmother themselves. Instead, they want to pay people a pittance to do it for them and then whine about how hard it is to find good care givers.

As I said in the discussion about "My Family's Slave," it tends to not work well to pay people to care. That tends to result in paying people to pretend to care.

But, the other side to that is that expecting people to care while you don't care enough about their welfare to make sure they get paid adequately and get adequate time off, etc. is just incredibly broken. It is a horrible form of hypocrisy that has little hope of failing to become abusive.

This is often a gendered issue. Women often do "caring" work and then no one wants to pay them.

On the one hand, I would like to see more marketplaces with 1099 employees that actually work well. On the other hand, I have trouble feeling like this was not an exploitative and ugly model. Why didn't you just go take care of your grandmother yourself instead of creating an entire business to avoid having to do the caring work she required?

Caring about money above all else makes for a poor boss. Or relative.

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