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Etleap Is Hiring Java Engineers to Build Next-Gen ETL
on June 6, 2017 | hide
Come build the infrastructure that modern data teams depend on to create and operate their data warehouse! It shouldn't take a CS degree to use big data effectively, and abstracting away the difficult parts is our mission.

You will:

- Be part of the team that is building the next generation of ETL software.

- Work on challenging technical problems, and also have frequent and direct interaction with customers - we put our customers first.

- Come up with novel ideas on how to make complex technology user-friendly, and then turn those ideas into robust software.

About you:

- You love data engineering.

- You build robust and scalable data systems three times as fast as other developers.

- Coding in Java is second nature to you.

- You have a passion for improving data analytics.

- You’re living in or willing to move to San Francisco.

Even better if you also:

- Have experience with Cascading, Docker, and AWS.

- Know the ins and outs of current big data frameworks like Hadoop, Spark, or Flink, but this is not an absolute requirement - you're a quick learner!

- Have startup experience.

About us: We founded Etleap after getting frustrated with the difficulty of building robust ETL infrastructure for analytics. Our small team loves data but think current ETL tools suck. The position is onsite in SOMA, San Francisco.

Apply by sending an email to jobs@etleap.com with your resume, LinkedIn, and Github.

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