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Weekly links to help you become a better developer (betterdev.link)
73 points by kureikain on June 5, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 22 comments

Hi all,

I made this because I collect those links but for myself. I think why not share it with the world.

I plan to separate them into sections such as "Code to read", "Video to watch", "Article to read" etc...

The code is 100% open source: https://github.com/yeospace/better-dev.link (Thoguh lack of document and cleanup right now)

Thank you for your very useful information.

This looks good. But I really shouldn't subscribe this. I read HN/high scalability/morning paper, there are so much to learn about that I don't have much time left to do serious work. And I always prefer reading web posts to doing work when I tend to procrastinate. Maybe I should read some time management posts ;)

Thanks you for your feedback. I share the same sentiment. Howsever, I like to get them in my inbox and search through them.

I attempt to collect links that isn't the thing we can just google to do it but the links that add new value to help improve my knowledge.

HN has lots of other stuff. High Scalability is good as well. But having them all in same email every monday during commute to read is what drive me to do this.

I was thinking the same thing. I'd actually prefer if there were only one link per week - that way I'd feel I could keep up.

I think I can add that one as an option for another one link. What you think should be consider to pick that new single link?

At first you could track clicks to each weeks links and show the X most clicked. It might be an easy feature to add.

Yes, 1 link I can manage. An unfinished list always makes me anxious.

Yes, I think I can whip something up on that tonite.

Any possibility you could add an RSS feed?

Yes, I'll add a RSS feed today when I'm home. The code is 100% open source and I created an issue: https://github.com/yeospace/better-dev.link/issues/1

+1 for RSS. Would love to add to my feedly

Same reason! :)

Feedly + Pocket is made for this sort of content.

Thanks. I will do this today.

I mean, cool project, but why wouldn't I just skip giving you my email and coming here to HN, where I can read discussions about an article after reading that provide lots of ancillary and clarification information, as well as further reading?

Hacker News is for a lots of other thing. And you may miss the content that you like. You have to scan through the list.

I user to subscribe to Hacker News Daily Digest for this purpose.

But my list are also include other thing, not just Hacker News.

I tried to collect links that you will not be able to answer with a google search. Let's say I'll not include the article such as: "How to build an API with Elixir and MongoDB", "How to build a Rest API in GO",...etc. I attempt to bring the links that after reading you will get some more knowledge about a domain, other than a link about how to do a specific thing,...etc.

But I got your concern about why you have to give me your email. I plan to add Slack/Telegram/RSS channel next so you can subscribe to read content instead of receiving the email.

This would save me tons of time scrolling the web. But would you consider integrating this with Telegram or Slack? Would be nice to have a message on Telegram or Slack every Monday.

Thanks. That's on my TODO list.

Just received 1st Email from BetterDev. Very useful articles. Thank you.

Thank you! Post your very useful information.

Love it. Thanks

Thank you. Glad you like it. Looking forward to next monday :).

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