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Skydeck: unlocking the valuable information hidden in your cell phone bill (skydeck.com)
19 points by pchristensen on Mar 24, 2008 | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

I've got a few invites for the app if anyone wants to try it out. Reply to this comment with an email address if you'd like one

Would love one, thanks!

kdw at spathis dot com


d.scott.brown _ gmail


They are rockin' with OCaml! Very nice.


I wanted to put that in the title but it is limited to 100 chars. On their blog over the last year they've mentioned some neat looking OCaml tools they've written (some have been open sourced)

I particularly appreciate their approach to data storage and security: http://skydeck.com/security/ ... no need to store this server-side where it's out of the users' control.

You know you are in trouble if you can no longer remember who you have been calling?

Seriously, not a problem for me, but I'll admit that there might be people out there who really talk on the phone a lot, with a different outlook.

reminds me of Xobni for cell phones. Worth a closer look...

I cannot even imagine there being valuable information in my cell phone bill. But, no one would spend months building a business around the idea if there was really nothing there, right?

seems like more of a business application than ordinary consumers?

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