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Judging by the comments here, it's clear that if you just prefaced this link with "Hi HN, here's my site, it's a little slow right now since it's in beta, but we plan on scaling it up before we launch.", then it may have been more positively reviewed.

For what it's worth, I typed in Usual Suspects and I do like all the top 5 results. The "creative pick" for me was a movie called Unknown, which I've ironically never heard of before. I'm going to watch it tonight.

Also, I don't understand why you say "In association with Netflix" at the bottom, but all the results have a tag for Blockbuster-- am I missing something here?

One thing I did not like was that if I hover over white space in the results, it still displays the summary of the movie. I found that jarring, because I expect to actually be hovering over either the thumbnail or the link(s) for the item before seeing additional info.

I think the feature that shows you why you're recommending (e.g., "less complex") is really cool. However, one of them seemed kind of spoilerish, because it was recommended as "less double crosses"-- most of the time with a whodunit, part of the story is wondering who's going to get double crossed. So it may not be as specific as a complete spoiler, but it's still not preferable to me.

I do have to second hating the forced auto-complete clicking. I could tell by the way the UI was acting that it's how it worked, so I didn't have a problem, but I see how a lot of users would.

On the movie detail page, you don't need the three links to Related Movies, Movie DNA, and Details; they're all right there in plain sight. I'd also be interested in seeing a complete "Movie DNA" breakdown, since you're clearly only making the top 10 or so available. Maybe that's proprietary knowledge and you don't want to let go of it.

Not a big fan of the tag cloud for filtering results. When I look at that, I just see a big blob of text and my brain shuts off without processing it. I don't know what approach would be better off the top of my head, but the tag cloud is not working for me.

In general, there's a cluttered feel to the details page. I like the info, but the design could use some TLC.

Question: where did you get the movie data? I'm assuming based on the info at the bottom that you're using Muze, which I've never heard of until now. How does it compare to IMDB's web service? How do you use it? Are you happy with it or are there things that really bug you? Was it easy to integrate into your site?

I like the site, love the recommendation engine which is clearly where 95% of the effort probably went, and think it could be a really useful service. Make the changes I noted above and you may just have me hooked. :)

Tansey, thanks for the feedback. But I am not affiliated with the site. I am just a long time fan and user.

Ah... usually the "* HN: *" title indicates showing off something someone made or asking a question. I'll submit it to the site directly. :)

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