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Not directly related, but about movie recommendations in general.

I use and like Netflix. Their recommendations are not horrible, but based on the way they are presented to me, I think they must be doing it wrong. They'll show me something that says, in essence: "So, you liked this one particular 'gritty crime drama', so here's a bunch more of them you might like."

NO. I did not like the film because it was a "gritty crime drama." I liked it because it explored novel ideas that most movies won't touch, or because the people involved had the strength of their convictions and did not stoop to sensationalism and sloganeering, or because it wasn't full of car chases and gun fights and other insipid cliches, like 99 percent of films indulge in these days.

Personally, I couldn't care less about genres. I'll watch a sports film, or a kid's film, or a foreign film with subtitles, or anything else, so long as it's well-made.

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