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sgt 1396 days ago | link | parent

I went to the site and it had prepopulated "A Fish called Wanda" in the search box. I remove it and type in "The straight story", and hit search. It went on to give me matches for a "A fish called Wanda". I repeated this several times, and reloaded the page. Sorry, but your service does not work. I'm using Chrome on OS X.

dkasper 1396 days ago | link

You have to wait for it to autocomplete the title and then click on one of the completions.


minalecs 1396 days ago | link

this is a terrible ui decision. I'm typing in names, and pressing match, then godfather continously comes up. *star wars isn't even in the drop down, when i type star wars.


mgrouchy 1396 days ago | link

I had the same problem. Also very slow.


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