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I did never say, that I gave a full record of why the 2nd WW happened. I just gave one valid reason that made it possible.

But of course, everybody just wants to see his view of the world and nobody wants to be questioned in his style of living. Just don't think about politics and make a ton of money making the world worse, is so much easier.

Snowden took a stand. You do not.

> Snowden took a stand. You do not.

You don't know about me and the stands I took. As for Snowden, this kind of illustrates the point. Snowden took a stand, but not a political stand. Not in the meaning of "political stories" some of us don't want to discuss on HN. Snowden leaked NSA surveillance program because he saw people actually doing something harmful to everyone else. He was dealing with cold, hard facts, not with opinions and party preferences.

Did you read any of the posts, or are you just copying your own old posts?

You also don't know me and you are just doing some guessing game here.

Just posting good sounding shallow words, is not enough (to get high marks here, it is, but that is nothing that makes better humans, I regret to tell you)

Nah, no copying, I'm just a fast typer :P.

Seriously though, please then make your opinions explicit, in the form of beliefs about the world and the merit of discussing political issues (or the merit of minding the consequences of one's creative work, as per this subthread). That'll make it easier to have a constructive conversation.

Please stop.

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