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I kinda like the eclectic mix of articles linked on HN, and offers something in terms of content discovery.

Why not just browse Reddit, then? r/all should give a good mix of content. If that's not to your taste, pick subreddits that interest you.

EDIT: Sorry if this came off as snarky, but it wasn't intended that way.

No absolutely, don't apologise - I get where you're coming from, sometimes the stuff that gets posted isn't necessarily current or even particularly important, but its regularly /interesting/.

I like to think of it as being in a bar with a whole bunch of super smart, interesting people. Sometimes I've got nothing to add or I simply don't get it, but its consistently interesting, and occasionally unexpected and brilliant.

Heck, there was an article about butterflies the other day, it was pretty damn good, and something I'd never have read otherwise. For me at least that is HN - nerdy stuff with occasional flashes of brilliance.

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