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The big challenge is implementing the spreadsheet UI.

There's a React component for that. React-datasheet or something like that.

I know there's a React component. There are many. They don't come even closer to the functionalities of an actual Excel-like spreadsheet.

Implementing 70% of the most basic of all functionality of Excel is easy. Implementing 90% is insanely difficulty.

I would say Handsontable reaches the mark of 78%.

I've tried twice, one with React + Mori[0] and one in Cyclejs[1]. In the first I may have reached 82%, in the second probably 85%. But in both cases the latest features I added started to conflict with the oldest ones and I abandoned everything.

[0]: https://github.com/fiatjaf/react-microspreadsheet [1]: http://sheets.alhur.es/

Actually aggrid or handsontable are the commercially available spreadsheet browser plugins.

We use HOT, but have been considering aggrid. Because of these tools, that's not the hard part any more..It's the synchronization and computation logic.

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