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Maybe better tools like "Dialogue Mapping" with IBIS (identifying Questions, Answers, Pros & Cons on a shared display as a conversation proceeds) can help solve the issue of constructive participation by all parties? For a start, see Jeff Conklin's book on: "Dialogue Mapping: Building Shared Understanding of Wicked Problems".

This is a process. Like every other process it requires people to participate in it. Or does it pro-actively contain methods for near-majority amount of people not participating in it? In that case please make an example or explain it a little more, because it is not obvious. Pretty much all methods I know require participation. Example: What would SCRUM be if nobody writes or interacts with the stories?

Dialogue Mapping with IBIS takes an existing common participatory process of discussions or meetings and makes it more effective. It involves a trained facilitator constructing an IBIS diagram in real-time in a shared display which supports the groups collective memory.

It potentially supports people discussion complex "wicked" problems like those frequent in politics in a way where controversy and disagreement can lead to collaborative construction of a shared knowledge map.

There are limits discussed in the book where people in politics may not want to participate in IBIS sessions because they don't want their private agendas exposed or challenged.

Ultimately the hope in reasonably healthy organizations is to find out what feasible solutions have the greatest buy-in from the group to make a decision to move forward with them.

Of course, you can also use IBIS tools just by yourself -- but that may miss out on some of the group's collective knowledge and wisdom.

Here is an example of Dialogue Mapping by someone using IBIS to dialogue map the "Lord of the Rings": "Dialogue Mapping The Lord Of The Rings with Paul Culmsee & Nick Martin" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-sv5I59Fxw

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