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"The eagle's hunt is direct, straight down to the goal" - Friedrich said.

What he would say today when every eagle's goal is the good cage and feeder?


Damir Avdić - God is concept


Everything worth "reading" about ex-Yu wars and world/EU politics one could find in the works of this guy, afaic the greatest artist of 21. century - the position took in 20th century by the Jew is now taken by the Muslim.

What are you trying to say?

Your last paragraph reminded me on the verses of this guy Avdić.

The rest is politics - in 20th society turned a deaf ear to the hint of the holocaust and artist like Dylan had well shaped our souls afterwards.

At the end of that century there was a war in the middle of Europe only few understood at that time and those few are even decimated these days.

Zaev took the cabinet yesterday and there's no link on HN about that and that's fine. Still, don't think because of that that Zaev wasn't the greatest news in European politics this year.

And about daily politics, what you guys think it would have greater impact on US economy: Paris withdrawn or Riyadh drawn?

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