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> I don't know what SJW accusation has to do with Uber here

This is why I mentioned political ideologies and narratives too.

I'd still love to see a citation for "the moderator team do not hide that they are SJW's".

As for allowing in only what mods agree with, I haven't observed such a thing. In fact, Uber stories serve as a great example. Since the first stories many years ago to this very day, HN community remains essentially split between those who love Uber and focus on the benefits it brings vs. those who hate Uber and focus on their anti-social business practices. Nowhere I've seen mods trying to force the discussion in favour of either side.

(And Uber stories are like catnip for me, so believe me, I follow those discussions closely.)

I'd agree with this - having previously been active on reddit and other social forums, HN is generally the most open to debate and alternative opinions that I've come across. Perhaps not so much with politics, where you'll get a mixed bag of genuine debate and left-leaning bias, but most subjects are treated as open for debate and that's one of the biggest draws for me.

I disagree. I got indoctrinated with left wing ideology here. It wasn't until I actively went and looked at right wing arguments to consider them seriously that I realized that those ideas are being misrepresented here

that's why I say I'd exclude politics when it comes to neutrality on HN - as a conservative/classical liberal myself, I've had very few productive political conversations here. Most other subjects are up for debate though.

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