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I don't think one must devote themselves to politics. However, this thoughtful essay by regular contributor here should be UNFLAGGED. It is piercing, but measured and in line with the ideals here on this site AND the reasonable discussion.

If dang or another moderator could weigh in; this is not how I believed flags were meant to be used. We defend free speech here unless we have a strong reason.

It's tedious bullshit that makes a bunch of mistakes - some of which have already debunked.

In particular it mostakes the reason for the detox. This was only ever about stopping tedious pathological arseholes making the same boring hyperbolic bullshit flamebait arguments that a not particulary bright 16 year old would make.

HN thinks of itself as smart but the political discussion here is normally embarrassingly weak.

> mostakes

> Not particularly bright 16 y/o

I found his write up of the custom Lego sorter hardware design he made to be innovative. With a treadmill and some spare parts he made a classifier and trained a neural net.

Either way; I think your comment is rude. If you don't like his piece-- which again I am not sure I agree with either; use <hide> not flag.

The second thing you quote ("not particularly bright 16 y/o") isn't about the piece, but about the type of content that happens and what HN political detox was meant to limit.

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