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Let's leave aside if per-capita and accumulated are important metrics or not.

Let's accept that the Chinese are worse polluters than the US.

Congratulations, you are the second worst polluter.

What, did I hear India? Ok, you are just being difficult. Let's say you are the third worst polluter.

What? Did I hear ...? Stop it!

You are one of the worst polluters. Period.

Why do you withdraw?

And yes, you are the worst per-capita and accumulated polluter. In case you were wondering.

Actually not the worst per-capita, but I'm sure you have some way to explain Qatar, Australia, or any other country inconveniently higher on the list.

And this is pollution: https://qz.com/794542/air-pollution-map-by-country-fine-part...

Which makes CO2 seem particularly cherry picked.

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