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Kind of sad people quit/resign/temper tantrum when they discover opposing views or decisions. I think this was a dumb move by the president but Elon and others originally joined to try and provide insight and influence against opposing viewpoints. Did they expect to get their way all the time?

What is the point of giving advice to someone who will not take it? At some point, anyone in Trump's orbit becomes complicit rather than just being in an advisory role. If Trump is not going to listen to people like Musk on the largest of issues (Paris) then why would Musk stay on the (low) chance that Trump listens to him on other, minor issues?

He hasn't been on the council that long; there's a lot of time left on this term. Plus Elon would have better access to funding to leverage his energy agenda with his own companies.

He could also push for spending the billions that would have went in that deal domestically - more efficient infrastructure, renewables, etc.

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