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Would you company be possible without any sort of government support(federal/local/etc), financial or legal?

Would oil companies be possible without the US military defending them in the rogue states they usually extract their oil from?

And that's not even considering the direct subsidies they receive.

In California we will be paying 77 cents per gallon just from taxes. So the price at the pumps would be 77cents lower. From every renewable energy we get tax credits. Yes we pay for subsidies of random things like cattle, corn, and oil, but the subsidies like the PTC and the solar energy credit are much more in comparison. This doesn't mean I don't agree with it. The subsidies have dropped the price of wind and solar considerably and we will see a huge economic boom from relatively little tax benefits. The greatest subsidies we could have right now can actually be accomplished through bipartisan support. Funding for transmission lines can be lumped into the infrastructure bill. $7 billion of transmission lines in Texas sponsored by the current trump cabinet pick Rick Perry brought Texas Wind energy production from nowhere to number one in the country and larger than three states below it in just 6 years. Texas is planning to add more win this year then the total amount by the second highest state has in total. He didn't force utilities to build wind farms. Instead he built the infrastructure to make building wind farms extremely cost competitive. There are a dozen possible transmission lines that would create thousands of jobs and connect wind and solar heavy areas to high density cities. If we can get those transmission lines up, we won't have to worry about government for renewable energy because it will be politically and economically in our benefit to use renewables

Don't forget the massive indirect subsidies of being allowed to pollute without having to pay for the damage this causes to other people's health and property.

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