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GE Power | Sr. Software Security Programmer | Atlanta GA, Schenectady NY, Detroit MI | ONSITE http://jobs.gecareers.com/ShowJob/Id/388/Staff-Software-Secu...

About us:

We're a team of software engineers focused on helping the business build secure software on GE's Predix platform (predix.io) and industrial internet of things.

About the role:

We build security tools for development teams, security focused libraries and embed with product teams as security focused developers - focusing on user stories around security.

Technology focus areas:

GE is a big company, and we support teams that use all sorts of languages, frameworks, and technologies. The most frequent technologies we work with are:

* Java with SpringBoot

* Angular

* Polymer

* Node

Other languages I am seeing more of: Python, Ruby, Elixer, Go

When we build internal tooling, we pick the best tools for the job: Elixer, Scala, Python, Node or whatever makes sense.

What we look for:

Great programmers who love security and understand secure coding. Experience with the technologies listed above, CI/CD, TDD, and general development best practices is key.

We hire at all skill levels and are more than happy to train in any technology or skill set if you bring enthusiasm and a programming background to the table.

If you love to code, understand how to find, exploit, and fix vulnerabilities in web apps, and want to help us build security tooling, I'd love to chat!


You can find the full job posting at http://jobs.gecareers.com/ShowJob/Id/388/Staff-Software-Secu..., or go to ge.com/careers and search for job number 2749772

You can also just reach out to me with questions!

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