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Clickbus | São Paulo, SP, Brazil | Full Time | ONSITE

ClickBus is an online booking platform for bus travels, operating in Brazil, Mexico, Turkey and Colombia.

Operating since 2013, we're the leading booking platform in Brazil, working with 100+ bus companies and serving thousands of clients every day.

We have an opening for Jr DevOps/SysAdmin at our office in São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

Our current stack is Linux, Java, PHP, Ansible and AWS Services. Besides Linux, no previous experience or formal education is required.

You can find more info here (in pt-br): https://www.clickbus.com.br/institucional/vagas-infra-analis...

If you're interested, shoot an email to recrutamento@clickbus.com.br with the subject "Analista de Infraestrutura Jr.".

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