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Ask HN: Who is hiring? (June 2017)
461 points by whoishiring on June 1, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 990 comments
Please lead with the location of the position and include the keywords REMOTE, INTERNS and/or VISA when the corresponding sort of candidate is welcome. When remote work is not an option, include ONSITE. If it isn't a household name, please explain what your company does.

Submitters: please only post if you personally are part of the hiring company—no recruiting firms or job boards.

Readers: please only email submitters if you personally are interested in the job—no recruiters or sales calls.

You can also use kristopolous' console script to search the thread: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10313519.

John Hancock Digital | San Francisco, CA | FULL TIME | ONSITE

https://angel.co/john-hancock-digital | https://www.johnhancockdigital.com/

Open positions: Full Stack Developer (Ruby on Rails) | Senior Designer | UX Researcher & Designer

John Hancock Digital uses machine learning, mobile chat innovation and automated money management to help millions of families better manage their finances. Our team has the impact and excitement of a startup with the resources and stability of a Fortune 500 company.

This is an exciting time for us, as we have completed a fully functional MVP, and have now released a private beta while working with a world-class digital design firm to refine key features before a public launch this year. Our work involves complex integrations with leading aggregation and clearing providers to enable real-time money movement, portfolio management and intelligent financial guidance.

We are currently looking to grow our team and are looking for: Full Stack Developer (Ruby on Rails), Senior Designer, UX Researcher & Designer

Join us as we redefine what’s possible on mobile.

Find more information here https://angel.co/john-hancock-digital or https://www.johnhancockdigital.com/ Or feel free to directly get in touch with me, Nahyun (Team Operations) here: nahyun@johnhancockdigital.com. Let's chat!

California College of the Arts | Full-stack Developer | SF | Onsite | Fulltime

The California College of the Arts (CCA) is seeking a web application developer to join CCA’s highly collaborative Web and Mobile Services team.

We are seeking a full-stack web developer with an emphasis on the backend and Django/Python development. The developer must have an innate curiosity and be a fast learner with strong programming fundamentals and professional experience with a number of web technologies including automated testing and deployment systems, and modern Javascript and CSS frameworks.

Founded in 1907, California College of the Arts (CCA) is an independent art college with 21 undergraduate programs in architecture, design, fine arts, visual studies, and writing. The college also has graduate programs in architecture, comics, curatorial practice, design, design strategy, film, fine arts, visual and critical studies, and writing.

Apply at https://cca.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/CCA/job/San-Francisc...

MEDIGO | Berlin | onsite | visa | interns

  Junior/Senior Full Stack Developer (go, python, react) -> http://grnh.se/i7n81y1
  Junior/Senior Front End Developer (React) -> http://grnh.se/u1gbiq1
We are 50 ppl, trying to do our part in fixing healthcare world wide in B2B and B2C with our marketplace. Having evolved towards react and a service oriented architecture with docker and go, we are looking for smart and capable individuals that like to work on the full stack.


  mature team
  solid CI pipeline
  work on own projects 20% of the time
  25% remote if you like
  trunk development model w. feature flags
  api-first thinking
  company sports events (beach volleyball, gym- and marathon-teams ..)
  no bullshit, learning culture, hack-teams
  any hardware/software/tools you need
Our open source projects https://github.com/MEDIGO

Our Values https://www.medigo.com/en/it-values

Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) | Developer | Copenhagen, Denmark | FULL-TIME ONSITE http://www.gbif.org/ The GBIF Secretariat, located in Copenhagen, is looking for a talented Software Developer with experience in DevOps practices to work in a small team responsible for the GBIF.org API and all aspects of the related data publishing and large scale/big data crawling that support it. The post is a full-time position located in Copenhagen. Key technologies: Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Java, Scala, Solr, Cloudera, ElasticSearch, Ansible, HBase, RESTful and microservice architectures. The starting salary is 51268DKK per month (that's about €6900/mth or €83k/year), and is exempt from Danish tax. We can't pay for relocation for this role. Full relocation and insurance packages are included. http://www.gbif.org/newsroom/news/gbif-seeks-software-develo...

Callsign | DevOps Engineer/SRE | London | ONSITE | https://www.callsign.com/

Callsign is growing fast and so is our DevOps team. Do you like solving challenging problems daily using the latest tech? Are you paranoid when it comes to cyber security? Come join us in our quest to kill passwords forever!

We have an amazing team of passionate engineers and we use tools and technologies such as: Kubernetes, Docker, CoreOS, Prometheus, Golang, etc...

Callsign’s unique Intelligence Driven Authentication™ (IDA) solution enables more informed and truly adaptive access control decisions, putting enterprises and their users back in control. This enables frictionless access for users, whilst reducing false rejection rates and increasing security as well as operational agility.

Callsign serves Tier 1 banking clients, government bodies and enterprises throughout Europe and the US, their IDA technology puts enterprises and users back in complete control.


EquityZen | Front-End Software Engineer | NYC | https://equityzen.com/careers/?frontend | Full Time | Onsite

EquityZen works with 60+ of the largest private tech / digital health companies, and acts as a matchmaker between shareholders (VCs, employees) and investors (HNWIs, Family Offices). With ~20,000 sophisticated investors from 30+ countries, EquityZen's platform is expanding rapidly with a small team (~20).

We're looking for a talented front-end engineer that wants to build secure, performant, visually appealing technology. Our engineering team is already building a world-class investment platform that transacts $10M's routinely. Strong JS/CSS skills must; familiarity with specific FE frameworks preferred.

Learn more about EquityZen: https://equityzen.com/press/

Check out the opportunity here: https://equityzen.com/careers/?frontend

Awake Networks | Senior UI Engineer | Mountain View, CA | ONSITE, VISA, FULL-TIME

Awake Networks is an early stage network security and analytics company backed by Greylock Partners that is building a platform that takes a new approach to enterprise network security and monitoring. We process billions of events to give security teams microscopic to macroscopic visibility into their networks and enable data science for advanced threat detection.

The UI team at Awake is small, fast moving, and offers full autonomy in creating solutions. We're currently working with the latest versions of Chrome and keep our libraries/tooling up to date (when it makes sense). We're looking for someone who is passionate about security/privacy, design, user experience, and attention to detail.

UI tech: ES2015+, PureScript, D3, React, Redux, Webpack, PostCSS w/ cssnext, Jest, Enzyme, ESLint, stylelint, Yarn, Node 7+

Other tech: Scala, Haskell, Go, Kafka / Samza, Greenplum



OpsStack | Lead SaaS Engineer | Bay Area | ONSITE | Full-time | OpsStack.io


OpsStack is unifing the Cloud / On-Line operations world, helping Ops, DevOps, SRE, and SysAdmin teams finally get control of their new chaotic & dynamic world. Our job is to build the full-stack, full-lifecycle tools that drive their world.

Responsibilities: - Driving every aspect of OpsStack's continued development - Architecture, processes, tools - Deployment, security, standards, and much more - Current codebase is a world-class PHP-Laravel, React, and Python of considerable complexity and modularity.

Requirements: - Several years software development experience, at increasingly senior levels. - Ideally in SaaS, IT, and Cloud. - No specific degree nor university - We are looking for boys and girls who can roll up their sleeves - Combine both a vision of what is needed with nitty-gritty work of producing world-class products.

- Experience managing Linux Systems & AWS/Azure cloud resources at some level. - Must believe in testing, MVP features, and iterative design & implementation. - Must believe in doing things right, but also in making tradeoffs

- Must have serious experience in PHP web apps in general, and ideally Laravel, Symfony, etc. - Must have serious JS experience, especially with frameworks, ideally with React.

To apply, please send your resume and an overview of why this is the role for you. We strongly encourage a diverse workforce & a wide pool of applicants - we are everything-friendly.

Send to: Jobs (at) OpsStack.io

Instacart | Sr Full-stack Engineer, Sr Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Sr iOS/Android Engineer | onsite in San Francisco | https://instacart.com

Instacart (YC S12) is building the best way for people everywhere in the world to shop for groceries. Using your phone or the web, you can order groceries and have them delivered to your door in minutes. You can choose from a variety of local stores, as well as being able to mix items from multiple stores into one order.

Every day, we solve incredibly hard problems to create an experience for our customers that is magical. We aim to give our customers back their invaluable time so they can spend it doing the things they love with the people they love.

Hiring Process depends on the position, but will generally follow this flow: Phone screen + simple challenge / Take-home challenge / On-site. We're pretty flexible and can work with you on this.

We care that you can ship product and enjoy taking ownership over what you're working on. We don't really care where you went to school or what companies you've worked for.


  • Ruby (and Rails)
  • ES6+ & CoffeeScript (which we are actively moving to ES6)
  • React.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • Elasticsearch for search
  • Memcache / Redis

Data Analysis & Data Science: SQL, R, Python

Learn more about us and apply directly at:

  • https://careers.instacart.com/
  • http://tech.instacart.com
  • http://stackshare.io/posts/the-tech-behind-instacarts-grocery-delivery-service

HoneyBook | San Francisco, CA and Tel-Aviv, Israel | ONSITE

We're building a market network [1] for creative professionals. We have a workflow product that members love, and now we're working on building the network and marketplace on top. The team is great and the work is challenging, and although we're growing fast, it remains feeling small because we take care to keep it that way.

Stack: Rails, Angular, React Info: https://www.honeybook.com/careers

Check the descriptions in the links, and let me know if you have any questions. I'm Eddie, on one of our development teams: eddie at honeybook dot com

Some key roles we're looking to fill (but there are plenty more!):

-Senior Front-end Engineer(SF or Tel Aviv): https://boards.greenhouse.io/honeybook/jobs/195308

-UI Designer (SF or Tel Aviv): https://boards.greenhouse.io/honeybook/jobs/549104

-UX Designer (SF): https://boards.greenhouse.io/honeybook/jobs/143687 Also plenty on the sales, marketing, and operations side too.

-- [1] https://techcrunch.com/2015/06/27/from-social-to-market-netw....

Economic Space Agency (ECSA.io) | SF, Oakland, Santa Cruz, Europe, World | Software Team Lead/Engineer | Onsite, remote, interns, visa

Our aim is to take decentralization, p2p finance & communities to the next level. We are combining blockchain with cryptographic capabilities (capability-based security) to create a distributed computing platform. Communities can then operate smart contracts that's resilient yet interopable to produce a radically different economy. #smartcommunities #p2peconomy

We are looking for open-source platform (Space): 1. Team lead experience 2. Javascript ninja 3. Web platform experiece (HTTP, HTML, NoSQL) 4. Experience with smart contracts — game design & blockchain experience a plus

Also another senior software architect position for Open Source protocol (Gravity):

1. NodeJS expert 2. NoSQL database 3. Experience with Computer Language design+implementation, Distributed computing, and blockchain highly desired.

We also have more financial instruments technology in the money market and capital market space in the pipeline. Candidates with experience of financial algorithm (or just algorithm) are encouraged too.

Contact: joinforces [at] ecsa.io

You should mention here that salary payments are only in "tokens".

EVERWISE | Senior Software Engineer, Head of UI/UX Design | Full Time, ONSITE | New York, NY

Everwise is continuing to grow our Engineering and Product teams here in our NYC office. We're currently focused on iterating and scaling out our SaaS offering, which has a number of different audiences, several complex features, and unique engineering challenges.

Senior Software Engineer - https://boards.greenhouse.io/everwise/jobs/513627#.WTDRrBPyu...

Head of UI/UX - https://boards.greenhouse.io/everwise/jobs/715136#.WTDbrxPyu...

Our tech stack includes React/Redux, React Native, Angular, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, AWS, Hadoop, Ansible, etc.

We would consider relocating the right candidate to NYC. Our Careers page: https://www.geteverwise.com/careers/

Please email stephen@geteverwise.com if any questions.

Software Improvement Group (www.sig.eu) | Software Code Quality Expert | Amsterdam, The Netherlands | ONSITE, FULLTIME | European Working Permit

As a Software Specialist you advise customers about technical quality aspects of software systems and software engineering practices, based on your software knowledge. You work in small teams during short-term projects (mainly at our headquarters in Amsterdam). You will see a wide variety and amount of software systems that you assess intensively, e.g. by using our in-house developed software analysis tool. You formulate a strong opinion about for example the source code or used architecture, which you share with colleagues and customers. In addition, you contribute to the further development of our automated source code analysis and the tools that help presenting the results of these analyses.

More information on this role https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/303071858/ Other vacancies: www.sig.eu Applications to work@sig.eu attn. Jacqueline de Werker


Axiom Zen is an award-winning venture studio. Our products have made “Best of the Year” lists (Apple; The Next Web), and are used by the world’s leading companies – including Adobe, Sony, Starbucks, Phillips, and SEGA. In 2015 alone, our work was featured in TIME, The New York Times, USA Today, and Wired.

We just made the cover of Canadian Business' 2016 "Most Innovative Companies in Canada".

- (URGENT) Backend Engineers - Golang (Contract OK) - http://grnh.se/g68jqn1

- (URGENT) PHP Expert - Yii Framework (Contract & Remote OK) - http://grnh.se/ldcuvn1

- iOS Developers - http://grnh.se/01mp7a1

Don’t see an opening that matches your skills?

Apply at http://grnh.se/j16n8w and provide us with your own job description.


CareMessage (YC W14) | QA Automation Engineer | REMOTE | Full Time | http://caremessage.org CareMessage is looking for a QA Automation Engineer to help with manual and automated quality assurance of the CareMessage web application and API. You will be responsible for entire features and will be a full member of the CareMessage Engineering team. Our team believes in an Agile development environment, test driven development. Our tools of choice are Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, PostgreSQL, and we place an emphasis on open collaboration and ownership. We're using Protractor for automated frontend testing so knowledge in that is a plus. When something isn’t working, we’re not afraid to throw it out and try something new - so if you have exciting ideas about the QA process and how to make your own job even easier, you’ll fit right in. All of our developers and QA engineers are working from a remote location. Apply here: http://grnh.se/lt3wim

Had applied 2 times, but never got a reply.

Hi maxmonlt, can you email me at ashermon@caremessage.org please? I'll take a look.

ShareThis | Data Engineer | Palo Alto | ONSITE ONSITE Full-Time | H1B Transfers OK

Open positions:

1) Wordpress Engineer

2) Principal Software Engineer - Data

3) Senior Software Engineer - Data

ShareThis is a sharing intelligence network that spans across platform walled gardens (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc). We transform real-time data insights from shared engagements into actionable moments that deliver results for marketers and publishers.

We're looking for senior level engineers with a background in Java/Scala and Spark. We are currently working with enterprise customers to deliver targeted feeds, custom audiences, and deep insights.

We're also looking for an expert on Wordpress to come in and take lead on the development of new Wordpress plugins for our publishers. We've recently developed a Reaction Button for the publishers (https://www.sharethis.com/platform/reaction-buttons/)

If you're interested in joining our efforts and exploring all the use cases of activating social sharing data, email me directly at rana@sharethis.com with Hacker News in the subject name.

The Hail Team @ The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard | Software Engineer / Senior Software Engineer | Boston, MA | ONSITE, https://hail.is, SALARY:80k-150k

Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard was launched in 2004 to improve human health by using genomics to advance our understanding of the biology and treatment of human disease, and to help lay the groundwork for a new generation of therapies.

Hail team is a small (5 person) software team building software to analyze and query large-scale (10s of TB and doubling yearly) genetic datasets. Our current technology stack includes: Scala, the JVM, AWS, GCP, Hadoop, Spark, and C. Our domain knowledge includes machine learning, bioinformatics, statistical genetics, compilers, and theoretical math. Hires need not have experience with every aspect of our technologies and domains.

Check out the official req at linkedin to learn more and apply: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/316818823/

Phantom | Developers (Python/JavaScript/Hybrid) | London | ONSITE, Full-Time, http://phantom.land

Phantom is a forward thinking digital creative agency based in Old Street, London, United Kingdom. We are currently on the hunt for both front and backend developers of all levels, especially those with a more creative side.

We don't put our developers in a box, but expect them to be involved from strategy to delivery, working collaboratively with the entire team to find unique solutions to some amazing briefs. To help facilitate this we have our own bar in the office (with no locks on the fridge!) and the cupboards are always stocked with snacks and treats. Most importantly we have an awesome development and creative team in place and are looking for more like-minded people who will keep pushing the agency forward.

A small sample of the technologies, languages and frameworks we use include AngularJS, Three.js, Django, Flask and Google App Engine. Some recent projects we've worked on include a Google Cardboard VR Experience for Petra (http://phantom.land/work/petra/) and an interactive piece for the TATE Modern featuring music by Sigur Rós (http://phantom.land/work/states-of-matter/).

Please check out our site (http://phantom.land) for more info. Alternatively send matt@phntms.com an email directly with your CV and any relevant information. Would love to see any recent or personal projects in your email.

Lambda Labs | Deep Learning Researcher | Palo Alto, CA (University Ave.) | Onsite | Full Time

We're hiring for the full time position of Deep Learning Researcher. You'll work alongside fellow experts in deep learning to publish papers, implement research papers, and write software for the Lambda Deep Learning DevBox. https://lambdal.com/deep-learning-devbox

- Track record of creating new deep learning methods: record of publications or major software projects

- Ability to rapidly understand and implement new deep learning research

Email s@lambdal.com or visit https://lambdal.com for more information about our company.


Lambda Labs | Systems Manufacturing Engineer | Palo Alto, CA (University Ave.) | Onsite | Full Time

We're hiring a systems manufacturing engineer. You'll create systems manufacturing processes and manually assemble the Lambda Deep Learning DevBox. https://lambdal.com/deep-learning-devbox

Experience wanted:

- Experience building rack mounted and desktop computers

- Experience working in a data center or colo

- Experience with Linux and Windows system administration

- Experience managing inventory and working with purchasing coordinators

Email s@lambdal.com or visit https://lambdal.com for more information about our company.

CloserIQ | New York, NY | Full-time | Onsite

CloserIQ is the network connecting top sales talent to venture backed tech startups. We are a NYC based self-funded and highly profitable recruiting tech startup combining powerful software with world class service.

We're currently hiring for these roles:

Talent Advisor: http://clsr.us/jYihA/8bd29 (ONSITE, NYC)

Our Talent Advisors attract, engage and onboard top sales talent to the rapidly growing CloserIQ network. You’ll be joining a small team of sales leaders, technologists, recruiters, and growth hackers as a “sports agent” for the top revenue generators in the tech community. Looking for candidates with interest in sales and recruiting.

Talent Associate: http://clsr.us/j2VXg/8bd29 (ONSITE, NYC)

This role is a hybrid of sales & recruiting where you will be responsible for generating demand for CloserIQ by leveraging digital sales & marketing strategies. You'll have a chance to work directly with our founders, wear multiple hats and have a meaningful impact on the success of the company from day one.

Sales Fellowship Program: http://clsr.us/jIdZA/8bd29 (ONSITE, NYC)

We're looking for smart and tech savvy interns to help out as we grow the business. We're a team of 14 based in midtown east. You'll work with our founders, talent team and client team on all aspects of the business and have a meaningful impact on the success of the company.

Density | DevOps Engineer | San Francisco, CA + Syracuse, NY | Full-time | Remote

At Density, we build a small sensor that measures how busy a location is in realtime. Customers mount the unit above a doorway, connect it to power and WiFi, and use our API to access how many people have visited.

We’re looking for a DevOps engineer to take the helm of our infrastructure and grow it to handle the needs of our product. This means playing a large role in both the hardware and software teams, crafting the deployment, orchestration, and management systems to power Density.


• Experience with automation and configuration management using Ansible, Chef, Puppet or an equivalent

• Experience with deployment orchestration using Docker, Kubernetes, or an equivalent

• Knowledge of the AWS stack

• Ability to design and manage CI / CD pipelines (Jenkins, CircleCi)

• Strong writing skills; ability to craft clear and concise documentation

Website: http://density.io

Job posting: https://jobs.lever.co/density/dfa1c881-52ba-4088-bec1-a85f2a...

This posting has "Remote" but I don't see any evidence of that on the posted job link. Is 100% remote work (different time zone) something that Density already practices?

HomeAway (https://www.homeaway.com) | Software Tools Engineer | Austin, TX

HomeAway (An Expedia company) is looking for two full-time Software Tools Engineers to join our team. We’re on the lookout for great minds that can help us continue to transform the travel industry.

As a part of the Development Tools team in HomeAway, we provide, develop, and maintain the tools that HomeAway Engineers use to turn ideas into real code in real products in the real world. We continually work to streamline and automate the software development process at HomeAway so that engineers can focus on turning good ideas into good software. Please note that this is a software engineering role, not (dev)ops.

All positions offer a competitive base salary, annual bonus and comprehensive benefits. Our process is: 1 hour culture & technical phone screen -> 4~ hours of on-site interview -> offer.

To apply, please email me at uaydin(at)homeaway(dot)com or visit: http://app.jobvite.com/m?34ZIJiwh

BidMotion | BackEnd Engineer | Paris | ONSITE, Full-time | VISA http://www.bidmotion.com/careers#op-102102-backend-engineer-...

We are looking for a backend engineer experienced in real-time distributed systems. You would be working on our current platform (which has already gathered several TB of data and scaling), and on our new product: a real-time ad bidder backed by machine learning.

This might be the job for you if:

- You have experience with programming high performance systems in either Core Java, C#, Python, Go, Scala or Rust - You have worked with ZooKeeper, Kafka, Consul or any of the other usual suspects - You grin a bit with pride every time your system scales to new levels - You’re fluent in English

We’re a 2 years old growing AdTech company based in Paris with a team of roughly 20 international talented people, out of which 8 are engineers. We have achieved $40M in revenues this past year as well as being in the Top 25 worldwide within the mobile advertising industry.

On the other hand, what do we offer you?

- Rebuilding components from scratch (you know, the way you always wanted to ;)) - Wish list – choose your own equipment - Latest technology - Personal space: 1 engineer - 1 desk - Be part of a team with very ambitious goals - Balance between your professional and personal life - Playstation and other perks (Snacks, team events, etc...) - And of course, very competitive packages

tl;dr: We’re small, but shooting for the stars. If you are looking for a place where you can make a huge impact and grow, come join us.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us hr@bidmotion.com

Kueski is Hiring in Guadalajara, Mexico!, yes you can get a piece o Silicon Valley if you are in Mexico too! ( https://kueski.com/careers/

We are a well funded startup (closed Series A last year) who have been working for the last two years building the "Amazon of Financial Services". Whether it is building financial risk models using the latest Machine Learning algorithms, or designing and developing that killer software architecture to process millions of applications and users, there is plenty of fun. Kueski is backed by Crunch Fund and Core Ventures, having raised USD$1.3 M in the seed round Delaware Corp. And a $35 M (the largest FinTech investment in Mexico![1])

At the same time we are operating 100% in Mexico (Guadalajara, to be precise). For those reasons, you will find all the cool things you would expect from a company in the Valley such as (but not limited to =oP ) ping-pong, great amicable culture, no office hours, among several other things. We have open positions for variety of profiles:

- Backend Engineers - Frontend Engineers - Full Stack Engineers - Data Engineer (specialised in both Machine Learning infrastructure or ETL processes) - DevOps Engineer - Sustaining/Support Engineers

We are growing our technical team like crazy right now.

If you are interested, send your resume at jobs+hn@kueski.com or write directly to me at omar@kueski.com

[1] http://www.geektime.com/2016/04/24/guadalajara-startup-kuesk...

Entelo | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | Onsite

Entelo uses huge amounts of data and predictive analytics to help companies build great teams. Our ~20-person engineering team uses technologies like Ruby, Golang, JavaScript, React, Kubernetes, Docker, Kafka, Spark, and Redshift, and we already have customers like Facebook, Tesla, and Paypal. We ingest and parse up to 2 TB of social profile data per day, predict when people will change jobs, match people to jobs, and more.

We care deeply about promoting diversity in tech and being pleasant, collaborative folks; we were recently ranked as the #3 Best Place to Work by Glassdoor among small and medium companies. Join us as we continue to grow very quickly and discover new ways to merge machine learning, big data, and full-stack engineering to provide value to our customers!

We're hiring for many roles including:

* Senior Data Scientist

* Senior QA Automation Engineer

* Senior Software Engineer

* Software Engineer

* Senior Product Manager

If you're interested, check out our open positions at https://www.entelo.com/careers, or feel free to email me directly at tom at entelo dot com.

TravelPerk | Senior Frontend Developer | Barcelona | ONSITE travelperk.com

We are looking for a talented Senior Front-end Developer with a passion to develop a performant single-page web application with great user experience. You will work as a part of the team that builds a next-generation application for business travel. This position involves: Building and maintaining reusable, testable UI components. Writing a readable, well-documented code. Working closely with our product team to build new features. Working in an Agile environment. Being able to mentor/coach/train other colleagues as a subject matter expert. What do we offer? Competitive compensation including base salary, bonus and equity in the company. 24 vacation days per year and flexible working hours. This position requires full-time, in-house work in Barcelona, Spain. We can help with relocation from anywhere in the world. English is the official language at the office. Spanish is NOT required.

The link to apply is http://bit.ly/front-eng-tk

Versame | Senior Data Scientist | Menlo Park | Full-time / On-site

Starling by VersaMe is a Series A funded startup founded by three Stanford graduates and experienced entrepreneurs aiming to radically improve childhood education. In 2016, we launched the Starling, a child worn wearable device that measures the quantity and quality of parent-­child interaction. In 2017, we are expanding our offerings while gathering completely unique data sets.

Required skills:

PhD or MS degree in computer science, statistics, physics, or mathematics

Background in statistical modeling and machine learning

Statistical modeling experience

Machine learning experience

Preferred skills:

Signal processing & analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP) experience

DSP experience

NLP experience to include conversation analysis, sentiment analysis, topic modeling, text classification

Experience working with cloud computing environments

Strong written and verbal communication, and ability to flexibly work with both technical and nontechnical teams

Parental experience or love of children a plus!

Preferred coding languages: Python, R or SAS, NoSQL (S3, Firebase, MongoDB), Postgres, C/C++

Apply here: https://www.workable.com/j/B5C86030DA


States Title | Founding Tech Lead


VCs: Foundation Capital | Bloomberg Beta | Fifth Wall


We are reinventing the $14 billion market for title insurance as a first step on our mission to make homeownership simpler, safer, and more accessible.

We are a diverse team of entrepreneurs who have founded successful start-ups, led initiatives at big companies (Google, Kayak, McKinsey), and played material roles in government (White House).

We are looking for a seasoned Tech Lead who will own all technical decisions - from architecture and platforms down to code style and design patterns. You will partner closely with our Engineering Manager, who is taking on responsibility for recruiting, people management, and project management.

You have architected multiple products and systems before and are excited to guide an A+ team to success on a greenfield opportunity.



The Black Tux | Los Angeles, CA (Santa Monica) | https://theblacktux.com/

The Black Tux is making renting suits and tuxedos the convenient, enjoyable, and stylish experience it should be. We design in-house and manufacture the highest quality rental garments, allow customers to rent from the comfort of their homes (or visit our showrooms), produce catchy videos like this -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLg_weAhBfQ, and even produce guides for grooms like this -> https://theblacktux.com/groomsguide/.

Basically, if it rhymes with Ben's Marehouse, it's not us.


DevOps Engineer | Experience with AWS/Docker, ready to work on continuous deployment and support a budding network of serverless microservice APIs that integrate with our front-end and 3rd party systems. https://jobs.lever.co/theblacktux/eeba3496-79aa-42f0-8d5c-13...

WMS Analyst | 3+ years of experience supporting HighJump; 2+ years experience in high transaction multi-tenant architectures such as warehouse management. https://jobs.lever.co/theblacktux/6260dc7f-dcf5-4000-8334-a2...

Email lauren@theblacktux.com with questions. Or guy@theblacktux.com if you'd like to chat with a growth engineer (no pressure ;).

Canopy (https://www.canopytax.com/careers) | Front-End, Java, Python, DevOps | Lehi, Utah | Full-time | ONSITE

Canopy is a 3 year old startup which develops a SaaS platform for Tax Professionals (i.e. CPAs). Most Tax software is still windows desktop based, and Canopy is bringing the industry into the cloud.

We are a team of ~20 engineers (100+ employees total). We are looking for engineers in multiple position. We believe in depth over breadth, so our stack has clear lines between front-end and backend. That being said, if you want to switch to a different "end" later, that is acceptable.

Front-End engineer: Using react/angular to build a micro-serviced ui. We use (and created) single-spa (https://github.com/CanopyTax/single-spa) and sofe (https://github.com/CanopyTax/sofe).

Python Backend-Engineer: Using modern python (3.6) with asyncio to build microservices. Using aiohttp and waspy as frameworks.

Java Backend: Using javaRx and vertx to build microservices.

DevOps: Empowering the devs to build and deploy containers on Kubernetes/Rancher. Running on AWS and GCP.

For more info go to https://www.canopytax.com/careers or see out stack at https://stackshare.io/canopy If you have questions, you can reach out to me nick(dot)humrich(at)canopytax(dot)com

EDITED | Engineering Positions | London, UK | Onsite | Full-Time

We’re currently hiring for front-end, back-end, and DevOps Engineers. Our stack is primarily Python & JavaScript, with frameworks like Django/Flask and react.js/d3. We aren’t afraid to integrate new tech and like to keep exploring what’s out there.

We're an established startup, focused on doing important things for retail, the fourth biggest industry in the world, helping them reduce waste and be more efficient. We have a beautiful web app, used everyday by hundreds of people at Topshop, Saks Fifth Avenue, GAP and more.

Our engineering team is a group of smart people from really varied backgrounds. We’re solving diverse and interesting problems on a daily basis, like image analysis, big data visualisation and a load of other fun things that come with having a rapidly growing data set. We love good practices like extensive testing and continuous integration, and enjoy giving back to the community, so open source contributions are highly encouraged.

Our office is large and sociable; people eat lunch together every day and we have drinks and snacks in the office every Friday, as well as team days out and all expenses paid trips abroad. There’s a video on our jobs page of our most recent one: http://edited.com/jobs/

Half of the team has actually found and joined us through “Who’s hiring”, so don't hesitate to get in touch, we're always happy to meet new people!

See here for more details about current vacancies and to apply directly online: https://edited.com/jobs/engineering/

Unmade - https://www.unmade.com | London, UK | Full-time, ONSITE

Unmade is building a vertically-integrated customisation platform for the fashion industry. We’ve created the software to create unique manufacturing as a scaleable service. This allows customers to get involved in the design process, see a photo-realistic preview of their garment, and have it knitted on our industrial knitting machines.

We're now partnering with bigger brands to take these tools to a global scale and are working to integrate our technology in a range of big-brand websites and factories throughout the world.

All of our backend code is written in Python, from our Django-based websites, through to our knitting machine compilers.

We practice continuous deployment, using Docker on AWS.

We're looking for a number of developers to help us out across our full product range. Prior knowledge of knitting is not required!

* Lead Python Developer

* Mid-level Python Developer

* Mid-level DevOps Engineer

Background about the business:

New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/01/fashion/fashion-knitwear-...

Knitting Industry: http://www.knittingindustry.com/unmade-studio-its-knitwear-m...

Email dan@unmade.com with a CV and GitHub profile if you're interested!

ChowNow | Principal Front End Engineer | Los Angeles, CA (Playa Vista) | Full Time | Onsite | https://www.chownow.com/

At ChowNow, we build online ordering systems for thousands of restaurants. We're launching new projects in the coming months that I'm really excited about. Most recently, we launched https://eat.chownow.com. I love working here as a software engineer. It's a great balance of challenge, responsibility, and freedom.

We're looking to bring on a Principal Front End Engineer to help us build out the new products and update some of the existing ones. We use React for our newest projects and have some Ember.js projects too. The position is here: http://bit.ly/chownow-frontend

In addition, we'd like to hire another backend / full-stack engineer to work on our Python-based services (http://bit.ly/chownow-fullstack). This is the team I'm on! We have interesting opportunities coming up related to scaling, architecture, and new products.

You can find all our open positions at https://jobs.lever.co/chownow?lever-via=MO5-ac-qvc or read more about ChowNow on Glassdoor (http://bit.ly/chownow-glassdoor). If you have questions what it's like to work here, please contact me at kevinlondon@chownow.com or Candice, our recruiter, at candice@chownow.com. Thanks!

Appboy | New York City | Full Time | ONSITE

Appboy is currently looking for full time software engineers to join their team!

Appboy is a NYC based start-up specializing in smart marketing automation. Our powerful SDK and dashboard have enabled companies like Urban Outfitters, Samsung, EPIX and iHeartMedia to create targeted marketing campaigns to their users. Check out our open positions and feel free to apply!

Senior Mobile Engineer: http://grnh.se/1yp0wx1

Engineering Lead-Internal Tools: http://grnh.se/by2x4a1

Sr. Product Engineer: http://grnh.se/qhfa131

Sr. Software Engineer: http://grnh.se/6plc1d1

Sr. Software Engineer- Data Infra: http://grnh.se/cvn6fk1

Security Engineer: http://grnh.se/ulo3e41

Weddington Way | Full-stack | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE

Weddington Way (https://www.weddingtonway.com/) is fresh take on shopping for weddings! We've gone from an entirely online experience to having our first shop in SF.

Founded in 2010 and more recently acquired by Gap late 2016, we're looking to grow out our small engineering team for an overall $15 billion dollar company. Since we are a small team, you will have a lot of ownership and say in the projects here!

Our stack: Ruby on Rails, AWS, JavaScript, React, CSS, HTML.

Full-stack: https://jobs.gapinc.com/job/san-francisco/senior-full-stack-...

Front-end: https://jobs.gapinc.com/job/san-francisco/front-end-develope...

AltspaceVR | Software Engineers | Redwood City, CA | Onsite | Full-time | Permanent eligibility to work in US required | Virtual reality, Unity, Rails, HTML5, React, ES6, WebGL, three.js

About us: http://altvr.com

Open positions: http://jobs.altvr.com

Our team: http://altvr.com/team


- AltspaceVR is a virtual reality software company building a platform for communication in VR.

- Backed by some of the best investors on the planet (https://altvr.com/about/)

- With a team that is passionate about the future of VR.


- VR will be for everyone.

- The social connection enabled by VR will change your life (and we can show it to you.)

- We should embrace everything that is great about the 2D web.

- That we can and will invent the 3D web.

For more info: http://altvr.com For open positions: http://jobs.altvr.com

Kaggle | Datasets Prep Analyst | SF/Sunnyvale, Seattle, LA/Irvine, NYC, Boulder | 6MO TEMP/CONTRACT, Full-Time, On-Site

Kaggle is home to the world's largest community of data scientists. For over seven years, people from around the world, from beginner to expert, have come to Kaggle to compete in machine learning competitions. In the past year, we've expanded to include a public datasets platform which allows anyone to share, discuss, and analyze data using our in-browser code execution tool, Kernels [1].

Today, we're looking for several open data enthusiasts to help make Kaggle Datasets [2] the best place to find and analyze data by dramatically increasing the number of open, accessible datasets available to our community and data scientists everywhere. You will collaborate with our distributed team to wrangle, document/describe and publish datasets, create compelling content using Kernels, and more depending on skills and interests.

A few important things about the role:

- Employment is through one of Google's staffing partners, NOT Kaggle or Google-we expect the project to run through 2017

- You must be able to work from one of a handful of US Google offices where we have Kaggle employees sitting: SF/Sunnyvale, Seattle, LA/Irvine, NYC, Boulder

- Students aren't eligible

If you're a data storyteller with munging skills in Python or R, shoot us an email at kaggle-datasets-project@google.com for more information.

[1] https://www.kaggle.com/kernels

[2] https://www.kaggle.com/datasets

Software Engineer | https://swiftstack.com | SF Bay Area | Fulltime, ONSITE, VISA transfer

We’re a small team developing a distributed filesystem built on top of our widely deployed object storage technology.

Are you an experienced distributed systems developer looking for an interesting new challenge? Perhaps you have filesystem or file protocol development experience, and would like to bring that to bear on a brand new system? Or maybe you are an experienced Golang developer who wants to make an aggressive step in career growth? If so, we’d love to talk to you.

Some information about us:

  * We have a small team of great people that punches way above its weight class.
  * We love open source.  We are big open source contributors.
  * We're hiring for the team in our HQ in San Francisco.
Apply at https://swiftstack.workable.com/j/BD665E4AFF, or email jobs@swiftstack.com if you have questions.

Lambda University | Computer Science Instructor | https://lambdauniversity.com | REMOTE or BAY AREA, CA

We're developing a new model of higher education that aligns the success of the school with the success of students. We select a small number of students from a large batch of applicants and invest in them by training them for free. When the student is employed in their selected field field, we take a small percentage of their income for two years.

Right now the focus is on computer science. We're overrun with demand from some of the brightest people you'll ever meet, and our acceptance rate is far below that of Stanford or Harvard. We're looking for people who love teaching and love software/computing to help take our small groups instruction to the next level, always keeping quality high.

We are a small team, profitable, growing very quickly, and determined to keep quality high before all else.

Email me your resume directly and a little about why you would be a good fit - austen@lambdaschool.com.

Init.ai | New York (NYC), San Francisco (SF) | Full-Time

Init.ai is a platform for conversational understanding. We use machine learning to make conversations between companies and their customers more efficient, by assisting agents and automating live chat, email, and voice communications.

Our initial customers range from independent developers and growing startups to Fortune 500 corporations.

Machine learning engineer * This role is part research, part engineering. We want to push the boundaries of the NLP field while actively deploying those findings into the world * Research, develop, extend, and productize our NLP and machine learning systems, based on cutting edge techniques * Would be responsible for developing and improving models and systems, as well helping to deploy the models in a scalable and efficient manner * Should have advanced degree or experience in commercial machine learning development. Expertise in language processing is specifically valued. * Potential to publish significant findings if developed

Backend engineer (or full stack) * Help build and develop our platform, APIs, and tools * Our product consists of integrations and UIs built on a foundational developer platform, APIs, and SDKs, so consistency and reliability are critical. Build something you'd want to use. * Modern tech stack: Go, JavaScript, Kubernetes, Torch, TensorFlow * Help figure out how to scale training and deployment of customer-specific machine learning models while maintaining high performance and reliability * Work closely with the client tools team to help develop SDKs, integrations, and a management console using modern JavaScript with React

All team members must be capable of both independent and collaborative work in a small team, fast moving environment.

Email jobs@init.ai if interested.

TrueAccord | Site Reliability Engineer | San Francisco, CA | https://www.trueaccord.com

TrueAccord is trying to update (or insert your favorite buzz word here) an industry that's significantly lacking in technology or innovation: debt collection. We use modern communication methods (like email!), machine learning and a less abrasive touch than traditional collection agencies.

The company is growing rapidly and our technology infrastructure needs to grow with it. We're looking for an SRE to help scale our AWS-based infrastructure, ensure relability, update our tooling and make sure we can support the growing needs of the business. There are many projects in the future to help keep us ahead (if that's possible :-) ) of the growth curves, more so than our DevOps group of one can currently handle.


Spring | multiple positions | NYC | onsite | full-time | https://www.shopspring.com

Join our growing engineering team at Spring, a well-backed startup headquartered in New York City. We just raised a $65MM Series C to continue growing our team. We are building the future of fashion shopping, helping brands make the transition from brick and mortar to mobile and web. We have built and are scaling a single source marketplace for a growing list of great brands to sell their products direct to consumer.

A few cool challenges we are tackling: building the best in breed shopping experience on web and mobile, building out a good API integrations with our partners so they can integrate with our massive multi-brand product catalog, building our own custom order management system, tons of scalability work, building out a machine learning backed fashion recommendation engine.

We're moving into a beautiful new office at the end of this month by the Flatiron building and we offer all the startup benefits you'd expect.

We are looking for iOS, web, and backend engineers in lead and senior roles. We are also looking for data scientists to join our team working on our fashion recommendation system.

Learn more about our tech stack and working here at Spring: https://www.shopspring.com/engineering

Apply here: http://grnh.se/icdh7l1

Feel free to email me directly victor at shopspring.com with any questions about our company, our roles, etc. (but please don't send resumes, use our application tracking system at the link above)

UrbanStems | Mid-level Developer | Washington, DC | FULLTIME, ONSITE, https://urbanstems.com

UrbanStems, a same-day flower delivery e-commerce experience, is looking primarily for mid to senior level backend developers. We are vertically integrated with our own supply chain, fulfillment & delivery, and customized e-commerce platform optimized for a great customer experience. As you can imagine, technology plays an important part at every step of that process. We're looking for more engineers/developers to help build out features for our internal usage and for our customers' delight. You'd have a lot of say and room to experiment. Our API is primarily in NodeJS. Our front-end is a React/Redux application. We absolutely love PostgreSQL with PostGIS and Redis. Lambdas are becoming a new favorite for services. A full stack developer would be ideal but if you're more comfortable with the backend then that's totally okay (i.e. if you're focused on front end dev, this position isn't going to be interesting for you. But reach out to me in the fall).

We'll pay for relocation if you aren't in the DC area.

4+ years of experience

- Backend languages: NodeJS/Python/Ruby/<insert language here>

- Datastores: PostgreSQL (or SQL in-general), Redis, etc

- Building APIs (internal/external)

- General understanding of DevOps

(Awesome to have) 1+ years

- Front end JS (React/Backbone/Angular/etc)

- HTML/CSS knowledge

Email me with your resume and blurb about a project you love(d) working on and why. Chetan Shenoy - chetan@urbanstems.com

Gatecoin (http://gatecoin.com) | Hong Kong ONSITE | Multiple Positions | Fulltime | (INTERNS also welcome, VISA sponsor)

We're a regulated exchange for bitcoin, ether and other blockchain assets based in Hong Kong, with many projects in our backlog!

We're looking for technical folks to join our growing international team of blockchain technology specialists:

a) Devs (Junior/Senior Fullstack and Senior Backend)

b) QA Devs (in charge of Selenium & Integration tests, plus some product management)

c) DevOps/SystemEngineers (we use Ansible, Linux)

We use .NET/Mono (C# with some F#) with Linux systems and storage tools (MySQL, Redis). Get in contact to know more at andres at gatecoin dot com, using the subject "Interested in Gatecoin roles".

We help with sponsorship/relocation to Hong Kong.

Some nice perks we have:

- 10% of "free to tinker" time

- 10% of remote work time allowed

- International, friendly work environment (more than 8 different nationalities in the office!)

Want to make a difference in the blockchain space? Join like-minded people and work together to bring about the decentralized financial revolution!

MIAMED GmbH (US: amboss.com, DE: miamed.de) | Berlin, Germany; Cologne, Germany | Full-time, ONSITE, VISA | https://www.miamed.de/jobs

AMBOSS is a revolutionary new learning system for medical students and physicians. Our team consists of more than 100 dedicated physicians who are driven by the idea of improving medical care for people around the world. Do you want to participate in shaping a new era of medical education?

Currently looking for:

- Lead Frontend Engineer (https://www.miamed.de/jobs?gh_jid=665758)

- Lead UI Designer (https://www.miamed.de/jobs?gh_jid=665509)

- PHP Developer (https://www.miamed.de/jobs?gh_jid=477910)

What we offer:

- Diverse and interesting tasks with a high degree of autonomy

- Ambitious and dynamic team with flat hierarchy

- Extensive mutual support in a versatile developer team

- Lively start-up with a trusting and friendly atmosphere

- Flexible hours. Offices in Cologne and Berlin

- Regular team building events

- Apart from an almost Barista-grade espresso machine, we also have a custom-made Argentinian barbecue on our rooftop terrace and a fridge that’s fully stocked at all times

- Contribute to a product that can actively and positively change the world

- Fun at work (how often do you get that?)

Teachers Pay Teachers | Engineers, Product Managers, Product Designers | NYC (New York City) | Full-Time

Teachers Pay Teachers is a community of millions of educators who come together to share their work, their insights, and their inspiration with one another. We are the first and largest open marketplace where teachers share, sell, and buy original educational resources. Since we've started, authors on Teachers Pay Teachers have earned over $200M. Here's a bit more of the backstory (https://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/06/technology/a-sharing-econ...). Our engineering culture focuses on Fearless Development (http://engineering.teacherspayteachers.com/2015/10/11/the-fe...), curiosity, learning, and autonomy.

We're currently managing our AWS infrastructure with Terraform and our servers with Chef. All of our newer services are deployed in Docker containers and managed by Kubernetes. We use a mix of Elixir/Phoenix, PHP, NodeJS, React, and Python to write our services.

If you want to learn more about us, check us out on The Muse: https://www.themuse.com/companies/teacherspayteachers/.

I'd be happy to chat about positions over email at recruiting@teacherspayteachers.com or check out our careers page (https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Careers).

Medallia is Hiring Engineers and Managers - McLean, VA

Who do we need: Sr. Manager - Front End Engineering Sr. Manager - Backend Engineering All levels of Backend Engineers (Java) All levels of Front End Engineers

Apply Here: http://www.medallia.com/open-positions/ or email me at hcassano@medallia.com:

Tech Stack: Frontend- Angular, ReactJS and also develops compositional or backend-for-frontend services using NodeJS and GraphQL. The aforementioned services are deployed in our microservices environment, which is based on Docker, Mesos, Aurora, and Linkerd.

Backend engineering is a pure Java shop that currently develops on Java 8 and depends on the same infrastructure as our Frontend engineering teams.

What do we do? Medallia enables companies to make customer experience improvement easy by systematically capturing customer feedback everywhere and in real-time delivering insights and actions to every employee, from the c-suite, to the front line—so companies can create experiences customers love.

ASP.Net C# MVC SQL Developer - Permanent - Farnborough

About the Job

DCSL Software Ltd has a number of openings for talented ASP.Net C# MVC developers to join their rapidly expanding team based in their Farnborough office. They are offering the opportunity to work on the latest technologies in the Microsoft stack (Currently using MVC5 and Core), dealing with the biggest clients in the market.

The Company

DCSL Software is a leading UK software house, developing bespoke software operational software, as well as SaaS solutions for established businesses and start-ups. The company works with clients such as the WaterAid, Lidl, NHS, Willis and Skanska just to name a few.


Core tasks include:

Development of high quality bespoke software code. Ability to discover, learn and integrate new technologies into applications to speed up system development or offer cutting edge services to our clients. Ability to work to deadlines. Essential Skills

Candidates must possess the following skills and experience:

.Net Framework C# ASP.NET MVC5 or newer JQuery or other JavaScript related front end development HTML/CSS SQL Server (designing relational databases, T-SQL)

Do you allow remote work?

Apple | Cupertino, CA | Data Engineer |Full time | Onsite

Apple is a technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

Apple's is looking for both junior and experienced engineers to work on big data, machine learning and high-scale, low-latency distributed systems. As a part of this team you will use machine learning at very large scale to build intelligent systems that operate at scale.

Requirements: - Ability to code in any statically typed language, excellent understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms - Experience and interest in Distributed Computing.

Nice to have: - Hand on experience with Spark/Spark streaming/Kafka - Hands on experience with Hadoop or large scale distributed processing.

- Functional programming experience in Scala (using monoids/semigroups etc in large distributed systems) If interested send your resume to appleMLjobApps@group.apple.com

NOTE : As of this moment we are not looking for new college grads and applicants should ideally have more than 2 years experience.

Cambridge Semantics Inc. | Cloud Architect/Developer | Boston, MA | Full-time, On-site

Cambridge Semantics™, the leader in Smart Data Lakes™, is seeking a skilled Cloud Developer/Architect with strong Python programming experience to join our fast-growing, world class team for the opportunity to shape and evolve strategic cloud capabilities and contribute to our efforts in pioneering semantics based business intelligence solutions!

You would be working directly under the VP of Cloud and taking ownership of cross-cloud projects involving continuous delivery and integration, architecture, and implementation. We are in the early stages of team building, so now is a great opportunity to influence part of the architecture and collaborate on the strategy moving forward!

You can find the full position description and the application here: https://csi.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=28. Feel free to email lexi@cambridgesemantics.com with any questions!

Schedugram | Product Manager / biz analyst | Melbourne, Australia | REMOTE http://schedugr.am/

Help us create tools that our customers want to use.

We are a growing SaaS company that helps our customers schedule content to Instagram. We're looking at our options for the next stage of our growth, and need a product management specialist to help us best understand how we can meet our customers' needs.

Your role will be to speak with customers about a few concepts we are considering to improve our customers' working lives. You'll use a combination of surveys, interviews/calls and any other techniques required to gather intel and then work with our team to identify what a solution to their challenges might look like.

Job ad URL: https://weworkremotely.com/jobs/4826-product-manager-busines...

Apply with cover/CV to productmanagerjob@schedugr dot am.

Polly | Devs, PM, Marketing | Seattle, Bay Area | FULL-TIME, Onsite, https://www.polly.ai

At Polly we’re building interactive polls and surveys delivered through the medium of enterprise messaging (Slack, Microsoft Teams). We’re a small team (<5 FTEs) with great traction in an emerging space, so there’s the opportunity to come in and have tremendous impact on not just the company, but the space and market as well.

We’re a team that values empathy and respect over technical chops (but you’ll need to have that too!). Here are the roles we’re hiring for:

  * Mid/Senior Front-end Engineer (Seattle or Bay Area)
  * Mid/Senior Backend Engineer (Seattle or Bay Area)
  * Full-stack Marketer (Seattle only)
  * B2B Content Marketer (Seattle only)
  * PMs willing to get their hands dirty writing code (Seattle only)
Our stack: Node, Javascript, PostgreSQL, AWS. We also offer medical, dental, vision for you and your dependents. Apply at jobs@polly.ai and reference HN.

Dictionary.com | Full-Stack Engineer | Oakland, CA | ONSITE, FTE, VISA, SALARY:DOE, http://www.dictionary.com

As an experienced Engineer, you have mastered modern technology framework, and with them, you love to build and launch products at consumer scale. You believe in Agile based development strategies, and have a strong preference for TDD/BDD, or similar, development methodologies. You balance out-of-the box thinking and pragmatic execution, and have a strong track record of continuously improving great software. Skills Needed:

- Mastery of at least one modern (PHP, JavaScript, Ruby) backend stack. - Work experience with any of the following: Node, React or Angular.js. - Solid understanding of both SQL and NoSQL; strong experience with at least one NoSQL-database. - Strong knowledge of *nix. - Experience scaling consumer applications. - Strong communication and analytical skills.

Benefits: - Unlimited vacation - Competitive salary plus bonus - Great benefits (medical, dental, vision, 401k matching, legal insurance, pet insurance) - Unlimited snacks/drinks, frozen yogurt and beer - Relocation assistance (if moving to the SF Bay Area) - Close to many public transit options (BART, Ferry, AC Transit) - Subsidized dollars towards public transit or parking garage - Tuition Reimbursement

For full job description and to apply, visit: http://smrtr.io/cdtW8g (or e-mail jobs@dictionary.com)

About our company: http://content.dictionary.com For more jobs, visit: http://iac.com/careers/job-listings

Haplo | Junior Software Developer | London, UK | Full time, ONSITE

Are you early on in your career, or graduating this summer? We're a great place to learn to be the best developer you can be.

We're looking for three new developers to join our growing team:


We have deliberately set up our company to support people who're just starting out, and we're good at accelerating your learning and giving you a wide range of experience.



- We build research information management systems for universities, on top of our open source Haplo platform. https://haplo.org

Like a startup: Small dedicated team. No barriers to doing your best work. Opportunity to get involved with everything, should you want to. Lovely office, great coffee. Ambition to change the world in a small but significant way.

Not like a startup: Sensible working hours. Quiet environment away from the hustle. No random pressure from investors. Quality product without hacks.


Key | Fullstack Engineer | Austin | ONSITE, https://key.co

Key is five-star concierge service specializing in personalized experiences in America’s most celebrated cities — is seeking Full Stack Engineers to join our team. What does our Engineering team do? The Key Engineering Team is responsible for building and maintaining the technology stacks that power Key. This includes our website, Mobile App, APIs, SMS, Monitoring, alerting, Third party integrations, Vendor and Partner management and data analytics systems. We work very closely in a highly creative environment with our CEO, concierge team, and operations to expand and refine our platform. Our team is small but growing and we are passionate about writing beautiful code.

Job Requirements:

4+ years of relevant full-stack experience in developing enterprise software Experience designing and interfacing with RESTful APIs Experience with Microservices Expert level SQL (MySQL, noSQL) Experience with AWS Experience with JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 Experience with React, Node.js Ability to work well in a team that is flexible and creative BA/BS or higher. Computer Science, Math, or Engineering major is preferable

The ideal candidate: The ideal candidate has the heart of an architect and the mind of an engineer. We are a highly collaborative and creative and we are looking for candidates who will help us expand our team’s core abilities. We are a small team but growing fast with big plans. If you are comfortable in the command line, love building cool stuff, and have an opinion on who has the best breakfast tacos in Austin, you’ll fit right in.

If this sounds like you, we want to know! We are offering competitive salary with benefits and stock options

To apply, please send your resume to careers@key.co.

Amazon Delivery Experience | Front-End and Back-End Engineers | Portland, Oregon | Fulltime | ONSITE

My team at Amazon is hiring in Portland! We are looking for both front-end devs with 3+ years experience and back-end devs of all levels. Must have a strong CS background. Smart coworkers, awesome products, great compensation, and a fantastic culture forming here at the Portland office!

If you are interested or have questions, please reach out to me at lochlan@amazon.com (please note that I am not the hiring manager but would be happy to refer qualified candidates)






Nike | Software Engineers, Product Managers, More | Beaverton and Portland, OR | Onsite, https://jobs.nike.com/corporate

Come join us building the next generation of sport at Nike! Nike is always hiring just about everything (think PhD research on how to break the 2 hour marathon https://youtu.be/uvhSgxUdsdQ), but .com is hiring frontend, backend, and full stack engineers. We're building some awesome experiences with React, Vue, WebGL, Lambdas, Swift, and more that do everything from fighting bots on high heat shoe launches to Nike Run Club.

You can browse and apply here: https://jobs.nike.com/category/digital-and-technology-jobs/8..., or send me an email with "Hey from HN" in the Subject.

Hi shoenick. I just applied for a Software Engineer position through Nike's website, but your profile says you're an engineering manager. Mind messaging me with your email and I can pass along to my resume directly to you? Thanks!

Hm -- I tried a couple obvious combinations for your email address but they all bounced. How can I email you?

GeoStrategies | Software Engineer & GIS Developer | Turlock, CA | Full-time, ONSITE

Do you have a passion for online mapping software? So do we! GeoStrategies is a consulting firm that makes powerful, strategic maps: maps of value, maps of danger, maps that make or break your business. And powerful maps need a powerful platform.

Our own Epiphany Analytics is that platform. On it our analysts generate and deliver beautiful geographic models to businesses of all sizes. And Epiphany needs another programmer.

Specifically, we're looking for an engineer experienced in both GIS and full-stack Web development. Which you know best isn't important–you'll soon be an expert in both. The person in this role will have no lack of variety from day to day, and will be expected to have and develop educated opinions on matters ranging from statistics to UX to devops.

Our tech stack is PHP, Go (golang), AngularJS, some Python, Docker, and lots of PostgreSQL+PostGIS.

If you love maps and the Web, and desire a foundational role in a growing company, send me an email at josh@geostrategies.com.

Orion Labs | Senior Android Developer | SF | Onsite, https://www.orionlabs.io/

Orion Labs is dedicated to connecting people, groups, and services though seamless voice communication. Through our push-to-talk wearable and voice platform, we deliver a heads-up and eyes-free experience that enables people to communicate more efficiently without losing focus, and to do their best work.

Our users depend on companion apps for connecting wearable hardware to the Internet, creating and switching groups, managing contacts, finding the location of their teammates, and more.

We're looking for teammates who enjoy building, refactoring, and testing mobile software, and take pride in their work. You should care passionately about intuitive user interface design.

Java should be your bread and butter, and Android Studio your playground. We use Dagger to provide dependency injection, and RxJava to support reactive programming patterns. Our mobile applications use Bluetooth LE (GATT protocol) to talk to our wearable product, and RESTful APIs to talk to our service backend. We aim to iterate quickly, delivering app updates to our users every couple of weeks or so.

Orion is dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive team with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. This means not only striving to hire a diverse set of humans, but providing them with support, mentorship, and opportunities to grow. We firmly believe that hiring and supporting a diverse team is valuable endeavor in itself, but also allows us to do our best work and make better products.

30min phone screen --> take home exercise --> 3.5hr on-site

Apply here: http://grnh.se/vhar011

SigOpt | Software Engineer | San Francisco | Full time/Onsite

Small team working on everything from machine learning to javascript.

SigOpt is building a cloud-based ensemble of optimization tools that is proven and integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructure. We're used by globally recognized leaders within the insurance, credit card, algorithmic trading and consumer packaged goods industries.

We're looking for generalists who feel comfortable working on everything from machine learning pipelines to javascript to join our small but growing team. Our stack is built on tested and popular tools like postgres, python, AWS, node, react. We prefer versatile developers over experts in a single field.

Responsibilities: -Work with customer success and the research engineers to design, build and ship new features in the API -Design, build and continue to improve the SigOpt web experience, from account administration to cutting edge visualizations -Champion usability and clean design across the website and API, maintaining the high bar that our customers continue to give us positive feedback on -Maintain our public API clients in Python, R and Java Showcase SigOpt in code examples from our public GitHub repo, documentation and how-to articles on the website, and occasionally blog posts

Requirements: -Minimum 1 year industry experience in a software engineering role -Experience in a wide variety of languages and tools

Pluses: -React/ES6 experience -API design experience -Experience writing and maintaining test suites including unit, integration and browser tests -Machine learning experience -Strong oral and written communication skills

Please visit our careers page at https://sigopt.com/careers

Nested.com | Software Developer | London | ONSITE https://nested.com/

We are an ambitious new company started by founders of GoCardless and Songkick and backed by some of the world's leading investors and entrepreneurs. We believe in the value of fewer, better people and are looking for a skilled engineer to join our small, extremely talented and product-oriented London based team.

On a day-to-day basis you will: - Develop the core consumer facing product, which currently uses Ruby and JavaScript with a little bit of Python thrown in. This will require rapid, agile iteration based on customer feedback and metrics. - Develop tools to support our internal operations team and help automate as much as possible. We want someone passionate (possibly bordering on the obsessive) about improving operational efficiency - Work closely with our designer to implement a high quality, modern front end experience, so a keen eye for design is favorable - Finally, you’ll have the trust and autonomy to work creatively through solutions to problems. We don’t just say this, we mean it. We will expect and encourage you to experiment, innovate and adapt on new and existing features.

The stats: Eng team = 2 x FE | 1 x BE | 1 x Data Science | 2 x designers |1 x awesome CTO | Total company size 23 | £8m Series A raised March 2017

The package: £50-70k depending on experience | All the normal perks you would expect + £3k to spend on your perfect tech setup | Flexible working (we actually mean this!)

If the above sounds of interest then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you! Please apply here https://nested.workable.com/jobs/403118

Thanks for looking :-)

Revinate | Senior Software Engineer - Infrastructure/TechOps | San Francisco | ONSITE https://www.revinate.com/company/jobs/?gh_jid=660718

As early adopters of Kubernetes on a bare-metal CoreOS cluster, we're looking to hiring somebody to continue to modernize how our developers leverage this technology.

This senior role will design and develop how Revinate uses our Kubernetes infrastructure and associated build pipeline. Additionally important responsibilities for this role include educating development teams on usage/best-practices, acting as liason between development teams and the infrastructure team, and continuously working towards improved efficiency of our software factory.

Email bryan@ domain above with any questions. We'd love to hear what you're interested in, and if we'd be a fit.

Located in the Presidio in SF, this role is ONSITE (with some flexibility once onboarding is complete, as necessary).

ESI Group | Software Development Engineer | San Diego, CA | Full-Time, Onsite

ESI Group is a leading innovator in Virtual Prototyping software and services. ESI allows our clients to bring their products to life; ensuring reliable performance, serviceability and maintainability.

ESI US R&D, Inc., is currently seeking a Software Development Engineer at our San Diego, CA offices. Just a mile from the Pacific Ocean, we are a small team focused on developing and maintaining desktop software applications in the field of vibro-acoustics. Our clients include NASA, Boeing, Airbus, GM and Ford.

We are looking for people with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Engineering or Mathematics. We use C++ and Qt for our desktop applications, so experience with those is required. Also desirable is experience with numerical methods, OpenGL or other 3D APIs, Python, HPC tools and APIs such as MPI and Linux development.

Feel free to reach Tracy at ext-tracy.sidall@esi-group.com with any questions related to the job and company. Don't forget to mention HN in the e-mail!

LunchBadger | Architect – Node.js | San Francisco / San Mateo | REMOTE / ONSITE

LunchBadger is a VC-funded early-stage startup building a next-generation platform that empowers developers and enterprises to compose, manage, monitor, and monetize cloud-native API microservices.

We’re looking for an Architect who can develop hands-on as well as lead a team of 3-4 Engineers. This person will contribute in multiple ways, whether that is writing and designing software, creating automation to deploy and manage it in production, helping to support our customers, or leading architecture, design, and delivery of a cloud based next generation cloud solution.

Partial Work from Home (WFH) and Partial Onsite in San Mateo / Redwood City, California.

Interviews can be done via video or in person. Compensation package includes base ($150K-$180K), equity (.4% - .75%) and benefits.

Learn more at https://www.lunchbadger.com/careers/

To apply, please email careers@lunchbadger.com

Principals only, no agencies.

10% Happier | Mobile Engineer / iOS Developer | Boston, MA | ONSITE | Full Time

A clear, simple approach to meditation with a NY Times bestselling author and some of the most respected (and cool) meditation teachers on the planet. Launched last year, 8 person core team, venture-backed, growing quickly. (Here’s the app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/meditation-for-skeptics-by/i... )

We're looking for an iOS developer excited by the challenges of building a fast-growing + consumer mobile + meditation startup.

You're likely an iOS specialist (who has shipped product iOS apps), with strong product sensibilities (i.e. you have strong opinions for how things should work, and don't need all the details to get something shipped), and an allergy for working on things that don't move the needle. In addition to leading efforts on the iOS app, you'll also help the team of experienced + passionate folks maintain a strong engineering culture - mentoring, development process, etc. Last but not least, you'll work on a product that actually makes people's lives better. (If you don't believe us, take a look at our reviews on the App Store.)

The product is our iOS app. It’s built in Swift & ReactiveCocoa. Our web-back end is Ruby on Rails and Postgres, all living atop Heroku. If you’re interested in functional programming & clean, readable code, we think you’ll like what you see - but we’d prefer it if you helped us make it better still.

The interview process involves a 30min call, and two 2hr interviews (followed by reference checks and conversations to answer any questions you have).

Email jeff@ (10percenthappier.com) if you’re interested.

HEADSPACE | DevOps Engineer | San Francisco or Los Angeles | ONSITE

I'm part of Headspace, an app for guided meditation and mindfulness training. The mission of our 180-person company is to improve the health and happiness of the world and our app has been downloaded more than 13 million times worldwide.


Headspace’s mission is to improve the health and happiness of the world. And we need the best people we can find to help us do it.

What we're looking for:

- BS/MS degree in Computer Science or 4-8 years related experience

- Solid experience with Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS) administration

- Ability to work effectively within a team and autonomously with minimal supervision

- AWS (EC2, VPC, S3, RDS, IAM, ElastiCache, Redshift, Elastic MapReduce, Route 53)

Please kindly apply here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/headspace/jobs/267439

For more information about our team + perks: https://www.headspace.com/join-us

Natera Inc. is hiring for a number of developer positions.

- Manager, Production Applications - ONSITE - San Carlos, CA

- Senior Front End Web Developer - ONSITE - San Carlos, CA

- Senior Manager, Enterprise Applications Engineering - ONSITE - San Carlos, CA

- Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer - ONSITE - San Carlos, CA

- Senior Software Automation Engineer, Quality Assurance - ONSITE - San Carlos, CA

All jobs can be found listed here: http://www.natera.com/careers/job-openings

Natera is a rapidly-growing diagnostics company with proprietary bioinformatics and molecular technology for analyzing DNA. Our complex technology has been proven clinically and commercially in the prenatal testing space and we are actively researching its applications in the liquid biopsy space for developing products with oncology applications. We're doing a lot of interesting work, expanding the scope of our customer-facing applications, growing our internal tooling, and working in one of tech's most interesting fields.

Software Engineer | DefenseStorm | Seattle, WA | ONSITE https://www.defensestorm.com

DefenseStorm is a cybersecurity startup that helps banks and other financial institutions manage the deluge of security data that they produce. We take all of the security critical information and then alert on what's important, generate reports, and show cool dashboards.

We use AngularJS, Typescript, Java 8, C#.NET, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, and we're built on AWS.

The engineers we're looking for are serious about security, performance, and UX. We're trying to build a useful, secure app that solves real problems.

We are a fast paced startup that knows the value of a healthy work-life balance.

Read about our engineering culture here:




ActiveSphere | Bangalore | ONSITE | Full Time


We're a software consulting company. Most of our current work is in JavaScript (React, Angular 2, TypeScript), but we have written code in Elxir, Go, Ruby, Erlang, Haskell, Scheme, Elisp, D3.

We built a tunneling solution in Go, a chat server in Erlang, a font converter in Haskell, a DynamoDB emulator in Ruby, a remote debugger (in JavaScript, and Go), a Youtube annotation extension in JavaScript and more.

Some of our client and personal work is described here.



The interview process usually involves a programming problem followed by a few rounds of telephonic/in-person conversations.

If interested, please reach out to us at career[at]activesphere.com.

GreyOrange | Multiple Positions | Gurgaon, IN | Fulltime | ONSITE

GreyOrange is firm that designs, manufactures and deploys advanced robotics systems for automation at distribution and fulfillment centers. We combine expertise in robotics, hardware and software engineering to solve operational inefficiencies in warehouse operations at both third-party logistics vendors as well as companies with in-house logistics functions. With in-house Mechanical, Electrical, Embedded, UI/UX, Software department and quality assurance teams, GreyOrange ensures unquestioned quality of all our products.

Founded in 2011, we have grown rapidly from a two-man team and today have 650+ employees. GreyOrange is headquartered in Singapore with offices in India, Hong Kong , UAE, Germany and Japan, providing 24x7 customer support globally.

Positions: https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/3195463/jobs

Write to: harshal [dot] g [at] greyorange.sg

TripsByTips | Berlin, Germany | Full stack or front end developer ONSITE | https://en.tripsbytips.com/

Our team needs support to rebuild our core application from scratch. We are looking for enthusiastic front end and/or PHP/JS full stack developers eager to design and work with a young, dynamic team.

TripsByTips is a multilingual crowdsourcing platform to produce useful travel content (text, photos, geodata) with 15,000 freelancers in 106 countries and we build software as a geo-service.

The tools we currently use: PHP (Micro-)Frameworks: Symfony, Silex, Slim, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, React, ECMAScript 2015/2016, HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Docker, Kubernetes, Gitlab.

Lene Giese looks forward to your questions and application (030-616528400, tripsbytips.jobs@gmail.com)


CJ Affiliate │ Senior Software Engineer │ Westlake Village, CA │ On-site │ http://engineering.cj.com/

About This Role

The Sr. Software Engineer will be part of a small, autonomous team that is product centered with dedicated product owners. With a focus on innovation, you will have the opportunity to solve interesting problems and be a disrupter in the industry. If you are a passionate and collaborative code craftsman that is looking for an opportunity to put your engineering capabilities to the test, this could be the perfect role for you.

Professional Experience And Skills

• Accomplished engineer with 5+ years of progressive software design and development experience

• Commitment to automate everything: build, test, deploy

• Interest in functional programming (Scala, Clojure, Haskell)

• Desire to do XP, full time TDD, your own QA


• Experience w/ Spring preferred (including an understanding of its warts)

• Experience with JavaScript, jQuery, ReactJS also preferred

• Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience Find Out More


our stack: cjdev.github.io/technologyradar/



Epic Games (www.epicgames.com) | Systems Engineers or Developers | Greater Seattle and Raleigh areas | ONSITE

Founded in 1991, Epic Games is the creator of the Unreal, Gears of War and Infinity Blade series of games. Today Epic is building Paragon, Fortnite, Robo Recall, Battle Breakers, SPYJiNX and the new Unreal Tournament. Epic’s Unreal Engine technology brings high-fidelity, interactive experiences to PC, console, mobile, VR and the Web. Unreal Engine is freely available at unrealengine.com.

We're looking for a variety of folks to help us build, operate and innovate for our online platform that powers our games. Unreal Engine and Unreal Tournament are both open source on GitHub.

Main careers site: https://epicgames.avature.net/careers/SearchJobs

Team Online Positions:

Cloud Engineering Devs (Bellevue, WA + Cary, NC) https://epicgames.avature.net/careers/JobDetail/Bellevue-Was...

Live Operations Producer (Bellevue, WA) https://epicgames.avature.net/careers/JobDetail/Bellevue-Was...

Senior Backend Engineers (Bellevue, WA) https://epicgames.avature.net/careers/JobDetail/Bellevue-Was...

Senior Web Engineers (Bellevue, WA + Cary, NC) https://epicgames.avature.net/careers/JobDetail/Bellevue-Was...

Systems Engineers (Bellevue, WA + Cary, NC) https://epicgames.avature.net/careers/JobDetail/Bellevue-Was...

Web Engineer (Apps Team) Engineering | San Francisco, CA | Full Time | Onsite

Cloudflare is building a better Internet. Cloudflare runs one of the world’s largest distributed networks that powers more than 1.5 trillion pageviews each month across 5 million Internet properties. More than 10 percent of all global Internet requests flow through Cloudflare’s network.

We're looking for a developer to help create the next generation of our apps platform[0]. Our team's goal is to make Cloudflare the easiest way to build on the web.

We believe in working collaboratively with an emphasis on personal growth and responsibility. This is a role that lets you wear many hats, spearhead new projects, and shape your career.

# Our ideal candidate...

- Has curiosity and a deep desire to build compelling products used by millions. - Has knowledge of native web APIs. - Is familiar with modern tools such as React, Redux, and Babel.

# Perks

We offer competitive salaries, equity, a fantastic health benefits plan, a new laptop, monthly commuter reimbursement, and the opportunity to work with a smart, motivated team where you will see your impact daily.

Sound like somewhere you'd thrive? We'd love to hear from you. Email your resume to teffen+hn @ cloudflare dot com and a short paragraph to introduce yourself.

Cloudflare is a company that values security. All prospective employees will be subject to a background check.

We care deeply about making tech a more inclusive and diverse place. Cloudflare is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any classification protected by federal, state, or local law.

[0] Cloudflare Apps: https://www.cloudflare.com/apps/

Ebates | San Francisco, CA | San Mateo, CA | Onsite | www.ebates.com | VISA (TN)

Ebates is a profitable, high growth e-commerce company based in San Francisco. We offer a casual but fast paced environment where creativity and effective teamwork and collaboration are rewarded. We are changing the way people shop online, and we strive to provide the best possible customer experience - not to mention cash back on every purchase, with no strings attached. In 2015, members spent over $5 billion on Ebates' websites and since the inception of the company, have earned over $500 million in cash back. During the peak days of 2016, 7% of all online shopping went through Ebates!

I'm currently a leading the iOS team at Ebates and we're looking to grow the mobile team with both iOS and Android engineers.

Contact me directly via ydyrenko [at] ebates.com

We have a lot of other open positions throughout the rest of the company - https://www.ebates.com/jobs.htm

ZestFinance | Sr. Devops Engineer | Los Angeles, CA | ONSITE , https://www.zestfinance.com/careers.html

ZestFinance is looking for a Senior Devops Engineer to join our team in Los Angeles.

About you:

   * Expert sysadmin, experienced in managing large deployments
   * Master troubleshooter - you know how computers work inside and out
   * You enjoy challenge and won’t stop until it’s solved
   * Program in at least one popular language (such as Ruby, Python, Go, C etc.)
   * Experience in UNIX-focused operations role (5+ years)
About the job:

   * Support our existing underwriting platform (AWS, Chef, Docker, Ruby on Rails, R)
   * Drive the design and implementation of our exciting new product (machine learning and underwriting as a service - on-premises)
   * Ensure high reliability and operability of the platform
   * Automate, automate, automate, monitor
   * Provide technical direction and ownership of the infrastructure
About Zest:

ZestFinance, Inc. applies its unique credit-decisioning technology platform — based on data science and machine learning — to help lenders effectively predict credit risk so they can increase revenues, reduce risk and ensure compliance. ZestFinance was founded in 2009 by Douglas Merrill and a team of former Google employees with the mission of making fair and transparent credit available to everyone.

Apply here: https://app.jobvite.com/j?aj=oLmP4fwK&s=Hacker_News

For other openings visit: https://www.zestfinance.com/careers.html

PlushCare |Full Stack Engineer|San Francisco|Full Time|Onsite

PlushCare is looking for motivated and talented individuals to join our engineering team. We're passionate about helping people and bridging gaps in a bloated healthcare industry that doesn't put patients first.

We’re well funded and backed by respected investors like GGV Capital (Airbnb, Square, Slack, Soundcloud) and Lightspeed Ventures (Snap, Grubhub, Nest), putting us in a unique situation to deliver much-needed features and services in the healthcare space.

Here are some of the meaningful problems we're working on solving:

- Aggregating scattered healthcare data to provide doctors with better tools for diagnosing and treating people

- Creating seamless and intuitive user interfaces for both physicians and patients

- Writing software that smoothly ties together components in a fragmented insurance industry

- Delivering on our mission to make a positive impact on people's health

We've had success hiring from hacker news in the past, so please don't hesitate to reach out to careers@plushcare.com if you're interested.

Gyroscope | Data Science | San Francisco, CA | REMOTE or ONSITE | Contract | https://gyroscope.cc

Gyroscope Software (https://gyroscope.cc) provides simple-to-use developer tools for maximizing mobile-user engagement via ML. Our long-term goal is provide developers with ML-based tools that give their software the capability to learn about users and act on that knowledge without requiring a PhD to build and understand.

Gyroscope uses cutting-edge techniques on a rich set of clean, homogenous data. We're creating a fast-iteration, highly-flexible data processing and analysis environment. Data scientists work hand-in-hand with engineers. Everyone writes code. We're built on Go, Python, R, Objective-C, & various cloud bits.

Feel free to email me at adam@gyroscope.cc if you're interested in working with us!

AWS EC2 Container Services | Software Engineer | Seattle, WA | Full-time, Onsite | https://www.amazon.jobs/en/jobs/544896

The Amazon ECS team is looking for Software Engineers to build services that allow our customers to run, manage, and deploy Docker containers at scale. This team addresses very unique scaling challenges that directly impact how developers and organizations consume computing capacity in the cloud.

This is an opportunity to be part of a world-class team in AWS. You will design and operate distributed, highly available, fault-tolerant systems on a massive scale. This is a high growth team as we are working in the competitive and rapidly evolving space of containers and orchestration. You will be building the future!

To learn more about Amazon EC2 Container Services: https://aws.amazon.com/ecs

PatientPop|Lead Software Engineer| Santa Monica|Full-time|www.patientpop.com

We're looking for an experienced full-stack engineer with 4+ years of experience designing apps on open-source platforms. You will be joining our platform team, where you will be building out both customer facing and internal features. These projects range from emails, customer dashboards, evaluating and integrating with 3rd party APIs, internal dashboards and supporting the content management platform for our customer's websites. This technical and hands-on position requires the individual to have the ability to work with a team and individually contribute to all aspects of the software process: including architecture, specification reviews, unit testing, debugging and implementation on a LAMP stack.


Main Street Hub | Backend Software Engineer, Frontend Software Engineer, Data Scientist | Austin, TX | Full- time, Onsite | https://www.mainstreethub.com/careers

Our Engineering team is on a mission to build the absolute best software in the local space. We use our data and technology to effectively create and manage local business owners’ digital assets at scale. While our customers are hard at work realizing their passion and dream, our software delivers to them -

1. A compelling digital experience that matches the authenticity and spirit of that local business to their consumers. We can help the consumers to find their next favorite local joint or love their current one even more.

2. Data-driven insights about their consumers and their business - insights they can use to compete with the giants and thrive.

3. A content platform that empowers our content managers to create engaging content while having fun using the tools.

Seeking PHP Experts | SharpSpring | Gainesville, FL | Onsite, Full Time | https://careers.sharpspring.com

SharpSpring is seeking talented Software Engineers with deep knowledge of PHP to join our development team in Gainesville, FL. Our team is a group of dedicated individuals working to provide the best service possible to our customers using the most innovative solutions. SharpSpring provides excellent benefits and an engaging workplace with talented, friendly coworkers. This position will give you the chance to work with the latest technologies and come up with creative solutions to problems across a wide range of projects. Ownership of product modules is encouraged, and as a member of our team, your contributions will have a positive impact on thousands of customers spanning the globe. We work in an agile environment where input from every developer is welcomed and everyone’s voice is heard.

Hinge Health | Multiple Positions | San Francisco, CA | ON-SITE, FULL-TIME, http://hingehealth.com

Hinge Health’s mission is to rebuild healthcare delivery for the 21st Century. Chronic conditions are now the number one public health concern around the world, and yet our tools to deliver care are firmly stuck in the 20th Century. To solve this, we are digitizing the delivery of care - starting with musculoskeletal conditions.

We're finalising a large series A round and are growing the engineering team. If you’d like to help us redefine healthcare for the 21st Century we’d love to hear from you.

Roles: Backend Engineer / Frontend Engineer / Mobile Engineer

Salary: $100k - $140k depending on experience, and options up to 0.35%

Job Descriptions: http://hingehealth.com/careers-1

Process: Initial phone screen > Technical screen > On-site technical & non-technical

Contact: simon@hingehealth.com

Payment Rails | Back-end Developer, Front-end Developer | Montreal, QC Canada | https://www.paymentrails.com

Payment Rails is building a global payments API, which allows our customers to transfer money and pay their contractors and suppliers worldwide. We're looking for a few great people to join our amazing team here:

* Backend Developer - Help us make a solid API platform based on Typescript, NodeJS and Postgres along with integrating APIs to our banking providers. * Frontend Developer - Help us make a easy to use dashboard in React, that makes it easy for people to onboard, make payments and mange their API utilization.

Canidates should have BS in Computer Science/Engineering and a few years of industry experience. Ideally with our technology stack, but we'll bring you up to speed if you're the right person who likes to learn and build great things.

If interested, contact David Koblas, VP Engineering, david@paymentrails.com

San Francisco; Full Time; Onsite

I'm the cofounder of Figma (https://www.figma.com), a startup in San Francisco building a browser-based collaborative design tool to improve the way designers and developers work together. We're a small team (~30) and we're looking for talented engineers (https://www.figma.com/careers) who are interested in tackling hard technical problems with smart people and building a product that startups will rely on.

If you want to see what we value, you might find these interesting:

- First principles thinking: https://medium.com/figma-design/introducing-vector-networks-...

- Pushing the web to the limit: https://medium.com/figma-design/building-a-professional-desi...

Upcoming/ongoing projects:

- Develop a plugin ecosystem from the ground up

- Build a community of design content and tools from scratch

- Cross-document shared symbols

- Multiplayer editing infrastructure (realtime simultaneous editing)

Our tech stack: C++, Emscripten, WebAssembly, Node, TypeScript, React, WebGL, Ruby, Sinatra

If you're interested in learning more about what we're working on or want to meet up to talk about any of my other projects (http://madebyevan.com/), you can email me at wallace@figma.com.

Kira Systems | Multiple Positions | Toronto, Canada | Full-time, Onsite, Remote, https://kirasystems.com We're hiring Clojure developers and UX Designers to work in all places within our stack. We welcome candidates at all experience levels. Don't know Clojure but would like to? We want to hear from you too. Remote is ok, we have flexible working hours, and we offer a relocation bonus for those wanting to move to our headquarters in Toronto.

Kira Systems is a fast-growing Toronto-based software company. Our mission is to empower enterprises through intuitive, easy-to-use software tools for uncovering relevant information in contracts. The Kira application is built upon our own proprietary, state-of-the-art machine learning technology. Our customers include some of the world’s best law firms, professional service firms, and corporations. They use Kira to quickly and accurately review and analyze contracts for due diligence, real estate and financial transactions, as well as contract management.

Clojure Developer: https://kirasystems.com/careers#op-162601-clojure-developer.

Clojure Web Developer: https://kirasystems.com/careers#op-184887-web-developer.

UX Designer: https://kirasystems.com/careers#op-183900-ux-designer

Graphic Designer: https://kirasystems.com/careers#op-189002-graphic-designer

Lead Reliability and Performance Developer: https://kirasystems.com/careers#op-162195-lead-reliability-a...

Junior Linux Sysadmin (not remote): https://kirasystems.com/careers#op-181321-junior-linux-sysad...

More: https://kirasystems.com/careers

Always wondered how remote from another country works. If you hire US people, are they just hired as contractors?

Depends on many things, but we try to hire as employee where possible.

Umuse | Frontend Engineer, Full Stack Engineer, Data Engineer | Austin, TX | Onsite, http://www.umuse.io

We are an early stage, funded startup growing our relatively small engineering team. We are looking for engineers that want to be part of small, nimble team that is looking to make a difference, leave a mark, and hopefully transform an industry. Sound challenging? It will be.

We are adding 3 more engineers as soon as you are ready to start. Given the size you will make an immediate impact and have the responsibility to define, design and build a great product. You will also help define a culture you will enjoy working in. Open positions are:

- Frontend Engineer (Node, React, ES6, Electron)

- Full Stack Engineer ( Python, Scala, Javascript/Node, AWS, MySQL/RDS, Redis )

- Data Engineer (Python, MySQL, Spark, Hive )

See our jobs site for more details and to apply https://umuse.workable.com/

Angel Solutions | Full Stack Developer | Liverpool, United Kingdom | £16K - £20K + benefits | Full-time | www.angelsolutions.co.uk/jobs

Our circus themed offices are based in Liverpool, UK. We use C#, ASP.NET and other web based technologies. Great place to start your career. Any applications would need to arrive before the 8th June. As interviews are the week after.

Is REMOTE applicable?

No - we're looking for onsite devs :D

Atomic Object | Software Consultancy | Ann Arbor, MI | Onsite/Fulltime


--- Work with smart, passionate people. Make cool stuff. Learn every day. ---

Atomic is growing a diverse and inclusive team of curious, creative people who love creating great software for our clients.

THE POSITION Atomic Object is a consultancy that creates custom software products. We work across web, mobile, desktop, and embedded product development—helping our clients innovate and grow by doing what they do better.

Atomic makers work on self-managed teams of 2-10 designers, developers, and testers—collaborating to create products for our clients, from the idea phase through launch and beyond.

WHY ATOMIC? Atomic is a great place to do awesome work. As an Atom, you'll: Join a tight-knit group of makers working in an atmosphere of friendship, exploration, and respect.

Work on a variety of projects and help make pipelines safer, cities greener, healthcare smarter, and old products new again. Be part of a transparent, employee-owned company that's active in making the software community stronger, smarter, and more diverse.

Receive great benefits, including support for professional development, schedule flexibility, employee ownership, 401(k) contributions, and generous vacation time.

INTERESTED? If you'd like to find out more about Atomic or this position, don't hesitate to check out our current open position: Experienced Software Developer: https://atomicobject.com/careers/ann-arbor-software-develope...

Long Game | Software Engineer | SF | Full-time | https://longgame.co

We’re building a savings app for people that struggle to save money. How you ask? We’re using a new form of investment called prize-linked savings (new to the US as of 2014). The simple explanation is that you trade part of your interest for the chance to win from a prize pool of everyone's interest.

As a software engineer at Long Game you’ll be joining a small team of engineers and will have full exposure to all aspects of our product development processes.

We’re looking for developers that enjoy building fun mobile UX and/or engineers with considerable finance experience.

Our stack: React Native, Node, Postgres, AWS


adam at longgame.co


HealthVerity | Philadelphia, PA | ONSITE | Permanent | Full Stack Developer, Healthcare Data Analyst, Healthcare SQL Expert | HealthVerity is a VC-funded early-stage tech startup that offers the fastest and most efficient way to explore and acquire healthcare data. We help our clients discover, license and link patient data across the widest range of top tier data providers. We empower customers to gain new perspectives on patient activity while ensuring complete privacy management and HIPAA compliance. Our stack runs entirely on AWS and some of the tools we use are Spark, Airflow, Docker, Emberjs, and Django. Our hiring process includes: phone interviews, onsite interview, references. You can reach me with any questions at: aelefante@healthverity.com See jobs here: https://app.jobvite.com/j?cj=odUm5fwi&s=Hacker_News

Soli | Director of Engineering | Boston, MA | $100K-120K www.solipoints.com

We are a startup developing a loyalty/rewards platform that, in addition to cash back on purchases, will automatically offset a user’s CO2 emissions.

We are seeking a Director of Technology to work with our CPO to oversee product development and maintenance.

This individual will be responsible for leading development of new features and managing the iOS and backend (eventually android and web as well) application for a shopping-rewards platform targeted at millennial consumer adoption. Working directly with the CPO, and development team, this individual will have a significant level of responsibility as an early senior engineering hire.

REQUIREMENTS - Great programming fundamentals - Experience in leading teams/project management - Experience with mobile development (Swift & Android) - Back end development experience (Node.js & Express)

Email resume to james@solipoints.com with subject "HN: DoE Soli"

Qustodio | Multiple Positions | Barcelona | Fulltime | ONSITE

Qustodio is an internet security startup based in the center of Barcelona. And our product is the internet’s best parental control app.

We are looking for a progressive Front-end Web Designer and a rock solid Javascript Engineer, both to be a part of our International Front-end Team.

Here you have more info: https://qustodio.recruitee.com/o/frontend-web-designer https://qustodio.recruitee.com/o/javascript-software-enginee...

You will be a part of a great culture (friendly and emphasizes both teamwork and fun); a very international environment (our company is home to over 15 nationalities); with flexible working hours and in-house training and team building events.

We are looking for you! Come join us!


ShareGrid | Director of Engineering | Seattle, WA | ONSITE, Full-time, http://sharegrid.com/

We're a 10 person, passionate, fun, fast-growing, VC funded startup dubbed "The AirBnb of Cameras"

Looking for a talented full-stack Rails developer to lead our development team here in Seattle. Help pro creatives share their gear with each other on the leading marketplace for creative rentals (www.sharegrid.com).

Our current stack is Rails, React, JS/jQuery, HAML/SASS, MySQL, Git, DelayedJob, DigitalOcean.

This is a full-time opportunity in beautiful Seattle, WA with benefits and early equity in a fast-growing startup.

Please send a few examples of apps you built and what portion you worked on.

Benefits: Macbook Pro, iPhone, Flexible Work Schedule and Vacation Policy, Healthcare, Stocked Kitchen, and house-working environment in N. Seattle.

Position and compensation can range from Full-stack Engineer to Director of Engineering depending on experience.

Pindrop | Atlanta, GA | Onsite

Software Engineer Lead | Full Time | Current authorization to work in the U.S. a must

Pindrop is redefining security for voice transactions. We're the only team in the industry with the technology to detect and assess identity over the phone. Our flagship fraud detection product has expanded globally, and we're now building a brand new voice authentication product.

For this new product, we are looking for a Lead Software Engineer to develop strategy and implementation plans to improve product quality, from automation frameworks to tooling and infrastructure. We're looking for strong programming skills and a leader who values the end product.

Please check out further details for this role and other Engineering opportunities and apply via our website: https://www.pindrop.com/careers-open-positions/

You can also email talent@pindrop.com for more details.

Kiva | Tech and Security Ops positions | San Francisco | Fulltime | Onsite | https://www.kiva.org/careers

Kiva is a non-profit that allows people to lend money to low-income entrepreneurs and students in over 80 countries. Kiva's mission is to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. We're currently looking for a SRE / SysOps person and a Security engineer. Both will report to our Head of IT/Ops and work with me on our team. We're open to early career candidates who are really passionate for our mission and for the tasks they'd be undertaking even if your skills need some training / mentorship. Send me a message if you have any questions and go ahead and put in your resume. It's really great waking up every morning knowing you are going in and really doing something to help people and change the world.

Shield AI - Senior Software Engineer - Full-time onsite San Diego, CA

We're looking for software engineers with depth and breadth in C++, as well as C and Python to develop and deliver the most advanced mobile autonomous robots. Everything from low-level embedded development, to full stack networking (OSI 1-7), to advanced state estimation and machine learning running in the cloud are in the scope of what we do.

Shield AI is building fully autonomous quadrotors to perceive their environment and collect intel in the last several miles of combat environments. Our products provide forces with intelligence that removes the fog of war and allows them to make better more informed decisions. Decisions that protect and save lives.

We're a dedicated group of hard working people looking to make a difference on the most challenging problems that really matter.

Contact: adam.dorwart[at]shield[dot]ai - http://shield.ai/

The JD looks awesome. Just wanted to check if you guys are sponsoring visas or any chance of remote work.

Optimizory | Software Engineer - Back End | NOIDA, India | ONSITE, SALARY: 350k-500k INR, http://www.optimizory.com/

Optimizory was created with a vision of building innovative products, which address key problems faced by the target segment. We are now proud owners of two segment leading products vREST and RMsis.

We strongly believe that people are the key constituents of a great company and hence look forward to working with people with diverse ideas, a lot of energy and a deep expertise in their domain.

The culture in the company is very informal with lots of flexibility in all respects and you get to work with some of the brightest people in the industry.

The position of Software Engineer - Back End involves developing server side functionality of web applications. The job involves

  - Developing, integrating and testing components for RMsis (a web app)
  - Developing POC's for functions under consideration
  - Though we expect the potential team member to be open to new technologies, currently the work involves the following
  - Programming in JAVA AND/OR Scala
  - Use of Spring, Hibernate, Play, Akka frameworks
  - Multiple databases including Postgres, MySQL / MariaDB, Oracle, SQL Server
We are looking for team members with

  - A degree in Computer Science and a deep understanding of the subject
  - Ability to quickly learn and adopt new technologies and languages
  - A complete understanding of Web Stack/familiarity with web technologies and frameworks
  - Experience/familiarity with message based / Asynchronous design is desirable
  - 0-1 year experience
The selection process has three stages — 1. Online Programming Test 2. Video Chat 3. Onsite Interview.

To apply, send your resume to career@optimizory.com

LeanTaaS | Santa Clara, CA | Full Time | ONSITE ONLY | Salary + Equity + Full Benefits


- Series B Funded by top healthcare and insurance investors - Ex-Google/McKinsey/MIT/Stanford Team

LeanTaaS is the leading predictive analytics company that aims to lower medical costs with predictive analytics and data science. Our iQueue product line helps hospitals lower wait times and increase patient volumes by optimizing patient pathways with data driven optimizations.

We are looking for Backend Engineers and Product Managers who posses an entrepreneurial personality and the talent to think outside the box to get things done. Job descriptions can be found at http://leantaas.com/careers If you're interested please send resumes and a blurb about yourself to hireme@leantaas.com and mention you saw this on HN.


Elevate (Apple App of the Year) | iOS Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Onsite | https://www.elevateapp.com

Elevate is a cognitive training tool that was the recipient of Apple's App of the Year award and Google's Editors' Choice distinction. It has been downloaded more than 13 million times, helping users around the world build critical communication and analytical skills.

We're looking for an experienced mobile developer who has a passion for building great user interfaces, knows the value of small details and believes in software that helps its users. We are an agile team looking to make our customers' lives better by building the future of cognitive training and proactive mental health.


* Deliciously healthy chef-cooked meals

* Equity

* Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance

* 401k plan

To learn more or apply, please visit http://elevateapp.theresumator.com/

Poki — http://jobs.poki.com | Amsterdam | Onsite | Full-Time

Poki is an online playground with 30 million users around the world. With a team of 25 we build a web game platform that helps game developers achieve success, and brings fun games to kids of all ages around the world.

We’re a bootstrapped company where development, data and design come together.

We are looking for:

• Senior Front-End Developer - http://jobs.poki.com/senior-front-end-developer

• Senior Back-end Developer / DevOps Engineer - http://jobs.poki.com/back-end-devops-developer

• Lead Data Scientist - http://jobs.poki.com/lead-data-scientist/en

• Product Manager - http://jobs.poki.com/product-manager-web-platform/en

• Product Designer - http://jobs.poki.com/senior-product-designer/en

#Stack: Go, Node, React, Redux, Kubernetes, Docker, Microservices, Prometheus, Google Cloud Platform.

We believe in giving smart and creative people the freedom and autonomy to do great work.

Apply: http://jobs.poki.com

Engineering & Culture: http://blog.poki.com

MongoDB -- NYC, Palo Alto, CA OR Remote | Lead Technical Writer | Full-Time | Base + Pre-IPO Stock Options

We're hiring a Lead Technical Writer! MongoDB's docs (https://docs.mongodb.com/) are regarded as some of the best in the industry. Our secret? Our Writers are Engineers; they're hands-on with source code, write their own code examples or sample applications, test documents, break things, develop and maintain their own build system, and more.

We're looking for candidates that have experience with RDBMS or NoSQL databases, distributed systems, networking, or programming and have an interest in writing/teaching/helping others get the most out of MongoDB.

Any interest? Please reach out to me to discuss at Matt.Leva@MongoDB.com, or apply directly at http://grnh.se/2ioedf1.

Glovo | Barcelona, Spain | Full-time, ONSITE, VISA | http://glovoapp.com

Glovo is a Barcelona based start-up that is transforming the way consumer access local goods, enabling anyone to get nearly any product delivered in less than 60 minutes. We are looking for world-class engineers to work in our Barcelona office. Apply if you are someone who loves working in a high-paced startup environment and solving difficult problems. If you are focused on making sure that customers get the best service possible. If you work well with other top-level engineers and enjoy giving and receiving constructive feedback that helps you grow.

- Web Developer (Intermediate/Senior). (JS, Vue.js, Python)

- DevOps Engineer

- Data Engineer

- Backend Developer (Java)

See positions' descriptions here: https://glovo.recruitee.com/

To apply - please write directly to me dmitry@glovoapp.com

San Antonio Spurs | Basketball Information Systems Front-end Developer | Austin, TX | ONSITE, Full time, http://www.nba.com/spurs/

Help build a user friendly web based interface for use by the San Antonio Spurs Basketball Operations staff.

  -Implement a web based front-end that responsively scales to function properly on desktop systems, tablets, and mobile devices.
  -Design and develop data visualizations to be used in the basketball information system.
  -Proactively maintain and support the basketball information system infrastructure.
If interested, please apply online at http://nbateamjobs.teamworkonline.com/teamwork/jobs/jobs.cfm...

To clarify, the position is in Austin? The link you provided says San Antonio.

Preyra Solutions Group | Information Analyst / ETL Developer | Toronto, Canada | ONSITE | www.preyrasolutions.com

PSG is a health care consulting, data science and research firm in Toronto, ON. We use data to find ways to improve health care. Our clients and partners include Ministries of Health, Health Regions, Hospitals, Agencies, Consulting Firms and Universities.

We need help loading, validating, and preparing clinical and financial data for analysis.

We're open to either full- or part-time and would consider students or moonlighters who can dedicate some spare time as long as they are reliable and reasonably available.

Depending on your skills and how you progress, you could also help with data analysis or developing internal tools (usually in python, but sometimes as js web apps).

More info: http://www.preyrasolutions.com/careers/etl_developer.php

540 | Solutions Engineer (API Guru) | Arlington, VA | Full time, health/life/dental/vision/401k

-DevOps Engineer -Systems Engineer -Full Stack Java/AngularJS Developer

Link to our jobs: https://www.themuse.com/jobs/c-540-jobs

540.co is a technology consulting firm that helps government and business clients innovate like startups. We love helping our Federal Agency, Department of Defense and Fortune 500 clients use emerging technologies and lean startup strategies to improve operations and do things better, faster, and cheaper.

We're looking for someone with big ideas, who thrives on innovation and is a self-starter. If you love to learn about and work with new technologies, we want to talk to you.

Link to our jobs: https://www.themuse.com/jobs/c-540-jobs

Doorsteps | Full Stack JavaScript Developer | NYC | ONSITE | Full-time | https://www.doorsteps.com

We are small team focused on helping renters across the US find their next best place to live. We work with engineers from our parent company Move, which operates Realtor.com. We’re looking for a highly motivated JS engineer to join us. You’ll be crafting new features, working closely with our design team, constructing/consuming APIs. Major plus if you are a CSS/SASS superstar!

Our stack includes Node, Express, React/Redux, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, and much more

Learn more & apply here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/movesalesinc/jobs/608158

Feel free to reach out to me directly (Jordan) if you're interested in learning more: jordan.tepper(at)move(dot)com

Tapad | Unify Life Across Devices | Onsite: New York, NY or Oslo, Norway | $100K - $160K/YR + Bonus

Tapad is the true cross-device partner. By leveraging the power of our proprietary Tapad Device Graph™, we unify data across all devices to understand the interests, passions and behaviors of audiences and what they care about.

Tapad Handles:

> 2 Mill events/sec

30+ PB of Data


Distributed Applications... Scala, Python

Distributed Computing... Mesos, Kafka, Zookeeper

Distributed Databases... Aerospike, Cassandra, Vertica

Distributed Analytics... Hadoop (YARN), Spark 2

Distributed Storage... Ceph, Hadoop (HDFS)

Global Networking... VXLAN, BGP, EVPN, VPLS

Open Engineering Roles:

Data Engineer (NYC): http://grnh.se/mskdc31

Data Scientist (NYC): http://grnh.se/qia7vp1

Data Scientist - OPTO (NYC): http://grnh.se/6c1pdb1

Infrastructure Engineer (NYC): http://grnh.se/7oalp31

Senior Software Engineer (NYC): http://grnh.se/5giaqb1

Senior Software Engineer (Oslo): http://grnh.se/v4bnl51

VP of Engineering (Oslo): http://grnh.se/o3lps41

Karat | Expert Interviewer | Seattle, WA

Hiring top talent is a critical activity for all companies, yet the way organizations interview candidates is broken. Interviewing is a time consuming process that is rarely data-driven. Here at Karat, we see a massive opportunity to transform the interviewing experience for every candidate and company.

As an Expert Interviewer, you will be compensated at highly competitive rates for your interviewing expertise. The time commitment is flexible---many of our interviews happen on nights and weekends. Some experts do 5 interviews/week while others do over 20 interviews/week. You can work from anywhere, anytime. You will sharpen your interviewing skills and transform the interviewing experience for every candidate and company.

We are looking for experienced software engineers who believe that interviewing is a first-class job. You should possess:

- Experience as a top performing engineer at a big-tech or start-up.

- Significant interviewing experience focused on evaluating fundamental computer science skills (i.e. data structures, algorithms etc.), software craftsmanship (i.e. understanding of unit testing, source control, APIs etc.), and/or specific technologies (i.e. iOS, distributed systems etc.).

- Strong oral and written communication skills. Able to empathize with candidates and provide actionable feedback.

- An ability to structure your schedule (i.e. you can pick certain blocks of time during the day, evenings, weekends).

- A genuine desire to continuously improve the Karat service and technical interviewing.

Interested? Apply below to learn more and connect with the Karat Team.


Benzinga | Detroit, MI | FULL-TIME | ONSITE & REMOTE

A financial media company at our core, we're high-energy, focused on our users and our product. We reach over 2 million uniques and 214 million impressions / month.

Seeking people who love to code, design, move fast and get shit done: the hackers and hustlers of this world. We need a few grown-ups that know their stuff.

* Frontend Engineers (React, Redux, ES6)

* Backend / Ops Engineers (Go, Python, PHP, Kubernetes, Java, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, ...)

* Designer (UI/UX for our platform, cutting edge web presence and brand consistency)

If you're interested, check out our sites (https://pro.benzinga.com, https://benzinga.com), apply (http://jobs.benzinga.com) or email me (bert@benzinga.com) direct with any questions.

KISURA | Software Developers | Berlin, Germany | ONSITE | https://www.kisura.com/

We are looking for experienced software developers to help us build Europe's first curated digital shopping service for female fashion.

Our mission is simple: to provide our customers with handpicked outfits tailored to their budget and style and make them feel beautiful and confident.

What’s in it for you? An opportunity to build a scalable, customer-centered solution in a quiet office. We're based in Berlin’s famous Kreuzberg district which means easy commute, lots of lunch, meetup and party options close by.

We are looking for:

- Software developers (PHP/OOP, JAVA, GO, PYTHON)

- Front-end developers (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3)

- QA engineers 

Speaking German is not required.

How to apply: email me directly at mirek (at) kisura.de :) (I'm the product manager here).

More info at https://www.kisura.com/jobs.

Amazon Web Services | SDE / SysDE / Research/Data Scientist | Seattle, Palo Alto (ONSITE) | VISA, aws.amazon.com, AS16509

The Internet is the world’s most complex network, with over 57,402 unique networks connected together, it contains hundreds of millions of edges and nodes. It is THE most pervasive, important, and complicated communications network in the world -- somewhere out there things are about to go south. One of the core backbone routers of a major Tier-1 Internet provider is having a bad day. It started with a transient, yet persistent, problem which was only detectable by a slight increase in dropped packets that went mostly unnoticed. An hour later the router suffered a catastrophic failure dumping 500Gbps of traffic onto an already congested alternate path causing ripples across the Internet, disrupting websites and other Internet based services on the U.S Eastern seaboard. Social media is ablaze as frustrated people rant about their favorite website, video, or gaming service being down, or so slow that it’s unusable. While the Internet burns, our customers are humming away oblivious to the disaster. If you have an insatiable curiosity, love the process of discovery, and you’re reading this with a grin... we should talk. Come join us and...

* Do what nobody else in the world is doing... literally.

* Gain knowledge and expertise on the inner workings of the Internet, working with top-tier Network Engineers

* Define and Develop Amazon’s Internet Monitoring architecture

* Play in the piles of data to discover patterns that push our understanding and knowledge of Internet performance and availability anomalies

* Build massive real-time systems which inform and drive complex changes across the Internet

* Gain practical experience building software using Amazon Web Services

We are hiring for SDE/SysDE I (Entry Level), SDE/SysDE II (Mid-Level), Senior SDE, and Research/Data Scientist I/II (Entry/Mid Level). We may have an opening for a Data Engineer I/II in the future.

Sound like fun? Email me: nahtnow at amazon dot com.

(*) Note, I currently don’t have openings for interns or just-graduated college students. For internships or recent college grad positions please apply here: https://www.amazon.jobs/en/team/university-tech

BEYOND LABS | Javascript Full Stack Developer | London £35-47.5k + up to 1% equity | ONSITE | FULL TIME & INTERNS

Beyond is an enterprise SaaS platform that’s spearheading a new generation of companies - ones that remain agile as they grow. We do this by transforming the way companies plan their numbers - their budgets. Ultimately, we believe companies do best when employees are empowered to take initiatives, rather than constrained by outdated budgets.

You will:

- Integrate key finance and productivity tools with Beyond, such as Xero, Asana and Slack

- Help build ways of viewing and learning from large data sets using visualisations, chat bots & Machine Learning

- Work with our talented front and back end teams to deliver whole features - front end components that users will love, linked to a robust and efficient back end

Learn more at http://bebeyond.co/jobs/ or drop me an email: xavier@bebeyond.co

Tallysticks | Javascript Developer(s) | London

We're looking for a Front-end Developer and a Node.js Developer to join our small team in London. We're a Barclays Techstars 2016 graduate and are currently based in the Barclays / Rise building in Old St / Shoreditch.

This is a fantastic opportunity for a motivated developer to join a company in its early stages. Help us shape our core technology platform as we build out for our first customers.

Our product is a financing application based around smart contracts (Ethereum blockchain right now) which allows importers and exporters access to financing for international trade much faster, and at much lower cost compared to the legacy method - banks, phone-calls, and actual paper.

We're tackling a real-world problem and delivering real-world value, with cutting-edge tech. We also already have traction with a number of corporates in the finance and international trade spaces.

The Node.js Developer role will be focused on building out APIs and other backend services. It will also involve some devops work with AWS. It is a greenfield project, so expect lots of technical planning and decision-making. As well as excellent Javascript ability, the ideal candidate will have past experience with Blockchain platforms/clients, Elasticsearch, Redis, AWS, Docker.

The Front-end role will be focused on building single-page applications with React and/or Vue and will be responsible for leading all front-end projects going forward. We also have a React-Native project which may be interesting to potential candidates. As well as excellent HTML/CSS/Javascript ability, the ideal candidate will have a good understanding of modern browser APIs, web performance, experience with React and/or Vue.js, and isn't scared of front-end build tools.

Equity available.

To apply, email nitesh@tallysticks.io with your CV.

Will you be helping with relocation/visa?

Ticket Tailor | Full Stack PHP Developer | London, UK https://www.tickettailor.com/careers/php-developer/

Are you a talented PHP developer looking for an opportunity where your voice really matters, you can make a big impact, and form an important part of an exciting business?

We are looking for a full stack LAMP developer with at least three years’ experience, who uses an MVC framework and enjoys working in a fun office. Being a small team we would also like this person to get involved in all aspects of the product process – from ideas, to build, to deployment, to customer feedback. They will take part in the architecture and development of building new and maintaining existing functionality on our current platform, as well as managing the development of entirely new projects and business initiatives.

Homigo | Toronto, Canada | Full-time | Onsite

We’re on a mission to create a home maintenance service so simple to use that homeowners can just forget about it.

We’re a small team — every engineer at Homigo has an outsized impact, and you’ll lead the development of projects that define the future of the company. Our culture is collaborative, focused, and fast-paced.


About our team:

  - Aggressively solving the problems in a highly fragmented and massive market
(700B industry with very poor user experience)

  - Composed of 500 Startups, UofWaterloo, UofToronto, Harvard, and Next36 engineers

  - Fast growing company on clear path to being cash flow positive
Check out our home page at homigo.com



  -- Lead Software Engineer

  -- Front-End Engineer

  -- Software Engineer, Full Stack

  -- Software Engineer, Mobile
Check out our jobs at https://angel.co/myhomigo/jobs

Convergys Analytics | Dev Ops Lead | Denver (remote) | Fun Team, full controll of our move to the cloud, automating builds for Continuous integration. Really need some leadership to get our software on the next level and efficient! https://goo.gl/nFDzuv

I'm a few days late, and it's because I was out on parental leave on the 1st. That's a great segway into my shameless plug for Occipital: A startup that is family friendly, yay!


Occipital (https://www.occipital.com) | Boulder, CO, San Francisco, CA | ONSITE | Full-time | iOS Engineer, Supply Chain Manager, Computer Vision Engineer, Platform Software Engineer - Mixed Reality, Unity/Unreal Engineer, Business Development

At Occipital, we’re working on spatial computing - using computer vision to 3D reconstruct and understand your surroundings so that software can operate over real world spaces. We believe it will power the next generation of augmented reality and some of the key parts of virtual reality as well.


Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard | Frontend Software Engineer | Cambridge/Boston, MA | ONSITE, VISA https://www.broadinstitute.org/

We’re a small team of software engineers, computational biologists, clinicians, and geneticists building cutting-edge tools and methods for interpreting the world's largest aggregated human genetic datasets. Our stack: React, Redux, D3, SVG, GraphQL, nodejs, Docker, Kubernetes, GKE, Python, Scala, Apache Spark.

We are looking for demonstrated experience with web tech, an eye for design, and genuine excitement to learn new things.

Your work will be 100% open source and highly visible in the genetics/genomics community. Our resources are used by tens of thousands of researchers and physicians around the world. Come help shape the future of human genetic data visualization and discovery!

email: msolomon@broadinstitute.org

Bluebeam is hiring engineers, product managers and product designers!

Bluebeam | Los Angeles, CA | Full-time | Onsite | Salary Open

At Bluebeam, our purpose is real: We’re improving the way our world is built. Bluebeam's innovative desktop, mobile and cloud solutions push the limits of digital collaboration to enable professionals, who work in the most document-intensive industries, to do what they do, better.

Check out our website for more details: https://www.bluebeam.com/

Roles: - Lead Software Engineer (Web Solutions) - Sr. Front-End Developer (Boston) - SQL Database Developer - Sr. Product Manager - Sr. Product Designer

All positions offer base salary, annual bonus and comprehensive benefits.

To learn more or apply, please visit: https://boards.greenhouse.io/bluebeam#.WTXD32grJhF

Dictionary.com | Senior Software Engineer (Full-Stack) | Los Angeles, CA | ONSITE, FTE, VISA, SALARY:DOE, http://www.dictionary.com

Do you love to build and launch products at consumer scale? Do you thrive in small team environments? Do you have a strong preference for TDD / BDD or similar development methodologies? Do you have a strong track record of continuously improving great software? Each month, Dictionary.com helps more than 70 million monthly users attain language success. Our leading mobile applications have been downloaded more than 100 million times – and we are just getting started! We are hard at work reinventing the dictionary as a platform that will enable and inspire social connection, communication, learning, creativity and expression in the connected world. We are looking for experienced, full-stack software engineers who have dealt with the challenges of scaling consumer applications. Skills needed:

- Mastery at least one modern (PHP, JavaScript, Ruby) backend stack. - Work experience with any of the following: Node, React or Angular.js. - Solid understanding of both SQL and NoSQL; strong experience with at least one NoSQL-database. - Strong knowledge of *nix.

Benefits: - Unlimited vacation - Competitive salary plus bonus - Great benefits (medical, dental, vision, 401k matching, legal insurance, pet insurance) - Subsidized dollars towards public transit or parking garage - Tuition Reimbursement

For full job description and to apply, visit: http://smrtr.io/yFmHrw (or e-mail jobs@dictionary.com)

About our company: http://content.dictionary.com For more jobs, visit: http://iac.com/careers/job-listings

GiveCampus (YC S15) | full stack & front end engineers | Washington, DC | ONSITE | $80k - 120k + sizable equity

We are GiveCampus, and we build fundraising software for educational institutions. We went through Y Combinator in the summer of 2015, and have been growing like crazy since. Michael Seibel, CEO of YC, thinks we'll be a household name: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=13896296

We're currently still a small team, and looking to find people who are passionate about building quality software, and care about education. We're a Ruby on Rails stack, looking for someone who is comfortable with css to database queries, but skews to the front-end.

Send us an email at careers@givecampus.com with your github and why you're passionate about helping schools raise money, and we'd love to chat.

Apple | Web Application Developer (Ruby on Rails) | Cupertino, CA | Full Time | Onsite

We are the SWE Data Analytics Team at Apple. We originate, collect, process, and analyze diagnostics and usage data from iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Macintosh.

We are looking for an experienced Ruby developer to work on some exciting new projects. If you know Rails and want to learn about the latest Big Data technologies, we'd love to talk with you. We are a tight knit team that gets things done and has an impact.


- 3+ years web development

- Strong backend development skills and experience developing REST APIs

- Extensive experience in Ruby on Rail development

- Experience using databases such as MySQL, Postgres, or Oracle

To apply use the link below or email: da-recruitment@group.apple.com

Here is the link: https://cooljobs.apple.com/us/search?job=52015482#&openJobId...

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GoCardless (YC S11) | London | SRE, Data, Backend and Frontend Engineers | Onsite | Full-time | Visa

GoCardless is building a payments network for the internet. Since 2011 we've been focused on simplifying Direct Debit for small and medium companies (who previously had no access to it) and we're now expanding to serve the largest companies (think newspapers, utilities) and connect with existing payment systems in countries all over the world. We already support the UK and Europe and are aiming to expand to more countries over the next year.

As an engineering team at GoCardless we care most about stable, reliable, understandable code. We rely on testing and code review and a culture of frequent constructive feedback. We define and manage our own roadmap and run projects in whatever way works best for us.

Our stack: Rails, Angular, React, Postgres, Elasticsearch, Docker, Chef. We also have a bit of Go and Python knocking around.

We love learning new things and contributing back to the community. We open source everything we can[1] and regularly host meetups and hackathons at our wheelchair-accessable office in Angel. We have a weekly bookclub within the team and give internal (and external) talks about things that interest us.

Interview process: an intro call, one coding challenge, then a couple of onsite interviews (pair programming and some chats - no whiteboards!)

For more info and to apply: https://gocardless.com/jobs. If you've got any questions, drop me an email (it's in my profile).

[1] Notable examples are Statesman (https://github.com/gocardless/statesman) and Coach (https://github.com/gocardless/coach)

Wheelhouse | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | Onsite

Wheelhouse is building technology foundational to the next generation of the hospitality space. We have not lost a paying customer in 5 months, we have a shared love with our customers, and we’ve grown 300% since the start of the year. We’re supported by a number of the best VCs in Silicon Valley, as well as many of the largest Real Estate and hospitality companies in the world. Oh! And, we’re a darn fun team on a path to building a meaningful and lasting company. I can promise you’ll be happy you learned more!

Check out some of our work here: useWheelhouse.com.

Roles: -- Senior Software Engineer (x2+) -- Head of Engineering -- Head of Data Science -- Lead Recruiter -- Senior Designer

All positions offer competitive salary, equity and comprehensive benefits.

Please learn more at https://jobs.lever.co/usewheelhouse

Dispatch | http://dispatch.ai/ | San Francisco Bay Area, CA | Full-time, onsite

We are Dispatch (dispatch.ai), a well-funded startup that is creating a platform for local delivery powered by a fleet of autonomous vehicles designed for sidewalks and pedestrian spaces.

We're bringing together a team with deep domain expertise in robotics, autonomous vehicles, and artificial intelligence. If you're interested in joining us for work on this exciting technology and help create the future of autonomous vehicles, we'd love to hear from you.

Roles we are hiring for include:

Software Engineer - Motion Planning and Controls

Software Engineer - Perception

Software Engineer - Mapping and Localization

Software - Generalist

Hardware - Electrical

Hardware - Embedded/Firmware

Contact us at jobs-hackernews@dispatch.ai!

Or apply through our listing on AngelList (https://angel.co/dispatch-6/).

IBH SYSTEMS GmbH | Software Developer | Munich, Essen | ONSITE, Full-Time, Part-Time, http://www.ibh-systems.com

We are a small but very developer driven company. If you would like to work in your own pace, setting your own goals, you will feel right at home.

We are working on two Eclipse based open source projects: Eclipse NeoSCADA and Package Drone. If you have any experience with industrial protocols (IEC 60870, IEC 61850, DNP3, OPC, ...) and would like to be part of that, then please apply!




Send your CV to juergen.rose@ibh-systems.com

No recruiters or placement agencies

Snapdocs | Rails Engineers & Data Scientists & Product Managers | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE, https://www.snapdocs.com

Snapdocs (YC W14, SV Angel) is an early stage, rapidly growing company looking to fill a variety of roles. (Growth, amiright?) We're a small team tackling the absolutely massive mortgage market. We're bringing modern, elegant software to a field that still relies on fax machines and manilla envelopes. We bring security, efficiency and joy to a paper-based pillar of the US economy.

The type of problems we're tackling involve workflow, product design, data, and computer vision for mortgage documents. For data, it decides everything we do. We won't start work on a new feature until we can point to the numbers we hope to move. Snapdocs' culture is one that trusts its team members to make smart decisions. This means we value both independent work as well as seeking collaboration. We're becoming ubiquitous in one segment of the market and we're looking to expand further.

Skills & Requirements Regardless of Role: * Being the 10th member of on a fast-growing technical team (and 30th employee overall). This means helping to form a healthy and happy culture. We strive to be respectful of each other's time and point of view. We're learning how to do this together. We want to create a place where it's OK to fail, and that you know the team has your back the whole way through. * Self-motivated. To us that means when you get an interesting problem, you will rip into it until you understand its nuances and perhaps have a glimpse of the solution. * Empathy. We work closely with our customers, meaning phone calls, emails, and sometimes lunch. It is important in this job to listen to them so that we can build what they need and want.

Apply at https://jobs.lever.co/snapdocs

MGH & BWH Center for Clinical Data Science | Lots of positions | Boston, MA | ONSITE only

We're a startup embedded within Partners Healthcare that is applying machine learning to medicine and is focused on commercializing the results. Thanks to our founding institutions, Massachusetts General Hospital & Brigham and Women's Hospital, we have the data to make this a reality. And with sponsorship from Nvidia and GE, we have the compute and financial resources as well.

We're a new organization and are trying to grow pretty aggressively. We are hiring across the board, and those who join us would have a voice in determining our stack. Reqs are open for Back End & Front End Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and PMs. If you're interested, feel free to PM me with any questions.


I'm looking at your bio for ways to PM you and all I see is your twitter. Do you mean you'd like us to contact you that way?

Medallia | San Mateo (California); Washington DC (Virginia); Buenos Aires (Argentina) | Software Engineer, Front-End, Back-End, Infrastructure, DevOps, Security, iOS, Android, Mobile

Success: I found this job with Who is Hiring in 2015 and referred someone successfully as well, so read on! The headquarters are mid-Peninsula, just 26 minutes by Caltrain from San Francisco or Palo Alto (free unlimited pass.)

1) Medallia powers reports and surveys for hundreds of the world's best companies like AirBnB, Hilton, Vanguard, Mercedes-Benz, Four Seasons, Nordstrom, and Delta Airlines.

2) Sequoia recently invested more money into Medallia than they ever have in any company.

3) We use many technologies and tools on various teams, such as Java, React, Angular, and React Native. We host some customers on AWS but the majority use our own scalable platform.

Please send me your resume and I'll make sure it gets looked at: email (my HN username) @ medallia.com

Intelsat - Principal Software Engineer - McLean, Virginia - Onsite - US Citizen -Intelsat is seeking an enthusiastic individual who is open to learn Satellite communication concepts and serve as a primary developer on the projects related to Satellite communication link analysis tools. The individual will work as part of an Agile team to build and support complex next generation applications using .Net technologies. An ideal candidate will have hands-on experience in design and development of distributed computing applications through actor based systems, code optimization and application program interfaces (APIs). The individual should be ready to tackle complex problems and learn technical aspects of complex custom-built tools that are used in-house to perform complex satellite link budget analysis.

Please forward all inquires to richard.larde@intelsat.com Please apply

Securable.io| Sales Engineer | Cleveland, Ohio | ONSITE, https://www.securable.io/jobs

The human element in your organization cannot be ignored when it comes to cyber security training! People are 70% of your cyber security risk. Not all employees require the same cyber awareness training curriculum. Securable.io tailors learning plan per every employee based on their behavior profile. Phishing campaigns are not enough to develop employee cyber awareness. Securable.io gathers personalized data and educates holistically

OSARO INC | San Francisco, CA | FULL TIME | ONSITE http://www.osaro.com/careers/ | Deep Learning/Machine Learning Engineers | Software Engineers/DevOps | Deep Learning Research Engineer & Scientists | At Osaro, we’re creating machine intelligence software that combine state-of-the-art perception with powerful adaptive decision-making abilities to help computer and robotic systems act efficiently and intelligently. Find more information here http://www.osaro.com/careers/ & https://angel.co/osaro/jobs / Submit your resume on our website. Thank you!

Transfix | Engineering Manager, Front-end Engineers, Back-end Engineers | NYC | On-site

Transfix is creating a marketplace to connect shippers with truck drivers. We're in a $400B industry that's ripe for automation. We're dedicated to reducing the amount of miles being wasted by optimizing the way shipments are handled from creation to delivery.

We're looking for mid-sr (3+ yrs) front-end and back-end engineers to join our team! We're also looking for an engineering manager that has previous experience managing teams in a startup/agile environment.

Tech stack: Aurelia.js, react.js, es6, ruby on rails, postgres, AWS

Process: Recruiter Screen (20min) > Tech Screen (1-1.5hrs) > On-site Interview (3-4hrs)

If interested, please apply on our jobs site (https://jobs.lever.co/transfix) or reach out to me at michelle@transfix.io

Gamalon | Full-Stack Engineer | Boston | Full-Time

Gamalon is developing a radical new approach to machine learning coming out of MIT and Stanford and applying it to create amazing new products. http://gamalon.com/technology/ We are looking for a great generalist full-stack software engineer to join our team. Primary Responsibilities:

- Become a technical leader in our growing company

- Invent, brainstorm, plan, build, and deploy new cloud-based machine learning products

- Help prototype new product features including web UI/UX

- Assist and advise the R&D team in developing high quality code and architectures Experience, Skills, and Interests:

- Generous with others and collaborates well in a team environment.

- Intellectually curious and interested in machine learning. - Proficient in Python, C, and JavaScript is desired, along with facility in learning new programming languages and architectures.

- Experienced with Docker, Kubernetes, API gateways, and other technologies on EC2, Google, and Azure clouds. BS, MS, or PhD in CS, physics, or applied mathematics a plus

- Based in the Boston area or willing to move

- Authorized to work in the U.S.

Salary negotiable. Highly competitive healthcare (including dental and vision) and parental leave benefits.

We believe that diverse teams make great teams, and we encourage people of all backgrounds and experience to apply. We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic.

Email us at jobs@gamalon.com with “[Job ID 301]” in the subject line

Panasonic Automotive | SMT ( Surface Mount Technology ) Engineer | Monterrey, Mexico; Reynosa, Mexico | On Site (Relo covered)

Panasonic Automotive | SMT ( Surface Mount Technology ) Manager | Monterrey, Mexico; Reynosa, Mexico | On Site (Relo covered)

Panasonic Automotive | Operations Manager | Monterrey, Mexico; Reynosa, Mexico | On Site (Relo covered)

Panasonic Automotive | SMT ( Surface Mount Technology ) Technician | Monterrey, Mexico; Reynosa, Mexico | On Site (Relo covered)

Due to product growth Panasonic Automotive is expanding it's productions lines (and SMT lines) from Reynosa > Monterrey. ~15 roles available immediately.

Generic Job Description: http://bit.ly/SMTMex + competitive benefits + career advancement opportunities + industry training

Interested? Email me: JesseyJean [at] gmail [dot] com >internal / client side recruiter - NOT agency<

SmugMug| Mountain View, CA | Technical Project Manager | Onsite

We’re looking for a project manager whose talents include extruding the best out of the people and projects they oversee, and thriving when planning projects and working with teams. At SmugMug, our project managers are integral to helping us deliver amazing new products and features to our customers. You’ll collaborate with engineering, management, data science, and product teams to complete projects on goal, on time, and within budget while helping your team excel and triumph.

We’re seeking a sharp, proactive, passionate individual to fill this star role with panache for hands-on, results-oriented effort at our Mountain View headquarters. Sound like you?

Click here for more info: https://jobs.smugmug.com/Job-Openings?gh_jid=586114

First Look Media - New York, NY | Senior Backend Engineer | ONSITE


The job page has an in-depth look at the company and what you would be working on, but some sites that first look is in charge of:

https://thenib.com/are-we-living-in-a-computer-simulation https://theintercept.com/2017/01/10/the-crimes-of-seal-team-... https://fieldofvision.org/project-x

And many others!

MathWorks | Senior Software Engineer C++ Cloud Services | MetroWest Boston, MA | ONSITE, mathworks.com

The MathWorks is looking for a smart, creative and energetic C++ Software Engineer interested in building massively scalable concurrent systems whose curiosity and passion drives innovation and production quality to new levels. Successful candidates will work on a cohesive engineering team who share an intrinsic drive for delivering high quality products.

Apply at: https://www.mathworks.com/company/jobs/opportunities/17152?s...

Learn more at: https://www.mathworks.com/company/jobs/opportunities/

Synapse Technology Corporation | border security | San Francisco | ML & Computer Vision Intern, part-time, full-time w/ equity (early hire)

Synapse is bringing computer vision and deep learning to the defense sector. The first product we're developing is automated threat recognition software for the TSA for the detection and classification of threats/prohibited items (guns, knives, hammers, water bottles) in baggage. In a short time we've built relationships with TSA, DH, and most of the large x-ray and CT manufacturers.

Looking for someone with any experience in: developing classification algorithms and architectures on visual data, processing 3D data, deep learning, using C++ libraries (to work with vendor data), Windows (for eventual integration with hardware)

Shoot me a note if you're at all interested in what we do! Would love to chat. bruno@syntechcorporation.com

Minibar Delivery | Software Engineer | NYC | Full-Time, OnSite | https://minibardelivery.com

We are building the best way to show for wine, beer and liquor; both on-line and on your mobile device.

You will be joining a small development team, working on features for both our customers and our store partners and helping us scale and evolve our architecture. This is a great opportunity to work across multiple areas with a variety of different technologies and tools.

Our stack is Ruby, React, React Native (Yay!) , Postgres and ElasticSearch.

The ideal candidate has 3+ years of professional software development experience, ideally in a start-up team environment.

Our office is based in the heart of NoHo, NYC, with easy access to the subway and plenty of nearby shops/bars/restaurants.

Email chris@minibardelivery.com for more details, and mention that you saw this on HN!

Cogent Labs | Software Engineer (research department), Research Scientist | Tokyo, Japan | ONSITE, FULLTIME, VISA

We are a well funded (about 11.5 million dollars series A funding received in March this year) artificial intelligence startup located in the heart of Tokyo. About 25 members total, from 10 different countries. The focus is on bringing the latest in deep learning / AI research to industries in Japan. We are looking for research scientists and software engineers. Japanese language ability is not required, as the main language within the company is English.

Please apply here: https://cogentlabs.breezy.hr/

The main website is https://www.cogent.co.jp/ , but the English version is not ready yet (only Japanese).

Black Mountain (blkmtn.com) | Director of Security | San Diego, CA | Onsite, Full Time

Black Mountain is a software company that develops innovative, tailored solutions for data aggregation, process management, and business reporting. We've made the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 List for 3rd year in a row. We're a fun company to work for, and we have great benefits. https://www.themuse.com/companies/blackmountainsystems

Position Description: We're looking for a driven, experienced and hands-on security professional to own the day-to-day and strategic security initiatives. Your day-to-day activities will range from pursuing security compliance to implementing a WAF solution for our AWS-based cloud offering.

Contact: jcook@blkmtn.com & kbaker@blkmtn.com

Ladder | https://www.ladderlife.com | Palo Alto, CA | Relocation | ONSITE

React, Docker, Kubernetes, Clojure, ClojureScript, Datomic, Kafka, AWS, Buck Build

Life insurance is a $130B market where 98% of policies are sold through financial advisors and life insurance agents. Ladder is building a new type of insurance company that is all digital from the ground up and sells directly to consumers. We are looking for talented full stack generalists that love building things and are excited to get in on the ground floor of disrupting a huge slow moving industry.

This is a great opportunity for someone who is excited to:

- build and architect systems

- work with a small team of talented engineers

- work with the latest tech

- contribute to open source


If this sounds like you email me at casey@ladderlife.com

Codelitt Incubator | Backend Engineer | Remote OK https://www.codelitt.com

We’re looking for an engineer who has experience working with .NET and Ruby. Frontend chops definitely a plus.

We are a product incubator and corporate skunkworks/R&D lab. We develop scalable technology on platforms such as Web + Mobile, Machine Learning, AR/VR, and AI/Robotics. You'll work with the latest and greatest of bleeding edge tech, have a diverse team, score excellent on the Joel test, and allow a lot of autonomy. We also offer 20% time to work on whatever you're passionate about (open source, pet project, etc).

We allow remote, but the Americas (north & south) or Europe working hours are required.

(Please no agencies/recruiters)

Shoot us your CV and Github/similar to cody [at] codelitt.com and vincent [at] codelitt.com

Uken Games | Developers | Toronto | Full-time | On-site https://www.uken.com

Uken is looking for talented developers to help us build amazing mobile games. In particular, we have positions available for:

Backend Developers

Help us scale our backend to enable a million concurrent players by creating the infrastructure and services that underly all of our games. Primary tech is Java, AWS, Spark, Scala but you'll be working with many more such as Docker, Redis, NSQ, websockets, Hadoop, and InfluxDB.

Software Developers

Join one of our game teams to build something that millions of people will play and love. Primary tech is C# & Unity

About Uken

We are one of the largest independent game studios in Canada, with hundreds of thousands of players a day across mobile and Facebook.

More info including full job postings at http://uken.com

Quobyte | Berlin, Germany | ONSITE, FULL-TIME https://www.quobyte.com

Quobyte is working on a data center file system – a software storage system built around a parallel file system core that is scalable, fault-tolerant, and delivers high performance for all workloads. Our customers use Quobyte for scientific and commercial HPC clusters, container and OpenStack infrastructures, video, EDA, and CGI clusters, and as a scalable backend for SaaS products.

If you’re into systems, we’ve got it all: kernel, concurrency, network, distributed algorithms, and more. Languages are C++, Java, and Python. We do whiteboard interviews and value passion for coding.


+ Senior/Junior Software Engineer

+ Engineer in Testing/QA

+ Support Engineer

+ Sales Engineer

Interested? Get the ball rolling and send your CV to: work@quobyte.com

Note: We currently do not sponsor visas, so please only apply if you’re based in the EU.

OpenSignal | https://opensignal.com/ | Angel, London | ONSITE

Our mission is to become the global authority on wireless networks; our Wifi and mobile signal crowdsourcing apps have been downloaded over 20 million times, our public reports reach a wide audience and our OpenSignal Insights are purchased by key players in the telco industry. We gather, process and visualize terabytes of data, providing insight into mobile networks to the public and our clients.

We are currently hiring across the tech team. We are looking for a data engineer, data analyst, full stack developer, devops engineer, BI engineer, and a product manager. For more details on the roles please see and apply using the links below. Email us at join@opensignal.com if you have any questions!

Data Analyst: https://opensignal-limited.workable.com/jobs/296676

Data Engineer: https://opensignal-limited.workable.com/jobs/412944

DevOps Engineer: https://opensignal-limited.workable.com/jobs/383368

Product Manager: https://opensignal-limited.workable.com/jobs/318623

BI Engineer: https://opensignal-limited.workable.com/j/7815FB9273

Graphic Designer: https://opensignal-limited.workable.com/j/7BA29C3DC8

Sailthru | Lead Data Platforms Engineer | New York | http://grnh.se/x4sbtp

Sailthru | Lead Engineer, SPM | New York | http://grnh.se/x4sbtp

Sailthru | Senior Site Reliability Engineer | New York | http://grnh.se/x4sbtp

Sailthru | Lead UX Designer | New York | http://grnh.se/x4sbtp

Sailthru | Senior Data Scientist | New York | http://grnh.se/x4sbtp

Sailthru helps the world's most innovative retailers and digital publishers build deeper and longer lasting relationships with their customers. Sailthru-powered email, web, and mobile experiences drive higher revenue, improve customer lifetime value and eliminate churn.

As an engineer at Sailthru you'll be able to tackle complex challenges of scaling architecture, dive into leading edge technologies, and have strategic impact on architectural features in the product roadmap.

We are also hiring for non-Engineering roles as well: Sailthru | Customer Success Manager | New York | http://grnh.se/x4sbtp

Sailthru | Mobile Customer Success Strategist | New York | http://grnh.se/x4sbtp

Sailthru | Enterprise Sales Director | New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco | http://grnh.se/x4sbtp

Sailthru | Solutions Consultant | New York | http://grnh.se/x4sbtp

Codelitt Incubator | UX/UI Designer | Remote OK https://www.codelitt.com

We’re looking for a UX/UI designer to join our design team. 3D chops a plus, but not required.

We are a product incubator and corporate skunkworks/R&D lab. We develop scalable technology solutions on platforms such as Web + Mobile, Machine Learning, AR/VR, and AI/Robotics. You'll work with the latest and greatest of bleeding edge tech, have a diverse team, score excellent on the Joel test, and allow a lot of autonomy. We also offer 20% time to work on whatever you're passionate about (open source, pet project, etc).

We allow remote, but the Americas (north & south) or Europe working hours are required.

(Please no agencies/recruiters)

Shoot us your CV and portfolio to vincent [at] codelitt.com and cody [at] codelitt.com

ViaSat | Software Engineer - viasat.io Platform | San Diego, Austin, Boston | REMOTE

As a Software Engineer on the Cloud Engineering team, you’re on the front lines of ViaSat’s move to the cloud. Our team builds the viasat.io Platform, a suite of bedrock network and security services that every group at ViaSat uses to build and protect their products. We also serve as advisors for other engineering teams, helping them make better use of cloud technologies and practices.

On any given day, you may be walking colleagues through the finer points of VPC design, or presenting a workshop on developing against viasat.io’s APIs. You might be adding DNSSEC support to our DNS service, automating TLS certificate validation across the entire network, or deploying our services to a new continent. Our challenges and our products are always evolving.

Email stephan.kemper@viasat.com

OpsStack | Product Manager | Bay Area | ONSITE | Full-time | OpsStack.io


OpsStack is unifying the Cloud / On-Line operations world, helping Ops, DevOps, SRE, and SysAdmin teams finally get control of their new chaotic & dynamic world. Our job is to build the full-stack, full-lifecycle tools that drive their world.

This is an exciting Product role at the forefront of Cloud and DevOps technologies.


- Driving every aspect of OpsStack product - Work with customers, engineers, stakeholders to define everything - Understand fast-moving Ops/DevOps market, and its future - Drive requirements, documentation, and acceptance processes - Ensure smooth sequencing, delivery, and integration of new features and enhancements

Suggest you review this great article on What Makes a Great Product Manager as we agree: https://hackernoon.com/what-makes-a-great-product-manager-3c...

You must understand the technology to some degree, the market a lot, and the customer for sure. Expect a lot of customer face time, and a lot of discussion over what matters, to who, and why.


- Several years Product Management experience. In a seriously technical product. - Ideally in SaaS, IT, and Cloud. - You don't need to be an engineer, but thinking like one will help; a lot. - Experience in Story, Project Management, and Roadmap tools. - Ideally you have experience managing Linux Systems & AWS/Azure cloud resources

To apply, please send your resume and an overview of why this is the role for you. We strongly encourage a diverse workforce & a wide pool of applicants - we are everything-friendly. Send to: Jobs (at) OpsStack.io

Microsoft | Security Software Engineer | Redmond, WA, USA | ONSITE

Microsoft’s Windows and Devices Group (WDG) Security Assurance team is responsible for securing a variety of core operating system features and devices used by over 1B customers every day.

We are looking for an energetic developer to join a newly formed team that will work with engineering teams across WDG, helping and driving their security needs and promises.


- 3-5 years of experience developing production-ready native code (C/C++);

- Experience debugging and triaging security issues, both user and kernel space;

- Basic understanding of software security concepts and exploitation techniques;

- Ability to work in a team as well as independently;

- Ability to learn and onboard in a new technology quickly;

- Good cross-group and interpersonal skills, and ability to adapt quickly;

- BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience.

To apply please send a resume/cv and contact information to wdgsarecruitment@microsoft.com

Kipsu | Full Stack Software Engineer | Minneapolis, MN | https://www.kipsu.com ONSITE, INTERNS

Kipsu is a 4-year old, bootstrapped company whose messaging tools keep personal connections at the heart of service. Our “back in the day” is right now. These are the glory days that will be referenced with nostalgia by employees 1 - 50 after we careen well past 200.

We’re seeking a full stack developer to join our engineering team of 9. Some reasons you might want to toss your hat in the ring: • Autonomy - our engineering team cultivates a culture of trust and responsibility that empowers developers to drive meaningful changes and make their own architectural choices • Impact - small, nimble teams means that your work makes a measurable difference in the success of the business (and yes, even moving the proverbial needle!) • Evolution - our all-in, continuous improvement attitude lends itself to blameless retros; we value learning from our mistakes as individuals and as a team • Conviviality - we’re a Best Places to Work awardee chock full of smart, friendly Minnesotans (and a couple Ioweigians) who prioritize relationships and love treating our customers and each other ridiculously well • Bonus: We embrace modern DevOps practices, with a focus on collaboration from design and coding through deployment and beyond

Our ideal match is a full-stack developer with demonstrated experience building web applications with Javascript and front-end frameworks as well as a solid, scalable backend codebase by applying object-oriented principles using PHP, Node.js, Java, Go, or other languages and frameworks. Amazon Web Services (AWS) or other cloud computing platforms and experience building native mobile applications for iOS or Android are a huge bonus.

If you’re interested in learning more, please see our full job description at http://kipsu.io/2dG or reach out to resume@kipsu.com which is checked fastidiously by a human.

Zappar | JavaScript Developer | London | ONSITE https://www.zappar.com

Zappar is an award-winning mobile Augmented Reality app powering experiences for some of the world's biggest brands. We're an intentionally small team who take great pride in our work from the first line of code to the last pixel of our epic content, and we're thrilled to have delivered tens of millions of Zappar experiences to users around the globe.

We are looking for a JavaScript developer to help build and maintain Zappar's fantastic creative tools - build from the ground up in JavaScript and web technologies.

The successful candidate will have demonstrable skills and experience in: • JavaScript • HTML & CSS • Modern JavaScript techniques and tools

Extra bonus points for: • TypeScript • NodeJS • jQuery

Rideways | Java Developer | Manchester, UK | https://www.rideways.com/

Rideways is hiring Java Developers, Senior Java Developers and a Technical Lead to work at our office in central Manchester. We're using Java 8, Spring MVC, React, Camel and AWS to make it easier to book a taxi, bus, train or shuttle from the airport to your hotel or conference centre.

We are a small team within the larger Rentalcars.com company and we are looking for enthusiastic developers, keen on working in an agile team.

If you are interested, please email me on arthurembleton@rideways.com or apply through our jobs board at http://grnh.se/fvg20p where you can see all of the jobs currently available across Rentalcars.com

Qventus | Software Engineer | Mountain View, CA | Onsite

Qventus mission is to simplify how healthcare operates, so that hospitals and caregivers can focus on delivering the best possible care to patients. We think that data and analytics should make it easier for hospital teams to do great things.

We use machine learning to create solutions that help healthcare organizations and their people adapt to the variability of the healthcare system and make the right decisions from the most complex data. We believe that small, day-to-day decisions can, over time create massive improvements in healthcare.

We have several positions open:

-- Full Stack Engineers

-- Front End / Mobile Engineer (Android, iOS)

-- DevOps Engineer

-- QA/Build/Release Engineers

For more information, visit http://www.qventus.com If you are interested please submit your resume to jobs@qventus.com

Blue Vision Labs | London, United Kingdom | Onsite | Full-time, Internships | http://www.bluevisionlabs.com/

Stealth startup working on self-driving cars, augmented reality and robotics.

Founded in a Y-Combinator Fellowship and backed by Accel (Facebook, Dropbox) and Horizons Ventures (DeepMind, Siri).

Our team comprises PhDs from top universities, hackers, competitive programmers, and accomplished entrepreneurs. We offer a full range of benefits, a friendly and dynamic atmosphere where everyone learns, grows and contributes to real, deliverable products.

We are seeking talented people to join our team:

- Software engineers (iOS & Android)

- Software engineers (backend, cloud infrastructure)

- Research scientists (SLAM / computer vision / machine learning)

- Robotics engineers (calibration, cameras, signal processing)

Please apply at careers@bluevisionlabs.com

Geocaching | UX/UI Designer | Seattle, WA | Full-time, ONSITE (with remote options), Relocation Offered for Out-of-State Candidate

Perks: 6 Time Winner of "Best Place to Work" from Outside Magazine, Health Insurance Premiums 100% paid for, Unlimited Ski Lift Tickets, Outdoor Gear Closet, and great work/life balance.


About Geocaching HQ We are the global headquarters for the game of geocaching. Our apps and Geocaching.com website allow a global community of millions of people to join in a real-world treasure hunt.

Our mission (and yours should you choose to accept it) is to inspire and enable discovery, exploration and adventure. Basically, everyone’s job here is to enable millions of people to have fun outside. How cool is that?

Position Overview: We want to maximize the ease-of-use for all of our products, so our users can spend less time figuring out how our applications work and more time playing outside. The UX/UI Designer for Web will assist in all phases of product development, including research, ideation, validation and high-fidelity visual design.

We need you to make the cool, innovative things that will turn Geocaching into a trend-setter on the international stage.

What you'll do: ● Work as a critical member within a team of product owners, producers and developers to deliver world-class experiences ● Create what it takes to articulate the design, including whiteboard sketches, user flows, wireframes, interactive prototypes, animations and redlines ● Interview users, gather requirements from stakeholders, present your designs, and explain the reasoning behind design decisions ● Contribute to the growth of the UX team through critiques, brainstorms, discussions and recommendations

Apply today at www.geocaching.com/careers. Interview process includes 1st Phone Screen w/ HR, 2nd Phone Screen w/ hiring team + portfolio review, Skype Interview (if out of state), and In-person Interview.

Root | Columbus, OH | Full-time | Onsite | https://joinroot.com

Root is an auto insurance company, like GEICO and Progressive. We use data science to identify and insure good drivers, reducing insurance premiums for good drivers significantly as a result.

We're a startup — we're 30 people who have been working on this for 2 years. We've built an iOS and Android app that gathers data on how well people drive. We use that to set insurance prices. To build the best possible product and user experience, we went through the arduous process of starting an insurance carrier from scratch.

We've raised $7M, and we're looking to bring on a couple more talented engineers. Tech stack involves Ruby / Rails and Javascript / React Native. Email us at jobs@joinroot.com

Final (YC W15) | Oakland, CA | Full-time | ONSITE | https://getfinal.com

Help us build a credit card for the 21st century. We just launched and continue to grow out our talented team. It's a unique opportunity to deal with a complex, scalable product that people interact with every day.

Final is a YC and venture-backed company based in downtown Oakland, CA a few steps from the BART. We’re a small team of intellectually curious people trying to make waves in a big industry.

We are looking for exceptional front and backend (or full stack) developers and a variety of products and operations roles. Our stack is Rails and Tornado backends with React/iOS/Android front ends.


Wealthfront | Redwood City, CA | Engineering Managers and Engineers | Onsite | Visa

Our mission is pretty simple; we believe that everyone deserves sophisticated financial advice. We are focused on taking services typically reserved for the ultra-wealthy, automating them and delivering them directly to the investors at an incredibly low cost. We have clients in all 50 states who trust us with $5 billion in assets and growing. With our clients' trust, we believe we can and will change this industry.

We are hiring across the board, but are specifically looking for Engineering Managers, Sr. Backend Engineers and Sr. Data Engineers with Java experience.

Feel free to check out the job descriptions and apply here: http://grnh.se/6regmv1 (please mention HN in application).

BigCommerce | Senior QE, Senior Engineer, Software Engineer II, Lead Engineer | AUSTIN, TX | http://grnh.se/h6t5lk1

BigCommerce, named a "Best Place to Work" in Austin in 2016, is looking for engineers to design and implement scalable, highly interactive applications that power thousands of ecommerce businesses. Our team strives to build amazing products leveraging cutting edge distributed systems technologies. Learn more about the team: http://www.bigeng.io/team-on-a-mission/

Job Board => http://grnh.se/h6t5lk1

Tech we use: Ruby, PHP, Scala, Angular, Docker, and more.

Doctrine | Sales | Paris | Doctrine.fr | ONSITE

Doctrine is the "Google" for the case-law in France! We are a young startup with a huge growth. We have raised more than 2M € after less than 6 months of existence.

We use DL / NLP to automate lawyers' interns jobs! and we have a deep focus on User Experience.

We are looking for a French-speaking Sales (wo)man to join the team and kick-start our growing sales, A senior Back-End developper and a Data-Scientist !

We are also always hiring A-player Developers, Data-Scientists or any bright and ambitious hackers.

Apply here: https://www.doctrine.fr/recrutement or see our open positions on Angel List: https://angel.co/doctrine-/jobs

Rooof | QA Engineer | Victoria, BC | Onsite http://www.rooof.com/jobs

Rooof is a small but growing company in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada. We make quality software for the property management industry that helps save them time and get more leases.

We are at the stage where it makes sense to bring on a full-time QA Engineer. You would be responsible for building out the QA side of things and would have complete ownership of the role as we grow.


If you have any questions, reach out to me at matthew.mccormick@rooof.com. We'll also be looking for general Software Engineers later on this year so feel free to reach out if this role isn't an exact match.

KwiqJobs | REMOTE within Europe | Frontend

KwiqJobs is the Mechanical Turk for mobile. We help researchers and companies generate data to train their AIs.

After one year of bootstrapping, we've raised substantial funding and are looking for a passionate frontend web developer in a remote position. Our technology stack consists of a PostgreSQL, a Scala/Play backend and a native Android app. Soon, we also want to make use of machine learning to increase the efficiency of our platform.

You should love to build beautiful UIs and participate in the design of our restful APIs. We offer a lot of freedom and a strong technical team (our business team is not bad neither) of Scala and Android developers. We get together for monthly hackatrips in European cities. Free pizza and coffee as well as fame and glory!

Contact Jannes, our CTO, at jannes.stubbemann@kwiqjobs.com!

Returnly | Full Stack Engineer | Larkspur / San Francisco, CA

When was the last time you actually enjoyed your online return experience? At Returnly, our goal is to modernize the world of e-commerce reverse logistics to delight both shoppers and merchants. We're looking for an experienced full stack engineer to work on features and tooling in our core products.

Our team uses primarily Ruby on Rails to build our web applications, and have multiple services in Java, Kotlin and Golang. We are test driven, and write our Ruby tests in RSpec. We use MySQL, Redis, Kinesis (similar to Kafka), Angular. We are moving towards containerizing our applications with Docker. We take pride of our code, and have a process that allows us to deploy multiple times per day.

Sounds like a good fit? Want to learn more? Drop us a line: code <at> returnly.com

AtScale | Engineering | San Mateo | Salary: very good | ONSITE http://atscale.com

We built an analytics platform that works with all the modern big data platforms both onsite (hadoop) and in the cloud (BigQuery, Athena). Our stack is Scala (back end), Go, JS. We do difficult things, actual algo implementation and stuff verging on real computer science. We desparately need more people that know a lot about Hive, Spark, Presto, Impala, etc and are willing to make it very interesting for the right person. We have a great team with no churn because we trust them to make the right decisions and execute. Thank you and good luck in your search.


> Salary: very good

I hate to do this on this thread, but - commit to an explicit salary range or don't put anything down about it. What is "very good"? You might as well say "competitive" - it offers exactly the same transparency as if you had listed nothing, because it's qualitative, not quantitative.

What am I supposed to think after reading that description? "Very good" for me personally means north of $200k - for someone else it could be significantly higher or lower. But we don't really get the benefit of knowing if your "very good" matches our "very good."

It's particularly disingenuous to me to list salary as if you're going to be transparent about it, then slap something on there that just maintains the information asymmetry you had before. At least the other companies who list nothing at all are forthright in their lack of salary transparency.

To be clear, I'm not taking a side on salary transparency. I'm specifically saying you should take a side here, instead of trying to have your cake and eat it too. If your salary range is actually "very good" for that skillset, you will find that the right people are applying. Would you be interested in a SaaS product that said "Very Expensive" on its pricing page, instead of a) listing actual, quantifiable pricing or b) not listing pricing and requiring a sales call?

I hear you, and I'm not trying to be cagey here. I'm in the market for a very specific set of skills. The talent/experience/ability for this position varies wildly from "I know of Hive" to "I implemented the Hive CBO, check out my commits". What would I pay for the later? I'm not actually sure what the upper limit would be. I think for the average "engineer/programmer" job there is a pretty well known salary distribution and I know that we are on the upper end of, which is why I put "very good". For a specific specialist job like this putting a salary seems like a mistake, and not putting a salary seems like you are probably cheap. I might pay you north of $200k, but I if everyone that applies assumes they are going to make >$200k, it would be hard to take a less qualified person and adjust their expectations down, even if they would be a great hire for us. It's lose-lose I guess. Thanks for the feedback.

What you've offered (range of salary, could be near 200k depending on seniority) provides useful information than 'very good' which is what they were referring too.

thank you for providing your reasoning and feedback.

StackShare | Full-time | REMOTE OK (U.S. only)

We’re on a mission to create the best place for engineers to figure out how to piece together their tech stack. Our vision is to transform the way that all SaaS tools and infrastructure are bought and sold.

We've recently launched a new product called Stack News which you may have seen here on HN: https://stackshare.io/news.

We're looking for an experienced front-end focused engineer that's passionate about dev tools: https://angel.co/stackshare/jobs/186787-front-end-react-soft.... Must be familiar with both React and Rails.

We're a small distributed team of 4, spread out across the US. Our Stack: Ruby/Rails/React/PostgreSQL https://stackshare.io/stackshare.

How we work:

Every engineer owns and is responsible for the products they build (e.g. Stack News). Before writing any code, the engineer tagged to the product writes a blog post announcing it to the StackShare community. From there, they spec out the product in detail and get feedback from at least one other engineer. Once the initial version of the product is built they ship it to a small group of beta testers, gather feedback, and iterate. Once the product has shipped to production, this engineer is then responsible for monitoring the metrics that matter for this product and iterating to improve it.

Interview process:

Phone screen -> technical interview -> code project -> product interview -> final interview -> offer letter!

Apply via AngelList or email us at careers+HN@stackshare.io - if you're emailing us please include your resume and/or

LinkedIn profile URL!

Hipcamp | SF, CA | Full-time

Use your coding, sales or photography skills to get more people into nature!

At Hipcamp https://www.hipcamp.com) we partner with private landowners to unlock access to new place for people to go camping and get outside.

We are seeking the following team members to join us on our mission to get more people outside:

—Software Engineer (build cool things!)

—Sales (work with new hosts to open up their land!)

—Field Scout (we pay you to go photograph new campsites, true story!)

More details and application here: https://www.hipcamp.com/careers

We value diversity and our culture is all about inclusivity, putting experience first, transparency, and lots of feedback to maximize personal and company growth.

Come join us in using the Internet to connect more people with nature!!!


Is the software engineer position onsite only or are you open to remote?

We're shooting for onsite right now, but I bet we'll be open to remote in the future! If you send in a quick application now we can reach out to you first when we're open for remote.

Will do! Thanks!

Please see your carreers@ email for a message from me...


What's your tech stack?

Answering my own question from their website: "Ruby on Rails, Backbone, React, Sass, Postgres, ElasticSearch and Redis, just to name a few."

Findmypast | Full Stack Engineer | London & Dundee, UK | ONSITE | http://stackoverflow.com/jobs/companies/findmypast

We connect people to their family history. Sound interesting?

We're working hard to make Findmypast the best genealogy site. We have worldwide records and serve many countries, and we're leaders in Irish and British history.

We're building new features and migrating our legacy .NET stack to a microservice architecture running on Elixir, Node, React, GraphQL, and Docker. Experience in these tools not required.

We're looking for Senior Engineers who enjoy working in an Extreme Programming (XP) environment and a good work/life balance. Want to hear more? Say hello ideler.dennis at gmail :)

Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies at Northwestern University | Developer Associate, Systems Analyst/Programmer, Developer Intern, Graphic Design Intern | Chicago, IL | ONSITE, INTERNS, http://cbits.northwestern.edu

CBITs is looking to expand its team by hiring entry-level and early career developers and designers in Chicago. We are all full stack developers, responsible for the entire lifecycle of web and mobile applications used in clinical research trials. We work primarily with Ruby on Rails, Android and Ionic. We would love to see any applicants who care about making products that will help researchers and study participants improve the science of health care.

If interested, please email ericcf [at] northwestern (dot) edu

Clickbus | São Paulo, SP, Brazil | Full Time | ONSITE

ClickBus is an online booking platform for bus travels, operating in Brazil, Mexico, Turkey and Colombia.

Operating since 2013, we're the leading booking platform in Brazil, working with 100+ bus companies and serving thousands of clients every day.

We have an opening for Jr DevOps/SysAdmin at our office in São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

Our current stack is Linux, Java, PHP, Ansible and AWS Services. Besides Linux, no previous experience or formal education is required.

You can find more info here (in pt-br): https://www.clickbus.com.br/institucional/vagas-infra-analis...

If you're interested, shoot an email to recrutamento@clickbus.com.br with the subject "Analista de Infraestrutura Jr.".

Periscope Data | San Francisco | Full Stack Engineer | ONSITE, VISA www.periscopedata.com


Hiring at mid-senior levels (Ruby, Go, CoffeeScript) | Periscope is the fastest, most powerful data analysis suite on the market. It's the platform of choice for professional analysts, who spend 5+ hours a day using the product. We're growing revenue about 10X per year, while growing the team about 4X per year. We’re a kind, curious, tight-knit bunch and if you have a proven track record of delivering results and shipping great products, we would love to meet you! Join our team of 100: Email amanda@periscopedata.com

Triggr Health | Full Stack and Data Engineers | Chicago | ONSITE | Full-time

Triggr Health is the first predictive system of care for addiction recovery. We are a world-class team of engineers, designers, doctors, and researchers from institutions such as Stanford, Google, UCSF School of Medicine, UPENN, Northwestern, and Rackspace. We are currently working with many of the top treatment providers, government initiatives, health systems, and academic research programs in the world. Our core platform utilizes phone sensors and phone data to predict the state of an individual’s recovery in real-time, enabling the right care to be delivered proactively the moment it is needed. Imagine if you could predict risk factors that lead to regressive behavior, such as when someone is angry; when they are experiencing a craving; when they are not sleeping well; or when they are falling off their continuing care plan. Now imagine doing all of this without self-reported data.

We are building apps on both Android and iOS, a customer-facing web application, a robust web services API, machine learning-driven analytics, and large-scale data processing. Our tech stack includes NodeJS and MongoDB on the backend, Backbone on the frontend, React Native, Swift and Java for mobile, and Python 3 for machine learning.

If you want to work with a highly driven, mission-oriented team that enjoys working hard, has fun together, and embraces quirkiness, contact us at talent@triggrhealth.com with a resume, why you are interested in this position, why you want to be a part of solving this problem, and a picture of your favorite dog or cat breed (bonus points if it’s yours!).

Sr Full Stack Engineer Jr Full Stack Engineer Data Engineer

Full job descriptions here: https://angel.co/triggr-health/jobs

At Triggr Health we value diversity and endeavor to treat everyone with respect, no matter their age, gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual, cultural or ideological preferences.

Legalstart | Blockchain App Engineer (Internship) | Paris, France | ONSITE, https://legalstart.fr

Solidiy/Ethereum, Bitcoin, Hyperledger Python, Django Rest Framework, React/Redux, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Docker, AWS

Legalstart is revolutionising legal services for SMBs in France thanks to an online application that allows them to manage legal documents and paperwork in an automated fashion.

We are looking for a young developer highly motivated by blockchain technologies to help us build related services.

More details here: https://goo.gl/2cCj8i You can apply directly at jobs-tech [at] legalstart.fr

Note: we’re open for other internships and senior engineering jobs, so don’t hesitate to apply for that as well!

Software Engineer (Back End) | CareMessage (YC W14) | REMOTE | FullTime CareMessage is looking for a Software Engineer with Ruby on Rails experience to help build and maintain our web platform that streamlines care management and delivers interactive mobile programs to improve health outcomes. You’ll be working on exciting projects like optimizing our Sidekiq queuing system, improving and building new integrations with Twilio, building our customer analytics code, and helping improve and maintain our own API. Our engineering team follows agile principles in a test driven development process. We are a remote first team that values open collaboration and shared ownership. More Info: http://grnh.se/fhi2ql1

Cubist Systematic Strategies | Machine Learning Researcher | New York, Bay Area, London | Onsite | Full Time and Interns

Cubist Systematic Strategies is the systematic investing business of Point72 Asset Management. We deploy systematic, computer-driven trading strategies across multiple liquid asset classes.

We’re looking for researchers who have a curiosity about financial markets, a passion for seeing research through from initial conception to eventual application, and a healthy streak of creativity. Some successful researchers have joined us from similar backgrounds at other firms. Others have joined from related fields or directly from academia and have thrived with hands on guidance from our large team of experienced portfolio managers and researchers.

To learn more or apply, send an email with your CV to ml@cubistsystematic.com.

Poynt | Full-time | Palo Alto, CA | ONSITE

Poynt was founded on the belief that all merchants should have access to innovative technology without compromising on security or user experience.

We're fixing broken commerce infrastructure by bringing developers, distributors and merchants together on an open platform running on top of a smart, all-in-one device.

With our founder and CEO Osama Bedier — former head of Google Wallet and long-time PayPal senior executive — we strive to create tools that will help merchants thrive in today’s evolving and connected commerce world.

Join us and help us break (and then fix) commerce!

See more about us here: https://poynt.com

And see our jobs here: https://poynt.com/careers

Or apply directly at careers@poynt.com :)

Hadean | RESEARCH ENGINEER (Big Data) | London, UK | Full-time | ONSITE | VISA

Hadean is redesigning the compute stack from the bare metal up for distributed computing, allowing to run algorithms on any data set at any scale with no additional engineering. We’re looking for a brilliant research engineer to our team.

You should:

* Live and breathe C, C++, or Rust

* Have a good CS degree

* Be able to work at various levels of stack, high-level to low-level debugging or disassembly

Please match ≥6 of the following:

You have experience with:

* Realising ambitious, self-directed projects

* Implementing complex algorithms

* Coding in a shared/distributed memory parallelism

* Parallel programming at scale

* MPI or other message-passing

* Akka

* Erlang

* Designing/implementing high-level API and abstractions

* Working on varied problems, high level and low

* Concurrency, like multi-threading or goroutines

* Low-level/assembly-linking knowledge

* Packet-level communication

Apply at: https://goo.gl/forms/RSYIgWgmibH5ZTeV2

If you ≥6 of these, we would love to speak with you! Please apply at the above link or send us an email at jobs@hadean.com. Can't wait to hear from you.

Level 12 | Full Stack Web Developer - Python, React, SQL | Louisville, KY | REMOTE, SALARY:$75K-115K, https://www.level12.io/careers/

We have openings for mid & senior/lead level positions.

Please see our website for what is probably the most detailed job description you have ever seen. No plain, repetitive, HR riddled job description here, we want you to know what you are really getting into: https://www.level12.io/careers/

- We have a commitment to transparency and offer a “no surprises experience” throughout the interview and hiring process. - We practice and preach sound development practices. You are likely to learn and grow as a developer while working here. - You will have the option of working from home or our office, whatever suits you best. Let’s make the most of our time and minimize commuting when not necessary. - We have a no-drama office policy. We value and cultivate enjoyable working relationships among team members. - We emphasize work/life balance and adopt policies that make sure our people don’t get burnt out. For instance, our PTO/Vacation policies are designed so that you actually use them. - A commitment to Agile Principles while not being enslaved to any particular methodology. - You have the skills and experience (3-6 years) to be a mid-level or senior-level (6-10 years) full-stack web application developer. - You like building full stack web applications with technologies like Python, React, SQL, etc. - You are committed to automated testing of all the software you write (our apps typically have 92%+ test coverage). - You recognized that there is a lot of idealism in the software development community and are not disenchanted with the the day-to-day realities of programming. - You like working independently but can take direction from the team lead and contribute to a team as needed - If you apply as instructed, we will give you a yay or nay response. No black holes here!

Oscar Insurance is a startup using technology, data & design to change the way people find and access care. We are disrupting the healthcare industry by putting people first, not business and cost. https://www.hioscar.com

We're currently hiring for a variety of Full-time/Onsite roles here in our New York City location, and now our LA area location.

Software Engineer: Web & Mobile (NYC) https://www.hioscar.com/about/jobs/?gh_jid=247940

Software Engineer: Data/Systems (NYC) https://www.hioscar.com/about/jobs/?gh_jid=248056

Software Engineer: Data/Systems (LA) https://www.hioscar.com/jobs/?gh_jid=692396

Software Engineer: Web & Mobile (LA) https://www.hioscar.com/jobs/?gh_jid=247940

Oscar was valued at $2.7 billion following a $400 million investment by Fidelity. Take a look at how we're simplifying healthcare: http://incredibleinsurancemachine.com




Thank you so much for posting this!

Work Market | NYC, TO | Full time | Onsite | https://www.workmarket.com

Work Market boasts an impressive engineering team backed by successful and reputable investors such as Union Square Ventures, Spark Capital SoftBank Capital, Industry Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank. We recently received $20 million in Series C funding that is being reinvested back into hiring.

Work Market is the leading platform for freelance labor. Our freelance management platform enables both the biggest brands in the world and freelancing businesses to manage an end-to-end contract, on-demand engagements at scale. We are helping drive the rapidly growing freelance economy that will make up 50% of the workforce by 2020.

Our engineers build the tools and workflows that allow our customer to be more efficient and productive in a competitive marketplace. We are customer driven, our engineers work closely with the product team to help define and articulate a vision for the Work Market platform. We focus on providing simple, elegant solutions to complex problems. We use tools such as RxJava, Java 8, Javaslang, React.js, Kubernetes, Terraform, and Docker.

We have opportunities across the board in both our NYC office and our Toronto (CA) office.

- Senior Software Engineer

- Data Engineer

- Principal Data Scientist

- Infrastructure Engineer

- Manager, Test Engineer

- Mobile Engineer- Android (TO)

- Senior Front End Engineer

- Release Engineer

- Senior Search Engineer

- Senior Software Engineer (TO)

- Senior Front End Engineer (TO)

- Solutions Architect

- Sales Engineer

- UX/UI Developer

Apply now: https://www.workmarket.com/jobs

Hi, I'm the hiring manager for the sales engineer (some call it "solutions engineer") position and want to put in a shameless plug. As concisely as I can put it...


- Technical background

- Problem-solving ability (intelligence)

- Energy, proactivity, extroversion


- Be on sales calls and in sales meetings, offering technical consultation for our platform and services

- Listen for and suggest new opportunities the non-technical folks involved might miss

- Assess solidifying opportunities for feasibility and difficulty given our existing toolset

We look forward to receiving your resume!

WeTransfer | Platform Engineer | Amsterdam | Full-time | On-site

We're a fast growing profitable scaleup based in Amsterdam and Los Angeles. Our mission is to provide the effortless transfer of creative ideas, which results in transferring more than 1 billion files per month between our users. To keep up with that, we're expanding our platform team and are looking for an engineer with experience in AWS infrastructure-as-code and continuous deployment. Our stack:

- AWS (heavy users of EC2, S3, RDS, CloudFront, RedShift, SQS, ...)

- Terraform for infrastructure, Ansible for provisioning

- Datastores are MySQL, Redis, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, InfluxDB, ElasticSearch

- Applications are written in Ruby, Elixir, and Go


Apply there or send me an email at vermaat@wetransfer.com

Reaktor | Senior Software Engineers | NYC | Full-time

Reaktor is a strategy, design, and engineering company based in NYC, Helsinki, Tokyo and Amsterdam. Our New York office is growing fast and we’re always on the look-out for the most talented software engineers to make sure our teams are filled with best in class individuals. We might all have climbed far up the career ladder in our past lives, but here we leave our titles at the door and work together to get shit done with clients like HBO, Michael Kors, Nasdaq, Samsung, Supercell, and Finnair.

You can find more information on the role here: https://www.reaktor.com/careers/senior-software-engineer/?ut...

Token | Software Engineer | SF | ONSITE https://token.io

Token’s mission is to allow financial institutions, businesses, and individuals to instantly and securely move money from any location. We are developing a powerful banking API platform with a focus on security, open banking, and great customer experience.

Token’s CEO, Steve Kirsch, has invented several groundbreaking technologies and has had multiple billion dollar exits. Our team comes from top companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Docker, Twitter, and Square.

With Series A funding of $16M, we are growing our offices in San Francisco and London, so check out our jobs @ https://jobs.lever.co/token

Second Spectrum | Software Engineer | Los Angeles, USA | onsite https://www.secondspectrum.com/

We're a sports oriented company that blends computer vision, machine learning and design to change how sports are coached, played and watched. Starting next season, we're going to be the Official Optical Tracking Provider for the NBA.

Roles at: https://www.secondspectrum.com/careers.html

Briefly: Computer Vision (CV) in Lausanne CH and LA, mid-senior software engineer in LA, mid-to-senior front-end engineer in LA. QA and senior QA engineers in LA and infrastructure engineer in LA.

I'm happy to answer questions: karl@secondspectrum.com

Bolt | Software Engineers, Sales | San Francisco, CA | Full-time, ONSITE .

We've redesigned the online payments stack from the ground up, making online commerce simpler and more powerful for businesses.

Culture filters:

- We work hard and love doing so

- We are intellectually curious and embrace ideas

- We are a team, not a family

- We are building something that will either be iconic or nothing at all

Roles we're hiring for:

- Backend Engineer - https://bolt.com/jobs/backend-engineer

- Fullstack Engineer - https://bolt.com/jobs/fullstack-engineer

- Senior Sales Role - https://bolt.com/jobs/sales-senior-role

Contentful | https://www.contentful.com | Berlin, Germany | full time | (VISA)

We raised our Series B lead with Benchmark https://www.contentful.com/blog/2016/05/26/contentful-series....

We have several positions open in Berlin, Germany or in SF USA.

Contentful is a content management platform for web applications, mobile apps and connected devices.

It allows you to create, edit & manage content in the cloud and publish it anywhere via API.

Join a rapidly growing developer-centric company with lots of amazing international customers. We count people like Adam Wiggins (Heroku) and Francesco Cesarini (Erlang Solutions) as our advisors.

We are hiring for the following full-time positions:

- Data Engineer: http://grnh.se/nt8ivm1

- Reliability Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/contentful/jobs/700917?gh_jid=7...

- Client Side JavaScript Engineer (Berlin): http://grnh.se/a0lr5y1

- Director of software Engineering: http://grnh.se/voqfjd1

- Engineering Manager - Ecosystem Open Source (Berlin): http://grnh.se/cu6jeq1

Many other positions on our careers page, in Berlin Germany and in SF USA https://www.contentful.com/careers/


Do you guys offer visa for the junior positions?

That sounds like a wonderful work environment. I am not a senior Javascript engineer though. Any chances applying for a junior position?

Skyhigh Networks | Senior UI Engineer | SF Bay Area (Campbell) | ONSITE OR PART-TIME REMOTE | https://skyhighnetworks.com/

We're looking for a senior UI engineer who is interested in working with Angular, Webpack and (potentially) Redux.

Skyhigh Networks is the industry-leading Cloud-Access Security Broker. We help companies secure their cloud-based applications as well as monitor and reduce usage of risky "shadow IT" applications (classic example: online PDF converter). The company is backed by Sequoia and Greylock (among others), and raised a Series D last year.

Please shoot me an email at jayraj at skyhighnetworks dot com if you want me to refer you or have questions about working at Skyhigh Networks.

Investopedia | Senior Web Developer, Product Team | Edmonton, AB Canada | ONSITE, FTE, VISA, SALARY:DOE, http://www.investopedia.com

The engineering team at Investopedia believes in owning their impact and fighting complexity while giving back and having fun. We believe that small, empowered, self-motivated teams can do big things. Our work crosses a wide variety of teams, applications, and technology stacks within Investopedia - collaboration and communication are as important as writing new code. We work primarily with PHP but have started to extract smaller services using Node.js and Python. We're looking for:

- Exceptional ability to work anywhere in the technical stack, delivering quality code both on the frontend and backend. - Exceptional proficiency using PHP/HTML/CSS/Javascript. - Ability to leverage and integrate with third party APIs. - Commitment to continuous improvement and building a world-class engineering culture. - Demonstrated design and UX sensibilities. - Enthusiasm for leading, guiding, mentoring and collaborating with other engineers. - Exposure to architectural patterns of a large, high-scale web application. - Strong CS fundamentals, rigor in engineering. - Familiarity with Drupal, online advertising, publishing, and SEO is a plus.

Benefits: - Competitive Vacation Plan - Competitive salary - Great benefits (medical, dental, vision, RRSP matching)- Unlimited snacks/drinks - great workspace (daily foosball, dart challenges and beer always on tap)

For full job description and to apply, visit: http://smrtr.io/J0yDWQ (or e-mail jobs@investopedia.com)

About our company: http://www.investopedia.com/corp/about.aspx, For more jobs, visit: http://iac.com/careers/job-listings

Center for Imaging of Neurodegenerative Diseases (CIND) | San Francisco, CA | Software Developer (Python, Medical Imaging)

The CIND is a research center dedicated to studying the causes and effects of neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders, using imaging techniques such as MRI and PET.

We'll be building out a python framework to automate complex image processing pipelines in coordination our image processing team. Opportunities to work on data analysis (we use R & Python).

Seeking a developer with experience with Linux, Python, Bash, SQL, & Web Development. Bonus points if you are familiar with medical image processing, R, numpy.

Should be smart, get things done, and have some fun. Decent salary, solid benefits, awesome coworkers, laptop, stunning location (Lands End)

Email the pertinent details to hiring-17Q2@vacind.org

Coalition | Front-End Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Onsite, Full-Time

Coalition is working to solve cyber risk. We are a small, well-funded team of security experts, insurance professionals, and intelligence community veterans building a better cyber insurance product. Coalition is automating risk assessment to make purchasing this insurance easy, and using our knowledge to educate clients and mitigate risk where possible.

We are looking to hire our first front-end engineer, who will set the technical direction for our front-end and take ownership of it. We are open to various front-end technologies if you can make an argument for it. Experience with Python is a plus, as you will likely need to touch the back-end at some point (which is in Python 3.6).

Email jobs@thecoalition.com for more information.

SAP Hybris (www.hybris.com) | Java Microservices developers AND Frontend developers | Maidenhead/London UK | Fulltime | Onsite

Looking for Java developers (several positions open) with Microservices experience as well as frontend devs.

Great team and good atmosphere (think a startup atmosphere but with the backing of a corporate company), great products, great benefits and salary.



LogicGate (https://www.logicgate.com) | Chicago, IL | ONSITE | Front End Engineer

LogicGate is looking for a full time Front End Engineer. LogicGate is building technology to help businesses automate and track disorganized processes. Our office is in the heart of River North with less than 10 minute walks to Brown/Red/Blue CTA train stations and multiple bus stops. We work with AngularJS, D3, Gulp, SCSS, HTML, and more! We are currently experimenting with Angular 2.0, Docker, and other cutting edge technologies.

To apply, please visit https://logicgate.workable.com/j/754D01A18B

Livestream | Multiple Positions | Brooklyn | Onsite

We've got a few engineering openings at our live streaming startup, situated in Bushwick.

- Lead Engineer / Engineering Manager for our Platform team: https://boards.greenhouse.io/livestream/jobs/704326

- JavaScript Engineer on our Video Playback team: https://boards.greenhouse.io/livestream/jobs/136714

- Frontend Engineer, Platform team (AngularJS chops is a huge plus)

Tons of challenges, fun with video, and a great office culture to boot. Get in touch if you're interested: dave.yeu@livestream.com. Cheers.

Kensho Technologies | Data Scientists/Engineers across the stack | Full-time/Onsite | Cambridge/NYC/DC

Kensho is a leading analytics and machine learning company serving the financial, healthcare, and national security sectors. We are backed by investors as diverse as Google, Goldman Sachs, and In-Q-Tel (the venture arm of the CIA).

We recruit world-class engineers, data scientists, designers, scientists and researchers, many of whom have PhDs in scientific disciplines. We have a spectrum of opportunities in Harvard Square, New York City, and Washington, D.C. for individuals with the right scientific and computing skills.

To see all open positions visit: https://www.kensho.com/careers

Verizon | Basking Ridge, NJ | ONSITE | Full Time | Data Scientist and Data Engineering Roles

The Network and Technology Spend Strategy & Analytics team is hiring a strategic thinker to join a high profile, high visibility team that powers Network analytics and strategic thinking for Verizon. You will be part of a team that builds tools, analysis, and insights that informs, quantifies, and enables the visualization of data to drive business decisions and investment for the Verizon Wireless and Wireline Networks.

Apply Here: http://www.verizon.com/about/work/jobs/6757770-business-inte...

Spotify | Data Engineer | New York, NY | Onsite https://www.spotify.com

Join one the fastest growing disciplines at Spotify! We are looking to hire Data Engineers to help derive knowledge and insights from large volumes of behavioral data. Good candidates will have a natural curiosity to explore data, experience using Hadoop or Spark, and love creating products which help drive critical business decisions.

Data Engineers at Spotify: Develop data pipelines using Scala Work with Google Cloud, Dataflow, and BigQuery Partner with Product Owners and Data Scientists to build new products

Apply for Data Engineering today! https://goo.gl/H6F6Jg

AnyConnect | Software Developer | Montreal, QC and Louisville, KY | http://anyconnect.com/careers/ AnyConnect software and hosted services power millions of connected video devices. Now we’re building connected video services to revolutionize the connected camera customer experience and industry, and AnyConnect needs talented technology professionals to join our growing team: System Software Developers - Web Services System Software Developers - Embedded Linux *System Software Developers - Professional Services AnyConnect offers competitive compensation and benefits. Interested applicants, please email your CV to careers@anyconnect.com.

Soli | iOS Engineer | Boston | REMOTE, INTERNS http://www.solipoints.com/

Soli is a startup that has developed a loyalty/rewards platform that, in addition to providing cash back on purchases, will automatically offset CO2 emissions.

We are seeking an iOS engineer to develop and maintain our iOS mobile platform. (Interns too!)

This individual will be responsible for developing new features and maintaining an iOS application for a shopping-rewards platform targeted at millennial consumer adoption. Working directly with the CPO, BE Engineer, and design team, this individual will have a significant level of responsibility as an early engineering hire.

email: james@solipoints.com with the subject "HN: SOLI"

Minimax Labs Ltd. | Software Engineers and Research Engineers | London, UK | ONSITE

We optimise complex, global operations for billion dollar businesses, creating massive value out of thin air and a little cloud.

We are looking for strong engineers and scientists to join our specialist team at our central London office:

* full-stack engineers with experience in UI/UX design.

* developers with R&D experience in non-linear/combinatorial optimisation.

* junior engineers to complete our summer internship programme.

You should:

* love working on challenging, complex problems

* be comfortable developing production software in both Java and Python

* have experience with high performance, concurrent applications

* be passionate about new algorithms and computing technologies

Check out http://minimaxlabs.com and get in touch for more details.

No recruiters please. Really.

Rooam | Senior Java/Groovy backend developer | Washington, DC | REMOTE https://rooam.co

We're looking for experienced Java/Groovy backend software engineers to expand our current team. This is a full-time remote position.

Our stack: Groovy/Java, Spring Boot, MongoDB, REST, RabbitMQ, Git, Jenkins, ELK, Ansible, Event based distributed architecture

Your profile: Extensive experience as a Java/Groovy developer using Spring and Spring data. You are familiar with relational and non-relational (MongoDB) databases as well as with message queue (RabbitMQ). Self organized, quality, performance and team oriented. Hold a university degree in computer science or a related field.

Please send your CV to remote-dev [at] rooam.co

SKYTAP: Sr. Software Engineers (Distributed Systems Backend, Front-end), Lead SDET, Performance SDET.

Seattle, WA

To apply: https://www.skytap.com/company/careers/opportunities/

Skytap is the only public cloud designed specifically for the enterprise. We help businesses achieve their Cloud and DevOps migration strategies faster. Skytap uniquely enables lift-and-shift of traditional datacenter-native applications into the cloud with minimal technical changes. Once in Skytap, customers can instantly clone, share, and manage complete working application environments, enabling them to modernize software delivery cycles and application architectures.

SCRUFF | Product Manager | New York, NY | Full-Time, Onsite | https://www.scruff.com/jobs

SCRUFF is one of the world's largest gay social dating apps. As a Product Manager, you will work closely with our product, development and marketing teams to guide products and promotions from concept to launch. You will crunch data to evaluate the impact of new and improved features. You will conduct usability testing, user interviews, and other qualitative analytics to help us understand what hard data cannot tell us about our members. In short, you will play a key role defining and delivering the future of gay social networking!

Please email scruff.ProManager@applynow.io and mention HN!

Tenstorrent | Software/Hardware Engineers | Toronto, Canada | Full & part time | ONSITE | http://tenstorrent.com

Tenstorrent is building a high-performance deep-learning processor ASIC. We are looking for hardware and software engineers to help us bring our processor to market. Current openings are: Deep learning expert, Lead software engineer, and Processor architect/designer. We are backed by Real Ventures - the Canadian VC of the Year two years running.

If you share our excitement to develop machine intelligence, and our drive to make robust and efficient products, we would love to talk to you. For more info, visit the link above or email us at careers [at] tenstorrent.com.

Navigating Cancer | Software Engineer, Apps | Seattle | FTE, Onsite | http://navigatingcancer.applytojob.com/apply/FkgeHniqVR/SDE-...

We're looking for an engineer for our frontend team. We're currently using Backbone, Rails, and a pile of other tools and services, but we're looking at options for our new stuff.

We've got ~25 engineers these days, and it's a pretty great spot. It feels good to be making a meaningful difference in cancer patients' lives, and there's lots of stuff to learn and build. If you're interested in joining, I'd love to chat.

DRW | Trading Platform Software Engineer | Singapore | ONSITE | https://drw.com/careers

We are an office of a global proprietary trading firm headquartered in Chicago. This position is in Singapore, and the ideal candidate will be here already.

We mostly use C++, with some Python and a bit of Javascript. This position will be 80% C++. Performance and reliability are very important to us.

Here’s a quick quiz you can take (make sure to use a working email address): http://proveit.drw.com/?code=kdvsoi (Takes less than 15 minutes, will be closed later this week.)

You’re welcome to email me directly at my username at drwsg.com.

Broadway Technology | Development, Consulting, Other Tech Roles | Austin, London, New York and Waterloo | ONSITE, FULL TIME, VISA

Broadway Technology develops high-performance distributed trading systems for leading financial institutions. Primary development languages are C++ (especially for latency-sensitive components), Python, and C#. Compensation and benefits are competitive, including the non-financial side: https://www.broadwaytechnology.com/careers#life-at-broadway

Visit http://careers.broadwaytechnology.com for formal job descriptions and to apply.

Symplicity | Software Engineer, Full Stack | Washington, DC (Arlington, VA) | ONSITE, VISA, https://symplicity.com

Symplicity has helped guide more than 26 million students to their dream career. We build the world’s leading campus recruiting software deployed at over 1,100 colleges and also tools to help recruiters land entry-level talent at these universities.

Our stack: PHP, Typescript, Slim, MySQL, Angular, ElasticSearch

Interview process is a phone screen, then onsite interview with a take-home coding exercise.

Learn more at https://www.symplicity.com/about/join-us

Interested in chatting? Email engineering-careers@symplicity.com


We are looking for an experienced and talented full-stack lead developer, who feels at home in a rapidly evolving, fast paced environment and gets thrilled by tackling complex problems and requests. Your experience enables you to pitch and implement innovative ideas for the further development of your platform and you are able to quickly grasp and adopt new techniques. You will get the opportunity to lead an international team of amazing developers, including project management, team management and hands - on development.

Tech stack : React/Redux, Node.js, AWS, Webpack, ES6 Plus: Microservices, DevOps

Contact Teddy to apply: teddy.dimitrova@bloomon.nl

Under Armour Connected Fitness | Engineering - Web, Backend, Infrastructure, SRE, Android, iOS

Austin, TX | ONSITE

Come join Under Armour’s digital division, creating software to power the future of connected fitness. We’re serious about individual growth and athlete achievement, and we’d like you to join us to build real products that will help millions of people improve their lives through better health and fitness. You will learn, grow and play in an environment that focuses on results and delivery, all backed by one of the strongest consumer brands in history.

If you're interested, apply here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/connectedfitness#.WTBH5xMrLR2

Sift | Detroit, MI | Fulltime | ONSITE

At Sift, we build applications to help organizations better understand their people. We want organizations to feel more like closely knit teams, where everyone supports each other to achieve their shared mission.

We’re just 18-months old, but we’ve already secured 15,000+ users and over 20 clients. We’re proud to have Quicken Loans, an organization built on the foundation of a strong culture, using our apps to better understand who makes up their amazing team.

- Backend (Node.js, Express) - DevOps

We are mostly looking to grow our backend engineering team. Our current stack is NodeJS and AWS Services (EC2, S3, DynamoDB, ElasticSearch, Lambda). No experience with JavaScript but have an interest? Reach out!

Sound interesting? Shoot me an email! Mat P, CTO, matp@justsift.com

FOSSA | Software Engineer | http://fossa.io | San Francisco, CA | Full-time ONSITE

FOSSA provides the technology to help organizations understand what’s in their code and automate license tracking/compliance without slowing development. The job: Spend your day hacking and modeling the sophisticated behavior of open source build systems and package managers like Gradle, Maven, YARN, pip, npm, go get, and more. On a small team, you will design opinionated systems in a variety of languages (JS-heavy) to analyze, graph and understand the universe of software packages, dependencies and builds at large scale. Please send your resume to alex@fossa.io and mention Hacker News.

Guidebook | San Francisco, CA | Fulltime, ONSITE, VISA transfer | Software Engineer--Android

At Guidebook, we’re developing mobile apps to help organizations of all types connect with their audiences. Now, at 6 years old, we’ve powered over 20,000 events, conferences, and guides. On average, we serve hundreds of thousands of users per week, and some of our more popular events can attract tens of thousands by themselves. We are looking for an enthusiastic, experienced Android Engineer to join our team.

Best way to apply is to head over to our careers page and mention that you saw this on HN :) https://guidebook.com/careers/#open-positions

RepSpark | Software Developer | Irvine, CA | Full-time, ONSITE

We’re a casual, twelve-person software development team based in Orange County, CA (south of Los Angeles). We provide many large apparel brands with intuitive and efficient sales workflows. This enables sales representatives to place bulk orders for brick and mortar stores (e.g. how O’Neill ends up in Tilly’s or how Disney apparel ends up in Walmart). We are a private Amazon for brands and retailers.

Our stack includes C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, TypeScript, IIS, and Git (https://stackshare.io/repspark/repspark).

Please email hn@repspark.com with applications or questions. We'd love to hear from you!

LMAX Exchange | Senior Software Developer | London, UK | ONSITE https://www.lmax.com/

LMAX Exchange | Full Stack Developer | London, UK | ONSITE https://www.lmax.com/

LMAX Exchange | Software Developer (Recent Graduate) | Auckland, NZ | ONSITE https://www.lmax.com/

Join us in changing how the world's largest financial sector (FX) trades $5 trillion a day.

For further details, and to apply, visit https://careers.lmax.com/

P.S Feedback on the careers site is also eagerly sought :-)

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