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Ask HN: Who is hiring? (June 2017)
461 points by whoishiring on June 1, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 990 comments
Please lead with the location of the position and include the keywords REMOTE, INTERNS and/or VISA when the corresponding sort of candidate is welcome. When remote work is not an option, include ONSITE. If it isn't a household name, please explain what your company does.

Submitters: please only post if you personally are part of the hiring company—no recruiting firms or job boards.

Readers: please only email submitters if you personally are interested in the job—no recruiters or sales calls.

You can also use kristopolous' console script to search the thread: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10313519.

Meteor Development Group | Open Source Engineers, Back-end Engineers, Front-end Engineers | San Francisco, CA | Full-time, Onsite and Remote

Back-end Engineers: Build the foundations and APIs of our tools for GraphQL and JavaScript developers. You'll have the opportunity to learn and use the most cutting edge technologies as you help shape and deliver the components that make up our commercial cloud services, Optics and Galaxy. You will work with a team of talented engineers to build performant and scalable services in modern languages like Kotlin and Go.

Front-end Engineers: Design and owns new features for our commercial products, Optics and Galaxy, and our open source projects, Apollo and Meteor. You will be helping to develop the best practices of front-end engineering with a team that has a history of pioneering JavaScript tech.

Open Source Engineers: If you like doing the things above AND attending & speaking at conferences, writing blog posts and teaching people about the latest developer tools, you might be interested in joining our open source team.

If you're wondering what GraphQL and Apollo are all about: https://dev-blog.apollodata.com/

Our job site: https://www.meteor.io/jobs/

Data Scientist/Quant | MarketInvoice | London, UK (we've hired two people from HN)


We're looking to hire an experienced data scientist who can take the lead in build out our credit scoring algorithms. Ideally we'd love someone with some experience in credit scoring but we're open to candidates with machine learning backgrounds who have a strong interest in finance (either from past work experience or otherwise).

This is a role that requires both commercial nous as well as technical skills.

MarketInvoice is the VC-backed peer-to-peer fintech platform that’s building the modern backbone of the economy. Imagine you’re a young company who’s just won a major contract but your client wants to pay you on 90 day terms when you need to pay your staff and suppliers upfront. That’s where we step in. Our platform uses the peer-to-peer approach to provide the day-to-day operational financing for companies as varied as mobile development agencies, food brands and construction firms.

We’re the largest startup in our space worldwide; last month we finance over £50m in deals. It's a £100bn/year market which is dominated by legacy lenders and banks with complex processes and shady practices. We’re bringing transparency and simplicity to the market.

All roles have equity options with low strike price and employee friendly terms.

Reach me at i.ghory@marketinvoice.com

Are you currently able to support relocation or remote working?

We can't support remote working, we can help with relocation/visas.

Distributed Tracing Engineer(s): node.js, Ruby, and Golang | SolarWinds | Onsite: Vancouver, SF, Boston

TraceView is a monitoring platform providing our customers (other software engineers) with deep understanding of how their applications are performing. In order to provide that insight, we have to collect the data, which is where our instrumentation agent team comes into play.

The agents that feed TraceView’s analytics run inside customer application processes, automatically instrumenting them to gather distributed tracing data and other performance analytics, while having minimal or no performance impact so they’re safe to run in high-traffic production environments.

We’re looking to hire folks immersed in the Node.js, Ruby, or Golang ecosystems--with bonus points for fluency in multiple languages. (And really wow us if you have a systems generalist bent.)

You’ll be combining an eye for performance with digging into the intricacies of the language runtime and native extensions. If you have a passion for constantly learning new libraries and deciphering how they work, and enjoy working deep under the covers of the runtime, then we’d like you to join our talented and growing development team.

More information: http://solarwinds.jobs/jobs/?location=vancouver (says Vancouver, but it's flexible location-wise)

Apply above if interested or feel free to reach out with any questions: dan.kuebrich@solarwinds.com

Genomics plc | https://www.genomicsplc.com/ | Oxford, UK | Fulltime | ONSITE

​Genomics plc is an ambitious genome analytics business formed in March 2014 by four leading scientists at the University of Oxford, including Peter Donnelly (Director of the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics) and Gil McVean (Director of the Big Data Institute). The focus of the company is to use genomic data to understand human biology, and our vision is to bring together human genomic data linked to health and other outcomes, and to develop sophisticated analytical methods for their interpretation in various scientific contexts.

We are growing our team of developers and are seeking software engineers, including one specialising in data visualisation, and a Principal Software Engineer.

These role is based in our central Oxford office, and further information can be found at https://www.genomicsplc.com/work-with-us/. Process is an initial phone screen, followed by a short (<4 hours) coding test, then in person interviews with 2-3 team members and our head of technology. Applications consisting of a cover letter and CV should be sent to recruitment@genomicsplc.com.

Ubimet | C++/Python Developer | Vienna, Austria | ONSITE

Ubimet is a leading weather service providers in Europe. We're experts in meteorology and issue customized weather forecasts for several million private and industrial customers. Together with our shareholder (Red Bull), we pursue the goal to be the weather service with the world's best quality forecasts.

We're looking for a C++/Python developer to work on interesting problems at the intersection of big data, realtime services, and scientific computing. We offer a great work environment in the city with the highest quality of living worldwide (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercer_Quality_of_Living_Surve...). If you have to move, we offer a relocation package and take care of any visa formalities.

We especially encourage women, people of color, and others who are underrepresented in the tech industry to apply.

If you're interested, check out http://www.ubimet.com and apply at https://career2.successfactors.eu/career?career%5fns=job%5fl...

Airtable | Software Engineer | San Francisco | Onsite, full-time, contractor, interns


Airtable is a collaborative real-time database. Our mission is to expand human productivity by letting people create tools to organize their world. Unlike single-purpose apps, we think of Airtable as a toolkit of building blocks that people can repurpose to create their own applications. Our product roadmap is filled with interesting enhancements and additions to this toolkit that will push the boundaries of Airtable's capabilities.

We're hiring for:

* Onsite full-time engineers and interns for frontend and backend (JS, Node, React)

* Remote contractors for some frontend web projects (JS, React)

People love using Airtable: https://twitter.com/airtable/timelines/566728799115440128

We're a small team, with backgrounds from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. We believe in the power of highly motivated and capable individuals to accomplish great things in small teams, with end-to-end ownership of projects and rapid iteration. We’ve raised over $10 million in funding.

You can apply here: https://airtable.com/jobs

Hi there - I am interested in applying for the remote contractor frontend role. Should I still apply on your website for the frontend engineer role? If so, how should I specify my interest in remote contract work in the application?

Yep, please apply for frontend engineer and just note that you're applying as a contractor in the Additional information field at the bottom.

PayPal | San Jose, CA | Fulltime | Onsite (relocation available) | Hiring Javascript Application Engineers

PayPal is looking for JavaScript engineers who want to work both in the browser and on the server-side in Node.js. Over the past couple of years, we've worked hard to migrate our entire web application stack to Node and powerful client-side apps and we're looking to turn the dial towards product experimentation and innovation. We need your engineering ability and your desire to be a part of the whole product!

I’m a manager on the Online Checkout (that’s the “Pay with PayPal” button and experience) engineering team. We're looking for experienced JavaScript developers. My team is currently working primarily with Angular on the client and Kraken on Node. If you've got experience with React, we're actively exploring doing an inside-out migration of our application and could use your expertise. As most Node shops go, we're leveraging a whole lot of other open source tools as well and we're very supportive of open source activities for our people.

We have several openings within my team as well as within other teams--so drop me a line even if my particular opening doesn't sound interesting and I'll help you find the right place! You can contact me at swesthafer at paypal dot com.

Technical University of Munich | Frontend/Backend Developer | Munich | FULL-TIME, PART-TIME, ONSITE, https://www.ub.tum.de

We are a software development team at the University Library of the Technical University Of Munich (TUM). The University Library is the modern, scientific information center of the Technical University of Munich. We are developing tools to facilitate research and publication of research results.

Things we (contemplate to) use: Python, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, Nginx, Linux, NixOS, lxc, Jade, Flask, JavaScript (or alternatives like TypeScript, ELM, ..), Angular, React, pytest, Selenium, git

We are looking for full stack, backend or frontend developers to improve our tools and the open source libraries we depend on. You should have a degree in computer science or a related course of studies, or equivalent qualification. Some knowledge of web development, user interface design and of other things mentioned above as well as contributions to open source projects would be good.

You can find the complete job advertisement here (German and English): https://portal.mytum.de/jobs/sonstige/NewsArticle_20160122_1... We are conducting classical on-site interviews where we discuss technical and non-technical questions. Salary is based on the applicable tariff for the state public services (TV-L). Feel free to contact our office for further information: sekretariat@ub.tum.de

Coboc | Embedded Software Engineer C/IoT/E-Bikes | Heidelberg | ONSITE, FULL-TIME

We are developing, producing and selling electric bikes of a new kind. They stand out by a award winning design, light weight, unique usability and a fully integrated drive system that we develop completely in house including motor control, battery management and bluetooth connectivity. We are selling these for the fourth year now and need support to expand our technological lead.

At coboc you will: * Architect, implement embedded software in C for our integrated drive system * Develop new features in short development cycles with quick product integration * Evaluate new technologies and streamline our development process

Technology Stack: * Embedded C, Python * Linux, Eclipse, MPLabX, MATLAB, Bitbucket (GIT, Mercurial) * TDD: Unity, CMock * Microchip dsPIC, Atmel/Arduino, ARM Cortex-M * Slack, Trello, Confluence

What you should bring: * Degree in information technology, electronical Engineering or similar * At least 3 years of work experience in electronics development, testing and troubleshooting * Strong knowledge of embedded C or C++ for programming microcontrollersleshooting * Collaborate with the team, and also possess the ability to work autonomously * Speaking German fluently

Interested? Please write to anton[at]coboc[dot]biz | www.coboc.biz/jobs

| Large Synoptic Survey Telescope | Senior Cloud Solutions Architect | ONSITE Tucson, AZ | VISA

Cloud engineering where clouds are the enemy! I'm at a major astronomy project to build a telescope that can observe the whole sky twice a week (lsst.org). Our Education and Public Outreach folks down the hallway from me are planning a bunch of cool projects for the general public, kids, and citizen scientists and need someone to come up with how it could all be done using current technology stacks.

So! You get to be one of the first people to learn about the earth-killing asteroid and you get to work on something that your annoying uncle can understand when you go home for Christmas and he asks "So what do you do all day with that computer?"

This is a technical leadership position and as the team is still ramping up it has to be on-site, but Tucson is a great town to live in (they don't call us "The Portland of the SouthWest" for nuthin') and you can buy a house for what it takes you to rent a closet in SV :-) If you need a visa that is fine, we're a quasi-academic shop and our HR is used to this kind of thing.

Don't let the incredibly sucky job application site put you off, it has nothing to do with what the rest of us do :-) Apply here http://ls.st/bo0 (I'm sorry, academia will have cool recruiting practices in, oh, 2045 or so). If you have questions drop me a line (email in the profile).

PS. You get to work with @astropixie in case you're a fan

Mixmax | Full-Stack Engineer or intern | On-site San Francisco (will relocate, also remote an option for experienced engineers) | https://mixmax.com/careers

We're a growing, fast-moving team looking for all types of engineers: full-stack, backend, site reliability, data, integration.

Mixmax's mission is to reinvent the way professionals communicate for work. We're building the impossible: a rich communications platform that brings the power of the web to everyday communication. This includes easily scheduling meetings, completing surveys, making purchases, signing documents, and even interacting with apps. We’re fully integrated with Gmail and Google Inbox, and even have a Electron-based native desktop application. Already, we’re seeing phenomenal growth, with customers from Uber, Airbnb, and tens of thousands of more businesses depending on us for their daily communications.

We’re well-funded with an A++ list of investors who previously backed companies like Twitter, Heroku, Lyft, and Square. We have big plans ahead. Come do the impossible with us. Check out our engineering blog to see what we've been working on: https://mixmax.com/engineering Our stack: Node, Mongo, Elasticsearch, AWS, Redshift, Redis, Electron (full stack: http://stackshare.io/mixmax/mixmax-for-web)

Email careers@mixmax.com and let’s chat!

Raise.me | Lead iOS Engineer, Product Manager | San Francisco, CA | Onsite, Full-time

Raise.me is expanding access to higher education by reinventing how students earn scholarship dollars from colleges (https://techcrunch.com/2017/03/29/raise-me-grabs-12-million-...). We just closed a Series A from top investors like Redpoint and First Round Capital, and and are growing our team rapidly. If you're an engineer looking to work with other smart and passionate individuals on the mission of helping all high school students achieve their college ambitions, get in touch! We offer a meaningful equity stake along with great benefits and competitive pay.

Tech stack: Ruby/Rails, Node microservices, Go microservices, React.js/Redux frontend

Here are the listings: https://www.raise.me/jobs and here is a bit about life at Raise.me: https://medium.com/@raiseme/life-raise-me-69d546d65c6b

Apply to jobs[AT]raise.me or you can email me directly at ryan[AT]raise.me.

Tulip | https://tulip.co/careers | Boston, MA | Full time | Onsite

Do you want to help realize the next industrial revolution?

Tulip is transforming manufacturing processes by bringing the latest technological advances from the lab to the shop floor. We have multiple Fortune 500 customers and are already enabling production lines building the things you interact with everyday.

Whereas most factories are still using state of the art technology from the mid 19th century, we come from the future to bring them a rich, realtime web app, modern tablets, IoT systems, in-depth analytics, and more. Our products are already (measurably!) helping our customers, so we're rapidly expanding our number of customers and size of deployments.

We’re looking for people to join our core team who are excited about working across our software stack: web development with Meteor+React+Redux, IoT/embedded software, computer vision, data engineering, technical operations / DevOps / Kubernetes-wrangling, web-based UI design, and anything else we need to make the best product possible. Apply at https://tulip.co/careers or email us at jobs@tulip.co.

Blue Apron | Principal Engineer x2 | New York City, NY | ONSITE, http://www.blueapron.com

Blue Apron | Staff Engineer x2 | New York City, NY | ONSITE, http://www.blueapron.com

Blue Apron | Engineering Managers x2 | New York City, NY | ONSITE, http://www.blueapron.com

Blue Apron | Director of Engineering | New York City, NY | ONSITE, http://www.blueapron.com

Hey All, Blue Apron is growing like crazy and in need of experienced Engineers and managers of all experience levels. This is going to be a huge year for us as we continue to expand our platform, product, and service.

Some things on the roadmap: - Complete redesign and refresh of BlueApron.com - Continuing to build out a full-featured mobile experience - Continuing the biggest product expansion in BA history - Bringing BA Wine to all 50 states! (and it tastes gooooood...) - Lots of [confidential] projects going on...

If you think you'd be a fit for any of the roles mentioned (or know someone), please shoot an email to michael.monaghan@blueapron.com with the role in the subject line.

There are no "Principal Engineer" positions listed in New York. Nor a "Director of Engineering". /fyi

Intel | Compiler/Software Engineers | San Diego, Santa Clara, San Francisco, Folsom OR | REMOTE/VISA for strong candidates. Full-time.

Currently in deep learning, if one wants to implement a low level kernel (LSTM, batch-norm etc), you're either going to be writing CUDA or device specific low level code. Join us as we grow the Intel Nervana Graph project (https://www.nervanasys.com/intel-nervana-graph-preview-relea...) the deep learning equivalent of LLVM: an open source deep learning compiler and IR. We plan on pushing the boundaries of tensor optimizations and enable the same benefits that the programming language and compiler community have reaped from LLVM.

Required: C++, modern software engineering, at_least_3(humility, curiosity, drive, on_the_right_side_of_Dunning_Kruger_effect).

Desired: Python, low level optimization, numerical linear algebra, deep learning/ML


Feel free to copy me directly at jason.knight@intel.com too.

Jovio | Jr/Sr Software Engineer | Austin, TX | ONSITE | REMOTE | FULLTIME | Jovio.com

Jovio is a new real estate company on a mission to build a platform to modernize the way homes are sold. Using an interactive AI-driven interface, an innovative home valuation model and a library of refreshingly simple forms, we're redefining homeownership and inventing a few words along the way.

We’re looking for a Full Stack Software Developer, one of the first to join the Jovio engineering team in Austin, TX. As a necessarily impactful contributor to the successful launch of the MVP, ideal candidates will have at least a few years’ professional experience developing responsive, end-to-end web applications with Ruby on Rails, using a relational database like MySQL or PostgreSQL, and exposure to front-end JavaScript web technology like React (what we’re using). We integrate with various RESTful APIs and plan to augment our data with bulk data delivery from industry partners.

You’ll collaborate with the founding CEO, our Technical Lead, and an accomplished technical advisor with 30+ years’ experience. We have been working with a software development firm to build out the MVP (they’ve done this for other successful venture-backed US companies), and you will collaborate with them as we transition ownership of the code to you and the in-house team in Austin.

In sum, this is a unique opportunity to join an early stage, well-funded tech-centric company and learn a massive amount while accelerating your career in a high-stakes industry where you are directly participating in ensuring the rewards outweigh the risks.

Contact: birtwell@jovio.com

HealthRhythms | New York, NY | Onsite | Full-time

At HealthRhythms [http://healthrhythms.com] we are working to make it easy to measure and care for everyone’s mental health. Our products leverage real-time mobile measurements with data analyses and modeling to create truly personalized just-in-time interventions. We are helping people and their clinicians detect and characterize their mental health from passively available data.

We're looking for independent thinkers who care deeply about the problems we're solving. Our mission is to redefine not only how we measure and treat mental illness, but how we optimize wellbeing as a whole. If being one of the first 10 employees at a promising startup in an exploding field sounds exciting to you, please get in touch.


- Android Engineer

- iOS Engineer

- Backend/data Engineer (Python, AWS, devops)

Job descriptions are here:

Backend/data engineer - https://healthrhythms.com/jobs/HealthRhythms-DataEngineer-Jo...

Mobile engineer (iOS and/or Android) - https://healthrhythms.com/jobs/HealthRhythms-MobileDeveloper...

Email us your resume and tell us a bit about yourself at jobs@healthrhythms.com

Nectar financials | Backend-Engineer, Devops | Remote | Salary: 90k-120k CHF | Based on NodeJS and Angular we are building a CRM system for wealth management companies. The product is rather young and the codebase small. Remote work is okay. We have employees in Switzerland, the US and Slovenia.

Our hiring process:

1) Resume / code-check

2) Phone call (getting to know each other, technical interview)

3) Onsite (half a day)

Send a mail with a short intro about yourself (video or written) OR a Github-link OR a resume to:


Weaveworks | Senior Backend Engineer, Senior Frontend Engineer | San Francisco, London, Berlin, Madrid | ONSITE, Full-time, https://www.weave.works

- Senior backend engineer: develop microservices (primarily in Go) and container tools

- Senior frontend engineer: Design and implement reactive web UIs that visualize complex data using state-of-the-industry tools, like React and D3

Come help us build OSS tools that other developers use to tame their containerized applications. Projects like Weave Scope observe containers/pods/services and their interactions to provide visibility and insights. Developers can quickly see the state of the resulting systems and validate their assumptions.

We offer family-friendly hours (some of us have kids, too) and encourage a good work-life balance. Feel free to work from home on certain weekdays, or combine work and travel for a month. It's no big deal if you're not a Go expert, we trust that you can learn on the job. Also, all our tools are open source: https://github.com/weaveworks Browse our PRs to see how we work as a team!

The hiring process: Checking your CV/GH/SO (if not enough signal: small coding challenge), 45 mins hangout, afternoon take-home coding/design challenge, in person interview with future colleagues

If you’re interested please drop us a line with your desired location at jobs (at) weave.works

Note: Weaveworks is not set up to sponsor visas at this point.

Smartcar API | Frontend, Backend, Sales | Mountain View, CA | ONSITE | https://smartcar.com

We're a small team (9 people) making a big change in transportation. Technological additions to vehicles are kicking off a new era of better transportation which is affordable, greener, and safer. The automotive industry is undergoing the most disruptive changes since its inception. We believe the future of transportation is Autonomous, Electric, Shared and Connected. Smartcar is building an API platform to solve the "connected" part of it.

We recently launched https://teslabot.ai to show a sneak peak of what our platform can do.

The positions we are hiring for:

+ Sales Manager with 2+ years of experience selling to enterprise.

+ Frontend Software Engineer with 2+ years of experience with any modern frontend framework (React, Angular, Ember, ...). Our backend stack is Node.js, Postgres, Redis, Docker, AWS.

If you are interested in helping us modernize transportation and enjoy working in a collaborative environment, we'd like to meet you. Compensation is $95K to $130K + equity.

If you want to learn more, email me at sanketh@smartcar.com or call me at 530 475 2882. No recruiters.

PBSA | C++ Blockchain Developer | Nova Scotia, Canada | Fulltime | ONSITE

Would you like to collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams from around the world to design and build new blockchain protocols? The PBSA is seeking software programmers with a passion for blockchain technology and 5 or more years experience programming in C++, to work at our headquarters in the “Defenbunker”, a military-grade nuclear bunker & software development center in Debert, Nova Scotia. The PBSA is a non-profit organization established to support the development of the Peerplays blockchain and promote provably fair gaming standards. Contact us today to schedule an interview!

-LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/313999608/ -Proficiency in C++ language and toolchains including ability to implement, debug, and support software applications written in C++ -Familiarity with defensive programming principles and practices including cryptography, exploitation, and application security -Ability to work in a Linux or Windows development environment -Experienced in Android, iOS, and OSX application development

BrightWork (Techstars Chicago '16) | Lead Engineer | Portland, OR. | http://brightwork.io

You’re a developer that loves Javascript, NodeJS and web frameworks (Angular, React). One who is passionate about building tools that make the lives of other developers easier. You must be able to follow the direction of the executive team and turn the roadmap into a reality. Ideally you are good at both backend and frontend development, are a ninja coder with aspirations to be a leader. Willing to take direction and provide direction and leadership to junior team members. You have an entrepreneurial mindset and take ownership of projects and/or tasks to see them through to completion willing to wear multiple hats. You also have opinions and aren't afraid to bring them to the table.

Requirements: The position will require that you have experience with NodeJS, RESTful API, MongoDB or similar database. At least 8 years of development experience. Unit testing with Mocha/Chai or similar. Understanding of good software engineering patterns and practices, OOP vs functional, etc. Experience using Git for source control is required.

Bonus Points - MEAN stack, HTML, CSS, SASS experience is preferred. - Experience with ES6. - Agile development experience and continuous integration/delivery practices desired. - DevOps tools experience (Docker, Chef, Puppet, Vagrant) is desired.

Please no 3rd party recruiters or agencies

This is on site in Portland, Or. Local candidates or persons willing to relocate to Portland only (no relocation compensation included).

May be required to travel

Clever (YC S12) - San Francisco - onsite

Right now the market for educational software is a mess. It’s incredibly difficult for developers to get their products into schools, and it’s even harder for them to scale. School districts spend tons of money on learning applications, but they have no way of knowing if students are even using the apps they’re purchasing. Teachers know there’s great software out there, but relatively simple challenges like getting 30 students logged in at once make using it impossible.

At Clever, we’re working to change all that. We provide schools with a free API and single sign-on solution that makes using educational apps a breeze. We’ve grown fast: after four years, half of all schools in the US (68,000 schools) are using our platform. Our goals are much bigger than that, though. We want to be two things:

-a single place where schools can easily integrate, manage and analyze all the software they’re using, and

-a single identity that students can use to see everything they’ve learned across multiple apps.

We’re a team of just over 100 (40 engineers) based in downtown SF, and we’re looking for engineers who enjoy working in (or would enjoy learning) Golang, Node and React. More generally, we want people who are sharp, adaptable, and passionate about improving the way education works for everyone.

Check us out at https://clever.com/about/jobs, or check out one of our product releases here: https://clever.com/products/badges

MapD | San Francisco (city) | MapD Community Manager, Backend Developer, Director of Application Design, Frontend Engineer, Senior Graphics Engineer, other roles (ONSITE/REMOTE)

MapD (https://www.mapd.com) is an open source NEA/Google Ventures/Nvidia/Verizon Ventures/Vanedge/In-Q-Tel backed Series B startup that builds a lightning-fast GPU-accelerated database and visual analytics platform that takes advantage of the massive parallelism and high memory bandwidth of GPUs. We can literally run queries orders of magnitude faster than other systems (http://tech.marksblogg.com/billion-nyc-taxi-rides-nvidia-tes...) and since the results are on the GPUs, we can easily visualize the result sets with the native GPU rendering pipeline. Check out our Tweetmap demo (http://www.mapd.com/demos/tweetmap) or our billion-row taxi demo (http://www.mapd.com/demos/taxis) for an idea of what the system can do.

We’re looking for a number of roles to grow our team. Please see https://www.mapd.com/company/careers for more.

We’re a growing Series B company (~35 people) with deep knowledge of databases and GPU Programming. Benefits and equity are competitive.

Please email jobs@mapd.com if you're interested!

Are all your roles eligible for remote?

Southeast USA including: Texas (Austin and San Antonio), Virginia (Arlington and Dulles), Alabama (Huntsville), Florida (beach east of Melbourne), South Carolina (Greenville), Maryland (Annapolis Junction), and possibly others, all ONSITE. Citizenship is a job requirement.

We do emulators, JIT, hypervisors, stuff like valgrind, debuggers, manual disassembly, binary static analysis, parsers, and assembly. We write our own low-level tools, frequently in C99 to run on Linux. We also use IDA Pro, qemu, Simics, JTAG debuggers, gdb, Coverity, KlocWork, LLVM, and so on. Easily transferable skills include those related to compilers, kernel drivers, embedded RTOSes, vectorizing, firmware, VxWorks BSP development, symbolic execution, boot loaders, software verification, concolic testing, abstract interpretation, satisfiability (SAT, SMT) solvers, and decompilers. We work with more than a dozen architectures including PowerPC/ppc/POWER, MIPS, ARMv8/Thumb2/AArch64, x86-64/x64/Intel, DSPs, and microcontrollers. We hire from no-degree to PhD. Common degrees include Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mathematics.

We don't normally work overtime, and we get paid more if we do. We're never expected to take work home or be on call. Because of the citizenship requirement, there is no chance that the work will be outsourced. Flex-time is fairly extreme; some do randomish hours.

Location hint: Pick Arlington for a car-free life. Pick Florida or Texas to live in a place with no state income tax. Pick Florida for almost no traffic or commute, surfing, and houses that commonly go for $100,000 to $400,000.

You can email me at users.sf.net, with account name albert.

I'm having trouble finding the name of your company.

Seems like a defense contractor. Given locations, I'm going for Raytheon or SAIC.

Faithlife | Android Software Developer | Bellingham, WA; Tempe, AZ | REMOTE, full-time, https://faithlife.com/jobs/AndroidSoftwareDeveloper

Faithlife is looking for an Android developer to join the Bible Study Products Mobile Team. As a Software Engineer on the team, you will develop Logos Bible and other apps, playing a key role as we enrich the way that our users experience and study the Bible. You will primarily work with Java in Android Studio, occasionally work with C# in Xamarin Studio, and infrequently work with C++ and the NDK. This is a full-time position at our office in Bellingham, WA, at our office in Tempe, AZ, or remote.

Please email your résumé, GitHub profile, StackOverflow profile and other contact information to devjobs@faithlife.com. Find out more about the interview process here: http://faithlife.codes/blog/2017/02/getting_hired_at_faithli...

Please note that Faithlife will not sponsor applicants for work visas.​

Beauhurst (beauhurst.com) | Full-stack developer London, UK | Onsite | Full time

We're on a mission to track every interesting startup and high-growth company in the UK. We help investors, advisors, government and educators learn about the UK's most ambitious companies through our online platform.

If you’re a fearless generalist who loves working with Django and Python and doesn’t mind getting stuck into different problems then this might well be the job for you.

As we expand our data coverage and strive to make our product even more useful, you’ll help us model, store and enable efficient and relevant user searches over large-scale datasets (think millions of records). You’ll improve the way our data is accessed - from eye-popping graphical visualisations to aggregated statistics that’ll make our users go "Aha!"" And you’ll build accurate internal monitoring and data collection tools to keep it all together.

Our current stack includes Django, Python, Backbone, D3, SCSS, Postgres, Redis, AWS, Docker, scikit-learn and much more!

Apply at: http://about.beauhurst.com/careers/full-stack-developer

Angaza | Devices Team Lead | SF | ONSITE https://www.angaza.com/jobs/hardware-partnership-engineering...

Angaza creates software for selling life-changing products with financing in emerging markets. Our focus is on off-grid solar energy systems. Your work means more families turning on electricity for the first time each night:

- http://techcrunch.com/2015/10/23/angaza-raises-4m-to-make-cl....

We're a for-profit company, post-series A, with our eight-person technical team based in San Francisco. Our software sells and services off-grid solar installations in more than twenty countries. We're hiring multiple engineering roles, including a firmware/hardware team lead and a frontend or full-stack developer:

- https://www.angaza.com/jobs/hardware-partnership-engineering.... [San Francisco]

- https://www.angaza.com/jobs/backend-developer/ [San Francisco]

Our standard hiring process involves a phone conversation, a well-scoped home project, and an on-site interview. We don't believe in gotcha logic puzzles or adversarial whiteboard exercises, and we strive to give you specific constructive feedback regardless of the outcome.

Service Partner ONE | Frontend, Backend, Product Management | BERLIN, Germany | Full-time | ONSITE

Service Partner ONE is the technology partner for modern office management in Europe. Our platform supports customers across all industries in all processes outside of their core business, pursuing the digital revolution of office management. By connecting customers with the right service providers and streamlining their interactions we improve the working situation in every office we operate in. Someone called us the WeWork without walls.

We are a very open minded team of experienced professionals who are still eager to learn something new every day. We use a diverse stack but mainly Java/Spring in the Backend and React/Redux in the Frontend. We are always open to new technologies and methodologies as long as you are willing to teach your teammates how to use them.

We are currently looking for: * Lead Frontend Engineer - https://www.servicepartner.one/de/jobs/lead-frontend-develop... * Senior Backend Engineer - https://www.servicepartner.one/de/jobs/senior-backend-develo... * Senior Product Manager - https://www.servicepartner.one/de/jobs/senior-product-manage...

Please apply through the website or with an email to recruitment+hackernews@servicepartner.one.

Boiler Room | Full Stack Developers | London | FULL TIME | ONSITE

Boiler Room is the world’s leading community of underground music fans. We live-stream DJ sets and live gigs from music hubs such as London, Berlin, New York, Paris, LA and >60 other cities to music lovers all over the world. It started as a webcam taped to a warehouse wall in East London - in five years Boiler Room has grown to become the online home of underground music, and also a complex broadcasting and editorial platform in its own right.

We are currently in the process of building the next generation of Boiler Room apps. We have upwards of a million users interact with our products a month, and that's not including the hundreds of millions of views that our videos have accumulated on YouTube and Dailymotion. We want to create a completely unique experiences on multiple platforms that live up to the quality of our live shows and bring Boiler Room to an even larger audience.

We're on the hunt for some great full stack developers with a passion for underground music:


Please don't do ASCII art or visual gimmicks in these posts (we took that bit out).

Ultimate Software | Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta, San Francisco, Toronto | Onsite/Remote | http://www.ultimatesoftware.com/careers

Ultimate Software has been building HR and Payroll software since 1990. We moved from selling licenses for on-premise installations to a cloud-based/subscription model in 2002. We are passionate about building awesome tools to make people's work lives easier. Our motto is People First, which describes how we treat our customers and our amazing company culture.

Ultimate Software is hiring for a large number of full time development positions, including:

    - Data Engineers / Scientists

    - Software Engineers (Java and C#)

    - Software Test Engineers, and more.
About 20% of our Product Development team works from home. We have an unbelievable benefits/401K package, so apply to Fortune’s #1 Best Tech Company to Work For in 2017 today!

Here is a link to our job postings: http://ulti.pro/29PRPAj

You can also email resumes to techcareers AT ultimatesoftware.com

BloomReach | Backend Engineer | Bangalore | Full Time | Onsite | http://bloomreach.com

BloomReach brings businesses the first open and intelligent Digital Experience Platform (DXP), designed to accelerate the path to conversion, increase revenue, and grow customer loyalty.

Backend Engineers at BloomReach own and lead the design and development of our core technology components that serve over 20% of e-commerce users in U.S.

A few of our latest Bangalore-based projects:

  • Product Search for billions of interactions and millions of products

  • A Distributed, highly scalable content indexing system

  • Real time auto-complete system
What you would have done :

  • Got yourself a B.Tech/M.Tech or equivalent degree in Computer Science

  • Built software solutions for 2-6 years dabbling in backend first languages, such as C/C++, Java, Scala, Python.

  • Loved designing and analyzing applications end to end, which communicate with each other via services and APIs

  • Used map-reduce or large-scale data processing (e.g Hadoop), Linux serving systems, databases

  • Maintained distributed systems at significant scale in a production environment.

  • Have fun stories of how you broke systems (and how you then fixed them) :)

  • Brownie points for being an Open Source contributor.
If this is you and you can prove it, we’re interested in talking to you about joining our top-flight engineering team. To get the conversation started, send along a cool piece of code, a link to something you’ve built or a hack that you’re proud of to ZGFtYXlhbnRpLmdob3NoQGJsb29tcmVhY2guY29t . We can’t wait to have a look.

Urban Center for Computation and Data at the University of Chicago | Lead Software Engineer | Chicago | ONSITE FULLTIME

Help us build out Plenario (plenar.io), our open access hub for data about cities. Plenario aggregates open data about cities into a common spatial and temporal index to make data preparation easier for researchers and civic hackers. You will help us grow Plenario into the go-to platform for streaming real time data about cities, like sensor data from our lab's Array of Things network (http://arrayofthings.github.io/).

The Urban Center for Computation and Data (urbanccd.org) is a lab within the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory working to leverage the increasing complexity, diversity, and volume of urban data sources. UrbanCCD enables practical research into understanding cities and the impact of rapid urban growth and change on the natural environment, the built infrastructure, and the social and economic health of neighborhoods.

Our Stack:

- Backend: Python 3 (Flask, SQLAlchemy) and PostgreSQL (PostGIS) - Frontend: JavaScript (ES6, Ember.js) - Hosting: AWS (Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, Redshift, Kinesis, Lambda)

Perks: - All our code is open source (github.com/urbanccd-uchicago) - Great university benefits (8% 401(k) match, 20 days paid vacation) - Office on the Magnificent Mile overlooking the Chicago River

About You: - Experience developing and maintaining a production web application required - Experience in our stack preferred

Please email willengler@uchicago.edu or apply here: jobopportunities.uchicago.edu/applicants/Central?quickFind=234864

PharmGKB.org @ Stanford University | Software Developer, Web Developer | Stanford, CA | ONSITE | Fulltime | https://www.pharmgkb.org/

Come help advance science and medicine!

PharmGKB.org is a leader in the field of pharmacogenomics, how our genes affect our reaction to drugs. We combine our curators’ scientific expertise with our developers’ coding expertise to catalog and deliver valuable knowledge to our users and collaborators. Our coders gather data from many sources and deliver knowledge to our users via web applications, REST APIs, and desktop applications. We are about to deploy a major new redesign of our site (https://next.pharmgkb.org/) so now is a great time to join.

Applicants are expected to be experienced developers but not required to have biological or medical background. The best applicants will have a clear and working understanding of how to build modern web sites and services while taking the lead on projects in a small team of other developers. A good candidate will be comfortable working with server-side code like Java & Python and modern web frameworks like React and Redux. If you just like coding and building things this may be the right job for you.

Since we are part of academia our work/life balance is excellent. We are work in the beautiful new Stanford Engineering Quad on the Stanford campus. We are a small team so you could have a big impact in this very exciting field.

To apply, head to http://jobs.pgkb.com and follow the link to apply through the Stanford careers site.

Front Row Education -- San Francisco, CA -- https://www.frontrowed.com

* Senior Backend Engineer (REMOTE): https://frontrow.workable.com/j/463B843754

* Senior Frontend Engineer (REMOTE): https://frontrow.workable.com/j/0BE3FFDE8C

Come change how 6.5+ million US students learn Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and much more. Use data, advanced type systems, great product design and deep pedagogy to change lives.

World class, tight-knit colocated + distributed engineering team in continental US. One of the world's highest traffic Haskell products out there, 100% of backend and tools are in Haskell.

Big presence and stewardship of the Open Source community.

Use the best and simplest tools for the job, maintain the no-firefighting culture, sleep soundly at night.

Front Row is a venture funded, revenue generating Series-A YCombinator 2013 startup.

Keywords: Haskell, React.JS, FlowType, Ansible, AWS, PostgreSQL

San Francisco, CA / REMOTE OK in the US | Experienced Full Stack Rails Developer | Stitchfix | Full-time

Hello, we're continuing to do a ton of hiring at Stitchfix, but specifically I'm hiring a developer to join my small team - "Better Data Engineering". We are a small team that is responsible for Stitchfix's famous "Style Profile", and other similar data intensive customer facing features. We work closely with the Data Science team, and our goal is always to serve our customers better using the information they provided while not being creepy :-)

Stitchfix is a clothing / style personalization service. Search Instagram for #stitchfix, which will tell you a whole lot about us, how much our customers love us and you'll get an idea of our business. Come back when you're done.

Oh - also we've been really successful with all of this:

   * Last time we raised $ was $25 million back in 2014
   * We havent gone back for more $ since
   * We just did $730 million in annual sales (up for $230M last year)
   * We're profitable!
You can reach out directly to me (gal at stitchfix.com) - I'm a Principal Engineer at Stitchfix and the hiring manager for this position. Here is a job posting roughly covering this role:


...and Stitch Fix's "Multithreaded" Tech Jobs blog & site (http://technology.stitchfix.com) has a lot more about the team and other positions (we’re also hiring iOS, DevOps, and UX)

I can endorse Gal. Full disclosure: I work at Stitch Fix too. Gal was the first person who I interviewed with which started me off very well. :)

Okta | SF, Toronto, Seattle, London | Full-time, On Site

We are builders and owners. We believe we are solving some extremely big problems. Join a group of amazing humans who thrive on making customers—and each other—successful.

Why work at Okta? We believe that work is a never-ending process of learning and iteration. We work on extremely complex problems. We work on products that make millions of people's work lives better. We're funded by the industry's most respected investors.

Benefits: Happy hours, Ping pong, Lounges, Food, Global offices, HQ in San Francisco's bustling SOMA district, HQ South in San Jose — opening March 2017, Competitive salary, Stock options, Flexible time off, Weekly All-Hands, Hackathons and Volunteer events.

These are some of the ideas we live by: Confront the hard problems and solve them. Don't bullshit people. Protect the customer. Think bigger. Make it work. Never stop.

Please visit: https://www.okta.com/company/careers/ for all open positions and email: vimarsh.karbhari@okta.com

GRAIL | Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Security | Menlo Park, CA | Onsite

GRAIL is a life sciences company whose mission is to detect cancer early when it can be cured. GRAIL is using the power of high-intensity sequencing, population-scale clinical trials, and state of the art Computer Science and Data Science to enhance the scientific understanding of cancer biology and develop blood tests for early-stage cancer detection. We are seeking passionate and talented individuals to join us in realizing our mission, which has the potential to dramatically reduce the global burden of cancer.

Security Engineer: https://goo.gl/QGhVxe

Software Engineer (Front-end, Back-end:) https://goo.gl/Ca4t0a

Data Scientist: https://goo.gl/JhHapW

Machine Learning: https://goo.gl/laoyvF

* Please include a short note mentioning you saw the posting on HN.

I just applied for a different position listed on your website. Quick question:

1. Do you sponsor H1B's for people who join on OPT/do you hire on OPTs?

3. There are like 3 or so jobs with almost identical requirements. Should I go ahead and submit identical CVs and cover letters for all of them?

Captain401 (YC S15) | San Francisco, CA | Full Time | ONSITE

We're building the perfect retirement savings plan for startups and small businesses. We make essential HR administration a snap for businesses large and small, and sound investing strategy accessible to everyone.

We also raised a substantial seed round from top investors: http://blogs.wsj.com/venturecapital/2016/02/24/captain401-ra.... If you’ve been wanting to dive into an early stage startup, this is the perfect time to start talking to us.

We have a lot of open roles, so we'd love to hear from anyone interested to working with us. Specifically, we're hiring for:

* Full-stack Engineer (We use Node.js, React.js, Golang, and PostgreSQL)

* Product Manager

* Account Specialist / Customer Support

Reach out to careers@captain401.com, or apply at https://captain401.com/careers

Entre Computer Services | Full Stack Developer | Rochester, New York

Entre Computer Services has several openings for a Full Stack Developer. Entre provides a fast-paced team-oriented environment. We follow the Agile methodology and use JIRA for issue tracking and Git for source control. We develop using modern Continuous Integration and Deployment practices. We take on a large variety of work including web applications, web sites and mobile/desktop apps. We also have a ping pong table which can be a great way to get the creative juices flowing when working on a challenging programming problem!

The ideal candidate is detailed oriented and is as comfortable on the front end as they are the on back end. They thrive in a team environment and have experience building single-page applications and multi-page web applications.

Required Skills

2+ years of experience in the following areas:

- ASP .NET - .NET MVC / WebAPI - HTML5/CSS3 - JavaScript - SQL Server - IoC / DI frameworks

2+ years experience in at least one of the following JavaScript frameworks:

- Angular - Backbone - Ember - Knockout - React

Email resume and cover letter to quiz@entrecs.com

Zoosk Inc. | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | On-site

Zoosk is a leading online dating company that personalizes the dating experience to help singles find the person and relationship that’s just right for them. Our Behavioural Matchmaking technology is constantly learning from the actions of over 35 million members in order to deliver better matches in real time, making Zoosk a market leader in mobile dating.

Check out our engineering blog at: https://about.zoosk.com/en/engineering-blog/


     » Sr. Software Engineer, JavaScript

     » Sr. Software Engineer, Server-Side & Cloud Application

     » Quality Engineer

     » Software Development Engineer in Test
All positions offer a competitive salary, equity, and comprehensive benefits. Learn more at https://about.zoosk.com/en/careers/

→ Interested in a role? Email laurag@zoosk.com ←

Elevate Security | Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE, www.elevatesecurity.com

Data breaches increase every year as attackers continue to target employees for access and information. Elevate Security is creating a world where employees are a company’s strongest asset in defending against hackers. We are taking on this longstanding gap in the security space with a focus on behavioral and data science to improve security behaviors across employees in a measurable way. We’re looking for extraordinary and passionate people to help us build this future and redefine the security landscape.

For more information, check out our full job description - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1m8pmDpWZ5kFevhfXvHwJSyoG... or ping us on https://www.elevatesecurity.com/jobs/.

Finra | Research Analyst | New York City, NY | www.finra.org

We are looking for a creative thinker to join our newly established advanced analytics team. The ideal candidate will possess an advanced degree in mathematics, statistics, computer sciences or EE, and is interested in applying natural language processing, social graph and deep learning techniques to varying degrees of business challenges.

What we are looking for are:  Experience in natural language processing both in supervised and unsupervised approach  Experience in developing algorithmic solutions, modeling and visualization of complex high dimensional data, large volumes of data extraction and manipulation  Experience in variety of computer science subjects such as network theory and application, database and computation optimization  Knowledge of deep learning approach and some open source libraries such as Tensorflow, Theano, Keras and PyTorch would be preferred

The role is contract to hire and rate is negotiable (70+ hr). For those interested please send your resume to Richard.liao@finra.org

Osper | Backend Engineer, DevOps Engineer, DevOps Contractor | London, UK | VISA ONSITE

Osper (https://osper.com) is mobile banking for young people aged 8-18. We give children the power to manage their money, and parents the confidence to let them. We've already helped tens of thousands of young people learn what it means to spend and save in the digital world. We are growing fast, and need to expand our team. We are looking for an experienced backend developer with DevOps skills. Our infrastructure is built on python (2 and 3) and Flask; postgresql and dynamo db; docker/ECS for deployment. We integrate with quite a few third-parties for transaction processing/card payments/subscriptions/kyc checks etc. Compensation: £60,000 - £80,000 + stock options

You can apply at https://osper.workable.com/jobs/415580 or contact me directly with questions.

your email id please, have some questions

jobs@osper.com :)

Moonshot Labs | Developers - Ruby/Rails and Frontend/JS/React | Melbourne, Australia - Remote/Location Independent | 3-Month Contract, Full Time

Moonshot Labs is a new development studio established by Nathan Sampimon, founder of the Inspire9 co-working space and development agency. Team members include founders of Adioso, Skitch and Pozible.

We are working on several web/mobile projects for clients in travel, healthcare and real estate management.

Our stack includes Ruby on Rails and React/React Native, and we are looking for experienced developers who are able to hit the ground running with these technologies.

For details, see:

Front-End ReactJS role: https://gist.github.com/nathanscott/a4f4d7d363d5202dac7a83eb...

Ruby/Rails role: https://gist.github.com/nathanscott/3d759007daf4687ec52ef7cd...

SimpleLegal (YCS13) | Product Manager, API Engineer, Python Engineers, Customer Success Managers | Mountain View, CA | FULLTIME, ONSITE, https://www.simplelegal.com/careers

SimpleLegal is YC-backed, enterprise SaaS startup run by second-time founders in Mountain View, CA. We are the software platform for the in-house legal department. Sales has Salesforce. Marketing has HubSpot. Legal has SimpleLegal.

Our stack: Python, Django, Postgres, Django REST Framework, Javascript (jQuery).

Product Manager: Mid to senior enterprise product manager. Someone to start and grow this team. Help decide what goes on the road map, work with engineer, sales, customer success and customers to define timelines and priorities. Experiencing working with mid market to enterprise level customers.

API Engineer: Mid to senior engineer with experience working/designing APIs (experience with Python and Django REST Framework a plus).

Python Engineer: Mid to senior Python engineer. Experience with larger codebases, spanning multiple related products. Experience with Django is great. Really looking for someone to shape best practices and engineering standards as we grow the team.

Customer Success Managers (CSMs): Our CSMs are the first level of communication to customers in need of support. The CSMs analyze issues logged by customers, leverage product expertise and share best practices to help establish our place at the top of the legal technology space.

Also hiring in many other customer facing roles: Sales Development, Implementation, and Customer Support.

More Info, jobs and application: https://www.simplelegal.com/careers

Product Manager position is not listed on the careers page.

You're correct. If you're interested in the Product Manager position send us a resume and a note saying it's related to the HN posting.


OK. You should note - someone from your company posted this job here in April and I pointed out the PM position wasn't listed. Same job posting in May and still no listing and now again in June, no listing.

Hey, do you guys sponsor visa?

Thumbtack | Software Engineer, SRE, Data Scientist, many others | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE

Thumbtack is a local services marketplace that connects millions of customers with the right professionals for anything they need done.

We are a friendly, ambitious team of 100+ engineers in a bright SoMa office with daily home-cooked food, backed by Sequoia and Google Capital. Together, we are disrupting a $700B market in the US alone where word of mouth is still the status quo.

We're looking for engineers and SREs interested in working with Go, Scala/Spark, PHP, Angular, iOS, Android, and AWS/GCP. We're also looking for data scientists interested in predictive modeling, machine learning, and experimental design and analysis. Join us!

http://www.thumbtack.com/jobs http://www.thumbtack.com/engineering Please reach out to jessica [at] thumbtack.com with any questions.

Airbnb Payments | Engineers and Data Scientists | Full-time ONSITE (SF)

At Airbnb, we want to create a world where anyone can belong anywhere. And we’re just starting.

The Airbnb Payments team empowers people and communities to participate in our global marketplace. We transmit billions of dollars, in real-time, and in 70+ currencies in over 190 countries around the world. We want payments to be simple and transparent, yet invisible and comfortable. Less transactional, more human.

We’d love to grow our team with people who are excited by operating at a global scale, creating frictionless experiences, and empowering millions of entrepreneurs.

Check out the story behind Brian Chesky’s first Airbnb payment here: https://youtu.be/Mssx8PleeYc

Come innovate on the future of payments: https://www.airbnb.com/careers/departments/engineering/payme...

Square | Appointments, San Francisco | Full Time | ONSITE | VISA sponsorship | https://squareup.com/appointments

Fullstack Engineers - come help define and build software that is the backbone of Services businesses (largest sector of the US Economy). We have fun technical problems to solve on the front-end as well as backend as we scale-up to serve the millions of small businesses across all countries served by Square

Apply today: https://www.smartrecruiters.com/Square/112674544 or email: rahul@squareup.com

Interview process is a phone screen, then onsite, then offer (competitive cash + equity that's liquid since we are public!).

Customer reviews: "Square appointments has CHANGED MY LIFE" | "I love it , I can enjoy more out of my days now . I don't have to keep my book with me 24 hours a day . Gives me a lot of freedom."

Ticketfly | Senior Software Engineer | San Francisco | ONSITE http://start.ticketfly.com

Several software positions open in our Tech team. Do you like Scala, Java, or Ember? Pitch from the team:

We're building the most open, intuitive, and innovative platform for live events. We're driven by natural curiosity, we improve through trust and transparency, and we're held together by a strong focus on community. Our attitude? Be inquisitive. Take ownership. Don't be afraid of the unknown. We don't have all the answers, because we're trying things we’ve never tried before.

Job listings:


Email brad@ the above domain if you've got questions about the position. I work on our product team, and we have product owners and designers directly embedded in the engineering teams. Also happy to talk about how we work!

EnergySavvy | Seattle, WA | Cambridge, MA | Onsite


EnergySavvy is on a mission to help solve one of the world’s biggest challenges: energy. We work with electric and gas providers across the country to improve the way consumers and businesses interact with energy at work and in their homes, and better serve their customers.

To give you a sense of our favorite technologies, our team works with: Flask, Python, React, Git, and PostgreSQL, but we don’t expect you to walk in the door knowing them.  

We’re hiring for a few key roles in our Cambridge and Seattle offices:

--- Seattle: ---

Software Engineer: http://bit.ly/2pBy6yQ

Client Engagement Professional: http://bit.ly/2pBxPfi

--- Cambridge: ---

Software Engineer: http://bit.ly/2qmpUTQ

--- Flexible Location: ---

Director of Client Solutions: http://bit.ly/2oRoW2b


Email christine at energysavvy.com to find out more or apply online.

Convoy | Software Engineer | Seattle | Full-time, onsite, https://convoy.com

We're optimizing trucking and logistics, an $800B industry that still runs on fax machines and phone calls. We're changing the way over 3.5 million truck drivers work and the way everything you use gets to you.

We are backed by very top tier investors. Read about us:



I've been here for over a year and we've grown a ton since I joined, but we still have a tight-knit, incredibly smart group of engineers. We have many interesting problems as well in machine learning, service architecture, mobile, desktop and web user experiences and in many other areas.

We would love more engineers, up and down the stack, and anywhere on the generalist <-> specialist spectrum. We use pretty cutting-edge tech (React, React-Native for mobile, TypeScript + Node for backend), but we're a lot more interested in engineering chops than any particular tech skills.

If you're interested in hearing more, reach out and grab coffee with me or one of our other developers. Help us grow an amazing tech team from a very early point in our company's history!

Some, but not necessarily all, of our open jobs: http://jobs.convoy.com

ELEMENTS INTERACTIVE | Python developer (strong medior/senior) | Almere, The Netherlands | Full-time, ONSITE, Visa

Elements Interactive is a tech studio building rock-solid web and mobile apps for a variety of clients. We have an international team of over 50 professionals passionate about technology and knowledge sharing. We work agile and our projects are really diverse both in length and technical difficulty. Our BE tech stack - Python, Django, Postgres, Nginx, Memcached, Redis, RabbitMQ, Ansible.


* equipment of your choice

* conferences, events, courses to stay on top of your skills

* flexible working hours (occasional WFH)

* free lunch, fruits & snacks, unlimited freshly ground coffee every day

* fun social events

* weekly group workout with our personal trainer

* travel costs compensated (if home<==>office >10km)

* Friday afternoon beer&games

More about us https://www.elements.nl

APPLY HERE https://elementsinteractive.workable.com/j/381A27B5E6

SumUp | Frontend Engineer | Berlin | ONSITE, VISA https://sumup.com

The people of SumUp have brought the best way to accept card payments to 15 countries so far, but we won’t stop there. Headquartered in London, SumUp's major offices are in Berlin, Sofia and São Paulo. The Berlin office alone comprises more than 100 people from 24 countries. SumUp could be interesting for you as an engineer in part because we cover so many platforms: we have physical hardware (made right here in Berlin), our own proprietary payment processing platform, mobile apps on iOS and Android, SDKs and APIs supporting third-party integration, and of course (the main star, in this team's humble opinion) a merchant-facing web app.

We're a team of 4 devs, looking to grow by several members. Our tech stack includes React, Angular 1.6, Webpack 2, Node (Koa and Express), Lodash, d3, and a little RxJS. We are hiring:

- Frontend Engineer: https://sumup.workable.com/j/10969B9646 - Senior Frontend Engineer: https://sumup.workable.com/jobs/487768

You'll be a great fit if you have a passion for technical excellent, enjoy implementing beautiful designs, are relatively comfortable working on the command line, and strive to learn something new every day!

Learn more about working at SumUp here: https://sumup.com/careers <<<


Note for both positions: If you are not an EU citizen, we can sponsor your visa, but please consider that our hiring process involves on-site interviewing and on-site trial work!

Beyond Pricing | Front End Engineer | SF | ONSITE https://beyondpricing.com

Beyond Pricing helps people make more revenue from their Airbnbs and vacation rentals. We are a small, yet growing, team, passionate about travel and building better technology for the sharing economy. We power the pricing for hundreds of thousands of listings across the globe. If you search for a place on Airbnb in any major market, a Beyond Pricing customer is likely in the first page of results.

As a Front End Engineer you will be in charge of helping us display complex data to our users in a simple (and beautiful) way. Our current stack is Ember.js, but experience in any specific technology isn't required. We especially would love to hear from you if you have started your own startup before.

We're well-funded and profitable. We offer flexible work hours, competitive salary, medical, dental, vision and 401k.

Send applications to david@beyondpricing.com

Facebook | Solutions Engineer | Menlo Park, NYC, Paris, Dublin, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Seoul | Onsite

Solutions Engineers at Facebook spend roughly half their time working with product engineering teams and writing production code. The other half of their time is spent working directly with partners to develop and execute their Facebook technology strategy.

We find that this setup is great for engineers that want to spend more time on the business side of things or have more people interaction while still being hands on with code.

This allows large advertisers to work directly with people at Facebook that have a knowledge of the ads codebase, and Solutions Engineers can implement great suggestions made by partners.

More about the role is available at https://www.facebook.com/careers/life/solutions-engineering-... .

Facebook | Solutions Engineering Manager | Berlin | Onsite

We also have a great opportunity for an engineering manager that would like to support a team in Berlin. You would support a distributed team, so some travel would be required. Roughly half the time would be spent on people management, with the other half on Solutions Engineering work.

We are looking for someone fluent in German.

We will consider a very experienced tech lead that would like to make the transition into people management.

If you would like to apply or have any questions, feel free to send me an email at rcheng@fb.com .

You can find the job listings at https://www.facebook.com/careers/teams/engineering/ , under “Solutions Engineering”.

Software Engineer | Zenysis (YC W16) | SF, NYC | Onsite, Fulltime

Zenysis is building a data analysis product for governments of developing countries. Our current projects focus on healthcare and affect over 100 million people. In the past year, we've helped governments fight epidemic outbreaks, combat food shortages, and allocate several hundred million dollars in healthcare spending.

We have a lot on our plate. We're building early warning systems for disease outbreaks, automatically detecting low-quality data, and running models to recommend the most effective health interventions across entire countries. The work we do is not always easy, but it's very rewarding. We're looking for other mission-focused engineers who care about seeing their impact in the world and are comfortable building complex, mission-critical systems.

More info: http://www.zenysis.com/careers.html

CRITEO (http://labs.criteo.com/) | Paris, France | Full-time ONSITE | Software Engineer – Live Traffic Analysis (VISA sponsorship)

We are looking for software engineers to join a team working on large scale/real-time traffic analysis and anomaly detection in our R&D

• Be creative: investigate and think out of the box to prevent us from fraud

• Create brand new tools to detect and monitor suspicious traffic

• Play with Scala in our first R&D team using streaming

• Work closely with all departments: you will have the chance to discover Criteo faster than anyone here!

• Provide security guidance and expertise on anomaly management

Missions of the team in more details: http://labs.criteo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Software-E...

Feel free to drop us a line at rndrecruitment[@]criteo.com =)

Factual | Engineers and data lovers | Los Angeles, Shanghai | www.factual.com/jobs#openings

Factual is currently hiring engineers and data lovers of all levels in Los Angeles and Shanghai.

Factual’s location platform enriches mobile location signals with definitive global data, enabling personalized and contextually relevant mobile experiences. Built from billions of inputs, the data is constantly updated by Factual’s real-time data stack. We were named one of "50 Disruptive Companies in 2013" by MIT Technology Review. We have a terrific team that is still fairly small and an incredible CEO who was previously the co-founder of Applied Semantics (which was bought by Google and became AdSense). Factual has venture funding from Andreessen-Horowitz and our partners/customers include Bing, Apple, Facebook and Groupon.

There are many challenging problems to work on at all layers of the stack: data cleaning and canonicalization, storage, deduping, serving, APIs, improving data using machine learning, etc. A great example is one of our most recent products, Geopulse Audience, which stands at the intersection of high quality places data and large scale analysis of user geo-data: http://www.factual.com/products/geopulse-audience . If you love data, Factual is the place to be. Our main criteria are that you're smart and get things done, but you'll get bonus points for experience with Clojure (http://www.factual.com/jobs/clojure), machine learning, NLP, algorithm design, or Hadoop/Spark.

You can email me personally at alexr@factual.com, or view our job postings here: https://www.factual.com/jobs#openings

bluespot | Software Developer | London, UK | ONSITE, SALARY:40k-70k GBP https://bluespot.io

bluespot is a friendly London-based web development consultancy on the look out for experienced developers.

We build web apps for a range of clients, from small startups to government departments. Working in small teams we use a simple but powerful agile methodology that encourages collaboration, delivery, reflection and improvement.

bluespot is a family and life friendly company, and we enjoy working in a casual, friendly atmosphere at a sustainable pace. We are honest and transparent in our work and are not interested in selling clients anything they don’t need.

Our go to stack is React, Redux, Ruby on Rails all TDD of course!

Find out more and apply here: http://bluespot-io.breezy.hr/p/9d5e965b267c-software-develop...

PRIVATE INTERNET ACCESS | https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/

Available jobs:

Developers, DevOps, Marketing | [Remote] | Full-Time

Tech Support | Denver, CO | Onsite | Full-Time

PRIVATE INTERNET ACCESS is fighting the good fight against censorship, surveillance, and overall evil. Please e-mail jobs@privateinternetaccess.com to APPLY. Please make sure to send a resume, cover letter, links to anything worth seeing, etc.

Please read this if you haven't already: http://www.activism.net/cypherpunk/manifesto.html

If you want to help fight the good fight with the company who has donated the most to organizations such as the EFF, FFTF, Creative Commons, Linux Mint, Freenode, etc., then send us an e-mail.

Thank you in advance, and have a wonderful day. We look forward to standing in line with you against draconian injustice.

DocSpot | Entry-level Back-end Developer | Santa Clara, CA | ONSITE | http://www.docspot.com

We're looking for a full-time entry-level back-end developer to improve our service that helps users find doctors and other healthcare professionals. We do not require a college degree and we also do not require previous professional experience. See the relevant link at https://docs.google.com/document/d/11vfv3tR5WMeQ84K5gdQu-C_2...

Once candidates have submitted a complete application, we typically let them know within one week whether we would like to meet in person. There should be at most two rounds of interviews, and the process typically includes some basic coding questions and logic problems.

Weissmaler | Berlin, Germany | ONSITE | Full time | Relocation & VISA support

We're looking for a senior backend developer that is experienced in either Scala or Java (we'll be using Scala.) Additional experience in Postgres and/or GraphQL is greatly appreciated.

Additionally we're very open to applications for frontend (React) and mobile (React Native)!

WEISSMALER is Germany’s first tech-driven painting company. Our ambition is to build the largest and best painting company in Germany, using technological innovation to manage our painters better and more efficiently than traditional painting companies.


  - Challenging tasks with visible impact
  - Great office in Neukölln
  - Laptop: Dell XPS 15" or your choice in the same price range
  - A startup with an actual business model & revenue
  - As much responsibility as you're ready to take on
Send an introductory email to emil.ahlbaeck@weissmaler.de

Say Media | Full Stack Web Engineers/DB Engineer | Portland, OR | FULLTIME ONSITE

Say Media is building a platform for digital magazines. This year we're scaling from 100 million page views to 500 million. Come help us do this!

Say is a fun place to work at, with great work/life balance. We're looking for good engineers who enjoy learning new technologies. Our publishing platform is Python/Node.js based with an Angular front end, but it's okay if you don't have experience with these yet. We are also increasingly using Redshift and Kinesis and need a DB engineer to take the lead on these technologies.

I'm not a recruiter, just a programmer who enjoys working at Say. You can see our jobs at http://www.saymedia.com/jobs, or email your resume to me and I'll pass it to the right person (email in profile).

TrueCar | Santa Monica, CA Full Time

TrueCar is looking to grow our technology team by quite a bit this year. We are hiring engineers with interest in the below positions:

* Software Engineers (Rails)

* Software Engineers (Rails/Platform)

* Front End Engineers (React)

* Data Engineers (Java/Hadoop)

* DevOps / Site Reliability / Infrastructure Engineers (AWS)

* QA / Software Development Engineers in Test (SDET)

* Director, Project Management

We acquired the talent of quite a few Carwoo (YCS09) alums a few years ago. We've been around for over 10 years and went public 3 years ago. The company has big plans for the coming years and is looking for good developers to help us grow. See http://careers.true.com for the full scoop.

* We prefer you work with us in-person in Santa Monica. We'll handle most visa situations.

* Benefits are exceptional: Your health premiums are 100% paid for, we match your 401k (up to 3% of your contributions), and give stock packages. We also pay for your gym membership (up to $50/month) and have catered lunches every Wednesday.

* Our Santa Monica HQ is right by the beach and Third Street Promenade, so expect fresh air and plenty of food options. Our SF office is right off the Montgomery BART station with 360 degree views of downtown and the bay. The Austin office is brand new with state of the art designs and plenty of space to grow!

* Ruby on Rails, React, AWS, React, Redis, PostgreSQL, Hadoop, and Elasticsearch

* VISAS are handled under the right circumstances.

Send an email to me (Brett) (bemma AT truecar.com) with your resume and/or GitHub profile. Even if you're not applying but just have questions, drop me a line

Amazon Alexa | Software Development Engineer 2, Senior Technical Program Manager | Seattle, WA

We're working on some challenging problems in the natural language understanding space, making it easier for Alexa to have more human-like interactions with you. If you have a background in NLP/NLU/ML or you are a strong developer or technical program manager looking to learn more about this area, we're a great team to join. I'm the manager for this group and would be happy to talk if you're interested. You can send me a dm @diamondbishop or email me diamondbishopATgmail.

-(SDE) https://www.amazon.jobs/en/jobs/484307

-(TPM) https://www.amazon.jobs/en/jobs/539697

Powerley | Multiple positions | Royal Oak, MI | Onsite, Full-Time | www.powerley.com

Powerley is seeking passionate individuals who are driven to build great products. Our mission is to connect the smart grid to the smart home with the only utility led Home Energy Management Solution developed for utilities worldwide. We believe the best product decisions are made by the people who are actually doing the work, and our culture is built around team collaboration and shared success.

We're growing fast. The open positions we have now are:

- Data Scientist - Product Manager - QA Director - Marketing Manager – Demand & Digital

Of course, there's more info and applications on our website: http://www.powerley.com/about/careers/

Feel free to reach out (PM or e-mail evalentiner@powerley.com) if you have questions or want to chat!

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure | Principal Member of Technical Staff | Seattle | ONSITE, https://cloud.oracle.com/en_US/bare-metal

Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure team is building new IaaS technologies that operate at high scale in a broadly distributed multi-tenant cloud environment. Our customers run their businesses on our cloud, and our mission is to provide them with best in class compute, storage, networking, database, security, and an ever expanding set of foundational cloud-based services.

We’re looking for hands-on engineers with expertise and passion in solving difficult problems in distributed systems, virtualized infrastructure, and highly available services. If this is you, at Oracle you can design and build innovative new systems from the ground up. These are exciting times in our space - we are growing fast, still at an early stage, and working on ambitious new initiatives. An engineer at any level can have significant technical and business impact.

As a Principal Member of Technical Staff you will own the software design and development for major components of Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure. You should be both a rock solid coder and a distributed systems generalist, able to dive deep into any part of the stack and low level systems, as well as design broad distributed system interactions. You should value simplicity and scale, work comfortably in a collaborative, agile environment, and be excited to learn.

- 5+ years experience delivering and operating large scale, highly available distributed systems. - Strong knowledge of C, C++ or Java, and experience with scripting languages such as Python, Perl, etc. - Strong knowledge of data structures, algorithms, operating systems, and distributed systems fundamentals. - Working familiarity with networking protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP) and standard network architectures. - Strong understanding of databases, NoSQL systems, storage and distributed persistence technologies. - Strong troubleshooting and performance tuning skills. - Experience building multi-tenant, virtualized infrastructure a strong plus.

Oracle is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and protected veterans status or any other characteristic protected by law.

To apply, contact jon.sime (at) oracle.com.

Opal | Sr Frontend Engineer | Portland OR | Onsite | https://workwithopal.com/careers

Opal is creating a brand new space for marketing/brand collaboration work. We've gotten significant traction with top brands like Nike, AirBnB, Weiden + Kennedy, Target, Levis, and many more. We've recently closed our B round and are gearing up for major growth.

We believe the best products are built when design and engineering work in concert, and are looking to hire the best to support that vision. We have tons of openings including:

- Front End Engineer (React, Javascript)

- Back End Engineer (Elixir, Javascript, Ruby)

- SDET (NightmareJS, Jenkins, anything needed to get it done)

Plus, we offer relocation assistance for candidates who are looking to move to Portland (who wouldnt want to live in Portland ^_^)

If you're interested, ping at bnguyen [at] workwithopal.com

PlatformWatch | Full Stack Developer | NYC | $80-110K + equity + benefits | Full-time, ONSITE / REMOTE |

I’m one of the co-founders at PlatformWatch (https://www.platformwatch.com/). We’re building a platform that will change the entire software procurement lifecycle; including how you discover, purchase, manage and optimize SaaS applications.

We’re a two person team based in NYC and are hiring our first full-stack software engineer (and first hire) to grow our team. We're tackling a variety of problems and in this role, you'd have the opportunity to wear multiple hats including building large-scale data systems and designing best-in-class product experiences.

Our stack is a combination of Python, Go, JavaScript, Redis, and Postgres.

Email shlomo@platformwatch.com if you’re interested and want to know more

The Trade Desk | Full Time, Onsite | San Jose CA, San Francisco CA, Aliso Viejo CA, Ventura CA, Boulder CO, New York NY, London UK, Sydney AUS, Bellevue WA

Hiring: All levels of software engineers, as well as front-end focused developers who are comfortable with data-access design, development and optimization. You might be a great fit for The Trade Desk dev team if:

* You are a full-stack engineer who wants to work everywhere, not just a small subset of components. Experience / interest in working in a variety of layers and technologies within a SOA is a must for our team. This includes: client-side AngularJS / JQuery, MVC-based web architecture, external RESTful APIs, distributed (and in our case, highly scaled) request handling services, no-SQL and relational SQL databases, many-layered data pipeline (e.g. data bus architecture, Hadoop / MPP data warehouse, etc.) that moves hundreds of thousands of items per second, and data visualization (e.g. Tableau). Experience in all these layers is not strictly required, but we do like to see experience working in more than one, as well as eagerness to work on projects that might slice through them all.

* You have product-driven software development experience using a modern, object-oriented language. Memory-managed languages are best -- .e.g. C#, Java, Python, Ruby, etc. We do most of our work in C#/.Net, but specific experience here is not required.

Cool stuff about TTD:

* Our platform processes 5million+ queries per second

* Work with the best engineering team in AdTech

* The combination of huge data sets, high throughput, low latency and amazing scale means that we're constantly solving some of the biggest challenges in computer science.

* We've grown faster than any other adtech company in the industry, and have been recently recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in America by Inc. Magazine and Deloitte.

* Amazing Company Culture (We're very proud of our top rating on Glassdoor)

* Top-tier benefits

If you're interested, please apply directly on our website: https://www.thetradedesk.com/join-us/open-positions

*Note: We are also hiring a Big Data DBA (Vertica), an East & West Coast Solutions Architect, a Sr. Data Scientist, and a BI Data Warehouse Developer!

  AdGear - ONSITE - Backend Engineer (Erlang, C, Rust) - Montreal - FullTime
  AdGear - ONSITE - Data Engineer (Scala, Java)- Montreal - FullTime
  AdGear - ONSITE - Javascript Application Engineer (TypeScript, Knockout.js) - Montreal - FullTime
  AdGear - ONSITE - Ruby Application Engineer (Ruby) - Montreal - FullTime
AdGear is a digital advertising technology company providing platforms and services for digital media innovators such as publishers, advertisers, and media agencies. We operate a full-stack advertising platform enabling our customers to innovate with formats, audience data, reporting, pricing and distribution strategies. For more information, complete description of roles, and details on applying, please see http://jobs.adgear.com/

http://rsrchxchange.com | Full Stack Python Hacker and Frontend Angular/LESS dev (2 jobs)| London or Catnerbury, UK | ONSITE

We are looking for both Frontend (angular) and Full-stack/backend (python) Devs.

Looking to join a small 6 person, casual, team of PhD's/Unix hackers who pride themselves on quality? Looking for a well funded startup run by an experienced dev team who have been working together for 10 years? Do you love python, postgres, pyramid and sqlalchemy?

Drop us a line - we're working on a large, well funded, project where we process (for search & convenient reading) thousands of documents a day for the finance industry and need a solid pair of hands with a sense of humor and a life outside of work. This involves a pile of aws infrastructure, and a fair amount of tricky reporting and data-collection work, as well as things like 'similar to this document' and surrounding compliance. Lots of good concurrency issues and careful balancing of resources & profiling profiling profiling... and testing!

As pretty much everything we do is based on open source libraries we try to contribute back where we can, have contributed small patches to sqlalchemy & deform.

We will happily consider a range of experiences, but would prefer someone who is familiar with our tool-chain, any experience with elastic search & recommendation mechanisms a plus. Some frontend js/css knowlege, and sysadmin (ansible, linux) knowledge welcome too although we are happy to share internally.

Our offices are in London (near Baker st), and Canterbury, Kent.

Drop us an email to contact at our domain name with a CV, and any work you may have open sourced online.

Our interview process will usually involve a skype chat, followed by a group chat with the whole team. Depending on background we may ask you to complete a task or two.

No recruiters please.

9Cloud (https://9cloud.us/) | Software Engineer (Full stack engineer or Frontend Dev) | UK/EU/Other (Fully Remote)

Full Time or Contract Compensation £18K – £46K

If you love art, photography, and technology, then you're in luck. We're working on an adult-oriented social network, and fan-sites.

We are a 3-year-old company. We work with artists, publishers, and advertising agencies and as a full-stack engineer, you will be on the ground floor of a small but fast-growing company.



Building out 9Cloud web-apps using HTML/CSS/JS (React) Building out the backend for Python/Elixir

Some of the technologies we use are: Django, React, Elixir, Celery/RabbitMQ, Redis, Postgres, ElasticSerach

Any experience you have with those would be helpful, otherwise, we're sure you can pick it up along the way.

Reach out for a chat with us at admin@9cloud.us

Smarkets | Full Time | ONSITE (London, UK; now also Santa Monica, California)

We're a modern betting exchange, going technology first to enable proper price competition in a field of fat commissions. Join a small, agile, and fast-growing team, in our beautiful office in St. Katharine Docks. If our US location tickles your fancy, you get to help setting up a brand new office too.

Smarkets develops a reliable, low-latency, highly concurrent betting exchange based on trading exchange designs. We're also building a fast, modern web interface to allow for a smoother experience. Servicing our users is top priority.

The Smarkets platform is written predominantly on Python and Erlang, and relies heavily on asynchronous programming techniques. We use REST where we can. Life at Smarkets circles around people, version control, configuration management and automation. We can - and do - deploy to production several times a day.

Our entire production is in AWS. In fact, Smarkets was the first gambling operator under the Maltese regulator to get permission to run everything in the cloud. We push the envelope where needed and educate auditors when necessary.

We are looking for engineering talent in the following roles:

* Frontend Software Engineer (London & LA)

* Junior Quantitative Analyst (London)

* Mid-Level Quantitative Analyst (London)

* QA Engineer (London)

* Software Engineer (London & LA)

If you like the idea of flat structure and practical engineering approach, see our jobs at https://smarkets.com/careers/ . (Some time ago I wrote an overview about our engineering challenges, which you can find at https://smarketshq.com/the-challenges-of-running-a-betting-e... .)

CrazyGames | Software engineer | Leuven, Belgium (20 minutes from Brussels by train) | Hiring Full-time and Part-time

CrazyGames.com is a browser games company reaching 5 million people per month, based in Leuven, Belgium. We're looking for a tech lead who'll be the first full-time employee. The qualifications we're looking for are general web software engineering and some game development experience (ideally in Unity). Note that since you're the first full-time employee you'll have a lot of freedom and responsibility. Our stack is Javascript (React) and Python running on AWS.

A full job description can be found here: https://www.crazygames.com/jobs

If you are interested or know someone who might be, you can reach out to raf@crazygames.com.

Black Mountain (blkmtn.com) | Software Engineer | San Diego, CA | Onsite, Full Time

Black Mountain is a software company that develops innovative, tailored solutions for data aggregation, process management, and business reporting. We've made the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 List for 3rd year in a row. We're a fun company to work for, and we have great benefits. https://www.themuse.com/companies/blackmountainsystems

Position Description: C# / SQL Server / JavaScript Junior - Mid level We are constantly adding new functionality into our core product. Alongside our core product, we have some fresh new initiatives we are building from the ground up to help us break into new market segments.

Contact: jcook@blkmtn.com

New startup | Distributed Systems Engineer, 2xEngineer, Designer | San Francisco | onsite, full-time | paul.biggar@gmail.com

We're solving this problem: https://circleci.com/blog/its-the-future/

I founded and was CEO of CircleCI, and I'm in the early stages of a new and extremely ambitious startup. There's a huge technical and design challenge around building the systems we need. We're creating a programming language, a compiler, an editor, and a ton of distributed systems. It's going to be awesome - email me: paul.biggar@gmail.com

Under-represented folks are especially encouraged to apply, and will find a welcoming environment. Not sure if you want to apply? Send me a note anyway and we can chat!

Cruise Automation | C++ Engineers, Data Scientists, Android Engineers | San Francisco | ONSITE

Description: We're the driverless car company. We believe in improving people’s lives by making transportation safer, more accessible, and more convenient.

Our team is small and we move quickly. We’re currently testing a fully driverless solution on city streets in San Francisco. We're looking for smart, ambitious people to help build the world’s largest fleet of driverless cars.

We are looking to hire C++ engineers across the entire company so please check out our open roles!

Check out this video of our car driving fully autonomously through SF!


Technologies: C++ on ROS Visa Sponsorship: We can transfer Visas Contact: Anthony@getcruise.com

NXLog - Log Management| DevOps Engineer | Europe | REMOTE ONLY | https://nxlog.co

We would like to hear from you if you are interested in building fantastic products in the log management space and would like to be part of our growing team. We are a remote-only company and you will will be able to work under a flexible schedule. As a DevOps engineer you will be responsible for maintaining our infrastructure, occasionally engage in support with customers, troubleshoot issues related to the products, research and integrate NXLog with third party solutions and shiny new tech that emerges.

There are other open positions available. More info at https://nxlog.co/careers

Wealthport.com | Senior Front-End Web Engineer, Data Preparation Expert, Senior Computer Science Researcher | Zurich | SALARY: 100k-120k CHF | ONSITE

Using machine learning an nlp, we merge trashy, badly-labeled excel sheets into useable, categorised and normalized data. We are obsessed with functional programming and we are using mainly Scala and Javascript. We look for:

0) Senior Computer Science Researcher - you will read & write papers on nlp and ml and implement algorithms in our core product.

1) Senior Front-End Web Engineer - you will build our customer dashboard that enables input of unstructured data.

2) Data Preparation Export (Data Science) - you will help our customers adjust their data to our platform.

The interview process:

0) 15 min call with our tech recruiter (who is a former engineer)

1) Technical call with CTO

2) Onsite day solving a programming task with us.

Send us a short intro about yourself to:


VincuVentas / Polymath Ventures | UI/UX Designer with Product Feeling | Bogotá, Colombia | ONSITE, VISA, https://vincuventas.com/

VincuVentas is a data-driven marketplace for matching job-seeking candidates and businesses in the sales domain. We were founded by one of the most important company builders in the LATAM region, Polymath Ventures [0], with which we share an office. We're looking for a UI/UX Designer to join our diverse 10-person colombian-swiss-dutch-italian-german team in Bogotá. There is a strong focus on fast, iterative learning cycles and a real chance for you to impact the direction the product is going to take over the next coming months.

Some of the things you can work on here would be:

  * Design Vincu’s company and candidate facing products, including candidate profiles, subscription forms, easy to use inbox system, market intelligence, etc
  * Communicate with the tech and marketing team to continuously improve our platform and allow rapid scaling
  * Quickly design and test prototypes with real clients
  * Create wireframes, storyboards, user flows, process flows and site maps to effectively communicate interaction and design ideas
...and much more. You'll have a lot of freedom to explore different areas of the product and thereby develop yourselves in the direction you would like to go. More info and application here: http://www.polymathv.com/join-us/706131/UI%2FUX+Designer/ Feel free to ask me any questions you might have (city, office, team, application process, ...), email in profile.

Needless to say, Bogotá is a very exciting place to live in, Colombia offers many options for getaways and exploration (think beaches, mountains, plains and jungles rolled into one).

[0] http://www.polymathv.com/

Draft | Operations/Backend/SRE/DevOps Engineers | New York, NY | Onsite | Full-time | Salary: $135-$170k

Do you...

Enjoy building scalable, distributed systems with automation and modern tools?

Love telemetry and monitoring and view them as a means of validating success as much as diagnosing problems?

Know how to apply best practices to enable building of a resilient system across multiple geographic regions, as well as within a single zone?

Have enough determination to solve the vexing issues -- and the prudence to leave the non-pertinent challenges for later?

Have a "buck stops here" attitude, and feel personal responsibility for the availability and success of projects you contribute to?


DRAFT (get.playdraft.com) is the first truly mobile sports fantasy game. On DRAFT you can do quick head-to-head drafts with your friends (or random opponents), or draft in groups, leagues or tournaments. And you can even win real money doing it.


We're proud of our flexible, collaborative atmosphere that stresses quality and efficiency over sheer velocity. We're looking for people who value integrity and humility, and take pride in the work they do. Our hierarchy is very flat and everyone is empowered to make or contribute to important decisions.


We were recently acquired by Paddy Power Betfair (ISE: PPB) and are preparing for a significant increase in users as a result of cross-promotion and the start of the NFL season. Accordingly, we’re looking for a few talented operations and back-end engineers to form the core infrastructure team to help us scale, build new features, and improve our engineering tools.

Apply at https://angel.co/playdraft/jobs/234940-operations-engineer-s... or shoot us an email: nicolo at playdraft.com.

Marketing Attribution | Lead and Senior Data Engineer and Lead Frontend Engineer | Evanston, IL (with telecomute days) | Full Time | On Site | http://marketingattribution.com

Marketing Attribution was founded and is run by Ross-boy Link, a seasoned statistician and entrepreneur who’s been doing data science since before the term was coined. Ross continues to actively participate in the development of the product given his background in analytics and you’ll see him sling some Python to experiment with a new way to crunch numbers.

We develop and support highly automated analytical software that uses cloud-based statistical analysis of large marketing datasets to measure the incremental sales that result from various media, allocate marketing spend to the most efficient media, and connect to media buying systems to execute media buys.

In short, we take the client’s sales and marketing data, run analytics on it (our secret sauce), and from those results, tell the client where they should start and/or stop spending on marketing (TV, Radio, Internet etc.).

We're hiring our first engineers (#2, #3, and #4). Full description at:

- Lead Data Engineer (http://marketingattribution.com/jobs/lead-data-engineer)

- Senior Data Engineer (http://marketingattribution.com/jobs/senior-data-engineer)

- Lead Frontend Engineer (http://marketingattribution.com/jobs/lead-frontend-engineer)

You're coming in on the ground floor. This is an entirely greenfield project with no legacy code to maneuver around. You'll be responsible for building everything from the ground up.

PlanGrid (YCW12) | San Francisco | Full-time, On-Site | Visa

  We’re building software that is changing the construction industry (think GitHub for construction, but our ambitions are bigger). Our users love our app because it helps them build real things more efficiently.
  By joining our team you can influence product decisions and work on interesting technical challenges (our client apps work with GBs of data). Our engineering teams are small; whatever team you work on, your impact will be huge!
  We’re looking for new team members on our client teams: Android, Web, iOS, Windows.

  We’re also looking for QA Automation engineers, data scientists and engineering managers. You can see our job postings and apply here: http://grnh.se/8fcutd

Hey! Looks like the link to job postings is broken.

Correct. The link => http://grnh.se/8fcutd redirects to https://boards.greenhouse.io/plangrid?gh_src=8fcutd

which says

"The board you are looking for is no longer open."

Radius | San Francisco | Backend Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer | On-site - Full-time| http://www.radius.com/careers/

Radius is a fast-growing, venture-backed startup in the heart of San Francisco. Radius applies advanced data science to build cutting-edge machine learning solutions. We are looking for talented individuals to join our dynamic Engineering team!

Senior Software Engineer: Sr. Backend Engineer who has advanced experience with Java, SQL, and relational databases. https://jobs.lever.co/radius/722273c5-9ff6-4204-ac46-da404da...

Senior Software Engineer-Machine Learning: Sr. Backend Engineer who has experience working on challenging production systems and large-scale data processing using Python, Scala, or Spark. https://jobs.lever.co/radius/63f7b3b5-2e74-4a20-94ef-5ff6b9c...

Product Manager Machine Learning: PM who has a strong technical background and experience being hands on with a predictive or machine learning product. https://jobs.lever.co/radius/82d98b80-2994-46dc-8e9d-83d591b...

Engineering Manager, Applications Hands on Engineering Manager who has built and grown teams and has deep technical knowledge of Java. https://jobs.lever.co/radius/61657b12-eca0-45bf-883c-12b2ce8...

Drop us a note: jobs@radius.com | Learn more about us: http://www.radius.com/careers/

MindMeet | Rails developer | Remote (preferably UK or European timezone) | 3 month contract

We're looking for an experienced Rails developer to join our growing tech team at https://www.mindmeet.us/ - initially for a three month contract. This is a fully remote position working for an exciting new fully remote company. Our tech stack includes Rails, Postgres, Elastic Beanstalk, and our challenges involve various aspects of scheduling and payment processing, in addition to building a brilliant experience for our users so that they can share their knowledge, skills, and experience for the general good of the world.

Please email me at bas@cornucopic.com to discuss further.

Whisper in Venice, CA is looking to hire across our growing engineering team. Whisper is a tech focused media company with specializations in Data Science and Erlang/Elixir. We offer a beach side office, in-house chefs, conference budget, quarterly hackathons, dedicated automated UI testing resources and a solid engineering team to learn from and impact.

Current Openings: Director, Mobile Engineering (iOS or Android), Senior iOS Engineer, Mid-Level iOS Engineer, Senior Server Engineer, VP of Product, VP of Ad Operations and Yield, Graphic Designer

Please apply on jobs page at http://whisper.sh/jobs or email Lyndsey Lustig (Technical Recruiter)at Lyndsey@Whisper.sh

Tetra (YC W17) | Founding Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Onsite | Full-time | $80k-$140k + 0.5 - 3.0%

Tetra is looking for product engineers to join our founding team. Tetra is an AI notetaker for phone calls. Our mission is to use speech recognition and NLP to help teams be more creative and get more done. We're solving a tier one problem for millions of information workers, while helping bring conversational speech recognition to human parity.

Why you should join:

- We're a product-oriented company with research-grade deep learning at the core.

- We just graduated from Y Combinator and have raised a seed round from great angels and VCs

- This is a great opportunity to help shape direction of the product and get early stage equity.

Email founders@asktetra.com with your resume and GitHub.

District M | Montreal, Quebec, Canada | FULLTIME| ONSITE

We are an ad-tech company building unique solutions for publishers and advertisers.

Looking for: * Full stack, PHP and JS * Senior/Intermediate Front End (JS)

Work within a tight, autonomous team in the heart of one of the most livable neighbourhoods in North America, competitive salary, quarterly performance based bonus, 3 weeks min time off.

We currently leverage Symfony 3 and React + Redux, delivering on realistic deadlines and report to technical persons only.

Small, profitable company with opportunities for meaningful growth and impact.

Prior ad-tech experience not a requirement.

Contact: mo <at> districtm.ca Website: https://www.districtm.ca/careers

Conduit | Software engineer (Full stack, front-end, back-end) | Boston/Cambridge | FULL-TIME | https://cond.co


Conduit is a small venture-backed startup based out of Cambridge. We’re building personal relationship management software to help track, maintain, and grow relationships. People have a hard time staying in touch with others-- let's change that.

We're continuing to grow our team. If you're a top engineer with any background, we want you: someone who can hold their own and be comfortable taking charge of large projects at an early-stage company. You'll build out our infrastructure from the ground up, make and defend impactful technical decisions, and have the opportunity to grow into future leadership positions. We value smarts over skill-- experience, versatility, and intuition are crucial. Sound like a good fit? Let's get in touch.


Front-end engineer (JS/React, Node/Express, GraphQL): https://angel.co/goconduit/jobs/210117

Back-end engineer (Python, DBs and APIs, Node): https://angel.co/goconduit/jobs/210118


- Be an early-stage employee and work with a fun, world-class team. - Receive significant equity at a fast-growing and valuable company. - Little to no legacy: don't deal with old codebases; we're clean and modern. - Flexible vacation policy: take the time you need. - Bring your own laptop. We'll provide everything else you need to be productive. - Team lunches twice a week and occasional team outings. - Unlimited snacks, plus all the coffee, tea, beer, and fruit water you can drink.


No remote, please. TO APPLY: Email us resume/work experience/some projects of yours to careers@cond.co




Grand Rounds | Kafka/Spark/Cassandra Engineer | SF | Onsite | Fulltime | https://www.grandrounds.com

We are building a leading edge/first-time in healthcare data platform to identify patients and their journey in healthcare and help them access best care and optimize their outcomes.

If you are skilled at APIs, Kafka, Spark, Cassandra, Presto, if you wanna change health care and improve people's lives, if you like working in a fast paced environment, send your resume to:


Also looking for a staff distributed search engineer. If you consider yourself an expert in search and sub 100ms performance, let us know.

Happy Thursday!

Udacity | Lead & Senior Software Engineer, Lead Data Analyst, Senior Data Analysts/Scientists (2), (5 positions) | Mountain View, CA |FULL TIME | REMOTE, VISA


Come join us and help us meaningfully impact the lives of millions of students across the world. Udacity has about 25% of employees who work remotely including many engineers. We have a good culture of remote work; you won't be alone working remotely!

Lead and Senior Data Engineering

Do you a vision and ability to architect data infrastructure from scratch? Data @ Udacity is an small team but we have a lot of exciting challenges. We currently have one engineer on the team and are looking for two (or possibly three) more. The team also has 9 data analysts and a data scientist. Scope of work involves architecting and building data pipelines with tools such as Kafka, Kinesis, Redshift, Airflow etc. We are at the very early stages of engineering design so there's a lot of creative freedom.

- Knowledge of Kafka and Zookeeper. Experience with writing Kafka consumers and/or producers.

- Prior experience with AWS Redshift and/or PostgreSQL preferred.

- Knowledge of Linux, network and file system, and database level troubleshooting.

- Ability to manage, mentor, and grow a team

- Experience in Python/Java.

Lead and Senior Data Analysts/Scientists

- Ability to figure out, and use the right analytical techniques to discover insights from data.

- Sampling, A/B testing, bayesian methods

- Excellent knowledge of Pandas/Python (or R)

- Prior experience with data visualization and abilty to use the right visualization tools to tell the right data story.

- Lead analyst will lead a team of 4-5 data analysts and be a techincal mentor for all projects related to her/his area.

Please email praveen+hnjobs@udacity.com with your resume and/or questions

Reviewsnap http://www.reviewsnap.com/ | Frontend Developer (Angular) | San Francisco; Seattle; Portland | ONSITE or REMOTE

Use your extensive knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to contribute to the site-wide redesign of Reviewsnap, a flexible employee performance review management system. This is a unique opportunity to work on a greenfields ground-up redesign of a profitable product.

If you're interested, please apply here: https://reviewsnap.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0hbew

LinkedIn | Sunnyvale, CA & San Francisco, CA| Full-Time | On-Site | Senior Software Engineers

LinkedIn connects the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. With more than 500 million members worldwide, including executives from every Fortune 500 company, LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network on the Internet.

Please feel free to reach out at lnnguyen@linkedin.com if you are interested in the following roles: Applications Development | Front-End/UI Engineering | Mobile Applications | Systems and Infrastructure | Data Mining and Machine Learning | Tools Engineering | Performance Engineering

Airtame (https://airtame.com) | Copenhagen, Denmark | NYC, United States | Full-time, Onsite

Airtame is a fast-growing startup in the heart of Copenhagen. Our wireless streaming solution helps people work better.

We're currently hiring:

* Senior UI/UX Designer - Copenhagen (https://airtame.com/jobs/ui-ux-designer)

* Senior Software Engineer in Test - Copenhagen (https://airtame.com/jobs/senior-software-engineer-in-test)

* Web Developer - Copenhagen (https://airtame.com/jobs/web-developer)

* Infrastructure Engineer - Copenhagen (https://airtame.com/jobs/infrastructure-engineer)

* Technical Support and Network Specialist - NYC (https://airtame.com/jobs/tech-support-network-specialist)

Our talented engineers are given significant ownership and responsibility over projects. We value rapid iteration, continuous integration and testing, and we are serious about producing high-quality, maintainable software. Frequent code reviews, linting, and pairing are all integral components of our engineering culture. We encourage experimenting with new technologies and constantly challenge ourselves to improve our code, processes, and systems.

You can read a bit about our values on our Company Culture Trello Board: https://trello.com/b/ZXs2YYy6/culture-airtame

Send an email to tech-jobs@airtame.com if you're interested. We sponsor work visas for non-EU applicants.

I spent a whole hour talking to your recruiter, I was told she would schedule a technical interview. I never heard back. Your process seems broken and unprofessional.

Hey. Thanks a lot for your message! I'm sorry about the inconvenience. Could you email me: alexandra@airtame.com

Apartment Therapy Media | Back End Engineer | REMOTE http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/jobs/#positions

Just another media company but, we punch way above our weight class. We handle 10s of millions of uniques a month with only 3.5 Back End Engineers. We also go home on time and sleep through the night without PD going off every few minutes. Our code is mostly Ruby and Rails but, we have a little Go and Clojure. Having just returned from Lambdaconf we're getting ready to start some projects in Elixir.

Would you guys be open to receive an application directly in an email with an intro?

Hey there — AT is a well-known brand (surprised to hear you support it well with such a small team!) so I imagine HR will get a lot of applications. Would you be open to me sending you a couple questions directly via email?

LinkedIn | Sunnyvale, CA & San Francisco, CA| Full-Time | On-Site | Senior Software Engineers

LinkedIn connects the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. With more than 500 million members worldwide, including executives from every Fortune 500 company, LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network on the Internet.

Send resumes to lnnguyen@linkedin.com if you are interested in the following roles: Applications Development | Front-End/UI Engineering | Mobile Applications | Systems and Infrastructure | Data Mining and Machine Learning | Tools Engineering | Performance Engineering

Drive.ai | Mountain View | https://www.drive.ai We are creating AI software (Deep Learning) for Autonomous Vehicles.

Open positions: Senior Software Engineer Motion Planning Engineer Simulation Engineer *Positions can be Lead or Manager level

Apply or see a full description here: http://grnh.se/a6up0t1

Check out our vehicle driving at night in the rain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMvgtPN2IBU

We're hiring like crazy at Serverless!

Serverless, Inc. | Infrastructure Engineer, Serverless Platform | Remote | Full-time | https://goo.gl/EbyRmK

Serverless, Inc. | Infrastructure Engineer, Serverless Platform | San Francisco | Full-time | https://goo.gl/WazBv9

Serverless, Inc. | Product Manager (Technical), Serverless Framework | San Francisco | Full-time | https://goo.gl/4UUcgR

Serverless, Inc. | Data Engineer | San Francisco, Remote | Full-time | https://goo.gl/R2a6cN

Serverless, Inc. | Developer Advocate (Community) | San Francisco, Remote | Full-time | https://goo.gl/L0uYRS

Serverless, Inc. | Growth Engineer | San Francisco, Remote | Full-time | https://goo.gl/SnducQ

Serverless, Inc. | Visual Designer | San Francisco, Remote | Full-time | https://goo.gl/eiVzEQ

Serverless, Inc. | Executive Assistant | San Francisco| Full-time | https://goo.gl/tzhT7Q

Join our fast growing team at Serverless. We’re a close-knit team with half of us in San Francisco and half of us distributed. We’re well funded and work with some of the best VCs in Silicon Valley to bring our vision to life of simplifying software down to functions and events.

Perks include unlimited paid time off, paid family leave, working with an awesome team of passionate individuals, and having a ton of autonomy and ownership of whatever you are working on.

To see all the jobs we have listed check out: https://jobs.lever.co/serverless.

Amplo | Front End Engineer | Seattle | ON-SITE

Amplo is a fast growing startup that uses software and best practices to help universities and non-profits do fundraising and engage their donors in a meaningful way. We are looking for a superstar javascript dev to come in and help out with the front end team. we use React and Redux along with Ruby on rails for the backend.

we have a lot of fun, right in the heart of the city with an amazing view looking over Lake Union.

If this sounds up your alley let reach out to me (Kory Tegman) at kory@amploadvance.com with a resume/ linkedIn / github and mention you heard about it here in the title.

Want to work on AirSim [1] as contractor at Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA? Does AI, Aerial robotics and drones excites you? You will need to have demonstrable great C++ coding chops, passion for tinkering, ability to get in to unknown areas fast and great CS algorithms design skills. Any experience with Unreal Engine, Unity, Physics engines, robotics, drones, deep learning etc would be big plus as well. Send resumes at shitals@micro####.com.

[1] https://github.com/microsoft/airsim

Hotjar is a young startup that embraces remote working and personal development.

Hotjar's culture is driven by transparency, respect, open discussion, collaboration and blunt and direct feedback. We have several positions open.

Hotjar | Big Data Engineer (Europe) | Remote

Hotjar | Platform Engineer (Europe) | Remote

Hotjar | AngularJS Developer (Europe) | Remote

Hotjar | Full Stack Developer (Europe) | Remote

Hotjar | Python Developer (Europe) | Remote

Hotjar | Product Designer (Europe) | Remote

Hotjar | User Interface Designer (Europe) | Remote

Information about all roles can be found on our careers page: http://careers.hotjar.com/

I must be really, really bad, because I've been rejected twice by you guys (because you received some AMAZING applications), and yet you always seem to be looking to hire hoards of people.


If they don't need to fill the position immediately it makes sense for them to wait for an ideal candidate. It doesn't necessarily make you "really, really bad".

Eaze | Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Full-time Onsite

Eaze (eaze.com) is the easiest, fastest, and most professional way to get medical marijuana delivered. Eaze has quickly become the #1 technology company in the fast-growing $6 billion cannabis industry by developing the first logistics technology and on-demand service that can help dispensaries deliver to qualified patients in less than 20 minutes.


-- Front End Engineer

-- Back End Engineer

-- Mobile Engineer (Android, iOS)

Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/eaze?lever-via=kaABpnlgzz

Eaze looks fantastic! I applied for an engineering position there 10 days ago; when might I expect to hear back?

Gaetan Consulting - Junior and Veteran AI/Machine Learning engineers and interns needed. Remote OK

- We are developing ways of clustering and visualizing data for advanced data interpretation in the Financial Markets.

- Example: https://medium.com/@gaetanconsulting/unsupervised-machine-le...

- We are a Python & Linux house in terms of Data Science

San Francisco CA, Geneva Switzerland

If interested, please contact gaetanconsulting@gmail.com

Knewton | NYC | ONSITE |


Knewton is the world’s leading adaptive learning technology provider with the mission of bringing personalized education to the world.

We are looking for the following: Backend Engineer, Frontend Engineer, Full Stack Engineer, Systems, Data Scientist

Favorite Tools: React, Java, Python, Ansible

Perks: Unlimited Vacation, Health/Dental/Vision, Free Lunch, Stock Options

Process: (1) Culture Screen, (2) Tech Screen (3) Tech Interview

Questions? recruiting@knewton.com

CADRE | New York, NY | Onsite | Experienced Engineers | Full-Time - Senior Full Stack Software Engineers - Senior Data Engineers - Automation Engineers - Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) See cadre.com/careers for details Email: careers@cadre.com ---------- Cadre is a well-funded startup at the intersection of technology and investing. Our mission is to provide direct access to world’s best investments. We are starting with high-end commercial real estate and are changing how investors find and invest in opportunities in this massive industry.

Current stack: Front-end: Javascript (ES6), React, Redux Back-end: Node.js, Koa, PostgreSQL, Python, Django AWS, Ansible, Terraform ---------- More about Cadre: https://cadre.com/about http://www.techinsider.io/what-is-cadre-and-how-to-invest-in.... http://crunchbase.com/company/cadre-2#x http://nypost.com/2016/01/26/real-estate-startup-cadre-raise.... http://techcrunch.com/2015/03/24/cadre

Criteria Corp | Junior Product Manager | Los Angeles | ONSITE, SALARY:40-50k, https://www.criteriacorp.com/

Our team is hiring for a Junior Product Manager -- https://www.ziprecruiter.com/jobs/criteria-corp-7d0f415a/jun...

About our company: Criteria Corp. is a small, rapidly-growing software company and we have an amazing product that is used by over 2,400 clients for pre-employment testing. Over the last couple years, we’ve grown quite a bit (from 12 employees to 43) and we recently launched a mobile product as well. We are looking for a curious, creative, and entrepreneurial person to join our team as a Junior Product Manager. The position is full-time and based in our office in West Hollywood, CA. We have a great team and Criteria is a pretty sweet place to work, if we do say so ourselves. We were recently named to Inc. Magazine's "2017 Best Workplaces." If you want to know more about what it's like to work here check us out on Glassdoor: https://www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-Criteria-EI_IE...

kCura | Sr. Software Engineer | Chicago, IL; Krakow, Poland | Full-time, Flexible REMOTE | https://www.kcura.com/join-the-team/available-positions/

• Product: Relativity, handles large volumes of data and helps corporations, law firms, and government agencies solve their own unique data problems.

• Why: To fulfill the vision we set for our product, Relativity: to simplify and accelerate how the world conducts e-discovery by bringing the entire process and community together in one open, flexible, connected platform.

• Vision: Our mission is to help our customers organize data, discover the truth, and act on it. Building great e-discovery software for managing massive volumes of electronic evidence during litigation or investigations.

• Stack (Reston, VA): Java, Scala, JVM, Linux, REST, GIT, Akka, Jenkins, Bamboo

• Stack (Chicago & Krakow, PL): C#, ASP.NET, MVC, SQL Server, Azure, REST, Chef, Powershell

• Core Values: Be humble and stay hungry, Be an excellent communicator, Exceed the expectations of your customers and your colleagues, Hold yourself and your colleagues accountable, Enjoy and be great at your job, Embrace the talents of your colleagues and our customers, Do more with less ==Team==

• Founder and owner: Andrew Sieja, CEO

• Advisor: ICONIQ Capital

==Interview== Phone call [30 min] >> Code Challenge (2 hour, at home, fun coding exercise)

>> Interview in office to meet the team (3 ½ hours)

>> Decision communicated to you within 24 hours

==Contact== mmcfarland@kcura.com

Biomeme | Javascript Developer | Philadelphia, PA | ONSITE biomeme.com

I'm an advisor to Biomeme - we make an end-to-end mobile platform allowing anyone, anywhere to test DNA and RNA using lab-grade molecular techniques. We are expanding rapidly and need to hire software developer number 3.

The role is for a mid- or senior JavaScript developer for an FT, ONSITE role in downtown Philadelphia, PA. Sorry no visa support at this point.

Responsibilities - Architect, implement and maintain a new (AWS hosted) backend serving various mobile and web apps through a REST API. - Design and implement a suitable database schema for AWS RDS - Help guide the transition to the above AWS based environment from existing NoSQL system. - Maintain and extend existing React-Redux web site for data visualization and analysis - Develop internal tools to aid in product development - Document and develop testing protocols

Requirements: - 2-5+ years of JavaScript experience - Extensive Node.JS experience - Bachelors in Computer Science or equivalent work experience - Experience with AWS Lambda - Experience with AWS EC2 - Experience with AWS RDS - Experience with React language and Redux framework - Experience with Version Control – Git

If you have any questions contact katelyn@biomeme.com or me (einar@vollset.com) - or better yet apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/HCWrGPceAA08M72A2

PlutoVR | Software Engineer | Seattle, WA. | ONSITE | Full Time

We are a 14 person startup in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. We are looking for Software Engineers who are passionate about writing well-tested production grade software. Pluto is building a mass market communication service for AR and VR.

Pluto is a purpose-driven organization. Our purpose being "To help humanity transcend physical location." We are hoping to find someone who is equally excited by our purpose. At Pluto we don't have job titles or hierarchical management rather we all share management duties and use non-violent communication (NVC) techniques combined with other processes and practices (heavily inspired from http://www.reinventingorganizations.com/) to hold ourselves and each other accountable and aligned to our purpose.

Our current product technology stack spans from a web tech (CSS, HTML, JavaScript) based user interface to a C# based rendering client (written with Unity3d) to our back end micro services written with NodeJS and running on AWS. We seek engineers who are as excited as we are about shared ownership of all our tech and able to apply themselves towards solving problems anywhere in the product.

Apply here: http://www.plutovr.com/software-engineer/ if this sounds exciting

Ticketfly | Senior Product Manager - Commerce | San Francisco | ONSITE http://start.ticketfly.com

Here at Ticketfly, a subsidiary of Pandora, we're using technology to reimagine the live event experience for promoters and fans. Do your eyes dilate when you think about working in Product for one of Fast Company’s "Most Innovative Companies in Music"? Does your pulse quicken when you picture yourself building products that connect 80 million people with the music that moves them? If so, we may have just the thing for you.

We're seeking an experienced Senior Product Manager to define and build innovative commerce solutions for our large roster of venues and promoters. We are a motivated, collaborative, and fun-loving team building a high-growth business. We have a bias for action and a broad mandate to experiment and innovate. This role offers excellent opportunity for career advancement in a young, rapidly growing company located in the heart of the San Francisco venture scene.

http://careers.ticketfly.com/#/positions/699337 to apply and for position details. Great benefits and awesome company culture.

Email brad@ the above domain if you've got questions about the position. I'm on the hiring team as a peer to this role.

Hiring the Following Positions:

Element Science| Senior IOS Engineer | Onsite, Full-Time | https://www.elementscience.com/senior-ios-engineer/

Element Science| Senior BackEnd Engineer | Onsite, Full-Time | https://www.elementscience.com/senior-backend-engineer/

Element Science| Software Engineer for Test Automation| Onsite, Full-Time | https://www.elementscience.com/software-engineering-for-test...

Element Science| Firmware Test Engineer | Onsite, Full-Time | https://www.elementscience.com/firmware-test-engineer/

Element Science develops technologies at the intersection of wearable devices, precision medicine, and lifesaving therapeutics. Our first product – funded by Google Ventures and Third Rock Ventures – aims to redefine treatment of sudden cardiac death. Come join our growing team of engineers, successful entrepreneurs, and medical device professionals if you are interested in making a real difference in patients’ lives and shaping the future of med tech in Silicon Valley.

I would suggest listing the location / onsite / remote

Lattice | Product Engineer (Fullstack or Frontend) | San Francisco | ONSITE, https://latticehq.com

Lattice is a performance management startup that helps companies track and improve employee performance. We believe that good performance management is critical for companies and employees to be successful. Unfortunately, the process is often painful, but we don't think it has to be that way.

We're growing really fast, based in San Francisco, and backed by some of the best investors including Thrive Capital, YC, Khosla, Marc Benioff, and Alexis Ohanian. The company was founded by myself (Eric Koslow) and our CEO Jack Altman. The engineering team only has four full time employees, so there's a tremendous opportunity to grow your career and have a big impact on a growing startup.

We use React on the frontend, NodeJS on the backend, and communicate over a GraphQL API. If you enjoying working with cutting edge technologies this is the place. We're looking for individuals that are product minded and enjoying owning problems from ideation to deployment. We have a very collaborative work environment and engineers work on all parts of the stack and across many domains.

If you're interested in the role, apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/latticehq/a29cefce-04ca-4a4e-86ba-9245...

Hacker News Posting

Drop | Engineers/Developers/Data Scientists/Machine Learning Engineers | Toronto | FULLTIME ONSITE https://www.earnwithdrop.com

Drop is a venture backed start-up building a mobile first and automated coalition loyalty program. Through our mobile app, users can supercharge their debit and credit cards to automatically earn points from places they already shop at, like Starbucks, Under Armour, Forever 21, and Uber. Users redeem points for rewards at their favourite restaurants, brands, retailers, and more. Drop provides our community with a unique experience by intelligently surfacing offers.

Our tech stack includes Ruby on Rails, React, React Native. We're looking for all types of software developers (backend, frontend, fullstack).

Apply via https://drop.workable.com/

Data Scientist: https://drop.workable.com/j/4D3719C30E ML Developer: https://drop.workable.com/j/1DE9510EDA Senior Software Developer: https://drop.workable.com/j/641899CB07

Shopify | Data Engineer | Waterloo | FULL-TIME ONSITE http://shopify.com

Shopify is a leading multi-channel ecommerce platform that allows entrepreneurs to sell online, as well as in store using a POS, or through many other channels. Shopify Plus is an enterprise level offering that is tailored for high volume, high growth merchants, with features such as a wholesale channel, custom checkout, scripts, exclusive apps and APIs, as well as dedicated merchant success managers. Our data stack is built to support internal as well as merchant decision making.

We are looking for a data engineer to join our team in Waterloo, where you'll get to work on many aspects of the data lifecycle, including extracting data from source systems (relational databases, Kafka topics, external APIs), transforming the data using PySpark, leveraging our petabyte-scale HDFS data lake for data modelling as well as machine learning, and providing value to different stakeholders through preparing relational views in Presto/Redshift and dashboards/visualizations for easy consumption of key insights, as well as feeding insights back into operational systems.

Job Posting: https://jobs.lever.co/shopify/7887b412-23f7-46e9-9114-517b24...

Software Engineering Institute (SEI) | Compiler Researcher | Pittsburgh, PA, USA | ONSITE

We are looking for someone familiar with compilers (particularly dataflow analysis or other forms of static analysis) to work on projects developing techniques for automatically repairing source code to remove certain common classes of vulnerabilities.

Software vulnerabilities constitute a major threat to many of our nation’s critical systems. The SEI is currently looking at improving software analysis and code repair technologies to eliminate security vulnerabilities much faster and at a much lower cost than current manual repair capabilities. We are improving the technologies by developing new techniques for analyzing and transforming code, in source code and intermediate representations.

The successful candidate will both work on advanced research projects and work directly with customers to help transition our research into practice. Candidates will be subject to a background check and must be eligible to obtain and maintain a Department of Defense security clearance.

Apply online at: https://www.appone.com/MainInfoReq.asp?R_ID=1598504&B_ID=44&...

kristopolous' console script is a godsend. But, sometimes I like to just search for keywords without filtering others out. Ctrl+f does the job but has issues such as losing my place after scrolling a bit, or not showing the searched terms anymore if I hit back after clicking a link, or not allowing for multiple keywords.

The following script simply highlights the word to make it a bit easier to find. Also works well when combined with kristopolous'. The output is the number of posts matching each input string.

  // usage:  highlight('react', 'node', 'graphql', '$')
  // output: [57, 29, 4, 19]
  function highlight(/* args */) {
    return Array.prototype.slice.call(arguments).map(function(keyword) {
      var matches = 0;
      Array.prototype.forEach.call(document.querySelectorAll('tr.athing.comtr div.comment'), function(e) {
        if (e.innerText.search(new RegExp(keyword === '$' ? '\\$' : keyword, 'i')) === -1) return;
        e.innerHTML = e.innerHTML.replace(new RegExp(keyword === '$' ? '\\$' : keyword, 'ig'), '<span style="background-color:#0095ff;color:#fff;">' + keyword.toUpperCase() + '</span>')
      return matches;

Lose It! | Software Developer (iOS/Android/Web) | Boston, MA | FULL-TIME, ONSITE, http://loseit.com

Our 20-person company has helped over 25 million users lose weight with our iOS, Android and web apps. Combining calorie tracking with technology, we're enabling people to change their lives for the better. We believe by helping our users reverse obesity and diabetes, we'll continue to be successful as a company. We've been profitable for a while and a top Health & Fitness app for even longer.

Lose It!'s founders have taken one company public and sold others to Macromedia and Microsoft. Our product-focused organization knows the importance of a quality, well-designed user experiences- losing weight is already hard enough.

We're looking for more mobile & full-stack software developers. If you enjoy picking up new technologies and languages quickly, you'll learn a ton with us.

Interview process: 1. General phone screen 2. Technical interview via Google Hangouts 3. 1-day, on-site interview with the development team

I run the development team at Lose It!. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions: eric@loseit-corp.com For more on the position, or to apply, go here: http://loseit.com/jobs/developer/

Photoslurp | Senior Front and Backend Positions | Barcelona, Spain | ONSITE | Full-time | photoslurp.com

Photoslurp is Europe's leading visual commerce platform, integrating customer photos from social media into the online shopping journeys of brands across the globe. Our platform provides our clients with moderation, curation and social media interaction tools as well as a very extensive analytics suite to measure the performance of the photos that we place in our customers stores. We are focusing heavily on developing our product further this year, integrating image recognition and machine learning to take us to the next level and we want you to be a part of it!

Currently hiring for two positions in our office in sunny Barcelona

- Senior Backend (Python/Django) - Senior Frontend

Fluent English is a necessity - Spanish fluency is a bonus.

If you can code and ship complex backend features and API endpoints at high velocity and high quality with well-structured code, we want to talk with you.

More details at: https://angel.co/photoslurp/jobs/234595-senior-python-backen... https://angel.co/photoslurp/jobs/234585-senior-frontend-deve...

CV's to info at photoslurp dot com

ScriptDash | San Francisco, CA | Software Engineer | Full Time - Onsite | https://www.scriptdash.com

At ScriptDash we are using technology to re-design and re-build the pharmacy from the ground up to offer better patient care and improve people's lives. Justin Kan recently named us one of his 3 favorite recent startups (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=12618741).

We believe that the status quo in the pharmacy industry is broken and we’re doing something about it. We’re a VC funded ($6 million series A) technology startup based in San Francisco made up of ex-Facebook engineers. We offer free medication delivery in the Bay Area and we’re building an advanced technology platform to help patients manage and understand their medication therapy. We allow patients to text, call or email their pharmacists with any question and strive to provide an amazing patient experience. The pharmacy experience is completely broken, and we have a huge opportunity to use technology to improve the lives of millions of patients.

Our stack is Ruby on Rails, React, React Native, and Go. We’re offering a competitive salary and a generous equity package.

Apply by API! More details at https://scriptdash.com/careers/software_engineer?gh_jid=5536...

Takt | Systems and Infrastructure Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Full-time, ONSITE preferred, but REMOTE is an option for senior candidates. Takt also has open positions for Data Engineer, Haskell Engineer, Data Scientist, Product Managers/Designers, and more. Check them out at http://takt.com/careers. Here is the Systems and Infrastructure Engineer job description:

Takt is seeking Systems Infrastructure Engineers to support the development of our flagship product. Our platform learns and adapts to people's preferences, habits, and feedback—orchestrating highly relevant experiences that are truly unique to each person. Our vision will change the way people engage with their favorite brands across multiple industries, be it retail, finance, or healthcare.

As a Systems and Infrastructure Engineer at Takt you understand that legacy code is the work you did yesterday. You’re well versed in modern technologies and select tools based on what is best for the team, product and organization. If those tools don’t exist, you’ll roll up your sleeves and build them. At Takt “DevOps” isn’t a role, but an approach to collaboration. We work in small, self-sufficient teams with the shared goal of delivering excellent software anchored in an agile culture of quality, delivery, and innovation.

Kit | Frontend Software Developer | New York, NY | ONSITE, FULLTIME, CONTRACT https://kit.com

This is an exciting opportunity to work on an early stage startup with a small and experienced team. Your impact will include helping our product further accelerate by conceiving and creating new tools and features -- all while being an integral member of the team developing Kit’s future.

* You are passionate about building and shipping a product that users love * You thrive on the challenge of building new products from scratch * You are excited about finding and focusing on the right ideas through team collaboration and research * You are able to make solid technical judgements and back them up articulately

Kit is a platform for product discovery. We are building a service that uses social discovery to recommend products across various categories. We are based in New York City (with an office in San Francisco) and were recently named as one of Business Insider’s Top NYC startups. As a part of Expa we sit in an amazing office, are surrounded and supported by smart & experienced teams, and get early access to cool new products.

Our small team is diverse, inclusive, and fun. It is not required that you identify with a particular gender, race, orientation, national origin, age range, hobby set or belief in order to be a member of team Kit.

We hail from some of the best companies out there including YouTube, Apple, Google, Gilt, and Foursquare, and Resy!

Is there a direct email to reach you at? It looks like there are a ton of people applying on Angelist and I want to make sure my app doesn't get lost! I was an early adopter of Kit and would love to work there!

Lua Technologies | iOS, API, DevOps Engineers | New York City, NY | ONSITE | https://getlua.com

We are looking to fill a few full-time developer roles for our HIPAA compliant, cross-platform messaging application built for healthcare organizations to communicate securely, maximize productivity, and accelerate workflow for better care coordination.

Lua’s core is built in Ruby/Rails and runs on AWS (Amazon Web Services), with many of our performance-sensitive parts moving to a more modern Elixir/Phoenix stack. We have client apps running on Android, iOS, and Web. Preference goes to flexible engineers, and bonus points for frontend engineering experience (we make heavy use of React.js).

iOS Engineer: http://lua.applytojob.com/apply/CVdU2b9FAt/IOS-Engineer

API Engineer: http://lua.applytojob.com/apply/iFv0jdrpIR/API-Engineer

DevOps Engineer: http://lua.applytojob.com/apply/HKiJplmxCQ/DevOps-Engineer

Apply at the links above or by emailing devjobs@getlua.com.

Homelight | Software Engineer | San Francisco | ONSITE | fulltime | https://www.homelight.com/careers

Current Interview Process: quick chat, engineering phone screen, onsite, team lunch, reference check, offer.

HomeLight is creating the best way for home buyers and sellers to find the best real estate agent using objective data about real estate agent performance. We're continually working on our matching algorithm (machine learning & data science) and currently working on some big initiatives to improve how home buyers and sellers and agents interact with homelight and with each other (mobile apps, new product features, etc.)

We're a small team of 7 engineers. Our stack is Ruby on Rails(4.2), and Postgresql(9.6) hosted on Heroku. The front end is using Ember. We've got reasonable test coverage with rspec.

Tasks are reasonably defined, and its normal to push back on tasks to determine the business value in our work. We're not just a feature factory, we care about the value delivered in what we build. As engineers, we have an enormous amount of latitude in the implementation details of our work. Because we're small, you're going to need to know the full stack. You're going to have to write javascript here, sorry.

I applied via the link on the careers page, but if you have any questions, you can email me at evan@homelight.com. When you apply, make sure to mention you saw this hackernews post.

Gyroscope [https://gyrosco.pe] | Remote / Onsite | Data Scientist

We are building a new operating system for the human body. The Gyroscope app is currently featured in the Health & Fitness section of the app store and has a few thousand paying members, with many gigs of new health data coming in every day. We are working on using that data to help people live healthier lives, lose weight and be more productive.

We are looking for experienced data scientist to provide massive insights to the terabytes of health data we have stored for our users.

The ideal candidate would be familiar with Python (scipy, numpy, and Scikit-Learn are a plus) and various other tools when it comes to statistical analysis of health data.

We are a small (2 full time & some contractors) distributed team, currently in SF & Canada. We are looking for motivated hard working team members with a great sense of teamwork.

More about what we're hiring for: https://techcrunch.com/2017/03/05/fresh-with-cash-anand-shar...

As originally seen on HN: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8043203

Contact: mahdi@gyrosco.pe

SoundHound | All roles available in Santa Clara/San Francisco. Engineering roles only in Toronto. NLP only in Sacramento/Baltimore | ONSITE - http://soundhound.com/careers

I'm an NLU / Data Engineer at SH. We've just raised $75 Million from NVIDIA, Samsung, KP and others to take on Amazon and Google in AI with our "Collective AI" Houndify platform. Our open Houndify platform has the world’s fastest speech recognition and most sophisticated natural language understanding. We've had a lot of interest from partners and there are a LOT of really interesting projects being worked on requiring complex problem solvers who can work well independently.

Things have come a long way since our leaked demo video took top spot on Reddit a year ago!

https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/38fdyl/this_is_insa... https://www.houndify.com/ http://app.jobvite.com/m?3uCiQhw0

If you have any questions you'd like to ask an engineer here just email me: rob at (company name) dot com. I respond to all emails but please like the thread says no recruiters! And we have hired from this thread in the past.

If you remember this tech, read this next line:

When you make an account at https://www.houndify.com/ the first thing you see is a microphone-enabled textbox you can type or talk into and play with.


A couple things for SoundHound to consider adding to the to-implement list:

A) "What is the temperature in the south-right-most delineation of the country north of me": "Didn't get that!"

B) "When will it next be 25C": "Didn't get that"

(I was trying to match the complexity of the voice demo... sorry)


Me: "What is the temperature in celcius":

SH: Got it right

Me: "What about in fahrenheit"

SH: Got it right (I checked)

Me: "What about the town 15km northeast"

SH: "It is 76 °F in Borgou Department, Benin."

Me: ...WAT. I'm in [the suburbs of] Sydney, Australia. :P

That's mildly scary. :P

Thanks for the feedback i336_,

I've sent you a private email but including a summary for anyone else interested.

I'm glad we got at least a few of the queries in your test. For the ones that we didn't get I'd like to get your thoughts on how likely you are to ask in that particular way. The reason I ask is that, thanks to our unique approach to natural language understanding, we could theoretically add support for these phrases. I doubt Google/Amazon could because theirs is a much more uncontrolled machine learning style black box - and we are a long way from achieving this kind of complexity through machine learning. For example check out Zuckerberg's blog post and try some of his "impossible for ML" queries on Hound.


So if these types of queries are useful to you/anyone - we can add them!

Copperleaf Technologies | Vancouver, BC, Canada | Full-Time | ONSITE | http://www.copperleaf.com/

We build products to help companies managing millions of dollars of assets make better decisions. Our core product, C55, helps companies decide which projects to invest in, how to reduce their risk, increase safety, and reduce their environmental impact. We are one of the top 20 Fastest-Growing Software Companies in Canada and winner of the BC Tech 2016 Emerging Company of the Year Award. We are also working on two new cloud-based products, to be released this year.

We have grown a lot in the last year, and we are looking to fill a senior dev role on one of the "cloud" technology teams. The project's stack includes NodeJS, Angular (2+), Kendo, and Postgres. We'd like to find an experienced front-end developer who can take on a leadership role with the front-end architecture and mentor junior developers. (This team is also looking for an intermediate level manual QA tester.)

I joined Copperleaf (as a senior developer) back in April 2016. The people here are really nice, they care about what they do, and they have a lot of domain knowledge. If any of that sounds interesting to you, please fire off an e-mail to me (Tom) at thauk@copperleaf.com and we can chat a bit more!

Outcomes.com | San Francisco Bay Area, CA | Co-Founder & CTO | Full-time onsite| https://outcomes.com

Our company helps close the loop on the outcomes that matter to patients after major surgery or medical treatment. We check-in with patients throughout their treatment and recovery to understand changes in symptoms, function and quality-of-life. We deliver that insight to the point-of-care where it enables more proactive and personalized care, while helping providers demonstrate their quality to payers in this new outcomes & value based payment environment.

We have a HIPAA compliant v1 that is live with customers and recently won a grant with UCSF. We're focused on launching a self-service freemium version of our platform to gain grassroots adoption.

I'm looking for someone who is hungry for their next entrepreneurial venture, who knows their way around a JavaScript stack and has a track record of building web-applications. More than anything I'm also looking for someone who wants to build a significant company in this space, build a great team and have a meaningful impact. As a bootstrapped company with goals to raise funding later this year, compensation will be largely founder-level equity based +/- a living wage.

Please get in touch by contacting Francis Wong (MD), francis@outcomes.com

Twindom | Computer Graphics Engineer | Berkeley, CA | ONSITE http://web.twindom.com/ Twindom is an industry leader in photorealistic body scanning. Our scanners are used around the world in the production of 3D Photography, VFX, product development, and more. We're also a profitable company.

As a Computer Graphics Engineer you will work on a small development team focused primarily on the development of new applications for our 3D avatars, though you will also be used as a general resource for relevant problems. You will get exposure to problems in graphics, computational geometry, computer vision and machine learning. You must be a fast learner, capable of hacking together prototype solutions using any frameworks, algorithms, papers, etc. you think are relevant.

This position requires a high degree of autonomy and an ability to prioritize work and problem solving according to customer feedback. Your contributions will serve as the backbone for amazing new products. Here is the full job description: https://angel.co/twindom-1/jobs/202435-computer-graphics-eng... Apply by sending and email to careers [at] twindom [dot] com

Roadster | Frontend & Backend Engineers | Palo Alto or San Francisco

Roadster is making the process of buying a car as easy, friendly and transparent as anything else you buy online. Our software powers car dealers across the country to provide up-front pricing, instant finance and lease terms, online credit approval and scheduling of delivery of your new or used car. Buyers can complete the whole purchase without stepping into a dealership. Or if they do enter the store, our site on the dealer's iPad helps find the right car at a great price, without the usual negotiation or hassle.

Check us out at http://roadster.com and our 5-star reviews at http://yelp.com/biz/roadster-san-francisco

We're hiring a frontend and backend engineer to help expand our vehicle data nationwide, provide great tools to dealers, and build and launch snazzy new consumer features. Our web stack is Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Elasticsearch, Postgres & Redis on Heroku. Our team is a mix of experienced engineers, designers and car enthusiasts. Our PA office is a converted body shop with a rollup garage door. We're cool with remote work, though we cannot sponsor H1B.

Email me at mike@roadster.com for more details!

MORSE Corp | Software Engineer | Boston,Cambridge, MA | ONSITE | www.morse-corp.com/jobs

MORSE develops algorithms and software for operational systems, implementing leading edge technologies for robotics, autonomous air and undersea vehicles, and coordination of human teams.

We are hiring for a number of positions including: DevOps IT specialist -- Take the lead on designing and implementing our in-house infrastructure as well as supporting the continuous integration and deployment for the projects we deliver to customers.

Senior Full Stack Web Developer -- Focus on designing and developing web-based software to support various autonomous systems and human teams. You will both lead a team and directly develop software.

Software Project Manager – Lead teams of engineers to develop embedded software for autonomous vehicle systems and their supporting tools. Teams are generally 5-10 people in size and last from 6 months to multiple years.

Machine Learning / A.I. Engineer - Design and implement machine learning and AI algorithms for autonomous system applications, varying from vehicle path planning, vision-based navigation, image classification, and big data assimilation.

If any of these sound interesting, email us at info@morse-corp.com. Please include your resume. Note that we can only hire US citizens.

Visit us at http://morse-corp.com/jobs to learn more and to see our other available positions.

Snowplow Analytics | Front-End Engineer | REMOTE, UTC+0 to UTC+3

We are now looking for our first front-end engineer to join the Product Engineering team working on Snowplow Insights. Snowplow Insights represents the next phase in the evolution of Snowplow, from a consulting company through a services firm (the Snowplow Managed Service now has over 100 customers) to a full-fledged product business.

You'll be building our product front-end in React, written in TypeScript with Redux, and interacting with our growing collection of micro-services via GraphQL and REST. This is an opportunity to get in extremely early in Snowplow's product evolution, playing a major role in developing the Snowplow Insights user experience, product design and technical architecture.

For more information: https://snowplowanalytics.com/company/careers/front-end-engi...

Snowplow Analytics | Sysadmin | ONSITE London, UK

Snowplow is building out a dedicated Technical Operations team in 2017, and is looking for experienced systems administrators to join it. Initially this role is open only to candidates based in London or the South-East of England.

The sysadmins within our Technical Operations team will have four key responsibilities:

1. Handling deployments, upgrades and other maintenance of Snowplow-related infrastructure (load balancers, Redshift clusters, ASGs etc) for our Managed Service customers, across over 100 AWS accounts

2. Responding to customer issues and questions concerning Snowplow-related infrastructure, as escalated to you by our L1 Support team

3. Working with Snowplow SREs to design, deploy and operate Snowplow’s internal infrastructure, responsible for running the Snowplow Managed Service, the Snowplow website and other services

4. Being on call rotation to triage and resolve operational incidents relating to internal or client infrastructure

For more information: https://snowplowanalytics.com/company/careers/systems-admini...

Betterment | Software Engineer (Fullstack, Backend, Mobile) | NYC | Onsite | Fulltime | http://www.betterment.com

Betterment is the largest independent robo-advisor, helping people to better manage, protect, and grow their wealth through smarter technology. With more than 220,000 customers and over $7.8 billion in assets under management, the service offers a globally diversified portfolio of ETFs, designed to help provide you with the best possible expected returns for retirement planning, building wealth, and other savings goals. Betterment also helps customers get on track for a comfortable retirement with RetireGuide™, a retirement planning tool that lets people know how much they should save and if they are investing correctly.

Our engineering interview process: https://www.betterment.com/resources/inside-betterment/engin...

We're hiring for a variety of roles including Backend, Full Stack, Android, iOS, and Operational Efficiency.

More details and apply here: https://www.betterment.com/careers/

SK T-Brain | Research Scientist / Engineer | Seoul, Korea | Depends on experience | Full-time, Onsite, VISA | https://www.facebook.com/notes/sk-t-brain/sk-t-brain-careers...

Positions: • AI Research Scientist
 • AI Research Engineer
 • AI Software Engineer

Are you a researcher who can lead AI research projects? Are you an engineer interested in applying state-of-the-art AI technology? We are an AI research and development team within SK Telecom, the No.1 telecommunications company in South Korea.

We are looking for research scientists and engineers who want to lead and participate in research projects and publish works in academic conferences such as NIPS, ICML, ICLR, CVPR, and EMNLP. We are also hiring AI software engineers to build research and development environments, and develop AI-based applications and services.

Our current interests include Reinforcement Learning and Unsupervised Learning applied to Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Game AI. See our recent research paper on DiscoGAN (https://arxiv.org/abs/1703.05192 accepted to ICML 2017) and Continual Learning (https://arxiv.org/abs/1705.08690).

Please feel free to contact us at jobs@sktbrain.com.

Percentile | London, UK | Full time | Onsite

Percentile are a young technology company building high performance risk management software for the financial world. We're looking for a junior developer to join our small but growing team in the Bank/Monument area of London. The successful candidate would be responsible for enhancing existing features, adding new ones (including greenfield work), along with some support and QA. Don't worry, we won't expect you to know everything up front, but we will expect you to be bright, enthusiastic and willing to learn. As you grow into the role you will gain solid experience in a range of technologies including Java, Javascript, React, Kotlin, HTML, C#, SQL Server, Oracle, OLAP, distributed systems, AWS, and a variety of well regarded tools and libraries.

While a 1st in Computer Science and experience with some of Java/Javascript/Kotlin/HTML/SQL is preferred, we realise there's a wealth of talented developers out there who don't fit that mould - so if you're passionate about software and have some good experience under your belt or have made some interesting contributions to open source projects you'd love to share with us, we'd still be keen to hear from you. In return we can offer a flexible and very technology focused environment working alongside experienced developers, a relaxed dress code, plus solid exposure to the world of investment banking and capital markets.

That's about it really! If this sounds interesting, we look forward to hearing from you at careers@percentile.co.uk

AccuLynx | UI/UX Frontend Developer | Beloit, WI | Full-time, ONSITE (Relocation available)

AccuLynx helps construction contractors manage their whole company. We are expanding our 15 person team and adding another Frontend Developer. We have quite a bit of autonomy throughout our day, lots of input into the direction of the products we build, and get to innovate daily. Great pay, good perks, private offices, great hardware... basically you get to be treated like an adult. It's honestly the best job I've ever had.

Our stack is LESS, ASP.net MVC, C#, AngularJS, Elastic, Redis, and SQL Server. Honestly we don't care what technology stack you are familiar with, we just expect you to have mastered your domain and be willing to learn.

Here is the position on Stackoverflow Jobs: https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/143173/ui-ux-frontend-develop...

Our interview process is pretty simple: 1. An engineer reviews your resume. 2. An engineer gives you a call to chat. 3. A couple of engineers talk with you face to face. No bubble sort whiteboard coding bull, just a conversation. 4. A take-home 4-8 hour real-world design problem. Build something that does these things. It’s not a stupid brain teaser or something requiring special knowledge.

Send an email to flexbox@acculynx.com with a resume attached to apply. Feel free to email me directly at plemke@ if you have questions!

Jetabroad (Thailand) | International Senior Software Engineer | Bangkok, Thailand | Onsite | Full-Time | Visa / Work-Permit / Relocation | Salary USD 80K |

Airfares are hard, we tackle the hardest part, multi-city up to 10 legs long. Think exponential search space, fuzzy constraints, and constantly changing variables.

We're looking for both front-end and back-end developers to work on our user-experience and search platform respectively.

Bangkok offers a great place to live with a great standard of living at low cost. Our offices are in the heart of the city overlooking the green of the Netherlands embassy on Wireless Road.

Check out details at https://lnkd.in/f499hJY We are predominantly built with .NET, but language proficiency is not how we hire - fundamentals always win the day.

Here is our Thailand website https://bkkthailand.jetabroad.com/ And, this is our main website https://www.jetabroad.com.au/

Interview - First we Skype, then maybe Skype again and possibly a demo-style programming task, then we get you on a plane to say hello and to check out Bangkok, spend time with the team, if it all gels we make an offer.

Instructure | Mobile Software Engineer in Test | Salt Lake City, UT | REMOTE, instructure.com/careers/

I'm looking for a remote mobile automation architect to work on tools and infrastructure. The mobile apps, server, and automation are open source. On Android we're using Kotlin and Espresso with builds on Bitrise and tests running on Firebase test lab. For iOS we're using Swift and EarlGrey with builds and tests on Buddybuild. This is a great opportunity to learn cutting edge mobile technology. If you have any questions, email me at medwards@instructure.com

* Languages: Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective C, JavaScript, Ruby

* Tech stack: Espresso, EarlGrey, React Native, Buddybuild, Bitrise

Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/instructure/12b727a6-e8c5-4fe9-99d0-12...

GitHub Repos:




Stitch | Philadelphia, PA

Stitch is a fast-growing SaaS startup that provides a service for companies to consolidate their data. Our mission is to inspire and empower data driven people, and our vision is to be the conduit through which businesses take back control and ownership of their data.

We're currently hiring Engineers. You can view our postings here: https://www.stitchdata.com/jobs/

Email sam@stitchdata.com with questions!

Optimus Price | Python Backend Engineer | Barcelona, Spain | Full-time, Onsite, https://optimusprice.ai/jobs/backend.html | Apply to hello@optimusprice.ai

We are a start-up founded by techies in 2015 with the mission to solve real problems using AI. Optimus Price, our first product, is a new generation of dynamic pricing SaaS.

We are looking for candidates with a wide skillset to architect and develop a scalable backend and API for dynamic pricing models. You will work in a flexible, modern, tech-driven environment, focused on problem solving.

Your responsibilities will be:

- Design and implement a scalable API and its backend to host our Machine Learning solution for dynamic pricing.

- Evaluate, setup and sysadmin different IaaS and PaaS alternatives to deploy the code.

- Manage the product development and deployment lifecycle.

We offer a flexible position, autonomous and goal-oriented. The ability to be a key decision maker for the future of the product and the tech and infrastructure it will run on. The possibility to grow with the company, solve modern problems that few people are working on, learn transversal skills and build a career.

Finally, we provide a competitive salary according to the candidate experience, and very important, work with the kind of people who decided to name their new product Optimus Price :)

System1 | Los Angeles, CA | ONSITE

System1(formerly OpenMail), an adtech startup based in Venice Beach, is hiring!

DevOps Engineer: AWS, Python http://system1.com/job-listing/98f3de21-d010-4cdf-b4e2-a3409...

Data Analyst (A/B Testing): SQL, Strong Statistics background (Stats Master’s or PhD preferred) http://system1.com/job-listing/8dd08a47-5e78-4250-bf08-8acf5...

Software Engineer: Python http://system1.com/job-listing/a2612066-fef4-458c-b216-19b27...

Senior Software Engineer: 4+ years of Python experience http://system1.com/job-listing/46b7b99f-18d1-47c5-bd3f-6c400...


System1 | Seattle, WA | ONSITE

System1 is also hiring in our Bellevue office!

Senior Software Engineer: 4+ years of Python experience http://system1.com/job-listing/d94c450b-da6f-465e-a6a7-796a0...

Can you mention your email id to reach you?

HyperTrack | iOS & API Engineers | India | ONSITE, Full-Time, https://www.hypertrack.com

At HyperTrack, we are building the location stack for the developers. What Stripe is for payments, or Twilio is for communication, HyperTrack is for location.

We love building simple solutions to complex problems. We love building beautiful visualizations for complex location data. We deal with location, maps, smartphone platforms, device sensors and pretty dashboards. We obsess about designing elegant and generic API abstractions that add value to our customer's software architecture. We release our SDKs in open source. We organize and participate in meet ups. We actively contribute our ideas and techniques through blogs, and engage with developer and product communities.

If you want to be one of us, please send your bio to knock.knock@hypertrack.com for one of the jobs on https://www.hypertrack.com/jobs.

We are always looking for great talent. If you have a strong pedigree, have over 5 years of relevant engineering experience and can contribute to the device (Android/iOS), server (API, devops), web (everything JS) or data, please send us a note even if the job is not listed.

Stevens Capital Management LP | Developer | Radnor, PA | ONSITE | VISA

Stevens Capital Management LP (“SCM”) is a registered investment adviser that manages a multi-billion dollar hedge fund that has been in business for 25+ years. SCM specializes in the rigorous development and disciplined implementation of empirically based quantitative trading strategies. Our highly productive team works in a fast-paced collegial environment, utilizing extensive data sets, technology and the scientific method to devise and employ trading strategies throughout the world’s most liquid financial markets.

For more information on our various open Developer roles, please visit our website. Execution Developer - http://scm-lp.com/execution-developer-positions/ Implementation Developer - http://scm-lp.com/implementation-developer-positions/ C++ Market Data Feeds Developer - http://scm-lp.com/c-market-data-feeds-developer-position/

Please submit your resume to recruiting@scm-lp.com

SingleOps | Fullstack Engineer | Atlanta, GA | REMOTE, Full-time | https://singleops.com/contact/join-our-team/

SingleOps is a rapidly growing, Atlanta based, SaaS platform for mobile field workforces like tree care services, landscaping, pest control, healthcare — anyone who regularly coordinates employees in the field. The platform combines estimates, scheduling, time tracking, CRM, invoicing, and QuickBooks syncing with a mobile-first interface for teams on the go. Think of it as a cloud-ERP solution like NetSuite, but much easier to use and geared towards field service companies.

We've found or niche in the Green space and are looking to scale and double our entire team this year. We use a Ruby on Rails stack, and this year we're transitioning to React as well as hopefully React Native for mobile.

We're looking for a Mobile Application Engineer, a Web Application Engineer, as well as other sales, marketing and customer success positions. You can fill out the form at https://singleops.com/contact/join-our-team/ or email me directly at julian@singleops.com

Shipt | San Francisco CA, Birmingham AL | Full-time | Onsite

Are you passionate about software development, sharing knowledge, growing your skills, and working with great people? The Shipt engineering team is growing, and we are looking for extraordinary engineers who enjoy building as much as we do. So if you self-directed, enjoy autonomy in your work, and you are an excellent participant in a team, come join Shipt.

Shipt, the nation’s fastest-growing online grocery marketplace, simplifies the grocery shopping experience by providing members with unparalleled convenience and exceptional service. Shipt partners with leading retailers and local stores to deliver groceries to members via a community of friendly shoppers.

We are currently hiring for:

* Software Engineer (Go/Golang/Ruby/Rails/NoSQL/Postgres especially, but we use many technologies)

* Senior Search Engineer

* Database Administrator

* Ionic/Angular Developer

We are in the process of moving our Rails apps to a more scalable microservices architecture using Golang so if you have experience with or have an interest in SOA, microservices, and/or distributed architectures, we'd especially love to talk!

If you're interested, please check out our open positions at https://www.shipt.com/careers/openings/

Lucova Inc. | Toronto | Front End Developer and Full-Stack Developer | Full Time | Onsite


> Lucova Inc. is an emerging technology company headquartered in downtown Toronto with a North American presence. We bring technology, data and people together to enhance the human touch-points in the world of offline commerce - think IoT for physical stores. Our tools help brands realize their customer experience aspirations by turning customers’ smartphones into intelligent Bluetooth sensors that interact with the in-store point-of-sale infrastructure - informing staff of their customer’s presence on arrival, enabling hands free payments and generating opportunities for brand moments.

We're a Ruby + Java + Angular based company with a small group of developers looking to add additional developers to our core team. Our culture is great and you get that startup feel while working with experienced developers. We are looking for someone who is passionate about solving problems and loves to get their hands dirty (if you full-stack then it's a major bonus). We are located near Adelaide and Spadina.

Apply at https://www.lucova.com/careers

Atlassian | UX Researcher (multiple levels) | Sydney | Fulltime | Salary 90k-150k AUD

Currently have a couple positions for UX researchers available over here at Atlassian. Sydney is a great city and our offices are a few minutes walk from the Opera House. Work across Jira/Confluence/Hipchat and the rest of the Atlassian product line. Looking for experienced UX researchers to help lead customer insight studies, UI pattern testing, etc.

If you're interested, email me at jmiller@atlassian.com

Sigfig | Software Engineers | San Francisco, Calgary, Tuscon | ONSITE | Fulltime | https://www.sigfig.com/

SigFig is dedicated to making high-quality investment advice more accessible and affordable to investors of all wealth levels. Using a combination of design, data science, and technology, SigFig helps empower investors with the information and guidance they need to achieve their personal financial goals. Through partnerships with some of the world’s largest and most innovative financial institutions, SigFig seeks to help investors and advisors better manage their investments.

Our interview process is pretty straightforward: a take-home test, a phone screen, then an onsite at our SF office.

Front End (Angular/Typescript) http://grnh.se/kud5in1 DevOps Engineer http://grnh.se/5s20vu1 QA Automation http://grnh.se/8vgptb1 All Jobs https://www.sigfig.com/site/#/jobs

Textio | Seattle, WA USA | Full-Time | On-Site

My name is Max and I'm working at Textio to change how people write. We predict how your writing will perform based on previous real-world results from similar documents. We have some of the largest companies in the world as customers, and we're hiring engineers across the board to help us solve hard problems.

I love working here, and I'm pretty sure you will too. We have a tight-knit, friendly, and experienced team, an incredible product, and a bright future.

Buzzwords for Keyword Searchers: AI, NLP, Machine Learning, ReactJS, SaaS

All Textio careers - https://textio.com/careers/

Check out our team - https://textio.com/team/

Open Roles: VP of Engineering, Backend Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Frontend Software Engineer, Full Stack Software Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Senior Backend Software Engineer, Senior Data Scientist, Senior Frontend Software Engineer, Senior Full Stack Software Engineer, Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Senior NLP Software Engineer, Product Manager, Account Executive, Sales Development Representative, Sales Operations Engineer, VP of Marketing, Customer Success Engineer

Technical Project Manager | SolarWinds | Onsite: SF

SolarWinds Librato, located in San Francisco, is a unique cloud-based platform designed to help companies collect, visualize, and alert on the most important aspects of their applications and infrastructure. We process enormous amounts of real-time data to help our customers see the critical signals in the noise.

We are looking for an experienced Technical Project Manager with a passion for managing complexity and building awesome product. As the lead TPM for Librato you will drive planning, coordination and technical delivery of critical aspects of our product.

This role involves regular collaboration with our Product, Engineering and Customer Success teams. You should enjoy working across disciplines, have a strong history of managing timelines and enjoy digging for unidentified scope. If you love empowering strong engineering teams to build awesome product on time and on budget, this is the right position for you.

More information: http://solarwinds.jobs/san-francisco-ca/senior-technical-pro...

Apply above if interested or feel free to reach out with any questions: dan.kuebrich@solarwinds.com

Rep | Product Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | Onsite | https://rep.ai/

We are a small team (6) building tools to change the way businesses communicate with customers. Our product, Rep, combines customer context, machine learning, and a slick app that enables organizations to build meaningful relationships through mobile and desktop messaging.

We're actively looking for builders — folks that want to contribute more than code. Your specialization is less important than your desire and ability to learn fast and adapt to shifting technologies.

We're founded by ex-Googlers with deep experience in messaging, personalization, and machine learning, and we're backed by some of the top investors in Silicon Valley: Accel Partners, First Round Capital, SV Angel, and Forerunner Ventures.

We offer competitive salaries, meaningful equity and generous health, dental and vision benefits. If you are a member of an underrepresented group in technology, we strongly encourage you to apply.

Technologies: Python, Postgres, WebSockets, React, Redux, ML, etc.

Drop us a note at jobs@rep.ai with a link to your LinkedIn, a resume, or anything else we should know. We’ll get back to you quickly!

p.s. I love working here. The team is smart and talented but also deeply good, respectful, and empathetic.

Cortico | Platform Engineers and Front-end Engineers | Cambridge, MA | ONSITE | Fulltime | https://www.cortico.ai/

Cortico applies artificial intelligence and media analytics to map and analyze the public sphere. We are a nonprofit in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab that provides newsrooms, advocacy and nonprofit organizations, and community influencers tools and programs to connect with their audiences on greater common ground.

We have immediate need for two experienced software engineers:

* A back-end engineer to help build out our data platform. We work in Python and make heavy use of the Python-based data ecosystem, including Keras+Tensorflow for deep learning. We are currently using Postgres and Elasticsearch hosted on AWS, with the expectation that we'll integrate other technologies as our use-cases demand it.

* A front-end engineer who in the near-term will build prototypes and data visualizations that demonstrate the power of our platform, and long-term will lead product development. Our first front-end hire will be in a position to strongly influence on our choice of technology stack.

More information at: https://www.cortico.ai/joinus/

Teralytics | Software Engineer, Systems Engineer, Data Scientist | Singapore | ONSITE, VISA, Full-Time and Intern, https://www.teralytics.net/jobs

As stated, hiring for above roles, and for interns. Our systems engineer job is not listed there so feel free to contact me directly for this or recruiting.asia@teralytics.ch. Salaries are extremely competitive and perks are good but we're also extremely selective. For interns, the work and environment is very good: I'm ex-Microsoft, and I'd say it's better than the MS intern experience in those regards (we can't match their intern salaries though).

We are an analytics company (ETH Zurich spinoff) that operates across a very large swath of the problem space: integrating deep into the "sensors," through the processing and analytics, and then the visualization. We are solving some hard problems around realtime streaming, geospatial, and predictive analytics and work closely with customers to improve how data-driven cities and businesses work. The Singapore technical team is small (approximately 10) but growing in size and capabilities. Unfortunately, our work and opportunities are outpacing us, so come and help us!

Avrios | Software Engineering (Frontend, Fullstack) | Zurich | Full Time | ONSITE

Avrios is the first, fully digital vehicle fleet manager for companies of all sizes. We are shaping how companies buy, use and sell their vehicles. With 27 billion in sales in Germany alone, this might just be the biggest market you have never heard of.

We call Zürich, Switzerland our home, but with a team featuring over 16 nationalities, we are a group of talented people from around the world. Fostering a truly open and progressive culture, combined with state of the art engineering and creative approaches to marketing and sales - working at Avrios is a powerful mix of purpose, challenge and most of all, fun.

We are hiring on all parts of the stack:

Frontend Engineer (ES6/AngularJS) - https://www.workable.com/j/9BA6DAAC95

Fullstack Engineer (Java) - https://www.workable.com/j/537E597C2E

We are also hiring various business roles, you can find all positions here: https://avrios.com/en/jobs

Apply directly or get in touch with me at wouter (at) <company name> (dot) com

Reflektive | Multiple software engineer positions | San Francisco, CA | Full-Time | Onsite

About us Reflektive is an earlier-stage startup, rapidly becoming a market leader in the HR SaaS 2.0 wave. We're looking for engineers to join us on our shared mission to make workplaces great by empowering employees and teams to achieve their maximum professional potential. We're ranked #16 Best Places to Work by the SF Times and have a 5-Star Glassdoor rating. We work to ensure our employees are growing, engaged, and that their work is recognized and rewarded. (Check out our reviews! - https://goo.gl/NW3ps)

Some Investors & Customers - Lightspeed Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz - Pinterest, Thumbtack, Glassdoor, Lyft, Instacart, Medium, and many more!

Open Roles (https://jobs.lever.co/reflektive.com)

- Frontend Engineer (Midlevel, nice to have skills: Backbone.js, React, Angular.js)

- Lead/Senior Software Engineer (nice to have: Ruby on Rails)

- Lead/Senior Software Engineer, Frontend (nice to have: Backbone.js, React, or Angular.js)

- Full-Stack Engineer (Midlevel, nice to have: Ruby on Rails)

Process Phone call with recruiter, 2nd phone call with hiring manager (technical), on site interviews, decision!

If you're interested please e-mail krainford@reflektive.com with your resume/LinkedIn attached :) Thank you!

Coffee Meets Bagel | iOS Engineer | San Francisco | Full-Time, ONSITE, https://coffeemeetsbagel.com/jobs/

Hey I’m Karim, CTO at Coffee Meets Bagel. I’m looking to hire an iOS engineer!

You'll be the 3rd engineer on our iOS team and be responsible for implementing new features, prototyping new ideas, and building out Coffee Meets Bagel on new platforms, like Watch.

Coffee Meets Bagel is a dating app that focuses on quality over quantity. We're growing fast and looking for great engineers to help build new features and scale out our platform globally.

We have a super fun office near Union Square right off the BART line and you'd get to work with a bunch of very smart, driven, passionate, and fun people all dedicated to helping our users find love! https://jobs.lever.co/coffeemeetsbagel/4f404064-3c3e-4acf-a8...

PS. We're also looking for a senior data scientist: https://jobs.lever.co/coffeemeetsbagel/e90ee127-646e-43b8-a6...

Sourceress | Operations | San Francisco | ONSITE

We're a (human-assisted) AI sourcing platform that delivers great results (customer quote: "I'd have a panic attack if you guys stopped existing"). We make it dramatically faster and easier for great companies to hire great people. Our mission is not just to fix hiring, but to fundamentally change the way that human mental effort is allocated.

One founder was the Chief of Staff at Dropbox, the other previously sold a company and published machine learning papers. We have a real business, customers, and revenue, with machine learning problems that are core to our product.

We're looking for a hungry, scrappy generalist to join our adventure. You'll be working directly with the CEO, so there's a ton of room to grow into the role you want and own core parts of the business as we grow.

Example projects: - Set up processes for training and quality control that scale as we grow. - Communicate directly with customers to understand their hiring needs and specify their exact requirements. - Manage the backend contractor team that makes our core product operate. - Handle any task that would otherwise slip through the cracks.

About you: - You’re highly reliable, effective, and amazing at getting things done quickly. - Great customer service and treating people with empathy is important to you. - You have some knowledge of software engineering and technology. You will be able to communicate intelligently about what a customer wants in a software engineer.

Email josh+hn@sourceress.co with your resume to apply.

PBSA | Nova Scotia, Canada | Full Time | ONSITE | Competative Salary & Benefits

Would you like to collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams from around the world to design and build new blockchain protocols? The PBSA is seeking software programmers with a passion for blockchain technology and 5 or more years experience programming in C++, to work at our headquarters in the “Defenbunker”, a military-grade nuclear bunker & software development center in Debert, Nova Scotia. The PBSA is a non-profit organization established to support the development of the Peerplays blockchain and promote provably fair gaming standards. Contact us today to schedule an interview! Email: d.maloney@pbsa.info -Proficiency in C++ language and toolchains including ability to implement, debug, and support software applications written in C++

-Familiarity with defensive programming principles and practices including cryptography, exploitation, and application security -Ability to work in a Linux or Windows development environment -Experienced in Android, iOS, and OSX application development - LinkedIn Job Post: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/313999608/

If I knew anything more then university level C I'd so apply. That's a crazy place to find a dev shop!

Split | http://www.split.io | Frontend / Backend / Data Engineers, Support, Marketing & Sales Roles | SF/Redwood City | Full time

About Split: Split is the platform for controlled rollouts, providing feature flagging SDKs in eight distinct languages and a web UI that lets anyone on the team create feature rollouts and target them to the right users. Our customers use Split to run experiments, permanently control features, or even just as a safety net for every release. Our integrations with services like Datadog, JIRA and Slack help teams reduce time-to-resolution if things go wrong.

Our stack - Java8, React, Mongo, Aurora, Kinesis.

Our openings are a great chance to join an early team with a solid foundation—we recently raised our series A from Accel Partners, LightSpeed Ventures and Sway Ventures and have customers like Segment, WePay, and Main Street Hub. Frontend and backend engineers will be a core part of leading the planning, design and building of services to support new features and products, and our sales and support roles will be key advocates for our growing customer base.

For more and to apply: https://jobs.lever.co/split

Change.org | Head of Data Science | SF | Onsite

Change.org is the world’s largest technology platform for social change. Our goal is to empower people everywhere to start campaigns around the issues they care about, mobilize others, and work with decision makers to drive solutions.

We’re seeking a hands-on technical manager who will own the vision and execution of our data science and infrastructure. Our ideal candidate is motivated to have an enormous impact on a company that is helping to change the world.

Change.org is committed to being a diverse and inclusive workplace. We encourage applicants of different backgrounds, cultures, genders, experiences, abilities and perspectives to apply.

We love serving our incredible users, and we love our staff too. We show it with competitive salaries, five weeks of vacation, robust parental leave, an amazing culture, and a high impact, low-ego team that can’t wait to learn from you and teach you what they know.

Process: Recruiter screen, hiring manager screen, technical video interview, onsite interviews

To get in touch: lsmith@change.org To apply: https://jobs.lever.co/change/6772e83a-2bd6-4275-83e3-0cb2f83...

Dokkio | QA Engineer | San Francisco Bay Area (San Mateo, CA) | Onsite Only, Full time

About Dokkio: Teams everywhere use a wide variety of cloud file services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and others to share billions of files a day. Then it’s nearly impossible to find and manage all those files. Dokkio provides a better way to search your content, give it business context, organize it, work on it with others -- to make content-focused teamwork more effective. Come help us invent the future of collaboration and content management.

Responsibilities: Write and maintain automated functional test scripts. Develop testing plans and execute them against new features and bug fixes. Work with engineering/marketing/support/management to identify requirements, come up with a release schedule, and keep everyone informed of progress towards it. Prioritize and manage open bugs. Help improve our development/testing process to prevent problems before they start. Fix the occasional bug.

Qualifications: Love of high quality software, testing, writing code, and learning new things. 1-3 years of professional experience with software testing or software engineering. Strong familiarity with functional testing tools such as Selenium/WebDriver. Strong familiarity with at least one mainstream language. JavaScript preferred, but Python/Ruby/etc. acceptable. Strong familiarity with functional testing, unit testing, and other types of testing. Bonus Points: Familiarity with UX, HCI, continuous deployment, version control systems (we use git), and the command line (we use Ubuntu)

Email us your resume at jobs-qa@dokkio.com.

Lyft | Security engineers (application security; detection & response) | San Francisco, CA and Seattle, WA | Onsite https://www.lyft.com/jobs

Lyft is hiring for all positions, including mobile, frontend, backend, infrastructure, and product roles. We're working on interesting and challenging engineering and product problems to improve people's lives with great transportation.

I'm specifically looking for a couple of security engineering roles:

• An application security engineer (https://www.lyft.com/jobs/software-engineer-application-secu...) who’s excited about helping Lyft ship safe software quickly. You’ll help product and engineering teams at Lyft develop new features and products that are innovative and protect our users, build systems and tools to make it easy for engineers at Lyft to develop safe software by default, and promote security throughout the company.

• A detection & response engineer (https://www.lyft.com/jobs/software-engineer-security-detecti...) who’s excited about protecting Lyft and our users through swift detection of and response to security incidents. You’ll develop and automate techniques to hunt for and alert on attacker behavior with high signal-noise ratio, test our detection and response capabilities to improve our tools and processes, and act as a calm and rational incident commander when incidents do occur.

We try to approach security from a software engineering standpoint: we believe in scaling security through automation and tooling, and we ship frequently. You'll help to scale security at Lyft to support our continued growth and your work will have significant impact and visibility. If you want to learn more about the kinds of things we’ve built, check out our security-related blog posts at https://eng.lyft.com/tagged/security.

If you're interested or want to talk more about working on security at Lyft, ping me at steve.woodrow@lyft.com.

DISTRIBUTE | Lead/Senior Frontend Engineer | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE http://distribute.com/

DISTRIBUTE is a product distribution platform that lets brands and distributors to interact with retailers in real time, with zero overhead. We’re committed to bringing the $22 trillion dollar retail industry into the 21st century. We’re a small (~20 employees, 13 at our SF headquarters) well funded startup closing our series A round already facilitating millions of dollars in sales and generating hundreds of thousands in monthly revenue. We’re looking for a exceptionally talented frontend engineer with several years of experience and excellent leadership skills.

The engineering team is 5 people, we're looking to add 2-3 in the next few months. We currently use Angular 1.x+Typescript and have begun migrating to React+Redux+Typescript. Any devops experience or familiarity with the rest of our stack is a plus: Flask, MySQL, SQLAlchemy, Swagger, AWS, Ansible, Terraform.

We offer full benefits, unlimited vacation, a competitive salary, and a chance to lead a talented and motivated engineering team.

Contact Nick at nicolas@distribute.com if interested. Include "HN Frontend Engineer" in the title.

We also offer all members of the engineering team free tuition to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Basic Rider Course (completion of which gives you a motorcycle license).

Robinhood | Engineering & Non-Engineering Roles | Palo Alto, CA | Full-Time | Onsite | robinhood.com

Robinhood is democratizing access to America’s financial system. Since our public launch in 2015, we’ve cemented our position as the fastest-growing brokerage with over two million users and billions of dollars in transaction volume. Robinhood received recognition with the Apple Design Award, the Google Material Design Award, and named Fast Company’s 11th Most Innovative Company in the World.

We’re backed by top-tier investors such as DST Global, NEA, Index Ventures, Thrive Capital, Ribbit Capital, a16z, and GV, as well as individuals such as Jared Leto, Ashton Kutcher, John Legend, Snoop Dogg, and Nas.

While we're always hiring software engineers for different teams across different stacks and DevOps, here are a few notable roles:

* Backend Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/robinhood/jobs/266914#.WTBxxBPy...

* Senior Python Backend Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/robinhood/jobs/626131#.WOPNwRIr...

* Senior DevOps Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/robinhood/jobs/217596#.WOPN3xIr...

* Product Manager: https://boards.greenhouse.io/robinhood/jobs/217565#.WTBxABPy...

* Content Strategist: https://boards.greenhouse.io/robinhood/jobs/472128#.WOPOKxIr...

* Product Designer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/robinhood/jobs/706512#.WTBxgRPy...

Interested? Check out the job descriptions and apply directly at robinhood.com/jobs

BeaconHome.io (http://beaconhome.io/) | Sr. Android Applications, Lead Backend Engineer | Austin, TX | Onsite

We're a stealth consumer electronics company that's building a product poised to change the way people experience their homes and bring them material improvements to their health and well being. The opportunity is enormous, making our work exciting, challenging and rewarding when we look at how our company stands to make people's lives better. We're a small team so you'll have the opportunity to be a part of the early team and build critical parts of our company. We're at the forefront of applying the latest technologies to a challenging problem. Hardware, firmware, Android (RxJava), iOS (RxSwift), AWS, Serverless, Deep Learning and more are all on the table and being implemented everyday.

Check out detailed roles on our website or AngelList and mention HN -- http://www.beaconhome.io/roles | https://angel.co/stealth-consumer-iot-company

Human API | Software Engineer, DevOps, Data Engineer | Redwood City, CA | ONSITE, https://humanapi.co/careers

Make a difference with technology: specifically, by helping to fix healthcare. We're building a real-time data network that allows getting health data from anywhere to anywhere in close to realtime. We roll up this data in a clean RESTful API that developers use to build apps that make peoples' lives better.

We have a whole pile of fun, interesting problems, and a team of smart, passionate people that love working on them. We like to work iteratively in small teams, and to give people autonomy and ownership to solve those problems.

Some of the things you'd be working on:

  - Mapping, modelling and indexing the world's healthcare data
  - Scaling and optimizing our APIs
  - Modelling human health
  - Scaling our ingestion pipeline
  - Data engineering and building tools for data science
  - NLP and Classification
  - Extracting healthcare data from a wide variety of unstructured, unclean formats
  - Building intuitive UIs to allow users to find and share their health data
Open positions:

  - Full Stack Engineer (node.js, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ)
  - Frontend Engineer (node.js, React, Redis, ElasticSearch)
  - Machine Learning Engineer (node.js, Python, Kafka, Cassandra)
  - DevOps Engineer (Ansible, Packer, Terraform, Docker, Mesos)
More information here: https://humanapi.co/company/join

The process: a quick phone screen, a screen-share technical interview, then an onsite to meet with the team and pair with someone on a problem.

We'd love to hear from you even if you don't "fit" one of the job specs -- we hire for people, not roles. Contact us at jobs@humanapi.co -- we're nice!

Education Advisory Board (www.eab.com) / Python Engineers / Washington, DC / Onsite

The Education Advisory Board is seeking Python engineers to join our growing engineering team at our DC headquarters. We are open to strong and collaborative engineers anywhere from mid to Senior/Principal level.

As a software engineer at EAB, you will be building technology to help students graduate college. We are a fast growing team tackling the trickiest problems in higher education. We are looking for talented engineers who are excited about solving problems like:

-How do we help a small group of academic advisors provide high quality support to thousands of students?

-How do we filter out all the distractions of college life to only show students what is immediately relevant to them?

-How do we create a highly customized app while keeping configurations simple?

-How do we scale our app to serve millions of students?

Python is a must, Django a plus, experience creating/consuming RESTful APIs and being able to do front-end work in HTML5 is very helpful as well.

For more info or to apply directly, go to http://bit.ly/EABPythonEng - or if you'd like me to save you a few minutes, shoot me a note with your resume at gregoryw (at) advisory (dot) com.

Housekeep | Full stack engineer | London, UK | ONSITE https://housekeep.com

Housekeep has quietly taken over as the leading platform for cleaners working in London. We measure our success first by the number of cleaners that want to work with us, and second by the number of satisfied customers who keep booking them week after week. We have created some world-first technologies to grow these numbers month after month, and to increase our efficiency as we scale.

We've got good foundational tools in place. You would be joining early enough to influence tool-choice and architecture as we go forward. We're looking for someone who is excited to work on new features from day one.

Our stack:

- Python, Django, Django Rest Framework

- PostgreSQL (including PostGIS for its advanced geographic modelling capabilities)

- AngularJS

- A hybrid mobile app for cleaners developed using Ionic

Experience in any of these technologies would be a plus, but we're more interested in your track record of building great products for the web.

If you're interested in hearing more about what we're doing, our economics and growth, and the kinds of things you might get to work on, email me. I'm the CTO and you'd be talking to me directly. We don't use any recruiters.

gareth.lloyd (at) housekeep (dot) com

Vibes| Chicago | Onsite | Full-Time and Contract | www.vibes.com

Vibes is an international leader in mobile marketing engagement, with a team of more than 150 experts with one common goal: unlock new revenue by arming brands with the technology and guidance they need to succeed in mobile. We are the technology team in the Professional Services team at Vibes. We build integrations between client applications and our Catapult platform, highly interactive (and award-winning) mobile-optimized web applications, and other custom solutions for our clients.

We’re looking for a web software specialist with solid development skills. Someone who knows how to implement features and functionality from creative experiences but also implement back-end scripts and api calls. Looking for experience in a full stack implementation environment (Deployment, Maintenance, *nix, Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, et al.)

Open Roles: Senior Software Developer, Software Developer, Contract Software Developer, Director of BI/Analytics, Push Engineer, QA Engineer

For more info and to apply, check out: http://www.vibes.com/company/careers/ or email us directly at Nicole.Candey@vibes.com

Comma.ai | San Francisco | Software Engineer | FULL-TIME | ONSITE

We give away software to augment your driving. Join our network. 6 open positions and intern spots are available. Looking for people who have done well at math competitions (USAMO, IMO, PUTNAM), competition programming (ACM, USACO, codejam, topcoder), science fairs (ISEF, STS), or capture the flag (DEFCON, secuinside, GITS).

Send an email over with your resume and Github link (if you have one) to givemeajob at comma.ai.

Matterport | Sunnyvale/SF,CA | Full-Time,Onsite | https://matterport.com

Matterport makes a 3D camera that allows users to easily capture physical spaces. That has resulted in the world’s largest dataset of aligned RGB-D images--200 million images from 300,000 different locations, and we want you to help us work with it. We have a broad research agenda focusing on 3D reconstruction and deep learning that includes semantic labeling and segmentation, 3D object classification and pose estimation, depth from RGB, estimation of unseen 3D surfaces, texture/depth in-filling, photogrammetry, SLAM, keypoint matching, and passive stereo.

Check out the gallery here: https://matterport.com/gallery

Roles: Computer Vision Engineer / Computer Vis. Researcher / Deep Learning Engineer/ Back-End Developer / Javascript Engineer (3D Team) / Data Platform Architect

Apply: https://matterport.com/careers/positions/

Process: Resume > Technical Phone screen > Onsite

Contact: vbui(at) matterport(dot)com

EasyPost | San Francisco | Full-time | Onsite | Senior Software Engineer

EasyPost is a fast growing startup that provides a RESTful API to revolutionize the entire shipping process for e-commerce companies.

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer with Ruby on Rails, Python, or Go experience to join the EasyPost team. If you love to code, want to build APIs, and work on a small team of collaborative developers to build meaningful products, then we’d love to meet you!

Check out our API: https://www.easypost.com/docs/api.html

We can offer you a competitive base salary, equity, comprehensive benefits,and flexible work hours/PTO.

Our interview process includes one phone call and then one onsite technical meeting with the rest of the team.

Please apply and we will contact you: https://jobs.lever.co/easypost/70a839e6-4a62-4ab7-b663-33014...

We are also hiring for Support and Sales Engineers:

Support Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/easypost/ae41a51c-a264-4ee3-a795-91519...

Sales Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/easypost/53d7be43-4f4c-4d39-aa3f-e175e...

MinTrans | Full Stack Developer | Buenos Aires, Argentina | FULLTIME ONSITE

Estamos en la búsqueda de desarrolladores web PHP (de momento se considerará prioritario fullstack) para integrarse al área de sistemas. Ofrecemos un excelente ambiente laboral, con orientación a hacer aplicaciones útiles para la gente, y remuneración competitiva de acuerdo a experiencia. La oficina esta ubicada frente a Plaza de Mayo.

Mandáme tu CV a palviggi arroba transporte punto gob punto ar y hablamos.

Trifork AB | Full-Stack Developer | Stockholm | ON-SITE, FULL-TIME, http://trifork.se

As a full-stack developer you must be able to handle the every task involved in implementing new features. Everything from the database to CSS, software architecture to operations. You must be diverse, be able to quickly pick up new technologies and languages and know when to use what. The job involves working on several interesting projects at a time, and the kind of project will vary greatly. Our company values automation, clean code, and testability highly.

Perks & Benefits: • Independence and Freedom in a fast career track. Working in a start-up like context means that you can grow and develop faster than in other environments; achieve your career goals in months instead of years. • Contrary to start-up like contexts, we offer the financial security of being part of a large international organisation. • Every now and then we gather for a Code Retreat where we go on a trip to sharpen our skills and start new 'passion projects'. These trips can take us to the wilderness of Sweden or why not the beaches of Mallorca. • You will join us for our annual ski trip where we meet and socialise with other Trifork teams from around Europe. • Knowledge is the heart of Trifork and therefor we offer you education when you want to expand your expertise in certain areas and frequently engage in Tech-talks.

Apply here: http://jobs.trifork.se/jobs/11461-full-stack-developer?promo...

SinnerSchrader Praha | Java and Frontend Developer | Prague, CZ | ONSITE

SinnerSchrader is one of Europe’s leading digital agencies. With a focus on digital services, strategy and communication, it offers a complete range of digital agency services. We are SinnerSchrader Prague: a group of jolly digital professionals from more than ten countries, speaking eight different languages and with a special fascination for all things digital. For the re-launch of the website of one of the leading German companies, SinnerSchrader Prague is seeking long term

Senior React.js Frontend Developer https://sinnerschrader.jobs/en/PR_senior-frontend-developer-...

Quality Manager/ Test Engineer https://sinnerschrader.jobs/en/quality-manager-test-engineer...

Senior Java Developer https://sinnerschrader.jobs/en/senior-frontend-developer-aem...

We would love to hear from you.


GreatSchools | Oakland, CA | ONSITE | Full Time Software Engineer (Ruby on Rails & React)

GreatSchools is a national non-profit that reaches half the families with children in the US.

GreatSchools is looking for a talented and passionate software engineer with a focus on web development to join our team.


4Catalyzer/Butterfly | Sr Full Stack Engineer | NYC | ONSITE | Full Time

At 4Catalyzer we work with different startups that aim at reshaping the status quo of medicine, especially through devices, deep learning/AI, and cloud based services. it's a very unique and stimulating environment, where people from the most disparate background (ASIC, software engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry, biology) work together on very ambitious projects and we are looking for extremely talented and motivated people. We got extensive funding and unique opportunities to work across multiple projects and startups and build an interesting and diverse portfolio of stock options. Here is a short list of technologies we use and some high level skills we are looking for: docker, kubernetes python (Flask, Django) react, webpack, ES6, node, graphql experience with CI/CD pipelines REST microservices track record of shipping modern cloud systems in production

https://angel.co/4catalyzer/jobs/40282-full-stack-cloud-engi... or email me directly at gtagliabue[at]4catalyzer[dot]com

EquityZen | Engineering Lead | NYC | https://equityzen.com/careers/?englead | Full Time | Onsite

Quant and EquityZen Founder here. We're looking for someone to take over A-Z of engineering in building the best in class investment platform. We're looking for experienced folks to teach us: 3+ years software engineering & 2+ years in engineering lead/manager role. Tech experience must; FinTech experience preferred.

EquityZen works with 60+ of the largest private tech / digital health companies, and acts as a matchmaker between shareholders (VCs, employees) and investors (HNWIs, Family Offices). With ~20,000 sophisticated investors from 30+ countries, EquityZen's platform is expanding rapidly with a small team (~20).

Learn more about EquityZen: https://equityzen.com/press/

If building technolgy that (already) routinely transacts $10M's excites you, check out the opportunity here: https://equityzen.com/careers/?englead

Legalstart | Full-stack Software Engineer | Paris, France | ONSITE, VISA, https://legalstart.fr

Python, Django Rest Framework, React/Redux, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Docker, AWS

Experience expected: Senior, Lead

Based in Paris, Legalstart is often referred to as the French Uber of legal services. Legalstart is revolutionizing legal services for SMBs thanks to an online application that allows them to manage legal documents and paperwork in an automated fashion. Since the launch of the site at the beginning of 2014, Legalstart has experienced a very strong growth.

We are looking for an ambitious software engineer to join our development team, who would bring strong technical skills at all levels of our stack, especially on the front-end, and carry the rigor of execution and passion for building a great product.

At Legalstart, we strive to improve our technical skills by challenging the status quo, staying up to date with cutting-edge technologies, incorporating best practices in the team, and participating in meetups/conferences. In addition to technical skills, we will expect a strong ownership of the features developed, and the product in general.

Please email jobs-tech@legalstart.fr if you feel up to the challenge!

Loansnap (previously Market Forces) | Senior Full Stack Engineer | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE www.marketforces.co

We are helping consumers with the largest financial transaction of their lives, buying or refinancing a house, and making the process fast, easy and fair.

Your job will be to work with our product and engineering team to create lightning-fast, usable, and delightful products for our customers and employees. Success will be measured by how efficiently you can engineer reliable, performant, and maintainable full-stack systems that can grow with our company.

We are a small (5 engineers), smart, and fun team backed by top VC firms. Our two founders, Karl Jacob and Allan Carroll, are serial entrepreneurs whose companies have helped tens of millions of consumers from protecting them from spam to communicating with family members over almost 10 companies.

Our Stack:

* React / Redux / CSS-in-JS

* React Native

* GraphQL / Apollo

* Python / Django

* Docker / Kubernetes / Google Cloud

We would love to have you join us in transforming the mortgage industry to one where consumers are treated fairly, get the right mortgage for them and in a lot less time :)

See the job posting on Angel List here: https://angel.co/marketforces/jobs/240609-senior-full-stack-...

Or, email me (Founder & CTO) directly at allan (at) goloansnap (dot) com

ALICE | Software Engineer | Menlo Park | Onsite | Fulltime

ALICE is bringing AI and Optimization to construction engineering, management and scheduling. We are a well funded ($2.5M) company founded out of Stanford looking to scale as we make our first enterprise sales. This is an excellent time to get in. The problems we solve are real and technically challenging. In addition to competitive salary and equity, we offer the opportunity to break into the ripe-for-disruption construction industry. You will also learn the art and science behind our algorithms.

Frontend or Fullstack Engineer

  - a good fit if you: 
  - have a solid understanding of algorithms and data structures (especially graphs).
  - enjoy implementing technically complex, yet user friendly interfaces. 
  - are self driven and can own responsibility for large parts of a project. 
Bonus points if you:

  - have experience with WebGL, Angular, React, Scala or another JVM language, PlayFramework, AWS
  - understand the challenge of presenting a complex system to users.
  - want freedom to explore novel data visualization concepts.
  - are able to work with the team to produce a polished, professional product.
Contact hossein@alicetechnologies.com

Venture Research Inc. | Software Engineer | Plano, TX (Dallas, TX, DFW) | Onsite Only | http://www.ventureresearch.com

Interested in RFID? In improving inventory and replenishment processes in hospitals, labs, and clinics? In automatically tracking pallets, containers, and other assets around a facility? Come join us!

Venture Research is a leader in the RFID industry and is consistently pushing the leading edge of what is possible using RFID. We have a variety of opportunities available for both fast-paced new product design and development as well as for development on some of our long-term stable products. 17 year old small but growing company, privately held, with excellent benefits, 401K matching, paid health insurance and highly competitive salary and bonus structure.

We are hiring for the following positions:

* Embedded platforms engineer: C, Linux, Android NDK. Experience with hardware co-design, Python, QT, Django, React a plus.

* Embedded firmware engineer: microcontroller development using primarily NXP Kinetis parts.

* Senior .NET / Backend developer: C#, VB.Net, ASP.NET, MSSQL, Oracle, JavaScript and JQuery. .NET MVC a plus.

Please email resumes to hr@ventureresearch.com, or use the email in my profile. Thanks!

ZipRecruiter - https://ziprecruiter.com - Santa Monica (LA area) - REMOTE OK for some positions

Our goal is to create the best online services for filling and finding jobs. We bootstrapped for the first four years, growing to 700+ employees (150 are software engineers). August 2014, we raised $63M led by Institutional Venture Partners.

We have a number of open positions:

  - Senior Security Engineer (Santa Monica)
  - Perl Software Engineer (Santa Monica or Remote)
  - Python Software Engineer (Santa Monica)
  - Java Software Engineer (Santa Monica)
  - Data Engineer ETL (Santa Monica)
  - Linux Systems Administrator/DevOps Engineer (Santa Monica)
We're growing rapidly and have a large customer base (primarily small and medium sized businesses). We have interesting problems to solve in the areas of search, yield management, analytics, scalability and new product development. If you'd like to learn more, please visit https://www.ziprecruiter.com/hiring/technology or email us at techjobs@ziprecruiter.com.

Takl | Senior Full Stack Web Developer (Rails) | Nashville, TN | ONSITE, SALARY, https://takl.com/careers/senior-full-stack-web-developer/

Takl | Junior Full Stack Web Developer (Rails) | Nashville, TN | ONSITE, SALARY, https://takl.com/careers/senior-full-stack-web-developer/

Takl is a well funded startup based in the Nashville, TN area whose mission is to make it as easy as possible to hire people on demand to complete small jobs around the house . We're looking for senior and junior ruby on rails guys to help us grow our app. You would be joining a small but growing team and addressing real issues as we scale.

Speaking as a senior dev I spend most of my time in the backend and lot less time in the front if that affects your idea of which side of the full stack you would end up working on the most.

Contact us through the form on the linked site, feel free to mention HN! Junior role applicants use the senior application link just mention you're looking for a junior role.

Scribd | Senior Recommendations/Search Engineer | San Francisco | VISA | ONSITE

Scribd is a reading subscription that gives you access to the best books, audiobooks, magazines, and more. Our mission is to re-imagine the way the world reads.

Our team is looking for smart engineers to work on our recommendation and search systems. You should have a strong machine learning background with experience in search or recommendations with a production system or a MS/PHD in a related field. Scala/Spark and SQL experience is a plus. We are also looking for senior Rails engineers.

We are a small team which means you can have a ton of impact and bring in your own ideas. We work on an ambitious project to organize all the books in the world and use it to take book discovery to the next level.

Scribd has a very friendly, engineering-driven company culture, is profitable, and well funded. We are ambitious but at the same time we value a good work life balance. Stack: Ruby on Rails (we are one of the largest Rails sites), Go, MySQL, Redis, Kafka, Spark (Scala). But we care way more about your personality and hacking skills than what languages you've used so far.

If you have questions you can reach me at toby at scribd.com. I am happy to answer any question related to this role. Please apply directly via https://boards.greenhouse.io/scribd/jobs/76773. NB, we are also hiring for a lot of other positions: https://www.scribd.com/about/jobs.

Armada - http://armada.ai - Cambridge/Boston ONSITE

     = What we do =
Bloomberg for logistics.

We're helping shippers make the right logistics decisions at the right times by running analysis on the global supply chain to figure out what the hell is going on. (Think Skynet for Logistics if we gave skynet a finger to touch every shipment in the world and we didn't try to kill everybody).

This is one of the few massive industries ($4T) left that are left to be digitized and completely optimized with technology.

We have some funding, customers, interesting strategic partners, and are growing fairly quickly.

Come solve hard problems with us.

    = Looking for = 
- Data Engineer (https://angel.co/armada/jobs/241401-data-engineer)

- Firmware Engineer (https://angel.co/armada/jobs/241407-firmware-engineer)

- Sales (https://angel.co/armada/jobs/243137-sales)

If you'd like to learn more, please shoot us an email at techjobs@armada.ai (it'll go to our CTO Konstantin) -- or apply at the links above!

RetailNext, Inc. | Full-Stack Engineer | Retail Analytics | Bay Area, CA | Full-time | Remote | https://retailnext.net/en/about-us/careers/

RetailNext is hiring for full-stack engineers to join the UI team. We use Ember and Ruby to build the configuration and reporting platform used by retailers to gather and understand customer behavior in-store. Our hardware and software system uses computer vision and a wide variety of other inputs to answer questions that retailers are interested in: how many people walked into the store today compared to last week? which direction did they walk? is this store hitting its sales targets for the week?

I am the engineering manager for the UI team. We're a group of 4 full-stack developers, looking to add more engineers who understand modern CSS and HTML; know Javascript well; and want to have control over the API side of their work. Experience with Ember.js and Ruby on Rails is good but not required. Remote experience is highly preferred for remote candidates. If this sounds like a good fit, please reach out to me! belden@retailnext.net

Fraugster | Software Engineer | Berlin, Germany | onsite, full-time, VISA, https://fraugster.com

We're building a distributed system for detecting credit card fraud in realtime. All our internal services have been built with Golang and we're using kubernetes for orchestration. Ideally you've got 4+ years experience in startups running production infrastructure and you've built something from scratch.


    - Golang, C/C++, rust, or similar languages
    - Knowledge of algorithms & data structures 
    - Interest in distributed systems research & databases 
    - Docker, k8s, container networking & linux knowledge
    - Experience with monitoring, testing & performance tuning
    - Building machine learning pipelines for training large datasets
Some technologies we use are: postgres, kafka, prometheus & ELK, we don't expect candidates to meet 100% of our requirements, a proven ability to learn and adapt is sufficient.

You will be one of the first 10 engineers and can expect lots of responsibility to match a competitive salary.

Send your CV and cover letter to: stefan < at > fraugster - dot - com

Cropster | Front-end Developer, Back-end Developer | Innsbruck, Austria, Europe | Full-time | Onsite

We work with farmers, exporter, importers and roasters around the world on a daily basis to help them deliver a better cup of coffee to their customers. We love and share the philosophy that producing high quality foods benefits producers and consumers alike. Join us if you love coffee and the people behind it.

We are hiring:

- Front-end Developer: https://www.cropster.com/about/careers/show/front-end-develo...

- Back-end Developer (Java): https://www.cropster.com/about/careers/show/back-end-develop...

Our headquarter is located in the heart of the Alps. If you love skiing, climbing, mountain biking, or nature in general, then Innsbruck is a place you should consider.

More about us: https://www.cropster.com/about/ or send us an email at jobs@cropster.com

Second Measure (YC S15) | SF Bay Area (San Mateo, CA) | ONSITE (relo ok) | https://secondmeasure.com

Second Measure analyzes credit card data. We process billions of purchases to help investors (VCs and hedge funds) answer questions like:

  - How quickly is Shake Shack growing?
  - Is Lyft gaining or losing market share in Boston?
  - How does Hilton spending change after a customer's first Airbnb stay?
  - (Check out our research blog [1])
…through an analytics platform we build in-house.

We’re a 14-person team comprising mostly engineers and data scientists. 11 of us are technical, and 4 have PhDs. We love solving hard problems with compelling data.

We’re looking for other strong builders, especially those who can grow into leadership roles:

  - Data Scientist (quantitative PhD preferred)
  - Data Journalist  
  - Research Analyst
  - Software Engineer (frontend/backend/full-stack/data; mid-to-senior+)
  - (See our job board [2])
Competitive salary and substantial equity. We want our early team to have a large stake in our success.

We’re in downtown San Mateo, just minutes from Caltrain and 101.

I'm a founder (mike@). Submit via job board and mention HN, or email jobs@ and CC me.

[1] http://blog.secondmeasure.com/

[2] https://boards.greenhouse.io/secondmeasure

ThoughtWorks Technologies | Pune, India

We are passionate technologists who believe in the power of software and technology as tools for social change. We contribute to a multitude of open source projects. Primarily we are a Technology Consultancy Company. We look for passionate Technologists who are keen to learn on job. We value Object Oriented and Functional Skills. DevOps and Agile are a normal way of working here.

Skillsets/Platforms/etc.: C#, Java, Ruby, Scala, AWS, Python, Node.js, React, Angular.

Requirement: 5+ years of programming experience.

Interview process: Phone interview, Take-home coding assignment, Pair programming interview, Technical Interview(s), Logic and aptitude written tests, Cultural Interview, Social Economic Justice Round.

More about ThoughtWorks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBqquBtwaNM http://www.thoughtworks.com/locations/pune http://www.thoughtworks.com

Contact: ijoshua[at]thoughtworks.com

Please send email with 'Hacker News' in subject line.

PAX Labs | Multiple Positions | San Francisco | Onsite https://www.paxvapor.com/careers/

Hi! This is Genaro Rocha, Senior Software Engineer at Pax Labs Inc., makers of the world's best loose leaf, concentrate, extract and nicotine vaporizers. Pax and Juul are currently hiring for our e-commerce and mobile teams, on multiple positions:

E-Commerce Architect: https://www.paxvapor.com/careers?gh_jid=667985

Front-end Engineer: https://www.paxvapor.com/careers?gh_jid=597504

Senior Software Engineer, Android: https://www.paxvapor.com/careers?gh_jid=583120

Senior Software Engineer, Backend: https://www.paxvapor.com/careers?gh_jid=703037

Our web e-commerce team is looking for engineers with experience in Ruby on Rails, the Solidus/Spree framework and/or React.js. This is a solid company, not a start-up. We offer competitive salaries, benefits, equity, and we are making money. We are growing pretty fast, and there is no better time put your foot on the door than now. If you are interested in any of these positions, please send me an email to genaro@pax.com with any questions you might have, or feel free to apply online (mention this post). Thanks!

PAX Labs | Multiple Positions | San Francisco | Onsite https://www.paxvapor.com/careers/

Hi! This is Genaro Rocha, Senior Software Engineer at Pax Labs Inc., makers of the world's best loose leaf, concentrate, extract and nicotine vaporizers. Pax and Juul are currently hiring for our e-commerce and mobile teams, on multiple positions:

E-Commerce Architect: https://www.paxvapor.com/careers?gh_jid=667985

Front-end Engineer: https://www.paxvapor.com/careers?gh_jid=597504

Senior Software Engineer, Android: https://www.paxvapor.com/careers?gh_jid=583120

Senior Software Engineer, Backend: https://www.paxvapor.com/careers?gh_jid=703037

Our web e-commerce team is looking for engineers with experience in Ruby on Rails, the Solidus/Spree framework and/or React.js. This is a solid company, not a start-up. We offer competitive salaries, benefits, equity, and we are making money. We are growing pretty fast, and there is no better time put your foot on the door than now. If you are interested in any of these positions, please send me an email to genaro@pax.com with any questions you might have, or feel free to apply online (mention this post). Thanks!

Square 9 Softworks | New Haven, CT (ONSITE) | Fulltime | Software Support Engineer | http://www.square-9.com

The Role

As a Support Engineer at Square 9, you will provide Level 2 and 3 support for customers and re-sellers deploying next generation document and content management solutions. Development is agile, and creativity and attention to detail are critical. We have an energetic and inspired team and have an immediate need to add like-minded people to our group.

The core server platform is Microsoft .Net based and primarily written in C# using RESTful and SOAP based web services. Front end software includes traditional .Net client/server technology as well as ASP.Net, Javascript, and HTML5. We are always of on front side of new technologies and actively seek to deploy them in our solutions.

If you are interested in this position I encourage you to visit our website http://www.square-9.com and submit an application http://www.square-9.com/about/careers/

AppMonsta | Distributed Systems / Big Data Engineer | US and EU | Full-time | REMOTE

Our entire team is distributed around the world and works remotely. We daily collect huge amounts of data about mobile apps and their usage and turn it into valuable metrics. Our customers are ranging from investors to mobile phone manufacturers and startups. We love analyzing data, building distributed systems, and helping people understand complicated market dynamics through our data.

We're looking for an experienced distributed systems/big data software engineer to join our team. You'll take ownership of our crawl and data pipeline, architecting and implementing new solutions, keeping them running with high uptime and scaling them up to handle load.

Our current tech-stack is mostly Python running on AWS (EC2, S3, EMR, ELB, etc.) with Redis, Apache Spark and a bit of MongoDB. We have a large distributed infrastructure, consisting of hundreds of systems ranging from crawlers, data processing clusters, database and API servers, etc.

Feel free to ping me at luka@appmonsta.com or read more at https://appmonsta.com/jobs/

Ionpath | Software Engineer | Menlo Park, CA | Full-time, Onsite https://ionpath.com/careers

Looking for a technical challenge involving image analysis, mass spectrometry and biology that has the opportunity to transform oncology, immunology and neuroscience? Ionpath is hiring engineers to contribute to all aspects of our Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging platform. We are a venture-backed commercial stage startup that measures and analyzes protein expression in tissue samples. Compared to previous technologies, we offer a substantial increase in multiplexing ability as well as high resolution and 3D imaging.

This is an opportunity to be a core member of our small but quickly growing team. We have multiple positions open across instrument control, digital signal processing, computer vision, bioinformatics and data visualization.

Process: coding task - phone screen - onsite interview - offer. We offer competitive benefits including health/dental insurance + 401(k). See details at https://ionpath.com/careers to apply.

PAX Labs | Multiple Positions | San Francisco | ON-SITE https://www.paxvapor.com/careers/

Hi! This is Genaro Rocha, Senior Software Engineer at Pax Labs Inc., makers of the world's best loose leaf, concentrate, extract and nicotine vaporizers. Pax and Juul are currrently hiring for our e-commerce and mobile teams, on multiple positions:

1. E-Commerce Architect: https://www.paxvapor.com/careers?gh_jid=667985

2. Front-end Engineer: https://www.paxvapor.com/careers?gh_jid=597504

3. Senior Software Engineer, Android: https://www.paxvapor.com/careers?gh_jid=583120

4. Senior Software Engineer, Backend: https://www.paxvapor.com/careers?gh_jid=703037

Our web e-commerce team is looking for engineers with experience in Ruby on Rails, the Solidus/Spree framework and/or React.js. This is a solid company, not a start-up. We offer competitive salaries, benefits, equity, and we are making money. We are growing pretty fast, and there is no better time put your foot on the door than now. If you are interested in any of these positons, please send me an email to genaro@pax.com with any questions you might have, or feel free to apply online (mention this post). Thanks!

https://www.paxvapor.com/careers?gh_jid=667985 - Link is not working..

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Instructure | Senior Software Engineer | Salt Lake City, Seattle, Chicago | VISA https://instructure.com

Build open-source software to help people learn! We make tools for schools and businesses that delight our users and make their lives easier, while helping them learn faster.

You can check out http://code.instructure.com to see our primary product, Canvas, and some of our open source tooling and libraries.

We're hiring Software Engineers, Software Engineers in Test (SET), Security Architects, and Lead Engineers.

Our primary stack is Rails & React, but we also work with Java/Go/Node/mobile platforms, and we're not afraid to try new things. We have an engineering-driven culture with quarterly hack weeks, internal tech conferences, millions of users who love us (search twitter or instagram for #instructurecon) and use our products daily, and challenging engineering problems that come with being the 51st most used site on the Internet. Oh, and the benefits are amazing too!

I'm an engineer at Instructure, and genuinely love the culture and people here. I would highly recommend it!

Join us by applying at https://jobs.lever.co/instructure?lever-via=NiHimSaI8r

Feel free to reach out to me at neil(at)instructure(dot)com with any questions. Keep in mind I am not a recruiter. I can answer questions about culture or work, but you should submit your application through the URL above.

Faithlife | Software Developer, Payments | Bellingham, WA | Onsite, full-time, https://faithlife.com/jobs/PaymentsSoftwareDeveloper Faithlife is seeking an experienced payments engineer to join our engineering team, helping build out our payments platform. As an engineer on the payments team, you will be responsible for designing, building, and maintaining the services and infrastructure that move funds for Faithlife. The ideal candidate has experience with payment systems or FinTech startups. This is a full-time position at our office in Bellingham, WA. Please email your résumé, GitHub profile, StackOverflow profile, or other contact information to devjobs@faithlife.com. Find out more about getting hired at Faithlife: http://faithlife.codes/blog/2017/02/getting_hired_at_faithli... Please note that Faithlife will not sponsor applicants for work visas.

Cisco Meraki | Sr. Software Engineers & Managers | San Francisco | Full-Time ONSITE | https://meraki.cisco.com/jobs

Meraki is disrupting the world of traditional networking by bringing it to the cloud. Our mission is to make networking simple with ease of management through our web app called Dashboard, whether you have one local site or 500 worldwide. We make enterprise switches, firewalls, wireless access points, phones, and security cameras! Engineering at Cisco Meraki has the best of both worlds - job stability and benefits of a leading enterprise, but the Meraki magic of remaining like a SF startup in structure and culture.

About Meraki? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvBFOLkQtJU

We're hiring across all departments!

   - Software Engineering Manager, Network Switching: http://grnh.se/ejdb6v1 

   - Software Engineering Manager, Product Security: http://grnh.se/231oy61 

   - Senior Systems Engineer, Camera: http://grnh.se/sx3q0u1

Good Dog Labs, Inc. | Cambridge, MA | Core Microservices Developer | REMOTE, VISA | Full-time

GoodDogLabs is looking for passionate core developers to help us make a significant impact in the Identity And Access Management industry. You have the opportunity to develop the next generation of security and Identity and Access Management (IAM) Microservices.

Our entire stack is built on Go, Docker, NSQ, Redis, etc. Currently, we are seeking to hire additional Senior Developers to join our team.

The ideal candidate will:

* Build Go-based Microservices that follow a pre-existing IAM Microservice anatomy.

* Set up continuous development, containerization, and delivery methods to our clients.

* Build autonomous, highly scalable, and integrated IAM Microservices with existing IAM solutions.

Key Skills

* Good programming skills in Go

* Good unit and automated testing skills

* Good understanding of network topologies

* Good understanding of continuous delivery methods (DevOps)

* Great communication skills

* Ability to work independently and autonomously

* Ability to drive appropriate changes in a fast growing organization

* Accountability, integrity, and a full-out passion for providing quality services to our clients

We like to meet up face-to-face, at least once or twice a month. Accordingly, preference will be given to New England area candidates — but fully remote candidates will still be strongly considered.

Contact: ryan@gooddoglabs.com

Pento | Full stack developer | EU | REMOTE ONLY


Come join us building a new payroll product for European small/medium sized businesses! A very conservative market with old competitors and products = tons of potential. We are a remote team, which means we have no office and you can work from wherever you want. We're all in on transparency, a great work culture and teamwork. Founders are 500 Startups alums and have previously worked on two startups, one of them out of Silicon Valley. We're looking for a full stack web developer to join our remote team. Ideally, you are a person who is not only proficient in frontend and backend work, but also have some experience in DevOps and system architecture. As you will be part of the early team, you should be a fast learner and be able to work in different roles. Read more here: https://angel.co/pento/jobs/242469-full-stack-web-developer-... Or contact me: emil at company url

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TomTom Sports | Mobile Developer (React Native, iOS, Android) | London, UK | Full-time, Onsite, https://www.tomtom.com/sports/

Would you like the chance to work with React Native in Central London, to the backdrop of panoramic views of the capital? Somewhere where strapping on cutting-edge sports wearables and venturing out to Regent's Park can be a valuable part of your work day if you'd like it to be?

Come help us make the TomTom Sports app the very best of its kind: https://www.tomtom.com/sports/sports-app/

If you're a strong native iOS or Android developer with an open inquiring mind when it comes to learning new tools and ways of working, get in touch! We're growing our team for the long term and are open to great people of all experience levels.


Kyruus | Sr. Devops Engineer | Boston, MA | Full Time | Onsite https://www.kyruus.com

Kyruus is growing fast, and we need full-time devops help!

At Kyruus, we’re improving health care by optimizing the way patients get matched to doctors. Did you know that while it may take weeks to get an appointment, doctors are often over 30% underbooked? And when you finally get in, how do you ensure it's the best doctor for your needs?

Read more about the Kyruus use case here: https://www.kyruus.com/about

We're signing up customers at a rapid pace, and we need devops support to:

* Implement best practices for our Development & Production use of AWS

* Architect and build a robust CI/CD pipeline

* Maximize developer freedom while securing HIPAA-protected data

* Isolate infrastructure by workload and privilege — VPCs, VPNs, AWS (accounts, IAM, KMS)

* Build both consumer-facing and enterprise-class applications

* Support a 5X increase in workload by 2018


* SQS, RDS, Lambda, Amazon ES, EC2 (Linux specifically), S3, VPC, CloudFormation

* Python, React, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch

Please email jobs@kyruus.com or view the posting: http://www.kyruus.com/careers?gnk=job&gni=8a7886f857c1312501...

TribalScale | Toronto, Canada | Orange County, California | Full time | Onsite | http://www.tribalscale.com/

TribalScale is a mobile first company that specializes in connected devices and the Internet of Things. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, TribalScale is a rapidly growing Product Development firm that aims to collide the physical and digital worlds. Our team members have a history of partnering with some of the world’s most premium brands, helping to shepherd businesses into the connected age. We are growing extremely fast and looking for talented software engineers to support that growth. Some of the platforms and environments that we have worked on and will be working on are: Mobile apps & Web Services (iOS, Android, Smartwatches, Google Glass & Other Wearables, Connected Home,Smart TVs, Beacon solutions

We're hiring for many roles including:

- Full Stack Web Engineer

- iOS Engineer

- Android Engineer

- UI/UX Designer

- Enterprise Solutions Architect

- Mobile QA

Please apply here https://tribalscale.workable.com or email tlui [at] tribalscale.com if you’re interested in learning more.

98point6 | Fulltime | Mobile Developer (iOS and Android) | Seattle, WA | www.98point6.com

98point6 is building the next generation of primary care by changing the relationship between healthcare and technology. By uniting leading-edge data science with Board Certified Physicians we are working to make primary care more convenient, accessible, and affordable. As we grow, you will have room to grow alongside us and impact the future of healthcare.

Your role and impact

As a Mobile Software Engineer, you will collaborate with a small tight-knit mobile team to help architect and develop out a mobile client to connect patients with doctors in a streamlined, meaningful way. You will work with our team of data-scientists, doctors and designers to create the best product we can make; and you will be surrounded by people who are smart and passionate about both our social and technical missions.

We'd prefer developers who have worked with Swift/Kotlin, but are open to anyone with experience and a desire to learn.


Oodle Finance | Senior Full Stack Java Developer | Oxford, UK | ONSITE https://oodle-finance.workable.com/jobs

We now have the need for a Senior Full Stack Java Developer to join our growing Systems team. Reporting directly to the CTO, you will be the Technical Lead on our core underwriting system, Oodle Core. This will involve any development including third party inputs, such as credit referencing and ID checking systems, as well as working with internal teams such as underwriting and risk.

You will need experience in the following:

At least 4+ years of professional java experience (Java 8 would be great). Experience with web application development SOA Eclipse or similar java IDE Databases – both SQL databases (e.g. Postgres) and NoSQL databases (e.g. mongoDB) Web services (Json, Soap, RESTful) Linux SQL databases and NoSQL databases Python JavaScript Git Ideally you will have experience with RabbitMQ and AWS. You will have a strong ability to communicate effectively both internally and externally, and to lead projects in a rapidly growing and demanding environment.

Apply: email alistair.stead@oodlefinance.com with a CV/GitHub/anything interesting.

Handy | Senior Software Engineer | New York | Full time | https://www.handy.com

Handy is on a mission to change the way the world purchases home services. We operate in all major US cities and several locations in Canada and Europe, but we are just getting started. At the heart of our mission is a resilient platform built on a sound technical foundation. We are always looking for skillful software engineers to join us in our mission.

At Handy, we form small, high-impact teams and empower them to iterate rapidly. You’ll be joining one the teams as a senior software engineer. Senior software engineers are the most skillful individual contributors in our teams. You will be collaborating with your team members (engineering, product, and operations) to build and release features/products to production everyday. Our engineers release Handy’s native apps every week and release web features throughout a day.

For more info and to apply: https://www.handy.com/careers/703807?gh_jid=703807

Uber | San Francisco or Seattle | Full-time

Uber's Security team works to ensure the security of all code, systems and data used by our riders, drivers, and partners. The Product Security team is responsible for working with engineers to design, build, advise and review security concerns across a diverse variety of projects.

You will be relied upon to provide engineering and product teams with the security expertise necessary to make confident product decisions. You will be finding security vulnerabilities through manual review, tools you build or 1:1s with other engineers. You will write code to systemically fix security issues across the codebase. You will advise teams on the best way to build something to prevent future security issues.

We're looking for people with backend, web, and mobile experience to join our teams in San Francisco or Seattle. Please send an email to prodsec-recruiting-group@uber.com with your resume and/or LinkedIn and my team will get back to you!

You may also apply online here: https://www.uber.com/careers/list/15113/

Axiom Exergy | IoT Cloud Architect | Bay Area | Onsite at least 2 days per week | Full Time

Axiom Exergy is an industrial IoT company focused on making the world’s energy systems smarter and more efficient. Our Refrigeration Battery® technology transforms commercial and industrial refrigeration systems into large-scale, intelligent, cloud-connected energy storage assets. With deep expertise in supermarket energy management, thermal energy systems engineering, cloud software development, and product commercialization, Axiom Exergy provides its customers with turnkey power management solutions that reduce operational costs and business risk. www.axiomexergy.com

Axiom Exergy in the News:



Would you like to see your work have physical impact on our planet? Do you want to build cloud software that controls a fleet of hundreds, potentially thousands, of industrial-scale clean energy devices in the field?

Apply to become IoT Cloud Architect at Axiom Exergy at: https://axiomexergy.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk06cix/ or by email at: info@axiomexergy.com

Wave | Software Engineer | Campbell, CA | ONSITE http://wavecomp.ai

Wave Computing is a VC-backed startup that is revolutionizing the machine learning industry – and we’re looking for new talent to add to the team.

Wave Computing is seeking an exceptional Software Engineer to participate in the on-going development of software tools for its dataflow processors (DPU) that are used to accelerate deep-learning applications. http://wavecomp.ai/software-engineer-2


- Proficient in in C/C++ coding (C+11 preferred) - Competent in compiler development, code generation, and code optimization - Minimum education level required: MS + 3 Years of experience

Desired Skills

- Advanced-beginner or higher in LLVM compiler tools - Advanced-beginner or higher in GPU programming tools - Novice or higher in system architecture - Novice or higher in dataflow architecture

We are also looking for Data Scientist, Firmware Engineer, DSP Engineer and Hardware Design Engineer. http://wavecomp.ai/careers

Pollen AM (http://www.pollen.am) | Embedded Software Engineer | Paris, France, Full-time, Onsite

Pollen AM is a 4 year old French startup that developed the first new technology in the additive manifacturing industry for many years. Instead of using filament, powder or resin, our 3D printer uses industrial injection grade pellets, allowing all materials to be processed. And can use up to 4 different on a single piece. This allows our clients to use 3D printing to manufacture actual goods using real materials at a competitive price.

We are a team of 11 engineers, doctors and designers each with a specific skillset in materials, physics, mechanics, electronics and of course, software. We design every part of the printer internally, providing always more challenging projects to our team.

We are looking for an embedded software engineer with capabilities in electronics. Such a maker would take responsibility of everything close to the hardware here at Pollen. He would work with our software team of 2 and design, code, sold and solder on Pam, our 3D printer.

Send me an email if you're interested: pd@pollen.am.

KDVnet | Hoofddorp, The Netherlands | Full-time | On-site

We are a fast growing company that provides an all-in-one online platform for the administration and management of child care organizations. As a result of our flexible and professional approach, we've gained a significant market position in The Netherlands. More than 500 organizations are already using our software. To keep up with the growth and evolution of our product, we are expanding and looking for a senior developer to join our development team.

We offer:

- An autonomous, high-trust environment, open to innovation and personal growth.

- A chance to work with the latest technologies (Elixir, Elm) in addition to Ruby, developing scalable, high-speed and interactive features.

- A modern and quiet work environment at a great office in Hoofddorp, 15 minutes from Amsterdam.

- A good salary depending on your knowledge and experience.

We ask:

- Experience in backend web development and data-intensive business logic and problem-solving.

- Experience with development and integration of REST API's, including testing, security and deployment.

- Proficiency in: Ruby/Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis.

- Experience with, or eager to learn: Elixir, Phoenix and the functional programming paradigm.

- Decent English speaking skills, Dutch is a big plus.

Email for more details.

JP Morgan Chase | Full Stack Developer – Cyber Security LOCATIONS: Jersey City – NJ; Columbus – OH; Wiiimington – DE STATUS: Full Time – Onsite SALARY: $115k - $165k base + Annual Bonus

• Full Stack Development experience (web/middleware/database applications language agnostic) • Enterprise deployed application experience • Full software development lifecycle (requirements through deployment) • Experience in several of the following technologies/processes: o Unix and/or Windows Systems Administration o Oracle Database: Understanding SQL, and writing efficient queries. o Red Hat Linux: Understanding OS, editors, and constructs. o Apache Webserver: Coding for, configuring, startup/shutdown, and publishing o Unix Shell: Bourne, Korn, or bash. o Perl/Python o Experience with Vulnerability Scanners (Qualys/Nessus/Rapid7) o Secure Development Lifecycle principles o Cloud services (AWS/Azure/CloudFoundry) • Familiarity with Cyber Security & Information Security technology • Exposure to Agile development methodologies (e.g. Scrum, Kanban)

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